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    From physical media to digital content, the vehicles for music consumption have evolved rapidly and dramatically. Today, fans have instant, on demand access to millions of songs through multiple streaming platforms, and yet “Artist received just 12 percent of the $43 billion in sales generated from their work in the U.S. last year,” according to a report Monday by Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C). According to the report fan spending generated more than $20 billion last year, for subscriptions, CDs, and concert tickets. The growing popularity of streaming services like Spotify (SPOT) and Apple (AAPL) has boosted record label sales, but also reduced their role in distributing and marketing music.

    Experience what’s next… Beatstoc

    What if you could buy, sell, and trade PoP’s (Pieces of PoPularity) of your favorite Music Artist? Beatstoc is an exclusive experience platform that sells Pieces of an artist’s Popularity (PoP’s) to their most loyal fans. Beatstoc empowers PoP holders on the platform to have a direct role in the music they listen to by experiencing a closer connection to their favorite artist through FanVesting. Those PoP’s act as season tickets providing exclusive engagement and experiences with your favorite artist.

    Beatstoc… how it works

    Artists offer a limited number of annually renewable PoP’s (Pieces of Popularity) through an IFO (Initial Fan Offering) to their fans -> Fans purchase PoP’s through the IFO’s of their favorite artists.

    This creates a new royalty for artists based on their popularity -> Fans participate in the popularity experience of artists.

    This new royalty supports the artist’s ability to create new content and experiences for exclusive release on the Beatstoc platform -> Fans receive access to experiences such as; new music releases, private concerts, live streaming events, and much more only found on the Beatstoc platform.

    This royalty also supports real world change through Beatstoc Foundation, a non-profit platform that unites the influence of the music industry with the philanthropy of global organizations. Five percent of every PoP sale is designated to a cause of the artist’s choice.

    Now what if you could invest early, guaranteeing your spot for the next big thing?

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    Company Name: Beatstoc
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: United States

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    FluxCredit™ delivers a fresh approach to managing debt, money, credit for over 60% of Americans who languish in debt.

    Ventura, CA – FluxCredit™, Inc. introduces #FluxLife to empower people to live their best life by reinventing their financial future. Aligning with athletes and influencers to help empower others, #FluxLife is a unique approach that gives people the ability to successfully achieve financial freedom. 

    Trenton Scott, one of the newest rookies for the LA Chargers, is a former student of Grambling State University. He was recently featured as part of the #FluxLife movement as he prepared to move from Louisiana to Los Angeles. 

    Travis Siflinger is the Brand Technology Officer for FluxCredit™. He explains, “We all live an active lifestyle and are excited to team up with athletes in the NFL and many other sporting organizations that are living the Flux lifestyle.” 

    FluxCredit™ is renowned for helping people with its “fresh start” solution. It is an alternative to bankruptcy and all-inclusive in scope. Designed for today’s technology empowered consumer, it offers the ability to eliminate debts, monitor and perfect credit, and even provides attorney representation and tax defense, where required.

    People who embrace #FluxLife can better manage their money and eliminate debt(s) while also perfecting their credit. Plus, they receive cashback towards a Visa secured credit card. This gives people the ability to live the lifestyle they deserve. Travel, going to sporting events and concerts, affording a new car, and buying things for family and loved ones, can now be a reality for people who had once lost hope. 

    “Look at it this way,” Siflinger says, “The economy dealt a lot of people bad cards and it was hard to find jobs, pay off mortgages, and live the American dream. Over 60% of Americans are in-debt. Now, as things improve, it’s more important than ever to get back in the game. The first step is having strong credit to flex your buying power.” 

    There are limited options when facing debt burdens. People can do nothing and pay excessive interest in an attempt to maintain good credit. They can take out another high-interest loan to pay off current debt(s), but that simply shifts the problem from one creditor to another. Bankruptcy is only a last resort; it is complicated and stays on a credit report for seven to ten years. 

    FluxCredit™ is a solution that breaks traditional notions about living with debt. It is considered the number one choice for many Americans who are ready to live life on their terms. For more information, visit the FluxCredit website and follow the #FluxLife movement on Instagram @FluxCredit1

    About Flux Credit 

    FluxCredit™ is a financial technology company halfway between Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach, in Ventura, California. We offer a BBB-accredited online bankruptcy alternative that provides an all-inclusive “fresh start“ solution. Clients entrust FluxCredit™ to eliminate debts and perfect their credit, as they earn cashback toward a VISA secured credit card. For more information, visit the FluxCredit website.

