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    Kiev, Ukraine – Jax.Net is pleased to announce that its revolutionary new payment platform will be launched by the end of the year. A division of JaxCorp, Jax.Net is on a mission to help move value around the planet by bringing payments to everyone, anywhere.

    “A faster, safer and more efficient payment system is very much in need at this point in time,” says Jax.Net founder Vinod Manoharan. “Trade has globalized and borders are close to non-existent. But the international payment system is lagging behind and has made few improvements. Meanwhile, the technology to make global payments fast and seamless does exist.”

    According to Manoharan, what’s needed is not a quick fix to the current system, but something new and more secure:

    “Jax.Net is the perfect solution. It’s a value transfer system for Jax.Network. Using Blockchain technology, payments can be sent and received instantly, to or from anyone in the world.”

    Jax.Net offers a number of advantages:

    • It’s completely secure and can’t be hacked. Payments are secured using Blockchain Technology and can only be signed by the transferor using biometric methods
    • It has no borders, and can be used to pay anyone, anywhere on the planet, without complicated paperwork. Transactions are in full compliance with KYC and AML policies.
    • It’s exceptionally fast. Payments can be processed within 10 to 15 seconds for most transactions (as compared to the current system that averages 3 days.) And merchants have the option of choosing the finality setting.

    “Everyone agrees that the current system simply isn’t working,” adds Manoharan. “And everyone agrees that a Blockchain-based system is the way to go. Jax.Net is that payment system.”

    Jax.Net will make money by charging a commission on transfers. The commission itself will be small, but the sheer volume of transactions will make it a reliable source of revenue. The company’s conservative scenario projections estimate that Jax.Net will begin to earn $1.9 billion from its third year of operations.

    “Jax.Net will unquestionably become the clear choice for anyone looking for the ultimate payment solution,” Manoharan concludes.

    For further details, visit the website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Jax.Net
    Contact Person: Alina Karas
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +380 44 235 03 03
    Address:Office No.5, 2nd floor, 33/34, Bohdan Khmelnytsky St.
    City: Kiev
    State: Kyiv
    Country: Ukraine

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    With the development of computer technology and artificial intelligence, a variety of robots emerge in an endless stream, adding new colors to people’s lives and leading people into a new era of intelligent life. German Liectroux Robotics Institute has been working on the development of all kinds of intelligent robots for a long time. Its research covers all fields, including the medical industry.

    According to relevant investigations, the workload of doctors far exceeds their normal workload and sometimes it is even more hard to encounter continuous surgeries. And the doctor needs to bear higher risks and great mental stress during their daily work. Therefore, the news of doctor’s sudden death are frequently seen in the newspaper.

    German Liectroux Surgery Robot - The Technology Star In The Medical World

    In order to reduce the workload of doctors and improve work efficiency, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has developed a surgery robot that can completely replace artificial. Its brain chip uses the most advanced intelligent memory chip, which stores all current medical knowledge and rich clinical experience. Currently, even the simplest surgery requires two to three surgeons, an anesthesiologist and several nurses. And most surgical operations require nearly a dozen individuals in the operating room. The robot can act as an anesthesiologist and nurse in practice. The robot’s high efficiency enables unprecedented precision control of surgical instruments. What’s more, it will not feel tired and can work for a long time. It is particularly worth mentioning that the robot can directly replace the surgeon for surgeries when the surgeon needs to perform several operations continuously and undergoes physical exhaustion. It is highly intelligent and can perform all kinds of surgeries independently and not inferior to experienced professional surgeons.

    The development and application of surgery robot greatly has greatly reduced the number of operators during surgeries and reduced the workload of doctors. Besides, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also studied in the field of robot vacuum cleaner. (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner developed by the company adopts the most advanced laser navigation technology. Its positioning system is a laser cruise positioning system. Its high-precision laser ranging radar can effectively scan the whole house and realize real-time positioning. And it can also memorize the map while cleaning and it is very efficient to fully record the layout of the whole house during the first comprehensive cleaning. Secondly, the bottom of the machine is equipped with a smart anti-drop infrared sensor electronic eye so it can recognize the complex environment. When it senses the drop of more than 5cm, the machine will control itself to return to avoid safety problems such as machine falling. In addition, it is equipped with a V-shaped floating roller brush that can effectively gather dust and penetrate deep into the narrow areas such as the seams of the floor and the edge of the carpet for deep cleaning. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has become popular among consumers and has become the new darling of the home smart market.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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    Crypto Coin Rankings brings you the secret to getting the win you need. It utilizes a proven formula that helps you reach the goals you set for yourself in an efficient and tested way. It is a program that keeps track of different factors that may affect the rise and fall of the crypto currency such as bitcoin and provides you with valuable and sure shot results.

    Crypto Coin Ranking was founded by Michael who empathizes with the people who struggle with their crypto currency investments. He struggled for years to get returns on his investments while buying bitcoins at what he supposed was the right time for an investment. Michael spent thousands of dollars on expensive crypto seminars, video courses and workshop to figure out a pattern or the secret to the art of currency trading but to his dismay it never worked out for him. He made the mistake of buying bitcoin at an all-time high in 2014 after which he had to hold it in a drawdown for three years. His bad luck soon turned its tables when he met master trader Alberto who helped him set up Crypto Coin Rankings. Michael says, “Everything I did just worked. I could triple my account in a matter of months even when the market turned red. Plus the formula made it so easy to find the most winning coins and the right time to buy them.”

