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    Datumesh CEO Ladányi Gábo has not been able to boost its work more than once due to problems of data link in its previous work experience. In 2015, the technology of blockchain was noticed, after 2 years of in-depth study, a global high-performance data storage sharing platform of co-ownership, co-construction and share was decided to be created, and Datumesh was born, and was gradually won attention by Andrew Capital,Block chain Competence Center. In early August in 2018, angel round has been finished and is entering into ecological nodes and community building stage.


    Datumesh is a comprehensive solution based on ecological data sharing in the development of blockchain technology and compressed data transfer cost, which can solve all the data storage and sharing issues for all industries and users through DAG structure, Byzantine fault-tolerance, IPFS interplanetary file transfer system, URI reuse, LOD publish and RDF link mechanism. Aiming at the islanding status of original blockchain cross link communications, we are currently adopting concept validation of cross link communications.


    Datumesh comprehensively considers and studied the side chain technology represented by Blockstream and the relay technology represented by BTC-Relay, absorbs the the attention of early cross-chain technology to asset transfer, as well as the thoughtfulness of the current state of the project to the transition chain. In addition, according to the limitation existing in blockchain itself, it positively drives improvement and innovation, continues to use dual-anchor in early phase cross chain technology and cross-chain smart contract, and gives every node different division, states and so on.  

    Through the comprehensive application of cross-chain communication between side chain and repeater mode, cross-chain communication of notary mechanism and hashed locked cross-chain communication, Datumesh realized asset transformation of cross-chain, delivery versus payment (dvp), assets under lien and general cross chain contracts.

    On the basis of foundation programme of work, with the appropriate permission, Datumesh founding team predicts to complete global node deployment plan and establish self-made community for enthusiasts from all over the world in September, 2018, to synchronize global roadshows. It will carry out replacement business within five intercontinental scope in October 2018, and launch the on-line exchange in November 2018.

    Deep cooperation agency:


    Strategic cooperation agency:


    Strategic partner:


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Datumesh
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: Tallinn
    Country: Estonia

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    TVC Mall, a reputed online store specializing in electronic products is now making news after deciding to cut off rates on most Apple and Sony cases.

    Having a plethora of consumer electronic products on its platter, TVC Mall has started providing customers cell phone accessories like cases, covers and the likes at reduced prices. Recently, the e-commerce store announced its end-of-season sale offer, where Samsung, Sony, and Apple cases will be available at discounted rates. With most customers looking for good deals on the much coveted Apple items, the company officials have promised to deliver the same and at discounted prices. Along with Apple, TVC Mall will also offer Sony cases at such feasible rates, and mobile phone accessories from many such top branded manufacturers.

    In keeping with the ever-increasing demand of market leaders who wish to achieve customer satisfaction by initiating competitive strategies in pricing, the company believes it will enhance its stronghold via the upcoming sale.

    “The season sale is for a limited period only. Finding the preferred products will become a rather easy job at this time and is recommended too. What we started out as an offer sometime back is now a favorite among most customers. And now that the rates have come down for big players like Apple and Sony, it will only add to the advantage of most buyers,” said a spokesperson for the company.

    TVC Mall has been the pioneer in most of the electronics that the online market now deals in, especially with the launch of new items like corded headsets, Bluetooth keyboards and several other electronic toys. Though the sale is targeted at consumers on the lookout for genuine smart phone accessories, yet this sale will only help others to find products of their choice.

    The press meet saw the company CEO keeping high hopes on the sale. “We pride in ourselves for providing shoppers only branded items at factory rates, which explains how we have secured the trust of many. This sale too we hope will help us consolidate our reputation and thereby, assist us in serving consumers better,” he said.

    Apart from stocking a plethora of branded items at discounted prices, the company takes complete responsibility towards timely delivery of products, shipping charges and hassle-free refunds and replacements, if any.

    About the Company

    TVC-Mall is one of the best ecommerce giants in the online marketplace supplying an array of branded electronic goods at pocket-friendly rates.

    To know more, visit     

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TVC-Mall
    Contact Person: Rita
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-755-28416521 Ext.8033
    Country: China

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    ALLIVE is an exciting new project that aims to create a comprehensive healthcare services system that runs on the blockchain. The project will create decentralized, collaborative, frictionless, and secure healthcare applications for the healthcare industry and will be designed to function seamlessly with healthcare service providers, wearable devices, medical R&D institutions, medical financial services, as well as support groups to provide end-to-end and user-friendly healthcare experiences for everyone.

    Tying together all of the many different data sources and data types involved in such an ambitious project is, of course, a huge undertaking. That is why ALLIVE is partnering with Ontology, a high-performance public blockchain project that leverages distributed trust networks, decentralized ledgers, and built-in smart contracts to facilitate the collaboration between different businesses and private actors. Ontology allows users to manage their own data from a variety of sources including public institutions, banks, businesses, family, colleagues, and friends, and allows this data to be tracked, traded, secured, and used in any way that the owner sees fit.

    The formal announcement of this partnership took place in Seoul on August 18, 2018, at the Ontology Mainnet Seoul Launch. Details on the event, including partners and agenda, can be found here. This event was a precursor to the Ontology mainnet launch event that is to be held in Tokyo on August 25.

    The founder of Ontology, Jun Li (Left) and Eagle Zhang

    The Seoul event featured a special address by Mr. Eagle Zhang, the co-founder and CTO of ALLIVE, as well as high-level tech talks by founders and senior members of the Ontology foundation. Issues that were discussed during the conference included the importance and benefits of blockchain technology, recent developments in the space, and future trends and applications of blockchain in different sectors.

    Eagle Zhang at the ONTology MainNet Launch in Seoul

    In his speech, Mr. Zhang discussed some of the problems plaguing the healthcare services industry and explained how ALLIVE can help tackle those issues. Some of these problems discussed included the high cost of healthcare management (which has reached unprecedented levels of USD 12 trillion annually), unsatisfactory outcomes of large healthcare providers, and the central problem of health data ownership. Data is of special interest to ALLIVE and Ontology because the partnership between the two organizations plans to use a data-centric approach to improving healthcare.

    Eagle Zhang gave a speech at the ONTology MainNet Launch in Seoul

    To put Mr. Zhang’s comments in perspective, consider the following: Health data is widely collected and used by both individuals as well as institutions, but most people have very limited control over their own data because of the way hospitals and other centralized institutions collect, store, and control that data. Centralized approaches to data collection and storage not only reduce the level of control that private individuals have on their own personal data, but they place restrictions on what they can do with it, and they also place this data in serious jeopardy from hacks and public exposure. An added layer of complexity to the problem is that if data ownership is, in fact, given back to private individuals, this may threaten to reduce the efficiency of inter-agency data flows, reducing the overall effectiveness of healthcare provision, to begin with.

    Therefore, beyond simply fixing the way healthcare reform is approached, policymakers and decisionmakers need to understand that there are many data-specific issues that need to be addressed, such as the following:

    • Data needs to be high volume so that predictions can be made about events that happen innumerable times.

    • Data needs to be high-quality so that even with data that takes on different shapes and forms and includes the use of different units of measurement, all data can be fed into a system that can understand and use it.

    • Data needs to be in a single place and not siloed so that the systems and processes that need specific types of data can actually access the data they need.

    • Data needs to be unbiased. Data for use in AI systems and in healthcare solutions needs to maintain consistency in terms of the conditions in which the data was collected, and this is not possible when using data collected from different hospitals at different times and under a wide range of different circumstances.

    Unfortunately, current systems do not cater to all of these issues in the way they collect and use data. Rising healthcare costs and unsatisfactory healthcare outcomes testify to these shortcomings. However, as was made clear by Mr. Zhang’s comments, ALLIVE can change all of that.

    How will it do this?

    By leveraging blockchain technologies and in partnership with Ontology, ALLIVE will create a decentralized platform for comprehensive and personalized healthcare. Its Olife module will build a private profile of an individual’s health data, Olivia will operate as an artificial intelligence healthcare provider, and Oleaf will connect everything together in a comprehensive healthcare service system.