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    Company Name: Black Château
    Contact Person: Desiree Duffy
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    Phone: 16614789165
    Address:8223 Wynne Ave
    City: Reseda
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    China based Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd focuses on producing Unicore Machines that can be used for manufacturing a wide range of small, medium and large transformer cores.

    Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd focuses on the core cutting machines for transformers that can be used for producing a wide range of transformer cores.  These machines are used by reputed global brands, involved in cutting small, medium and large transformer cores.

    According to the company spokesperson, the Unicore Machine can be used for producing different types of transformer cores, including single-phase, three-phase and three-dimensional transformer cores. At the same time, the machine is suitable for producing both dry and oil-immersed transformer cores, and thus has its wide applications in the industry. The spokesperson reveals that the machine has the capability of processing transformer cores with a high dimensional accuracy with its simple and convenient operation.  Besides, it can also process the machinable single with two silicon steel strips.

    Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd Introduces Unicore Machine for Producing a Wide Range of Transformer Cores

    The company produces reliable Unicore core machines that come fitted with the servo CNC system for an efficient bending and cutting. The interface of the machine uses the human-computer interaction feature and is simple and intuitive to operate. The spokesperson maintains that for the first time they have introduced the CNC system into the transformer in the machine tool industry. The machine has been designed to ensure the highest precision level and also a very good stability. The machine also has the ability of processing the curve and can produce lines with R-shaped silicon steel. It can also be used for processing oval and three-dimensional triangular open cores for transformers.

    According to the spokesperson, they also have fully automatic cutting machines for Distributed Gap Cores. The machine has been designed in-house and is suitable for cutting DG Cores in single-phase or three-phase distribution transformers. Like the Unicore Machines, these DG Core machines also come with the flexible software to help processing different wound gap cores. With its PLC system and HMI operation, the machine is suitable for both single strip and double strips feeding. The machine has been designed for high speed and high precision bending and cutting of DG cores. The machine has a compact structure and occupies a very small area, while being capable of bending cores at different angles.

    One can learn more about the core cutting machines the company produces by visiting their website

    About Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

    Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd has developed the products of Unicore core cutting machine, Silicon steel slitting machine, NC transverse cutting machine, Full automatic Distributed Gap (DG) Cores,DG core cutting machine, swing shearing cutting machine, etc. They have obtained 5 patents and won the independent intellectual property rights. The company has produced Unicore Machine, Unicore Core, mainly used in the Unicore transformer. Unicore Machine uses world-renowned brands, such as the German Rexroth CNC system, France Schneider, Japanese SMC, and Swedish SKF. The price of the company’s equipment is lower than the average price of 30% -40% compared to similar products in the market.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenyang KeNuo Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Owen
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-317-3161660
    City: Liaoning
    Country: China

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    Loopring is a cryptographic protocol that is used to build automated and decentralized systems. It provides users with transparency and impenetrable security while providing high transaction speeds and liquidity. It also keeps transaction costs extremely low and makes order matching fair and efficient. Furthermore, innovative applications by the Loopring team in the fields of crypto wallets, exchange pools, and integration with multiple blockchains are really helping the project to gain traction and acceptance as the crypto movement of the future.


    No idea, regardless of how innovative or groundbreaking it is, can make meaningful change unless it gains popular support and brings actual benefits to users. We’ve seen the blockchain and cryptographic-asset market explode and gain widespread popularity, but few exchanges actually tackle issues related to decentralization, and what we see instead is exchanges making profits while traders make marginal gains, at best.

    The Loopring project was created to solve exactly these problems: to bring actual benefits to crypto enthusiasts, to enable people to reap the rewards of their own investment strategies, and to make trading, buying and selling, and using crypto tokens and assets easy, straightforward, and very user-friendly. In addition to these, Loopring has been working on a number of exciting new partnerships as well to help make token trading and exchange safe, secure, and in common use. Read on below for details on each new development!

    User-Friendly Wallets

    In July, Loopring released its new web-based wallet named ‘Circulr‘, to go alongside the project’s original web-based wallet called Loopr. Circulr is intended for use with DEX developers as Loopring’s reference wallet, the importance of which will become clear in the next section below.

    In addition to Circulr, major updates to the iOS wallet now provide support for peer-to-peer trading using QR codes, the ability to submit and cancel orders, gas optimization when sending tokens, and updates to UI components for a better overall user experience. The iOS app will open up the world of decentralized trading of ERC20 tokens to millions of iOS users worldwide.