    Crypto Coin rankings offer a premium which offers all the benefits you could need to get returns and make a profit. They offer things such as:

    • professional tools and systems
    • an autopilot mode that allows you to use a crypto robot
    • picks the proper channels to sell and buy the currency
    • gives you the knowledge you need to find out which crypto signals are profitable and stands the test of time
    • gives you tried and tests crypto secrets, cheat sheets, insider info and hacks
    • gives you access to sharp money signals, system creator and social sentiment alerts
    • become part of a bitcoin trading community

    All in all Crypto Coin Rankings is offering you winning decisions in simply five minutes without any prior knowledge or programming skills. For long time premium users and customers they provide bonuses such as the Weisenberg and Stallman ratings and price predictions for the coming year. What is that you may ask, it helps investors make informed decisions about the pros and cons of crypto currencies by grading them on a scale of A to D. They are evaluated under categories such as risk index, reward index, fundamentals index and technology index. These ratings are fully automated, unbiased and updated automatically.

    Considering the benefits on this program, you must think it costs a leg and arm, but it only costs $49/month. However it is on a first come first serve basis hence, you might want to make a decision sooner than later.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Mike Alexander
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Advice and articles offer an up-close look at some of the most highly sought metal detectors today

    NOVEMBER 5, 2018 – The team at The Silver Tribe has just unveiled their website and a long list of reviews and articles hinging on metal detectors. With the help of these reviews and articles, adventurists and hobbyists alike can get an in-depth look at the pros, cons, and features of metal detectors.

    For example, The Silver Tribe offers reviews on metal detectors from leading brands such as OUTAD, Goplus, and Bounty Hunter. In addition, articles published by the team at The Silver Tribe offer answers to some of the most commonly asked questions posed by consumers in the market for a metal detector. Articles such as “What Types of Metals Set Off Metal Detectors?’, “What is a Good Metal Detector to Start With?”, “How to Read a Metal Detector: A Beginner’s Guide”, and “How to Make a Metal Detector Out of Household Items” are now published at The Silver Tribe.

    The Silver Tribe team says they will continue to publish content designed to help people find the right metal detectors for their needs. With a wide range of models on the market all bearing various features, The Silver Tribe is proud to offer clarity for consumers.

    Details can be found at

    About The Silver Tribe

    The Silver Tribe helps adventurists and hobbyists find the best metal detector with reviews, articles, and more. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Silver Tribe
    Contact Person: Joe Thornton
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Website helping consumers finding the very best snow blowers

    NOVEMBER 5, 2018 – Safety Consumer has just announced that they have launched snow blower reviews ahead of winter 2018. This winter season is on-track to be one of the coldest in recent years, and Safety Consumer is committed to helping consumers prepare for icy conditions with the best snow blowers on the market.

    The Safety Consumer team is offering reviews on some of the most popular snow blowers on the market, including brands such as PowerSmart, Outsunny, and Jonsered. These reviews offer a careful look at the various features, pros, cons, and price points of each snow blower.

    In addition, Safety Consumer is offering articles such as “What is a Single Stage Snow Blower?”, “How to Start a Snowblower That Has Been Sitting: A Helpful Guide”, and “How to Make My Snowblower Throw Snow Farther” to further help consumers answer some of their most pressing questions.

    Safety Consumer is proud to help consumers make an informed decision when it comes to buying a snow blower ahead of the coming winter. Throughout the coming weeks and beyond, the Safety Consumer team plans to add new reviews and articles to offer even more information to consumers in the market for a leading snow blower.

    More information about snow blowers can be found at

    About Safety Consumer

    Safety Consumer is a consumer’s first choice for comprehensive reviews on snow blowers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Safety Consumer
    Contact Person: Jonathan Quick
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Consumers can make more informed purchasing decisions when they visit Audio Aid Outlet

    NOVEMBER 5, 2018 – The team at Audio Aid Outlet is helping consumers make better purchasing decisions when it comes to floor jacks with their newly launched website, which features expertly written reviews and articles.

    Buying a floor jack can be a challenge for anyone because there are so many kinds available in auto parts stores and online retailers today. Audio Aid Outlet is helping anyone who owns or maintains a vehicle to buy a better floor jack with their reviews. For example, leading brands such as Roadstar, NOS, and others are reviewed, and many of the top-selling brands are compared in “Best Floor Jack of 2018 Complete Reviews with Comparison”.

    In-depth articles answer questions that consumers most often have about floor jacks. The website now features articles such as “What Size Floor Jack for an SUV?”, “How to Install Floor Jacks in a Crawl Space”, and “How to Fix Floor Jack that Leaks Down”.

    Visitors can even have Audio Aid Outlet send the latest tips and reviews to them via e-mail when they sign up at the website.

    Audio Aid Outlet looks forward to helping consumers buy the best floor jacks this year and beyond. More information can be found at

    About Audio Aid Outlet

    Audio Aid Outlets offers a reliable resource for floor jack reviews and advice, helping consumers everywhere make informed buying decision.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Auto Aid Outlet
    Contact Person: Shannon Lynn
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    New website features in-depth reviews and articles to help consumers find the best battery chargers

    NOVEMBER 5, 2018 – Anyone who owns a vehicle or maintains them will inevitably need a battery charger at some point, and the team at Power Fever aims to help make the shopping process a more seamless experience by offering a wealth of expertly written reviews and articles.