    There are numerous benefits to this approach. First of all, all of these systems will be encrypted, and they will help to break down the data silos that exist in centralized healthcare systems today. They will also help hospitals and healthcare clinics transition to a more evidence-based approach to personalized healthcare. Furthermore, Olivia, the AI module of the system, will combine medical knowledge with machine learning algorithms to provide improved care and medical diagnoses, that too at a fraction of the cost of regular healthcare professionals. This will allow ALLIVE to provide cheaper and more timely medical advice and consultation services to individuals, not just in hospitals and clinics but in their homes as well, saving ill patients from costly and inconvenient trips to the hospital.

    Finally, Oleaf will tie everything together and will enable patients, doctors, insurance companies, caretakers, medical device manufacturers, and other stakeholders in the medical and healthcare services industries to work collaboratively using high-quality, reliable, secure, and accurate data.

    Now that the Seoul event and the Ontology partnership announcements are over, ALLIVE continues to work on developing the platform. Q4 2018 will see the release of the beta version of Olivia, as well as the launch of ALLIVE’s native wallet. The ALLIVE testnet is set to be launched in Q1 2019, and launch of the mainnet is slated for Q2 2019.

    Along with Mr. Eagle Zhang, the ALLIVE core team also includes Mr. Jack Liu, the Founder and CEO of ALLIVE, and Dr. Dongfang Liu, the Chief of Medicine. Mr. Jack Liu is an investor and board member with dozens of tech and healthcare startups, and he is an early investor in the blockchain field. As for Dr. Dongfang Liu, he is an experienced healthcare professional who is committed to researching the efficiency and quality of medical services through advanced technologies.

    In addition to the core founding team above, ALLIVE has brought together many professional industry experts as well to serve on the company’s advisory board. These include Xiaochuan Wang, the CEO of Sogou Tech and the former CTO of Sohu, who brings to the team technical expertise, and George Wu, Doctor & Professor of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Wu’s areas of expertise lie in medical research, and he has taught at Harvard Medical School since 2005 and has had his work published in many different medical publications of global repute.

    Finally, ALLIVE’s Airdrop program is currently live. Earlier participation will be rewarded with more ALV tokens, so click here now to participate!

    To learn more about ALLIVE and how it plans to disrupt the healthcare services industry by improving patient outcomes and lowering the costs of healthcare, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MaiZi Health Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD
    Contact Person: Fantasy Zhang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 158 0037 9720
    Country: China

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    FileHold Software has released FileHold 16 with an emphasis on helping companies be more productive in their paperless document workflow and approval processes, to increase the security of how users access documents and to make electronic signatures an integrated part of the document lifecycle.

    Integration with Adobe Sign provides a new option to FileHold users to add an e-signature to documents stored in FileHold as part of the FileHold document workflow process. FileHold has always had an entry level e-signature solution to verify signer identity via email or a password. The new capability of Digital signatures from Adobe Sign use a certificate-based digital ID to authenticate signer identity and demonstrate proof of signing by binding each signature to the document with encryption.

    FileHold has always had multi levels of user security to ensure users can only see documents they have the rights to see.  In an unsecure IT world with security threats all around FileHold decided to go further and add Multi-factor Authentication to give additional security when accessing the FileHold library.  The new multi-factor authentication feature strengthens access security by verifying the identity of all users with effective, strong two-factor authentication before granting access to FileHold resources.

    FileHold 16 brings additional productivity tools to users including; a new workflow one-time review activity that allows a user to insert a review task “ad hoc” while in the workflow process.  FileHold 16 has the ability to “assemble” new documents based on the existing documents in the library.  There is a new level of document viewers that support additional file types and while using the viewer users can manipulate pages with tools such as page rotation, inserting and deleting pages.

    Russ Beinder, FileHold CTO said “This release has a strong emphasis on the security of our customer’s documents as well as advancing our ability to deploy efficiently and support our installs with even better diagnostic tools. IT managers will be excited about the new ability to simplify security when hardening their FileHold server.  In FileHold 16.0 all our application modules now use the latest Microsoft technologies to simplify things like deploying secure communication protocols such as TLS 1.2. 

    To learn more visit my blog at

    Larry Oliver, President said “the FileHold product roadmap is driven by our customers so every product release reflects the real world needs of our customers and prospects.  These new features continue to make the paperless office and the security of our customers documents a reality.”

    FileHold, is a privately owned, Microsoft Gold certified, manufacturer of document management software for mid to large size organization. FileHold has over 21,000 seats in production throughout the world. FileHold software is the fast track to the “paperless office”, is easy to use, easily interfaces with third party applications, and is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and SharePoint. FileHold empowers both deskbound and mobile workers to store and find their important documents, including e-mail, while maintaining tight version control and managed workflow.

    Sign up for a public demonstration of document management software.

    For further information, contact Larry Oliver at 604-734-5653

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FileHold
    Contact Person: Larry Oliver
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 604-734-5653
    Country: United States

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    Richmond, VIC Gripped Fitness Audio has announced the launch of the Ultimate Bluetooth Wireless Earphone, Gripped Actives, designed for the fitness and lifestyle community. The earphone has the loudest commercially manufactured drivers for wireless earphones coupled with noise isolation capabilities, making it easier than ever for users to completely check out from the world.

    Music has been a powerful catalyst in stimulating, energizing, and enriching the mind to perform at higher levels. In view of this, many sportsmen and athletics enjoy putting their earphones on during workouts at the gym. While many types of earphones may be good, many of them have not been well tailored and designed to meet the specific needs of active users. Therefore, they tend not to yield the best results.

    Gripped Fitness Audio designs tailored earphones and headphones for sports/gym use. Over the years, their products have dominated the fitness industry. Their products have been known in the marketplace for sound quality, style, functionality, and durability. They analyze the needs of their target market and design products that enable users to have the best experience during their fitness activities.

    The highly innovative products from the company have been exuding their mission of bringing products that boasts premium sound quality, with the functionality and styling required for an active lifestyle at a price that won’t break the bank. By staying true to the mission and committed to the needs of the market, the company has released yet another amazing product called Gripped Actives.

    Gripped Actives has been designed to be the premier earphones to take off in the morning, provide early morning inspiration to keep users spirited towards extraordinary accomplishment during the day. The product has also been designed to combine music, fitness and fashion to give users the best earphones to meet their needs.

    “We’ve spent the last few months obsessively tuning Actives acoustic design to ensure you can “like it loud” testing the sound signature and output against some of the leading earphones in the market we can quite confidently say that the ACTIVES quite possible have someone the loudest commercially produced drivers on the market,” says David Desmond, CEO of Gripped Fitness Audio.

    Gripped Actives has been endorsed by many experts as one of the most innovative, effective and exciting products for the fashion and fitness industry. The earbuds have been designed with unique qualities and features such as the following:

    • Bluetooth/wireless, sweat resistant, 6 hours battery playtime, max volume like no other, inline remote and microphone

    • Premium Sound – Crisp highs, clear mids and deep bass

    • No tangle cord – Flat cable engineered to be tangle-free.

    • Battery Play Time – Up to 6 hours battery playtime with full charge in 2 hours.

    • In-line mic and controls – at your fingertips.

    • Lightweight neck band – Keep your ACTIVES secure and where they should be.

    • 12mm 16Ω dual-dynamic drivers provide a delicate balance between the lows, mids, and highs, making sure no part of your music is overstated or drowned out.

    • Quite possibly the loudest commercially produced drivers for any earphone

    Gripped Actives can be used by the fitness and active lifestyle community to enjoy music on the move. Individuals can make online purchases directly on the Gripped Fitness Audio website at, and they can be delivered anywhere. Gripped Fitness Audio is located at 156 Murphy Street, Richmond, VIC 3121 Australia.

    Contact them via phone at 03 9598 5777. If you’d like to get the product for a review on your website, please contact them at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Gripped Fitness Audio
    Contact Person: David Hobdell
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 03 9598 5777
    Address:156 Murphy Street
    City: Richmond
    State: Victoria
    Country: Australia

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    Anbieter fur Ubersetzungsdienstleistungen gibt es auf dem deutschen Markt zahlreiche. Fur Kunden ist dies prinzipiell gut, doch die grosse Auswahl kann auch uberfordernd sein. Seit einiger Zeit spielt dabei ein weiteres Unternehmen eine grosse Rolle: Straker Translations.