    The DEX Alliance Initiative

    Earlier last month, Loopring launched the DEX Alliance Initiative. 19 Wallets and DEX are using or will use the Loopring technology (Including imToken, the largest Ethereum mobile wallet) in The DEX Alliance Initiative. The first of its kind, this initiative was designed to use order clusters on Loopring’s own exchange to provide participants (and users of Loopring wallets and the Loopring DEX) with actual income (in the amount of 20%) from trading fees that they generate. This is a major shift from the way centralized exchanges operate. Centralized exchanges take a commission for executing trades; using Loopring, however, the entire crypto trading network becomes a decentralized and optimized marketplace in which orders are matched in an efficient and automated fashion, and traders are able to generate actual income for themselves. Even the remaining 80% of trade income is distributed to platform participants twice a year, based on each participant’s liquidity contribution to the network.

    The DEX Alliance also demonstrates a very subtle point that many people often fail to see: Loopring understands that the best business strategy for any company is to help your customers. Launching an exchange is no big feat; growing a user base and helping your users benefit is the real challenge. So far, there are 15 projects confirmed to use Loopring now, including AEX, Pilot, and Dolomite. Besides Wallexes/Dexs projects, Loopring has other partners like Corl that using Loopring as well. For example, devs are working with huobi Wallet to help them integrating Loopring and add more values on the Wallet. Loopring is one of the few players who are actually expending large amounts of resources and burning countless development manhours towards those goals. These initiatives are a true testimony to Loopring’s commitment to creating exchange and trading services that are by the people, and for the people!

    Security Advancements and Strategic Partnerships

    As mentioned above, changing the status quo is no easy task, and doing so takes more than having a great idea. You have to convince people of your vision. You have to provide easy-to-use tools and features (which is where Loopring’s iOS and web-based wallets come in). You have to reach a mass audience and gain their interest (which is where user-generated profits come in). Finally, you need to make sure that the systems you are building and the services you are providing are safe and secure from external threats so that you can continue to grow and develop without risk of attack.


    In order to add an additional level of security and high-tech professionalism to the project, Loopring has partnered with SECBIT Labs, a project that focuses on smart contract security. Founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts and specialists in the fields of cryptography, game theory, contract analysis, and economics, SECBIT provides Loopring with smart contract auditing all the way from design, development, testing, and verification, across all relevant development dimensions including semantics, formal verification, and compiler processes. In this way, SECBIT provides Loopring with comprehensive, reliable, and thorough security assessment and measurement tools to ensure that the Loopring DEX, the Loopring protocol itself, the platform’s wallets and apps, and all trades and orders that are executed using the service are fully secure and safe from external exposure or attack.

    The Bottom Line

    Loopring, using its deep blockchain expertise and a focus on building technology and products, is paving the way for crypto trading to be a beneficial, safe, secure, and easy process for the general public. The DEX alliance initiative promises to bring low-cost, risk-free, and completely private and secure crypto trading to both tech as well as non-tech traders, and since it is completely open-source and free to use, Loopring provides a unified trading experience for users and projects regardless of the underlying technology they use. Anyone can build on top of the Loopring system, using the web-based and iOS wallets is simple and intuitive, and the order-matching system used by Loopring (in addition to the extra layer of security provided by SECBIT audits) eliminates the risk of hacks and losing assets to virtually zero. The addition of numerous trading pairs on the Loopring DEX, and several exciting new projects that are building systems using Loopring, are testimony to the success of these approaches.

    The cryptocurrency market will continue to develop and mature, but systems and solutions that work for everyone, not just the elite few or the tech-savvy, are the order of the day. By providing traders with incentives in the form of commission profits, by attracting more users via simple tools and useful features, and by striking strategic partnerships with the right organizations in the right industries, Loopring is slowly yet surely creating the right tools and the right services in a very tight-knit ecosystem that will power crypto trading and DEX security in the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Loopring Project Ltd
    Contact Person: Daniel Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 6503086035
    Country: Virgin Islands (British)

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    Fiddlers Dream Music is proud to present its new Zoot Suit Riot cover, which will be released on iTunes and Amazon on September 24th. Everyone who loves to jazz, dancing and big band music is sure to enjoy this new song as well as the band’s other performances.

    Fiddlers Dream Music is a live band for hire that stands out due to the extreme diversity of its music collection and talent. Fiddler’s Dream prides itself on creating beautiful music fit for any audience. That’s why this provider of Long Island DJ entertainment and live music never ceases to experiment. The latest release of the band is sure to prove its prowess once again. The original Zoot Suit Riot cover will be released on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other platforms on September 24th. The song itself will be available for pre-purchase on iTunes on September 19th.

    This original Zoot Suit Riot cover includes deejay, percussion, saxophone, electronic violin, synthesizer, drums, trombone, bass, and trumpet. The instruments blend seamlessly to create beautiful music that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of the listeners. That’s the kind of sound Fiddlers Dream Music specializes in, and these entertainers are happy to boost any party or corporate event with their talent.