    When visitors arrive at Power Fever, they can easily get the latest battery charger advice and tips. Articles such as “Battery Charger Testing Procedure: A Helpful Guide”, “What is AGM on a Battery Charger?”, “What is a Deep Cycle Battery Charger: Quick Facts” help consumers learn more about the intricacies of using and buying battery chargers.

    Reviews on battery chargers have been published at Power Fever, including in-depth reviews on battery chargers from brands such as NOCO and DBPOWER. A newly published guide, “Best Portable Car Battery Charger of 2018? Complete Reviews with Comparison”, is also now available.

    Power Fever’s team is made up of professionals who know the ins and outs of battery chargers and are proud to share their knowledge with others. They will continuously add new content to ensure consumers receive up to date information about the latest battery chargers. More information can be found at

    About Power Fever

    Power Fever is a recently launched website helping car owners and anyone who maintains a vehicle find the best battery chargers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Power Fever
    Contact Person: Brianne Jenner
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    New York, NY – VidMate android app is pleased to announce it has hit 300 million downloads on android devices since its inception.

    VidMate ( is one of the most popular applications on the market for downloading songs and videos from online services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Soundcloud and many more.  With the app, users can easily convert music video into audio files and download their favorite movies in HD format.

    One of the best features about VidMate is that it’s 100% free.  There are no fees associated with using VidMate, which means users can gain unlimited access to all of their favorite audio files and movies at a price anyone will appreciate.

    In addition to being free for users, VidMate provides clients with a host of additional benefits and features as well.  Some of those features include:

    • High speed downloads – even if users have slow internet, the integrated downloader will enable them to download apps and games at high speed
    • Support for all multi-media sites – no matter which multi-media site a user wants to access, such as Tumblr, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Instagram, VidMate has their back
    • Virus and malware safe – all videos and music files go through a highly vetted approval process before going live, which ensures all files are safe for users to access
    • No rooted device required – download and play all music and videos with ease without requiring a rooted android device

    To download VidMate, users are invited to visit where they can gain full access to this ever increasingly popular application at no cost.

    Currently, VidMate is available for use on android devices and PC’s using Nox or BlueStacks emulator.

    For more information about VidMate, or for FAQs about troubleshooting, please visit its website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: VidMate
    Contact Person: Devant Krishna
    Email: Send Email
    City: New York
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    Ottawa, CA – Thales Motors is excited to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for the Arche, a minimalistic electric bike built to be both efficient and effortless. Bicycle enthusiasts on the lookout for an e-bike that’s fast, light, and beautiful can pre-order the Arche on the crowdfunding platform with delivery estimated in April 2019.

    “We founded Thales Motors with the belief that transportation is fundamental to individuals living in our modern societies. Transportation is freedom. It provides availability and opportunity to people. Without it, people are stagnant,” said James Best, Founder of Thales Motors, “Our mission is with this belief, how do we provide effective transportation to as many people as possible? How do make the transportation oriented for the future? We answer and solve these questions with our business.”

    Thales Motors was founded by James Best, a business and design student from Ottawa, Canada. 

    After two years of conceptualizing this company he finally decided to commit to its construction. He has been a bike enthusiast all his life and believes electric power will have to inevitably dominate the transportation industry. Now Best has turned to the crowdfunding community for help bringing his company’s first design to life.

    Some notable features of the Arche e-bike include:

    • 50km range with 6 adjustable levels of pedal assist

    • A 7-speed Shimano gear system that is efficient on any surface

    • Powerful ZSTAR disk brakes

    • A 350w rear hub motor with free one-year warranty

    • Hidden battery and USB port built into the frame

    • High contrast KBY-DISP LCD Display

    • Puncture resistant Thickslick 700x25c tires

    • Weighs only 14.5 kilograms

    The Arche e-bike is a great cost-effective travel solution that requires no registration, hidden fees, insurance, or gasoline. The Creator Series package available during this crowdfunding campaign comes with selected tools that ensure the Arche continues to run efficiently into the future – a $100 value for free! At about the size of a water bottle, the CS package allows for quick on the go maintenance and repair. 

    “By buying one of the Arche Creator Series e-bikes on INDIEGOGO you are fueling the future ambitions of our company,” Best explained, “Thales Motors was founded with a purpose and a PLAN. We plan to use this revenue to not only develop new e-bike models for the market, but to begin prototyping an electric motorcycle.”

    In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including one Arche Creator Series for $899 (62% off the retail price), two Arche e-bikes for $1,599, and more. Backers can also pledge $25 for a USB Rechargeable LED Light or $50 for a Creator Series Repair Kit. 

    For more information, please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the creator below.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Thales Motors
    Contact Person: James Best
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Canada

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    Customers can now purchase a host of products from Xiangsheng and Lite Audio at reasonable prices from the online store of China-hifi-Audio.

    The online store of China-hifi-Audio has emerged as a one-stop shop for purchasing all types of music related equipment online at reasonable prices. The online store maintains an impressive stock of tube amplifiers, CD players, DACs, tubes and valves and other items from the major brands. They also keep updating their inventory on a regular basis, and now they have included a number of products from companies, like Xiangsheng and Lite Audio.

    One can explore various Xiangsheng products available online in their stock such as the Xiangsheng 728a preamplifier. The tube preamp is available in two different color choices with black front panel and silver front panel respectively. It is also available in two versions, with or without key to adjust bass and treble, and is also available with either a full set of tubes or without any tube at all. The wada circuit preamp has a large operating voltage range, from 100V to 240V.  According to the spokesperson of the online store, this preamplifier has been improved several times on the base of the third-generation 728A tube preamplifier. The new version comes with a new circuit board and a more elegant appearance. The layout has also become more reasonable and clearer in this new preamp.