    Die in Neuseeland im Jahre 1999 als Software Entwicklungsunternehmen gegründete Firma hat seitdem die Welt der Übersetzungsdienstleister gehörig aufgemischt. Aber was unterscheidet Straker Translations von den zahlreichen anderen Unternehmen?

    Dieser Frage  gehen wir im Folgenden auf den Grund. Zunächst einmal hat das Unternehmen eine sehr professionelle Online Präsenz. Die Webseite ist übersichtlich gestaltet, und Kunden können sofort die Dienstleistung finden, nach der sie suchen.

    Auf der Startseite sieht der Kunde einige der weltweit bekannten Kunden, wie BMW, University of Oxford und London School of Business and Finance. Dies schafft vertrauen, und zeigt, dass es sich bei Straker Translations um ein professionelles und etabliertes Übersetzungsunternehmen handelt.

    Straker Translations hat bereits Erfahrung in den unterschiedlichsten Branchen und Bereichen sammeln können. Zu diesen Branchen und Themenbereichen zählen unter anderem:

    Diese sind nur eine Auswahl an Bereichen, in denen das Unternehmen bereits hunderte von Kunden erfolgreich betreuen konnte. Jahrelange Erfahrung, zahlreiche Sprach- und Fachexperten und weltweites Netzwerk von über 5000 Übersetzern, machen das Unternehmen zu einem der größten Übersetzungsdienstleistern weltweit.

    Dabei kann Straker Dokumente und Webseiten in inzwischen über 100 Sprachpaare übersetzen. Dies ist dem großen Netzwerk an Übersetzern, und einer guten Firmenführung zu verdanken. Das Unternehmen ist jederzeit darum bemüht, seine Dienstleistungen so effektiv wie möglich zu erweitern. Und dazu gehört die Verfügbarkeit von  Übersetzern für Weltsprachen, aber auch für Nischen Sprachen. Zu den angebotenen Weltsprachen gehören selbstverständlich Sprachen wie Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Chinesisch (alt und vereinfacht), Russisch, Hindi, Arabisch und Portugiesisch.

    Aber auch Übersetzungen von Dokumenten und Webseiten aus/in weniger geläufige Sprachen sind bei Straker Translations mit nur ein paar Klicks verfügbar. Zu diesen Sprachen zählen unter anderem Thailändisch, Niederländisch, Dari, Ungarisch, Urdu, Panjabi, Bosnisch, Türkisch sowie dutzende weitere Sprachen. Eine vollständige Auswahl der angebotenen Sprachen kann auf der Webseite gefunden werden.

    Innovative Online Plattform ermöglicht vollständige Abwicklung von Zuhause aus

    Straker Translations macht seinen Kunden nicht nur mit einem weitläufigen Sprachangebot das Leben leichter. Auch die innovative online Plattform erleichtert den Bestellungsprozess erheblich. Während man früher noch Dokumente per Email senden oder gar persönlich in den Übersetzungsbüros vorbeibringen musste, so geht dies bei Straker Translations ganz einfach über ihr DeltaRAY Dashboard.

    Über das Dashboard können Kunden ganz einfach Übersetzungen in Auftrag geben. Dazu muss lediglich die URL der zu übersetzenden Webseite angegeben oder das zu übersetzende Dokument hochgeladen werden. Nach Angabe des Sprachpaars und dem Zeitraum, in dem der Auftrag erledigt werden soll, wird Ihrem Auftrag ein passender Übersetzer zugeteilt. Hier geht Straker nicht nur danach vor, ob der Übersetzer das Sprachpaar beherrscht, sondern auch nach Erfahrung in der Thematik des Kundenauftrags. So werden optimale Ergebnisse produziert, die inhaltlich sehr überzeugend wirken.

    Nach Abschluss des Auftrags, können Kunden eigenständig Korrekturleser zuweisen, und sogar die Bezahlung wird ganz bequem online abgewickelt. Hierbei macht sich bemerkbar, dass Straker Translations nicht nur ein Spezialist für Übersetzungen, sondern auch mit Software Anwendungen begeistert. Dies zeigt sich nicht nur in dem DeltaRAY Dashboard, sondern auch in den Übersetzungs-Plugins für Webseiten.

    Webseiten einfach und kostengünstig über Straker Plugins übersetzen

    Straker bietet für Übersetzungsplugins zwei Variationen an: Zum einen das Magento Plugin für die bekannte E-Commerce Plattform, und zum anderen das WordPress Plugin. Diese bieten beide einen vergleichbaren Service. Großartig daran ist, dass die Plugins sich nahtlos in Magento und WordPress integrieren lassen, und somit keine zusätzliche Software verwendet werden muss.

    Kunden können die Plugins kostenlos von der Straker Webseite herunterladen und sofort loslegen. Darauf kann die Übersetzung der Webseite in Auftrag gegeben werden. Professionelle und zertifizierte Übersetzer übernehmen die Übersetzung Ihrer Webseite sofort. Der Service ist nicht nur erstaunlich schnell, sondern spart Kunden im Vergleich zu anderen Anbietern bares Geld. Dadurch, dass bereits übersetzte Worte nur einmal berechnet werden, zahlt der Kunde nur einen Bruchteil des Betrags, den er sonst für die branchenübliche Berechnung pro Wort zahlen würde.

    Dank jahrelangen Qualitätsmanagements, kann Straker Translations ein konstant hohes Maß an Service und Qualität garantieren. Mit bereits über 10.000 zufriedenen Kunden ist das Unternehmen eines der erfolgreichsten Übersetzungsunternehmen seiner Zeit – und das geht nur mit Professionalität, Beständigkeit und perfekter Kundenbetreuung. Mit Hauptsitzen in Barcelona, Denver und Auckland und zahlreichen Vertriebszentren weltweit, ist das Unternehmen in allen Zeitzonen vertreten, und ist für Kunden somit 24 Stunden, 7 Tage die Woche erreichbar.

    Kunden sind von dem Unternehmen begeistert, und die Tatsache, dass sich Industriegiganten wie Garmin, Amazon und Barclays regelmäßig auf Dienstleistungen von Straker Translations verlassen, spricht für sich. Ob Privatkunde oder Großunternehmen, Straker findet den passenden Übersetzer für alle. Wer Wert auf professionelle Übersetzungen zum fairen Preis legt, ist bei Straker Translations genau richtig.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Straker Europe Ltd
    Contact Person: Anna Mengia Mayer
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +34 673 467 312
    Address:Unit 4, Adelphi House, Upper Georges Street, Dun Laoghaire
    City: Co. Dublin
    Country: Ireland

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    SEO is not simple. It takes years and years of training and adaptability to get the right mix.

    A good SEO company isn’t an instant success, it takes years of toil and hardwork, and also aconstant learning.

    One such company is Novatise Pte Ltd founded by Jon Ng about three years back. Novatise is a full scale SEO focused company that aim at providing tangible value to customers.

    Novatise have helped companies in various niches to improve their online presence and make it a viable channel for constant business.

    The companies they have helped are in the Restaurant business, Mobile Phone Retailers, Nail Salons, Cutting Edge Mobile App companies, Travel companies, Product companies, and many more.

    Novatise SEO had launched a new service via their portal called The Blogger Outreach Services, reaching out to bloggers located in Singapore for editorial efforts. They also provide free SEO website audit for companies who wish to rank better on Google.

    Novatise is a result focused SEO agency and some of the services they offer are:

    Guest Blogging

    Guest Blogging is one of the ways to bring more SEO juice to a website. In simple terms, when a site with good authority links to a website, then this site’s ranking improves. Novatise’ guest blogging service is vast. They work with hundreds of bloggers across various niches to help their customers improve their ranking:

    SEO Driven Copywriting Services

    A lot of companies do offer copywriting services. But just copywriting will not help improve the ranking of a site. If that was the case, then every person could rank a site in no time. When copywriting is married with good SEO strategies, then we have a winning combination. Novatise’s copywriting service is goal driven. They don’t write content to just write content. They write to convert, bring more traffic, and improve rankings: 

    Free SEO Audit

    Novatise offers every business in Singapore a Free SEO Audit. A Free SEO Audit basically checks the SEO effort of a business and points out areas where it can be improved. It’s absolutely free and there is no need for a commitment:

    About the Founder – Jon Ng

    Jon is a serial entrepreneur. He runs various blogs apart from running Novatise. He left a lucrative job in the financial industry to pursue entrepreneurship and explore his love for marketing and advertising.

    Jon’s experience in the financial space makes him very ROI driven and runs each and focuses on each campaign to maximise every dollar spent.

    He has had a wide range of entrepreneurial stints, that give him an innate understanding of businesses from various Industries. This understanding of businesses has led to the effective growth of companies that are in the furniture business to ones that are in software.

    Jon’s belief – “Every business can do well online and just like scientists finding a cure after trials. We run experiments to find the perfect marketing and advertising channels for your business.”

    Working with Novatise

    Novatise focus on having a close working relationship with their customers and for this reason, they meet and interact with their customers on a one on one basis and also assign a special point of contact for each of their campaign. They bring the professionalism of the hospitality industry to the marketing and advertising business.

    Additional details are available at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Novatise Pte Ltd
    Contact Person: Kishen Sreehari, Head of Content at Novatise
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +65 31579168
    Address:Crasco Building, 11 Beach Road, #03-02
    City: Singapore 189675
    Country: Singapore

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    Everyone looking for currency exchange in Canada now has a chance to save money on this important financial transaction. KnightsbridgeFX gives people the chance to do this by offering rates that are up to 2% better than those from the banks.

    KnightsbridgeFX is a trusted currency exchange provider in Canada. The service has mentions by Reuters, Toronto Star, Business News Network, and many other established sources. As one can see from the mentions and reviews cited at, they all boil down to the same thing, which is the fact that this service offers some of the best rates for foreign currency exchange in Toronto. The latest data indicates that KnightsbridgeFX managed to achieve that goal, as the rates it offers are now up to 2% better than in banks.

    In the world of currency exchange, those 2% translate into hundreds or even thousands of dollars that the client can save simply by choosing the independent exchange service instead of a traditional bank. KnightsbridgeFX guarantees the security of its clients’ data and all transactions. Therefore, the exchange can be as safe and efficient as if going through a bank. The only difference in the interest rate, which KnightsbridgeFX can keep low with the help of the large volume of transactions going through the company.

    KnightsbridgeFX has been providing low rates on money exchange in Toronto since 2013 and the service is one of the fastest growing businesses in the country. This is proven by the fact that its name has been included in the PROFIT 500 and recognized by the PROFIT HOT 50. This kind of recognition proves the reliability of the service. It’s also what attracts customers who seek to save money on currency exchange in Toronto. And the more clients KnightsbridgeFX gets, the better rates it’s able to provide.

    How Does Currency Exchange in Toronto Work with KnightsbridgeFX?

    One of the things that KnightsbridgeFX prides itself on is the simplicity of this money exchange in Toronto. The entire procedure only takes four steps:

    1. Setting up an account with KnightsbridgeFX (takes about 5 minutes).
    2. Booking the exchange rate (no-obligation quote available on call anytime).
    3. Sending the funds (using a variety of online and bank payment services).
    4. Getting the converted funds (on the same or next business day).

    The client can monitor its payment status and all interactions with the company as well as transactions are 100% transparent and secure. KnightsbridgeFX works hard to ensure the best rates for currency exchange in Toronto. With more people realizing the benefits of such a service, the company will be able to improve its service and offer even better rates in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: First Canadian Place
    Contact Person: Rahim Madhavji
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (416) 479-0834
    Address:100 King Street West Suite 5700
    City: Toronto
    State: ON, M5X 1C7
    Country: Canada

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    The gnashing of teeth and arguments continue over Brexit. Just about everyone wants to know what the final deal will be, before it’s even been agreed. Much of the arguments focus on the negative impact of leaving not on the downsides of remaining.
    David Birchall, Author and Entrepreneur Says There will be Life After Brexit.

    David Birchall author and partner with Artemis Media UK said: “There is considerable discontent about not knowing what will happen when the UK leaves the EU, but all the naysayers can come up with is the unknown issues that leaving the Single Market will drop into our laps”.

    He went on to say: “I have yet to hear someone explain what will happen when Germany has to pick up the UK’s contribution to the Single Market after the UK leaves, and the impact this will have on the Euro, The ECB, the single market and the remaining member states, a number of whom do not have ‘a healthy bank balance’.  I may be wrong, but I can’t see the Euro appearing as strong as everyone thinks it is now after the UK leaves. And from the outside, looking in, I don’t see the Euro holding up especially amongst the disquiet already seen from a number of member states. Perhaps the consequences are not so horrible after leaving the Single Market.”

    Dr. Liam Fox, the UK’s International Trade Secretary is asking more UK businesses to look at exporting to bolster their income and profits as Brexit draws ever closer. Mr Fox has already said as recent as 5th August that he expects the UK will leave the EU without a deal and that there are potential customers out there looking for the goods and services that UK companies can supply.

    Baroness Rhona Fairhead, the UK’s Minister for Trade and Export Promotion, is reported to have told the BBC’s Today Programme that the research carried out shows some interesting conclusions in that, businesses that export are healthier, more profitable, employ more people and as a result are more sustainable. Her message to small family businesses is “Take the plunge! The Government will provide support to you because you are more likely to have a flourishing business that you can pass on.”

    Kamal Ahmed the BBC’s Economics Editor reported that we (the UK) are in uncertain times and confirmed that the UK’s exports are at an all time high due to the week pound. Mr Ahmed also reported that UK companies who export, and in particular those exporting outside the EU’s single market are actually finding plenty of willing customers.

    David Birchall, who is an exponent of Authority Marketing said: “If you really want to look at exporting or even just consolidating your home trade after Brexit, then it will be essential that you stand out from the crowd. Don’t be fooled into thinking that what is happening to the UK is happening in a vacuum. Companies outside the EU are well aware of what is going on and are watching events closely. They may be looking for new customers, new suppliers of goods and services, or perhaps they are on the lookout for potential partners. Consequently, those who present themselves as being Confident, Authoritative and who demonstrate their Expertise and Leadership in their chosen markets can expect to be the businesses that will have the best opportunities looking for them.”

    Birchall finished by saying “All the negativity makes it more important for UK businesses to Stand Up and Stand Out! After All, There Will Be Life after Brexit.”

    Location Info:
    Artemis Media UK
    5 Oakmoss Haverthwaite, Haverthwaite, Ulverston LA12 8BU
    +44 1 5395 31338

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Artemis Media UK
    Contact Person: David Birchall
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +441539531338
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Kissimmee, FL Technology has transformed the way individuals communicate throughout the world. While the arrival of email has virtually replaced fax machines, it did not make faxing an outdated communications system. Faxing is still being used by many companies, but can now be done via Gmail, made possible by innovative technology companies. Faxzee has just released a ranking of the best Gmail fax services and a comprehensive guide on how to fax online.

    Faxzee is an online faxing agency that shows companies, organizations, and institutions how to use online faxing services to communicate globally with their clients and partners, by leveraging modern technology to make their faxing easy and faster. Faxzee was founded by Wayne Crafton, who was inspired by a new way through which companies can leverage email to make their faxing easier.

    Wayne Crafton saw the limitation of fax machines in communication and transferring documents while using the fax machine in his office. He noticed that fax machines were not always reliable and were most often not used at all. While email is becoming popular throughout the world, it was not as secure as the fax machines. This led to the development of the email faxing system, combining the use of email with the guarantee of fax documents.

    Seeing how email faxing works and how reliable that system has been in communicating and sharing business documents, Wayne decided to put a team of individuals together to teach companies how to use email faxing. Since Gmail has become the most widely used emailing service, professional faxing companies have integrated the service with Gmail.  That means companies can leverage Gmail to fax easy and faster than ever online.

    While faxing may be seen as an outdated technology, many industries still depend on faxing to communicate effectively. This calls for a new way of faxing, which matches the emerging changes in the world today. Faxing over Gmail is now possible. It makes faxing faster and easier than ever before.