    China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability Of Xiangsheng & Lite Audio Products In Its Stock

    Another new Xiangsheng product in their inventory is the Xiangsheng DAC-05B. This upgraded version now comes with a bigger R-core transformer for a more powerful and nice musical performance. This DSD hardware decoder comes with the AKM’s chip that can directly decode the DSD chip. The spokesperson reveals that this DAC considers the high index and includes a 7V power supply, which is far superior to 5V power supply.  The product’s double mono mode is better than the single-chip dynamic level and provides the real decoding solution. According to the spokesperson, this DAC supports Apple iPhone and Apple’s Mac system. With an upgraded R-core transformer with an imported Z11 core and copper shield, the DAC enjoys its boosted performance and the durability.

    Besides Xiangsheng products, the online tube amplifier store also brings the Lite tube Preamp, which is available in three different colors of black, silver and gold. The spokesperson states that the preamp is also available with a remote control, but customers will have to pay an extra price for the remote control. The preamp comes with the famous twin transistors of LM394 and has the MARKLEVINSON 20.5 for the voltage amplification of its main circuit. With an aluminum panel chassis and a servo circuit, the preamp offers a long-lasting performance. The product has a net weight of 8kg and is now available at a reasonable price at the online store of China-hifi-Audio.

    Customers can check the specifications and features of these new Xiangsheng and Lite Audio products on the website

    About China-hifi-Audio

    China-hifi-Audio is an audiophile tube amplifier online shop. The online shop supplies a wide variety of hi-fi vacuum tube stereo integrated amplifier, hi-end CD player, cables, audiophile valve preamp, power amp and speakers. China-hifi-audio sells products from some great Chinese well-known brands, like Line Magnetic Audio, Cayin, MUZISHARE, Music Angel, Yaqin, Meixing Mingda, Qinpu, Bewitch, Shengya, JungSon, LITE, Dussun, Opera Consonance, Shanling, RFTLYS, Bada etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
    Contact Person: Yong Lee
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-1371134 6090
    City: Guangzhou
    Country: China

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    New Delhi, India – UCWeb’s UC Browser has hit over 1 billion downloads across its mobile platform.

    UC Browser ( is one of the most popular browsing applications available on the current market.  When downloaded, it enables users to experience an incredibly smooth, fast and seamless browsing experience like no other. UC Browser is particularly beneficial for those who have a slower internet connection and need an added boost to their browsing speed.

    There are a host of additional incredible benefits and features for users who download UC Browser.  Some of those features include:

    • Ability to watch videos while downloading, meaning users never have to wait until it has reached 100%
    • Fast download boost so there is less waiting time before being able to enjoy favorite music and movies
    • Downloader comes with unique pause/resume option for ultimate downloading experience
    • Compresses website for lightening speed browsing and up to 50% data saving
    • Integrated in-app ad blocker for more efficient and hassle-free browsing
    • Supports night mode for better browsing experience
    • A lightweight Mini version is available for those with a slow internet connection
    • News, viral contents and videos are available
    • Very easy to use
    • And so much more!

    Currently, UC Browser is available for a wide variety of devices and is supported on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian, Blackberry and PC. This means the application is available to most everyone who owns a smartphone or PC computer.  

    To obtain specific instructions on how to download UC Browser, users are invited to visit for a step-by-step guide.

    For more information about UC Browser, please visit its website.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: UC Browser
    Contact Person: Mr. Bansal
    Email: Send Email
    Country: India

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    With stainless steel body and custom designs, the torque sensor, weight sensor and miniature load cell supplied by Forsentek Co., Limited can assure a long lasting performance.

    Torque sensors, weight sensors and load cells are required for a variety of electronic products available in the market. Forsentek has a significant portfolio of load sensors and load cells for different industries. These products are available in different shapes and sizes and in various specifications that can fit into the devices of various dimensions. All these products feature a robust built and a custom design.


    The company has a large torque sensor range, which includes different types of sensors, such as shaft rotary torque sensors, miniature rotary torque sensors, dynamic torque sensors, shaft to shaft rotary torque sensors, square drive rotary torque sensors, etc. Made of stainless steel based on strain gauge technology, these torque sensors could have both clockwise and anti-clockwise load direction. With a significant torque measuring range, The typical applications where these torque sensors could be used include servo motors, test bench applications, screw driver calibration, twist measurement, actuator test and so on.

    One can also check their weight sensor portfolio, which ranges from 100g up to 1000kg. These load sensors are normally made of aluminum alloy,customized version made from stainless steel is also available.These sensors have very good accuracy but not cost too much, these sensors are easy to install in a variety of devices. With their trimmed corner and with other custom design alterations, the application range of the sensors can increase to a manifold. Available at competitive prices, these weigh sensors can be widely used for bench scales, counting scales, price computing scales and other applications. 

    Forsentek Co., Limited, with its custom design capabilities, can supply a variety of load cells. The miniature load cell in their stock includes 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg , 100kg…. 100t rated capacities. With their strain gauge based functionality, these miniature load cells are designed for an efficient compression force measurement. These cells have a compact design and which makes them suitable for many applications that come with a limited space. The heat treated stainless steel and hermetically sealed load cells are ideal for the most industrial environments. Moreover, Forsentek is always available to offer custom design services so that load cells can fit all devices and it can increase the application area.