    Faxzee provides a comprehensive list of the best Gmail faxing services and a guide to help companies understand how to use fax online. The experts have researched, evaluated, and provided the best reviews of Gmail faxing services. The ranking was based on the ease of use, pricing, mobile integration and additional features.

    Companies and institutions can now take advantage of the expert rankings and guides to leverage Gmail to fax online. The report of the team’s diligent studies and findings can be found via

    On selecting the best Gmail faxing service to use, companies can just choose a plan, look at extra features, ascertain ways of usage, test faxing system and then start faxing online. The team at Faxzee can be contacted to help with any questions or concerns.

    Faxzee is located at 3122 E Vine St #311, Kissimmee, FL 34741. Contact them via phone at 727-835-7782, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Faxzee
    Contact Person: Wayne Crafton
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 727-835-7782
    Address:3122 E Vine St #311
    City: Kissimmee
    State: Florida
    Country: United States

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    Equipped with the most experienced infrastructure management team in Boston, Next Level Environmental assures most advanced and seasoned infrastructure management in New England with its unique integrated approach.

    Canton, Massachusetts – August 22, 2018 – A new Canton-based startup is making huge waves in the local infrastructure management scene of late. Titled “Next Level Environmental”, the company is all set to redefine infrastructure management in New England with its unique service approach, devised and executed by Boston’s most experienced infrastructure management team.

    Next Level Environmental caters to the major areas in New England, especially Massachusetts and Boston.

    What separates Next Level Environmental from regular infrastructure management companies is its extensive experience in the environmental industry and also an exclusive integrated management approach which is usually not viable with the existing contenders.

    “We are backed by 20+ years of cumulative experience in infrastructure management and we can assure you the most seasoned support when it comes to managing all the difficult challenges with your aging infrastructure. What gives us a significant edge over our competitors is our constant stress on a comprehensive approach which helps us to provide a holistic, more efficient management for the dilapidated assets”, stated Alicia David, co-founder and President of Next Level Environmental LLC. 

    As part of its unique integrated approach, Next Level Environmental extends both engineering and construction services to public & private utilities including department of public works, sewer commissions as well as construction firms specializing in utility and  site work construction. The company also provides technical services to engineering companies. 

    In regards to engineering services, Next Level Environmental primarily focuses on asset management services. Mrs. David assured the most advanced asset management, backed by best industry practices, custom tools as well as expert hands-on guidance for clients. 

    “We help our clients with every major aspect of asset management. From asset data collection to inspection program development to risk assessment prioritization to asset lifecycle evaluation to plan development for capital improvement – we will help with all. We also offer expert assistance for computerized maintenance of management system.” 

    When it comes to construction services, the company especially focuses on field services. Next Level Environmental specializes in inspections, cleaning as well as repair of buried infrastructure. Major field services provided by the company include sewer/drain cleaning and inspection, manhole cleaning & inspection, CIPP spot repairs, vacuum excavation, lateral service line cleaning and inspection and so on.

    “We promise the most experienced and efficient field services for infrastructure management. We guarantee best maintenance of manholes and pipelines and we also provide clients with premium quality data for top-notch asset management.” 

    The company is available for service 24/7. 

    About Next Level Environmental LLC

    Just launched in 2018, Next Level Environmental is a joint endeavor by Alicia David, Kevin David and Jacob Peck. While Alicia brings in more than 15 years of combined management, HR and administrative experience in utilities & retail industries, Kevin has been in pipe rehab and the utility scene since 2005 and holds the designation of EVP of Construction Services for the firm. Mr. Peck is an experienced Solutions Architect and holds the position of  EVP of Engineering Services for Next Level Environmental.  

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Next Level Environmental LLC
    Contact Person: Alicia David
    Email: Send Email
    City: Canton
    State: Massachusetts
    Country: United States

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    Meta Meme is a breakthrough meme builder app that allows users to create video and image memes in a jiffy without using complex tools.

    Oakland, CA – August 22, 2018 – Meme lovers and meme makers rejoice! No more struggles with poor meme makers that force you to open complex video editor programs for a simple video meme. A new state of the art meme app has launched the most advanced meme maker in the market that enables video memes in just seconds! Titled “Meta Meme”, the state of the art meme app relieves you from the hassles of using complex video software programs for making edgy video memes. 

    Meta Meme is currently available for iOS devices and an Android version is to be launched soon.

    The man behind the revolutionary Meta Meme is Mr. Par Trivedi, a Senior Engineering Manager at Uber, in San Francisco, CA. Speaking on his inspiration behind Meta Meme, he said – 

    “Meta Meme started because I wanted to create basic memes like you see on Instragram with the text on top and image on bottom. Then I realized there are not a lot of great video meme making apps. I made some video memes on my laptop and it required some complicated and expensive programs. I decided to build this into Meta Meme, make it dead simple to use, and offer it at a really low price.”

    The value of Meta Meme is that it enables users to create video memes in a jiffy with videos from anywhere on the Internet. Users can also use videos from their video albums for a more customized experience. The app is even compatible with HD quality memes. 

    It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to make video memes with Meta Meme. The app helps users with an easy search for videos, GIFs or images through keywords. Once you get the desired video, all you have to do is to trim the video start and end time. Then, you can customize it with your chosen caption, watermark and background color before you upload it on social media.

    Speaking further, Mr. Trivedi assured plenty of customization features with Meta Meme. The most advanced meme maker enables users to resize or reposition a meme image or video. Users will also be able to customize font size and color to be incorporated in the meme. 

    Meta Meme stands out with a host of cutting edge and convenient features: 

    • Creates most advanced video and image memes in just seconds and without use of any complex video editor programs
    • Allows anyone to make memes without any requirement of advanced tech knowledge
    • Offers access to a broad and versatile library of templates for memes on various topics and moods
    • Offers access to vast and versatile image library 
    • Ability to customize meme and watermark


    “Meta Meme offers a more economical way to make advanced memes compared to buying expensive tools like Final Cut or Photoshop. While the latter process takes a whopping $2,000, our monthly subscription starts from a very nominal $2.08.” 

    Meta Meme comes with a 3 day FREE trial facility for users. 

    For more information and to download the app, please visit Apple Store

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Meta Meme
    Contact Person: Par Trivedi
    Email: Send Email
    City: Oakland
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    The two blockchain companies Proton and JoorsChain announce that they have the intend to enter in an extensive cooperation.

    One of the aspects the companies intend to cooperate in is the joint development of blockchain based functionalities (e.g. dApps) in the ad tech space. This would include, but not be limited to, DMP functionality and other related DRM and GDPR functions, on chain storage of transaction history, transparency of “creative” on blockchain. Other than that, the companies would jointly and individually promote the other company in earned, own and bought media channels, as well as in their own communities and in other direct and indirect commercial relations with for example advertisers, publishers, ad networks and mobile operators. Finally, the companies will jointly evaluate a common strategy to increase the usage and value of the companies’ respective tokens.

    Proton is a public chain that is dedicated to data fusion and collaboration. It builds the fundamental infrastructure for data security and high-efficiency data collaboration processing across various data sources, unleashing the real potential of big data and artificial intelligent applications on different industries. With freeing the data from silos, from a single online shop to the IoT industry giants can break through their bottle neck of lacking valid data samples and insufficient recognition of data via “Proton Inside”.

    JoorsChain, founded in December 2017, is known for being founded by established companies in the mobile operator and ad tech space. These companies already have a significant existing user base in the digital advertising and mobile industry, which, through the JoorsChain platform (the ”JoorsChain Protocol”), will be migrated to blockchain technology based solutions. With its global reach it is well positioned for an easy technology rollout, disrupting the currently inefficient and fraud-plagued digital advertising industry.

    Proton and JoorsChain are both active in the AdTech industry and have complementary products and share a common vision to re-use each other’s products within existing business and new business going forward. Furthermore, the two companies are complementing each other in different markets, where Proton has an excellent footprint in China and south east Asia and JoorsChain has the same in Europe, Africa and Americas.