    One can check all types of torque sensors and load sensors in their stock by visiting the website

    About Forsentek Co., Limited

    Located in China, Forsentek Co., Limited has provided load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions to more than 50 countries all over the world. With experienced engineers in load cell and force sensor application areas, Forsentek knows exactly what clients need for improving their production and performance. Being an expert in strain gauge based load cell manufacturing technology and custom-made service, they provide the most suitable products to meet client applications perfectly.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Forsentek Co., Limited
    Contact Person: Tarik Lu
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 755 84536383
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    DIYblockchain ecosystem enhances digital literacy, empowers creativity and provide platform for start-ups.

    NEW DELHI – DIYblockchain, Asia’s’ Biggest Blockchain Academy, Consulting and Research Center has announced today the launch of platform for learning with enhanced opportunities for students, corporates and professionals. This ecosystem is going to nurture the audience in blockchain technology globally by giving training to them, making them ready for industry and providing the platform for developing smart solutions.

    Vishal Nigam, Chief Blockchain Evangelist at DIYblockchain quotes:

    “Our research has shown that jobs of the future will demand both niche technical skills and creative problem solving skills. However, the research also shows that the biggest barrier educators or corporates is currently facing is the lack of industry ready workforce in Blockchain. Lack of access to necessary tools and technologies, is also hindering the new start-ups in Blockchain technology. This ecosystem is built to solve all of these issues. In addition to making the platform available for students. It has also collaborated with leading universities around the world to develop content and deliver it also. DIYblockchain has introduced an industry first incubation platform focused towards promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of Blockchain start-ups.”

    DIYblockchain has R&D facility in New Delhi which is the India’s one and only one facility in Blockchain. Team is already in process of tying with corporates, universities and reputed colleges to open COE on Blockchain technology and also providing industry first  DIYblockchain PGDB program of Blockchain training with industry exposure is also one of its kind that will enable the academia across the world to jumpstart in blockchain. DIYblockchain not only provide enterprise blockchain training solutions but also provide cryptocurrency trading training. Team have delivered great blockchain based product solutions to many international and government agencies.

    DIYblockchain has announced Enterprise Blockchain Bootcamp program in three major U.S. Cities – Philadelphia, Miami, and New York City.

    The instructor-led course will kick-off in Philadelphia, Dec. 01 and 02. A special 1-day Bootcamp will be held following BWC South in Miami, FL on December 5th.

    The program is developed for beginners who want to jumpstart into blockchain and build blockchain apps including smart contracts. The Bootcamp covers nine modules, beginning with the foundations of blockchain, hyperledger fabric, and chaincode. The course includes lab work and personal instructor attention, where the participant will build several real-world blockchain applications.

    Blockchain Bootcamp Enrollment

    Limited Early-Bird Pricing – Use Code ‘GETEARLY’

    Philadelphia | December 1 & 2, 2018

    Miami | December 5, 2018

    New York City, Financial District | December 8 & 9, 2018

    The in-depth program is led by Vishal Nigam, Founder and Chief Blockchain Evangelist at DIY Blockchain, the world’s first Hybrid Blockchain Platform and is quickly expanding to become Asia’s biggest Blockchain Academy. Vishal is very well versed with various frameworks, such as – Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, Fabric, Iroha, Indy, Chainscript etc. He takes part in various blockchain events, meetings, and conferences as a keynote speaker globally to help the audience understand the technology and how to leverage it, and has trained the learners for more than 3000+ hours on Blockchain Technology.

    About DIYblockchain

    DIYblockchain is going to change the world through with its vision of integrated makers chain via talent factory, start-up ecosystem and corporate innovation.

    For more information, visit or mail at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: DIYblockchain
    Contact Person: Vishal Nigam
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +91-9555531327
    Country: United States

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    Medical Alert Systems is a topnotch review site with great enthusiasm in finding the best quality emergency devices for everyone!

    Medical Alerts System, a review site that displays significant eagerness to find the best medical alerts system that ensures the safety of everyone everywhere at any time. They look forward to providing people the knowledge of where they can find the best quality and reliable medical emergency devices. They review their prospect company detail by detail where they offer everything that everyone wanted to know as well as to comply with the necessary information about their particular services.

    Medical Alert Systems makes sure that people can have confidence and peace of mind, that wherever they are, they are equipped with the knowledge to where they can find these dependable emergency response devices. They have already reviewed the best medical alert systems available in today’s market, and they are glad that there are companies who offer high-grade emergency devices that deliver ease of use and comfort when worn around the neck.

    Emergency devices have been very popular these days, most especially to the elderly community. This way people can quickly and easily ask for help. wanted to ensure that people who encounter accidents can survive through accurate geographical location accompanied with quick response.

    Medical Alert  Systems have a goal in helping everyone find the best solutions whenever they are in danger. This is why they are finding the best medical alert systems which can solve all the accident problems regardless of time and location. “Accidents will always be unpredictable. It can happen to anyone, happen any time and happen everyone, so readiness to unwanted circumstances is necessary,” said the founder of Medical Alert Systems. “We came to an idea of reviewing the best medical alert systems so that people will know what to buy and to where devices that could save their lives,” they added.

    Medical Alert Systems has a strong and tested skills and expertise in offering reviews of various medical devices of different companies. They are the real experts when it comes to thorough and valuable reviews. They wanted to display interesting facts and usefulness of particular emergency devices. They believe that everyone deserves safety and security that can provide a quality living.

    Over the years, whenever people wanted to ensure that the emergency device is of the best quality and worthy of their money, they seek for Medical Alert Systems. Through their steadfast and realistic reviews, people have the best resources for complete safety.

    About Medical Alerts Systems:

    Medical Alert Systems is a review site that aims to provide everyone with great knowledge when it comes to reliable emergency devices. They are composed of well-trained and skillfully review experts that deliver amazing results.

    For more information about the site reviews of Medical Alert Systems, simply visit their website at or email them at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Medical Alerts Systems
    Contact Person: Susan Orchard
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 253-449-0305
    Country: United States

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    On October 26, 2018, at the crossroads of the global business center New York, a wave of “China Red” appeared. A large number of Chinese brands appeared on Nasdaq and Reuters screens. At the same time in China, these national brands appeared on the AngelCrunch screen of Zhongguancun – China’s “Silicon Valley”. Many people were attracted to watch, ” Look up to New Vision” set off a new chapter in the influence of Chinese brands.


    All-Dream is the pioneer of youth programming training organization in China. It was invited by Darong Media to participate in the brand tour, making an impressive appearance on NASDAQ, Reuters and Zhongguancun screens to show the brand image to the world, attracting strong attention at home and abroad.

    Founded in March 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai, All-Dream devotes itself to the development of mathematical logic thinking and programming thinking for young children aged 5-18. Currently, it has opened many courses such as Scratch game programming, JavaScript web page programming, featured C language algorithm, NOIP, creative mathematical art programming, web game development, etc. All-Dream integrates the theory of multiple intelligences, American STEAM education and other concepts into programming teaching, and creates an online learning platform and a high-standard curriculum system with strong faculty and excellent R&D teams.

    In 2016, All-Dream was specially reported by CCTV and Shanghai Education Television. In 2017, All-Dream won the title of “China Good Education Candidate” on China Net. As an advocate of STEAM education in China, Yuan Zhedong, CEO of All-Dream, has been keen on youth education for many years and is determined to integrate multiple intelligence theory with American STEAM education concept. Yuan Zhedong pointed out that in the era of computing, more courses related to scientific creation and programming should be combined to cultivate comprehensive future-oriented skills and thinking methods. STEAM education can better solve the educational problems of the new era, shape talents more suitable for the future society, and gather strengths to realize the dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


    Talking about the landing on the NASDAQ screen, Yuan Zhedong said that in the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, All-Dream joined the “three-screen joint exhibition” of Darong Media on the NASDAQ screen in New York, the Reuters screen and the Zhongguancun screen in Beijing to form a three-screen brand matrix, which is intended to show the strength of Chinese brands in major commercial centers around the world and also to pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and congratulate the 69th anniversary of China.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai All-Dream network technology Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jeff Xu
    Email: Send Email
    Address:5 / F, Block B, Chenxun Technology Building, No. 633, Jinzhong road
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Diamonds have always been responsible for generating excitement, in business, and on the trade floor. As one of the most widely traded and sought-after substances in the world demand for the beautiful rocks remains at an all-time high.

    It is only natural therefore that as payment methods change and technology develops that business owners would look to find a way to utilize the strengths of diamonds with the technology of blockchain.

    Glitzkoin ( is at the forefront of the diamond blockchain phenomenon, and  CEO of Glitzkoin, Navneet Goenka and Olga Rosina, the Russian diamond professional on the team recently took the time to identify and answer the four most common questions, they get asked on a daily basis.

    Why is the crypto community so eager to see the DiaEx exchange implemented?

    Navneet said “ An interesting question but quite easy to answer. The DiaEx platform which is designed to facilitate both, B2C and B2B transactions, deploys the Glitzkoin (GTN) token as a mode of payment. Crypto enthusiasts have actively participated in the project right from the ICO stage. They continue to do so, through the development phase. The ICO was successfully completed in June 2018 at a token price of $0.20. The GTN token has since been trading on Stellar based exchanges. Sustained interest from seasoned crypto traders, has enabled the token to maintain an impressive rate of $0.18 to $0.22.  The community realizes that the usage of the GTN token on the DiaEx trading platform will create a surge in the demand for the token. This is what keeps them keenly interested in the launch of the Glitzkoin diamond exchange.

    Based on the interest shown by Glitzkoin in Russia, will rough diamonds be listed on the DiaEx platform?

    Olga Rosina answered this question saying “Russia has two very active and productive diamond mines. I have been fortunate to be involved in their operations, during my 20-year career with the glittering stone. Readying itself for any business expansion that might come up in Russia, the Glitzkoin team has included well known Russian business strategist and politician, Mr. Mikhail Kozlov on its advisory board. Listing of diamonds on the DiaEx diamond exchange will require a very objective definition of the features of each stone. The often heard of 4C parameters, have global acceptance they have been defined with a high level of accuracy. As things stand today, it is only cut and polished diamonds that are covered by the 4C specifications. Rough diamonds, for the time being, will have to be left out of the DiaEx platform. Having said that, there is no technical limitation in the application that will disallow rough diamonds to be listed and traded on the platform.”

    Why has diamond certification for listed diamonds been made compulsory?

    Olga’s response was as follows “The DiaEx diamond trading platform, accepts certificates from a group of reputed diamond testing labs that have, global acceptance. Diamond certification provides an objective assessment of the 4Cs for a specific diamond. A diamond certificate also clearly mentions, whether the stone is natural (authentic) or manmade (synthetic or imitation). In the conventional diamond trade, buying and selling of certified diamonds is smoother and generally does not require an inspection of the actual stone. Glitzkoin has a process where, a diamond that has been purchased on the DiaEx platform is physically examined by diamond experts before, being sent over to the buyer. This is something that should significantly boost the confidence of both, seasoned and casual diamond buyers.”