    “This is a very strategic cooperation for JoorsChain as it strengthens our technological edge but also gives us a solid partner in China and South East Asia. It will be an important stepping stone for us into these markets. We are really looking forward to work with Proton” says Stefan Arenbalk, Chief Strategy Officer at JoorsChain.

    “We see JoorsChain as a very important partner for Proton. Technology and data will be our major areas of focus. We both firmly believe blockchain and data combined together will largely upgrade the existing digital marketing ecosystem, with strong data support from JoorsChain in Africa and Europe, this day will come faster,” says Hanson Lee, CEO of Proton.


    JoorsChain AG
    Contact Person: Boris de Bruin
    Phone: +31 6205 37 445
    Country: Switzerland

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Proton Global Foundation Ltd
    Contact Person: Adam Zhao
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86157 1289 6282
    Country: Singapore

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    A Perfect Information Resource on many Interesting Topics for the Modern Men and Women.

    India – August 23, 2018 – Dhanaraj Salaimani, a real tech whiz known for his reputation in helping businesses from various industries to tap and make the most out of technology for their ever-changing needs has proudly announced the launch of, а growing online resource for many interesting topics which cut across all works of life. is the perfect information resource for the modern man and woman. Users will have access to the latest tech news, what’s trending in the world of gaming, ways to make money online, how to effectively do Internet marketing, tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, and many more. The website is about Tech Product Reviews (On Software, Hardware, Gadgets), Gaming, Tutorials, Freelancer, Internet Marketing, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle and lots more. always keeps users updated with all tech related information such as Android or iOS apps, Windows and MAC software, as well as latest gadgets and hardware. Dhanaraj Salaimani is alive to the fact that his vast expertise notwithstanding, the world does not only revolve around technology and gadgets. Other aspects of life are equally as important, for instance health and fitness as well as recreational gaming. For this reason, his news website covers a wide array of topics including internet marketing and technology tutorials as well. The Gaming section is perfect for Xbox One fans as it offers some take on some of the new releases. Users can make money or learn a new skill. It is especially helpful for those interested in dwelling on the realms of mobile applications. The can also find instructions on how to do a couple of other things that can help their out in life. Freelancers can get all the help they need through with some of the best tips for making the most out of their times and efforts with the Freelancer section. Personal well-being of users is the main focus of the Health and Fitness Section; it discusses helpful tips on achieving fitness, and in keeping oneself healthy. was created to help the readers acquire intelligent information about the different topics that affect life. It is dedicated to being an excellent site for users to have a well-rounded life with so many lifestyle features to make life better. Information that can be obtained from the site is hoped to be transformed into learning that can be applied in the real world. More so, the materials used in this site are unique and comprehensive and are crafted in a way that the readers truly understand the messages that are being conveyed. All of the content that can be found in the imonlinetoday.comis original and spent time and effort to make,” says a statement from

    For more information visit: is a transformative news website, with a friendly and amazing user interface that allows for reader navigation with ease. This news website is a sort of ‘one-stop-shop’ for all things news, tutorial and update related in the ever changing world of technology, health and fitness tips, gaming news and updates as well the necessary skills a person needs to be equipped with to handle internet marketing, and do it successfully.

    Business owners and online markets can find the Internet Marketing section to be most helpful with some of the most comprehensive guides on how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store Optimization (ASO) aimed at making it big online. is соnnесtеd tо its сuѕtоmеrѕ; and раѕѕiоnаtе аbоut promoting high ԛuаlitу рrоduсtѕ thаt fit their реrѕоnаl tаѕtеѕ аnd lifеѕtуlеѕ.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Dhanaraj Salaimani
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +919445720732
    Country: India

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    Small businesses live or die based on how they manage their cash flow patterns, and Alza changes the rules.

    Imagine the restaurant entrepreneur. Their dream of one day opening their own place, their own business has finally come true.  Able to create, choose, and cultivate their product and customer in the ways they want, they’ve finally made it and become their own boss.  Little do most entrepreneurs know, however, that when they decide to open shop the unseen financial dungeon of labor, taxes, and cash flow will soon steal their soul.  A few wrong moves during the first few years in business and suddenly, the dream can turn into a nightmare.

    “Small businesses don’t fail because it’s a bad business. They fail because of cash flow problems.” – Chris Wheat, director of business research for the JPMorgan Chase Institute.

    Small businesses live or die based on how they manage their cash flow patterns.  Irregular flow patterns, not enough reserves, and too many expenses can quickly inhibit a business’s ability to grow and thrive.  The top questions many financial institutions encounter on a regular basis are around sending and receiving payments and the problems that still persist, such as long time delays and difficulties in their money being available in their account when they need it. 

    Enter Alza; the technology that is taking on the challenges that exist today in payment processing and blockchain and creating a new hybrid, decentralized, and more efficient process.   Alza is seeking to solve the issues of transaction speed & cost that plague the current payment industry and blockchain.  We are a team of engineers, data scientists, and product experts dedicated to creating solutions that enhance and progress the current system in place. Not reinventing every aspect but analyzing what can be done in a better way.

    Alza aims to help the small business owner survive and thrive because they are able to take payments from their customers and settle those payments into their business accounts seamlessly and immediately.  Even the process of simply ordering coffee has been revolutionized by the new technology processes of ordering via mobile and having it ready for your pick up when you arrive in store. 

    The current payment technology solutions that are most widely used have been in place for more than thirty years.  

    In theory blockchain payment technology is a promise for a better way; a more secure and integrated eco-system for the flow of transactions.  However, since it’s inception in 2009, there remain issues of cost, complexity, and speed which keep it from being used more widely. There is definitely an opportunity to improve on processes and systems that are no longer working.  

    The ALZA technology works as an all-in-one solution for the entire network that combines coordinated off-chain transactions that maximize speed and efficiency.  Along with the reliability of Redundant Array of Satellite File Infrastructure (RaFi) and Hadoop open source software, we are able take the current data flow that exists today and apply blockchain technology to mimic the current flow but route the data components better on the backend.

    With the introduction and adoption of the ALZA platform, we are looking to transform the way financial business is transacted, as the all-in-one payment network solution with the highest efficiency and lowest cost.  We believe that blockchain technology is the future for payment processing and we are making it possible for this type of technology to be used in the real world, accessible by all.

    Video Link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ALZA
    Contact Person: Kelly
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 3472336933
    Address:1100 Middle Ave
    City: Menlo Park
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    Is robot vacuum cleaner practical? This question has always been a matter of concern for the people who want to buy robot vacuum cleaners. Because after all, robot vacuum cleaner is a product that costs hundreds of dollars. Nobody wants to spend so much money. But the things they buy are flashy and can only be put in the corner and enjoy it. How can we know whether the robot vacuum cleaner is practical? You can know by personally experiencing and testing the performance of all aspects of the robot vacuum cleaner.

    Therefore, the robot vacuum cleaner network will lead everyone to comprehensively test all aspects of the real German brand Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner so that everyone can truly feel the convenience brought by the robot vacuum cleaners for our lives. (You can view the website: or

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner Outer Packaging

    The author was very happy when he received the Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner. He thought it will be packed with kraft paper like other brand robot vacuum cleaners. But he finds that there is a kraft paper inside the package when he unpacks the package. That design is really careful. So people don’t need to worry about the inside of the package will be crushed if we send the robot vacuum cleaners to other people as gifts.

    Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Practical? Please View Liectroux Vacuum Cleaning Robot

    Unpacking the kraft paper box of the package and then we can see the white mainframe and other accessories. The accessories include 2 mops, 1 virtual blocker, 2 side brushes, 1 remote control, 1 power adapter, 1 charging base, 3 side brushes and 1 HEPA filter. Please see the large family of Liectroux robot vacuum cleaners as shown below.

    Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Practical? Please View Liectroux Vacuum Cleaning Robot

    Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Practical? Please View Liectroux Vacuum Cleaning Robot

    Link to Liectroux Robotic Store:

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009 Appearance And Packaging

    The appearance of the Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner is typical ivory white which is elegant and generous. And wherever you put it, it is all-matched with its surrounding environment. This is the importance of product appearance design. There is a raised marble-sized thing placed directly above the robot vacuum cleaner. That is the infrared signal receiver. And the next is the anti-collision barrier and the anti-collision buffer bar and then next is the sensor. Press the push button on the top and you can open the main unit and take out the dust box and you can clean the dust box. On the back of the robot vacuum cleaner is universal wheel, left side brush, right side brush, roller brush, anti-drop detector, left wheel, right wheel and water tank and mop. In order to facilitate everyone to learn about each part, I will attach an illustrating picture here.

    Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Practical? Please View Liectroux Vacuum Cleaning Robot 

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009 Use Review

    Through the introduction of the appearance and instructions of the Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner, we just get to know it from the  appearance. Then we will check from the most important use view of the robot vacuum cleaner to know if it is practical. The robot vacuum cleaner network has conducted comprehensive tests towards Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner B6009 through the cleaning review, wet mopping review, anti-drop review and virtual blocker review. And they also shoot videos and make gif pictures to enable people to learn about Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner more conveniently.

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009 Cleaning Review

    Here, I placed a lot of waste paper on the ground, and then click on the cleaning mode of the remote control. I found that the robot vacuum cleaner ran to the waste paper and swallowed the waste paper into its stomach. It was like the munchables. And the place where the robot vacuum cleaner passed was left with nothing.

    Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Practical? Please View Liectroux Vacuum Cleaning Robot

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009 Wet Mopping Review

    Here, in order to see the wet mopping effect of the robot vacuum cleaner more clearly, the author put some raw powder on the ground, then removed and wetted the mop of the robot vacuum cleaner and then re-installed it. And this cute robot vacuum cleaner will well clean the floor like it gets the command.

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009 Anti-drop Review

    Many families who want to buy robot vacuum cleaners have stairs so the anti-drop function of robot vacuum cleaner is especially important. There is no stairs of the author’s home so he put the robot vacuum cleaner on the table and its efficiency is just as good. The author found that it went straight to the edge and turn round. It is still quite intelligent.

    Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Practical? Please View Liectroux Vacuum Cleaning Robot

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009 Virtual Blocker Review

    There are always places that people don’t want robot vacuum cleaners to go in such as the bathroom. At this time, the virtual blocker shows a particularly important role. The virtual blocker of the Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner B6009 is different from the magnetic strip virtual blocker of the millet robot and the stone robot vacuum cleaner. It also does not the same as the new-launched virtual blocker of Ecovas. The virtual blocker of Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner B6009 is the same as the the virtual blocker of irobot, which uses the lighthouse virtual blocker to block the robot vacuum cleaner outside.

    Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Practical? Please View Liectroux Vacuum Cleaning Robot

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009 Recharging Review

    The robot vacuum cleaners have done a quite good job at recharging. The Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner is no exception. The author clicked on the remote control’s recharging-mode button and it will come back to the charging base.

    Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner B6009 App Review

    Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner B6009 also has its own app. The interface is refreshing and simple. People can basically know how to use it at a glance. It is quite convenient. The Standby mode is the state that the robot vacuum cleaner can be used, and sleep mode is the state that cannot be used.

    Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Practical? Please View Liectroux Vacuum Cleaning Robot


    Is the robot vacuum cleaner practical? After reading the comprehensive view data of the Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner, what do you think? The robot vacuum cleaner network here shows its opinion. With the advancement of science and technology, people are becoming more and more busy with work. And the robot vacuum cleaners will slowly become a must-have home smart appliance for the family. This is beyond doubt. Because people are freed from heavy housework and they can do more things that they like and more meaningful. The Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner B6009 can be your best helper to help you solve the floor cleaning problem at home.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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    Leads for Coaches is opening to help Business Coaches and Consultants create authority and trust positioning and then integrating it into strategic lead generation systems for their businesses.
    James Hamilton Healy To Open A New Agency Under McLean Media Group Serving Business Coaches and Consultants With Innovative Lead Generation Strategies and A.I. Implementation

    CEO of the McLean Media Group, James Hamilton Healy, has announced the firm is opening an agency in Bozeman, Montana that will focus on serving Business Coaches and Consultants.

    Healy‘s agency, Leads for Coaches, will help Coaches, Consultants, and other Service Providers position themselves as a trusted authority in their market using different forms of media.

    The agency then integrates the increase in credibility into high-touch lead generation systems and sales funnels, along with new Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) “chatbots” and other cutting-edge tactics.

    “I feel like we are are leading the pack when it comes to client acquisition strategies by tapping into a powerful combination of trust positioning and creating conversations,” said Healy.

    Times are changing and to attract attention to a brand, a business owner needs to not only promote their business but also to promote themselves as a brand. People are moving away from liking a brand and more onto liking people. Authority branding and trust positioning tactics are gaining mainstream appeal, and businesses leaders are talking about it.

    John Jantsch, the author of bestseller Duct Tape Marketing, said in an article for Entrepreneur Magazine, “Building personal brand authority is perhaps the most important element of marketing today for a brand, business, or individual trying to gain an edge. It does not matter how big or little an audience you might command, it is all about the right people believing in your point of view or way of doing business.”

    McLean Media has been helping entrepreneurs become highly credible experts for years, leveraging traditional authority building strategies such as book authorship with more contemporary methods like podcasting.

    “Trust and authority are at the base of any business transaction. We help Coaches become trusted experts so any prospects they talk to already believe that particular Coach can help them,” Healy said.

    A story on Fox News stated, “The simple truth is, if you are not deliberately, systematically, methodically — or rapidly and dramatically — establishing yourself as a celebrity, at least to your clientele and target market, you are asleep at the wheel, ignoring what is fueling the entire economy around you, neglecting development of a measurably valuable asset.”

    Daniel Newman, a contributor for Forbes Magazine wrote, “Influencers may be marketing’s next ‘golden goose,’ as people no longer trust ads, but they do trust people. More accurately, they trust a voice of authority.”

    In addition to creating the trust and authority needed more every day in the current market, Healy’s agency uses their custom designed lead generation methods to create conversations between prospects and Business Coaches and Consultants.

    Healy said, “With the world getting more cluttered and noisy all the time, it’s very effective to take a step back and have human-to-human interaction, real conversations to gain connection, trust, and more business.”

    This style is called Conversation Marketing, where business is conducted one-on-one. It quickly continues to build the trust needed to complete client acquisition and can help Coaches and Consultants see rapid growth in their businesses.

    “It’s a bit old school, but it works. Having those conversations helps the Coaches understand where their prospects are challenged. It allows them to really personalize their response and helps comfort prospects and turn them quickly into clients,” explained Mr. Healy.

    “We use technology to start the conversation and let the Coach or Consultant enter in once it’s determined that they are a good fit to help the business owner. The efficiency is staggering and getting better all the time. What used to take weeks can now happen in minutes.”

    Leads for Coaches use custom designed sales funnels and A.I. bots to qualify leads 24/7 allowing the Coaches and Consultants to spend time with their best leads. The steady stream of qualified leads can be overwhelming for some.

    Trust and authority are added throughout the process to help the prospects feel better about their experience. Prospects report feeling less of a hard sales pitch and more help and support.

    “People and businesses have problems right now and they don’t want to fill out a form and wait for an email response, or be put through some terrible phone maze pushing buttons and getting nowhere.”

    “People want to talk to someone, they don’t want to wait, and that’s what Leads for Coaches does,” Healy concluded. “We help create those conversations quickly and between the right people.”

    For more information on James Hamilton Healy and Leads for Coaches please visit or call (406) 414-6442.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Leads for Coaches
    Contact Person: James Hamilton Healy
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (406) 414-6442
    Country: United States

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    Tampa, FL – Medicine without boundaries! This is the brand statement of the professional telemedicine provider, Nu Image Medical. Their innovative telemedicine technology has become a major talk show, helping many patients in Florida achieve optimum health and wellness without the stress of the office visits and sit down consultations of traditional medication. In view of this, many patients in Florida are using Nu Image Medical’s instant onsite consultations and telemedicine to get fast, reliable and stress-free healthcare.

    While the traditional method of medication is good, the downfalls are constant office visits, long hours of waiting in line and delays in service. Seeing these downfalls of traditional medication, Nu Image Medical has developed an innovative method to enhance healthcare services.