    Will the diamond industry accept the GTN crypto token, to settle payments on the DiaEx platform?

    Navneet’s response to this question was Navneet: “Coming from a family that has been closely associated with the diamond industry for five decades, I can say a few things with confidence. Diamond traders are in general put off by, cumbersome banking procedures and substantial bank charges and fees. Things get even more complex when international trade is involved, multiple currencies and their conversion bring on an added challenge. The $90 billion industry has had no options until now but, cryptocurrency provides a viable option today. The GTN token will facilitate payments to be made across geographical boundaries; multiple currencies will not be relevant. To put it very simply, the crypto token fills an existing void in diamond trade.”

    The testing and implementation of the DiaEx diamond exchange will be completed in the final quarter of 2018. Anyone interested in monitoring the performance of the GTN token can be reviewed on the Stellarport website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Glitzkoin
    Contact Person: Navneet Goenka
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +601125114556
    Address:76 Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Off Jalan Tun Razak
    City: Kuala Lumpur
    Country: Malaysia

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    There are many high-rise buildings in the city and these buildings that towering into the sky condense the hard work and sweat of countless aerial workers. All year round, whether it is hot sun or cold winter, aerial workers always struggle in the front line. It is because of them that there are tall buildings and that add color to the city.

    But behind these high-rise buildings, there are also many fresh lives that have passed away. We often see news that aerial workers fall from high altitudes due to accidents or construction ropes that are not effectively protected them. Aerial workers always take huge risks when they work and they will be injured or even lose their lives if they are just slightly careless.

    With the development of intelligent science and technology, people gradually apply intelligent robots to their lives to solve problems that are difficult to solve by human beings, which includes the safety problem of aerial workers. German Liectroux Robotics Institute has specially developed an aerial work robot that can replace human beings to conduct aerial work.

    German Liectroux Aerial Work Robot Efficiently Completes The Aerial Work

    The smart chip in the brain of this aerial work robot contains a wealth of architectural knowledge. Before the aerial operation, it will design the drawings according to the specific needs of the building, simulate the creation of the engineering drawings and then carry out the specific aerial work. Its arms are retractable robot arms with a built-in telescopic box that can effectively raise or lower the robot arms. And its arms can rotate 360 degree so that they can work in various positions and work efficiently. And the robot works with high accuracy so its working ability is very strong. In addition, the robot’s limbs have strong adsorption capacity, which enable it to firmly attached to the wall to prevent slipping.

    German Liectroux Robotics Institute has been dedicated to changing people’s lives through intelligent technology. It develops the aerial work robot which can efficiently complete aerial work and avoid the risk of artificial aerial work. In addition, it has also studied in the field of robot vacuum cleaner. (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts the most advanced laser navigation technology to calibrate the position of the machine through multi-point ranging and record the machine in space once by 360-degree continuous scanning every second. The path of its movement is very efficient.

    Secondly, the unique sweeping and sucking structure of the machine can flexibly switch the cleaning method according to the surrounding environment. For example, it will use the vacuum suction mouth to suck hair or clean large particle dust with floating roller brush and so on. In addition, its 220ml large automatic water-seepage water storage tank can achieve uniform water seepage and the uniformity of wet mopping and dry mopping. It has no pressure even when it faces wet mopping of a large-sized house of 150 square meters.

    This innovative robot vacuum cleaner has been popularized and snapped up by consumers due to its excellent performance.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
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    Country: Germany

    0 0 offers an innovative, low-cost tool that helps business owners focus on what grows their online business the most.

    Copenhagen, Denmark – Canecto is pleased to announce the release of its new automated web analytics tool that’s designed to let business owners discover their best website improvement options. Delivered in the form of an easy-to-read PDF report, the Canecto Growth Report lets users know exactly where they should focus their efforts in order to improve business.

     “Many business owners find they don’t have the skills necessary to optimize their website to its full potential,” says Canecto founder and CEO Per Damgaard Husted. “And no wonder. It’s a complicated task that requires a great deal of expertise. It’s also a task that should be undertaken on a regular basis, for which most people don’t have the time or the inclination. Unfortunately, this means they’re losing out on a lot of potential business.”

    Canecto was created to resolve this problem by providing insights and practical recommendations based on user interaction with the site’s content.

    “It’s a highly intelligent tool,” adds Damgaard Husted. “And it takes all the guesswork out of the equation, so all you have to do is what you do best – just focus on your business.”

    Everything in the report is based on the website’s own data. Two distinct areas are covered: content and traffic. Content means webpage content, navigation and user journeys, while traffic refers to all the activities that gets visitors to the site. The report provides action-oriented recommendations and an overview of the different improvement options, thus allowing the business owner to make an informed decision as to which changes would have the best impact.

    Getting started with Canecto can cost as little as $9 per month.

    “It’s an investment that will pay itself off many times over,” concludes Damgaard Husted. “And it will grow your business in ways you never thought possible.”

    About the Company

    Headquartered just outside Copenhagen at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Canecto was created as a solution to give in-depth insights and actionable recommendations on how to improve external and internal digital efforts.