    Their system has been very successful, delivering amazing results, encouraging many patients to spread the word to their family and friends. “I am truly impressed with Nu Image and the staff! This is best service I have ever received. Every question I have asked has been answered in a very timely manner! I am happy I chose Nu Image for my diet program,” commented, Debbie S., a satisfied patient.

    In order to ensure that high quality healthcare is provided, the team at Nu Image Medical commits to serving patients with integrity, quality and care. They listen patiently to patients’ questions, answer them politely and provide them with the right prescription. The partner pharmacies who deliver products to patients have also been prompt and professional in their operations.

    Due to the top-notch physicians and effective method of providing high quality healthcare to patients, many people are moving away from their local, traditional and old school healthcare and taking advantage of this innovative healthcare system. The team at Nu Image Medical understands that most patients are already stressed and worn out from their daily hassles and bustles of work life. Therefore they provide hassle-free, online prescriptions to patients through their certified physicians via their site at Medications are delivered to the doorstep of patients after 24 to 48 hours of receiving the physician prescription.

    “Nu Image Medical specializes in weight Loss, hormone replacement, sexual enhancement and general wellness,” explained Surge Ceranic, the spokesperson of the company. “Our futuristic methods offer a new and updated approach to achieving optimum health and wellness not only through local brick-and-mortar establishments, but also online virtually through our telemedicine platform.”

    Nu Image Medical is a licensed, certified and an accredited provider of telehealth. They have been providing patient services worldwide since 2004, establishing themselves as not only a leader in regenerative medicine, but also in the Telehealth industry. They set standards in the health industry for being the premier destination for patients looking to receive quality, expert medical care without boundaries.

    Nu Image Medical is located at 1209 N Tampa St, Tampa, FL 33602. They can be contacted via phone at (813) 999-2800, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nu Image Medical
    Contact Person: Surge Ceranic
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (813) 999-2800
    Address:1209 N Tampa St
    City: Tampa
    State: Florida
    Country: United States

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    BUILD Architectural Awards Honors Gravener Heating and Air Conditioning with The NAMS Project and BUILD Award for Client Service Excellence and Best Full Service HVAC Contractor on May 21, 2018.
    Gravener Heating and Air Conditioning Wins the BUILD 2018 Architectural Award for Best Full Service HVAC Contractor

    According to BUILD Architectural Awards, nominees are selected by focusing on a myriad of disciplines. These prestigious awards strive to recognize and pay tribute to all who fall under the scope of architecture. As energy efficiency and sustainability have become increasingly vital to modern designs, BUILD pays homage to those who continue to design the healthiest and cleanest structures, with an added impetus on creating environmentally safe and friendly buildings. From the largest corporations and small studios and practices to the hard-working sole traders, the Architecture Awards highlight only those who have proven themselves, with  excellence being of the utmost importance.

    Recipient of the BUILD Architectural Award, Gary Gravener of Gravener Heating and Air Conditioning shared: “when I started Gravener HVAC in 1982 and to this day, my commitment to each and every customer has been a three point approach: honesty, integrity and reliability. To this day, I treat all of our customers the same way that I hope to be treated by others. To feel at the end of a project that we have respected our customers’ wishes and hope also to gain them as long term customers. The most important part of any job is to know that our customers have enough confidence in us to recommend us to their families, friends and neighbors.”

    Gravener succeeded with the NAMS project. NAMS (Northern Area Multi-Service Center), a health and human service non-profit in the Sharpsburg area of Pittsburgh, PA contacted Gravener to convert a domed, stained glass chapel, part of a building purchased back in the 1960s into a gym for their senior community. The chapel had been non-utilized due to an untouched HVAC system that caused extreme cold in the winter and excessive heat in the summer.

    Gravener met the challenge, devised, created and installed an ingenious HVAC system that corrected the problem while keeping the architecture and beauty of the structure pristine. Understandably, meeting many of BUILDS award criteria for both customer service and best HVAC contractor.

    BUILD Architectural Awards recognizes and acknowledges the outstanding works conducted by imaginative designers, engineers and visionaries, whose inspiring and memorable designs and structures “enhance horizons.”

    When asked what winning the award meant to owner, Gary Gravener, he stated: “This award is a very special accomplishment due to the amount of planning, fabricating and installation of all pieces that went into this project. Along with myself and my team, we were joined by general contractor Mack Grant of The G Corp; also Godek Electric, Manz Plumbing, A and S Carpet and Steve, the head of facility maintenance at NAMS, who worked as the project manager.

    The initial idea from the planning committee was to install the spiral duct in a straight line from the rear wall of the area to the front section of the space in four straight lines of duct.
    As the process of planning continued we all agreed that instead of installing the duct in straight lines, it would be possible to make circles of duct that would follow the radius of the ceiling structure. We all agreed that this would make a very interesting effect if it could be done for something out of the ordinary. The decision was made by the steering committee and the work began.”

    Gravener continued: “It was a challenging job for us, certainly a real challenge to my 35 years of installation in the HVAC industry. We all shared in the overall success of the community center to have the finished product be what now exists. After it was all said and done, both NAMS and everyone at Gravener Heating had something that we are able to take a lot of pride in.”


    Gravener’s client list includes more than 4,500 business and residential customers; maintains a small fleet of service and installation vehicles, their own sheet metal shop for manufacturing custom duct work, a fully stocked service parts department and machinery and tools for mobile installation and fabrication.

    BUILD endeavors to bring the latest “need to know” content and updates from across the global construction and property industries, keeping pace with a vast array of ever changing sectors. Thanks to regular contributions from some of the world’s foremost construction, design and real estate experts and firms, BUILD is home to the very best news, features and comment from the people and institutions in the know, taking in everything from the latest products and techniques, to up to the minute design trends and industry molding regulations.

    To contact Gary Gravener of Gravener Heating and Air Conditioning :
    Gary J Gravener
    Gravener Heating and AC
    2311 Babcock Blvd
    2nd Floor
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Interviews to Fame
    Contact Person: Carol A Santella
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 412-681-1105
    Country: United States

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    VidOvation, a renowned provider of professional video transmitter and receiver equipment offers any business that seeks top-quality zero latency wireless video services a chance to succeed with the help of a solution developed by experts.

    The world of today is the world of video streaming as this market is set to reach $70 billion and the main goal of VidOvation is to help any business that wants a part of that. This company has been delivering professional wireless video transmitter and receiver solutions for years. This expertize is now used to provide zero latency streaming video for broadcasting, which will give anyone a competitive chance.

    VidOvation offers a host of products and services, as one can see from the company’s website There are solutions manufactured by VidOvation itself as well as other leading brands, including AVIWEST, Technicolor, ABonAir, Black Magic Design, MultiDyne Fiber, Cobalt Digital, New Tech, and others. The quality of the solutions is guaranteed, which means the customer will be able to deliver the best video broadcasting service.

    Video Link:

    What Are the Reasons to Choose VidOvation Zero Latency Wireless Video?

    VidOvation offers far more than professional wireless video receiver and transmitter equipment of the highest quality. This company provides custom solutions to ensure that every customer gets the best deal. These zero latency wireless video solutions can be built from scratch or integrated into any established systems with maximum efficiency. They are also able to integrate with third-party solutions.

    This allows the customer complete flexibility in designing their zero latency wireless video broadcasting service. VidOvation experts will be able to design the system based on the customer’s requirements, so there is no need for them to seek out a third-party contractor.

    VidOvation also provides warranty for any professional wireless video transmitter and receiver equipment purchased from the company. There is a wide range of warranty options for any customer to minimize the risks without overstraining their budget.

    The company also offers tech support for all its solutions, which also helps the customer to avoid extra expenses of involving a third-party agency. The company’s default support service is available during office hours only. However, there are a variety of tech service agreement options to fit the needs of any business.

    Zero latency wireless video for broadcasting delivered by VidOvation excels in quality and stability. Anyone looking for a solution they can trust to deliver the best broadcasting service can get exactly what they need, regardless of the complexity of the customer’s required solution.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: VidOvation
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1 (949) 777-5435
    Address:23 Spectrum Pointe Drive Suite 206
    City: Lake Forest
    State: CA 92630
    Country: United States

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