    Founder and CEO Per Damgaard Husted holds a Master Degree in Business Administration and has more than 20 years of experience in online management. The founding team members also have many years of experience in managing websites between them, and are proud to be recognized as the first company in the world to automate the website analysis process.

    For more details or to sign up for a free trial, visit the website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Canecto
    Contact Person: Per Damgaard Husted
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 0045 31262562
    Address:Diplomvej 381
    City: 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
    Country: Denmark

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    E-commerce company has added a dedicated air cargo operation through Tianjin Air Cargo freighter as it continues to expand its logistics business and improve reliability.

    The new service, which launches yesterday, will fly six round trips a week between Tianjin and Guangzhou using a dedicated freight Boeing 737 aircraft branded with the JD Logistics logo.

    Transportation and delivery will be faster than when JD relied on shared aircraft and ground transportation.

    “With more, dedicated capacity, JD will be able to continue its unparalleled service of delivering orders same- or next-day, nationwide,” the company said. said it had decided to use a dedicated all-cargo aircraft because it would be more reliable than the common alternative of bellyhold capacity on passenger aircraft because flight times can be adjusted according to industry demand, as opposed to having to comply with commercial airline schedules

    JD and Tianjin Air Cargo will be looking closely at how to expand the new service, with further routes planned between northern and southern China.

    “The addition of freight by dedicated cargo aircraft brings the strength of JD’s nationwide logistics network to even greater heights,” said Hui Wang, head of the express business unit at JD Logistics.

    “We look forward to expanding our relationship with Tianjin Air Cargo in the coming months and we are sure that the resulting expedited delivery speeds will be welcomed by individual consumers as well as the businesses we work with as part of our Retail as a Service strategy.”

    “This new service sets a new industry milestone. The combination of Tianjin Cargo’s breadth of experience in freight and JD’s expertise in supply chain makes this partnership a force to be reckoned with,” added Yi Zhang, chairman and president of Tianjin Air Cargo.

    “As China’s largest retailer, online or offline, JD’s resources across the e-commerce and logistics industry will be of great assistance to our company’s development going forward.”

    The partnership is the latest move by JD to ramp up its abilities to open its technology and infrastructure to other companies and industries, part of its “Retail as a Service,” or RaaS, strategy

    “JD’s unrivalled guarantee of same or next day delivery for 90% of orders is a key reason why millions of consumers flock to the platform every day,” the company said. follows in the footsteps of Amazon which also has a dedicated air cargo operation running in the US. Amazon recently expanded its airfreight operation to include Miami.

    Tianjin Air Cargo is a subsidiary of the HNA Group and was launched earlier this year with an initial fleet of three B737 freighters.

    The airline launched flying routes between Tianjin and Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Urumqi, Shanghai Pudong and Guangzhou.

    It claims to be the only all-cargo-operator located at Tianjin, which is to the south-east of congested Beijing Capitial International airport.

    The airline hopes to add B767 and B747 aircraft in the future and expand its fleet to between 50 and 100 aircraft over the next five years.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MyPRmate
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    As the saying goes, “Hunger breeds discontentment”. For a country with a large population like China, food is even more crucial. However, at present, under the trend of urbanization and population aging, many young and middle-aged laborers in rural areas are losing. Young people often do not choose to stay in their hometowns but choose to go to large cities. Therefore, the problem of lacking rural labor will be more  serious.

    German Liectroux Robotics Institute has been committed to applying intelligent robots to all aspects of people’s daily lives and bringing convenience to people’s lives. In order to solve the current problem of labor shortage and adapt to the trend of labor mechanization. German Liectroux Robotics Institute has developed an agricultural robot that can complete agricultural work efficiently and quickly.

    German Liectroux Agricultural Robot Inject New Vitality Into Agricultural Development

    The brain of this agricultural robot has a built-in smart chip and there is no pressure even for complex terrain. It can intelligently judge the terrain, independently plan the path, intelligently avoid obstacles, accurately detect and locate. Its action is flexible and it can perform various actions such as jumping etc. The agricultural robot can efficiently perform a series of agricultural work such as seedling, cutting, tilling, weeding, fertilizing, spraying, grafting, harvesting, picking, etc. And it will not feel tired so it can maintain excellent work efficiency for a long time. In addition, its built-in smart chip enables it to sense and adapt to crop types or environmental changes. And it can accurately calculate regarding the actual situation when fertilizing and carry out appropriate fertilization, scientifically fertilize and improve the groundwater quality.

    The strong scientific and technological strength, first-class experts and scholars as well as advanced research and development equipment etc. have enabled German Liectroux Robotics Institute to develop a variety of intelligent robots. The intelligent robots it develops cover a wide range of applications including medical, aerospace, industrial, home, construction and many other industries. Among them, the robot vacuum cleaner robot vacuum cleaner developed by the company has added brilliance to the home furnishing industry, which greatly facilitates people’s lives. (You can view the website: or

    The robot vacuum cleaner developed by the company uses the most advanced laser navigation technology to calibrate the machine position through multi-point ranging, so as to draw accurate spatial interior maps, determine obstacle positions, plan cleaning routes, and deal with various complex terrain. Moreover, the dust box capacity and the mop size have been increased., which avoids the frequent dumping of the dust box by the user and improves the cleaning rate. In addition, its design is very user-friendly. It can keep low noise and decibel during work so it does not affect the rest of the family’s daily life.  In addition, it can conduct automatic recharging so it is very convenient to use. This robot vacuum cleaner has became the new favorite in the home appliance market once it was launched.

    Media Contact
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    Country: Germany

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