    What Kind of Entertainment Can Fiddlers Dream Music Provide?

    Fiddlers Dream Music embodies everything that a live band should be and more. Due to the versatility of talent united under this name, any event can get the perfect kind of music from Fiddler’s. Anyone looking for a bandstand performance and Long Island DJ entertainment will get what they want from Fiddlers Dream. It doesn’t matter whether one is looking for some modern music that will light up a wedding party or for classics to enhance the mood at a corporate gathering. Fiddlers Dream Music, as known as FD Productions, can perform it all.

    The thing that really makes this live band stand out is that it’s extremely flexible. The number of performers is chosen depending on the venue and the client’s requirements. Fiddlers Dream guarantees that every event gets a custom-performance playlist to meet the needs their clients.

    As the performers have many years of experience and use the best instruments and electrical music equipment available, they are able to produce a top-quality sound no matter the circumstances. This is why Fiddlers Dream Music performances are always unforgettable. It’s the ability to not only perform beautifully but to ensure that the performance matches the client’s requirements perfectly, that makes the band an outstanding entertainment option for any occasion.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Fiddlers Dream Productions
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 9143638377
    Address:307 Eagle Ave West
    City: Hempstead
    State: NY 11552
    Country: United States

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    Peter Nobbs

    San Diego, CA – Amazon experts Peter and Steven of Coach AMZ are pleased to announce that they are offering free video reviews to Amazon sellers. With years of experience behind them, the Coach AMZ duo decided to go into business together after being approached to help several Amazon businesses that were in difficulty.

    “Amazon is our specialty – no doubt about that,” says Peter Nobbs. “Between us, we’ve successfully operated Amazon businesses in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. And what we’ve learned is that the strategies that worked for us will work for virtually any Amazon business, no matter where you’re located or what you’re selling.”

    According to Peter, selling on Amazon offers tremendous opportunities. Sellers don’t need to stock, pack or ship their products, and they get instant access to Amazon’s massive audience of well-established customers. Amazon even takes care of 95% of customer inquiries.

    But what most people don’t realize is that a huge number of Amazon businesses are destined for failure.

    “It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement, but statistics show that the majority of Amazon businesses fail to hit their sales targets within their first year,” Peter explains. “So don’t feel too bad if your Amazon store is floundering – you’re certainly not alone!”

    Coach AMZ offers to help start-up brands as well as businesses who’ve been around for a while. Their goal for all clients is to deliver a 50% increase in Amazon sales within six months.

    “We manage your Amazon account, optimize your listing, work on your images and advertising and a whole lot more,” adds Peter. “But let us review your Amazon listing first. We’ll take a long, hard look, and let you know what we think in a videotaped review. It’s completely free, and no obligation!”

    Video Link:

    About Coach AMZ

    Peter and Steven started Coach AMZ to help businesses who are struggling on Amazon. They now manage multiple clients who are in the top 1% of Amazon sellers and have developed a repeatable process that can be leveraged across 99% of Amazon categories to deliver Amazon sales success.

    In addition to helping clients in the USA, Europe and Australia, Coach AMZ has its own Amazon stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia where they test and prove their new sales strategies to ensure their clients get the best results.

    For more information, or to take advantage of the free offer while it’s still available, visit the website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Coach AMZ
    Contact Person: Peter Nobbs
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 714 916 5790
    City: San Diego
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    The FINWISE SUMMIT, co-sponsored by FINWEX, Goldford Venture and Ant Node Alliance, stormed Hong Kong with the largest fintech and blockchain summit at L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre last weekend.

    Sam Lee, founder and CEO of Blockchain Global, was invited to the summit and introduced Blockchain Global’s global ecosystem to  partners from around the world.

    Blockchain Global and Blockshine:Ecosystem and Community

    It is incredible that blockchain has taken such a short amount of time, whereas other industry developments can take a life-time. Now, Blockchain is close to mainstream adoption. Most people have heard or are using blockchain. From using it in their businesses, to buying cryptotokens looking for profits, and more and more governments are coming on board with regulation.

    As an early practitioner, Sam Lee witnessed the miraculous development of this industry. He firmly believes that the potential of blockchain technology is unlimited. He hopes to participate in the construction of blockchain industry, help more people through education and grow together with the industry. Sam Lee’s vision for creating Blockchain Global is to be a pathfinder for the industry, enabling more people to benefit from this new technology.

    Since 2014, Blockchain Global’s global ecosystem has taken serious shape. The company has invested more than US$200 million in dozens of blockchain enabled companies and projects. Blockchain Global aims to fund the future of the blockchain. As the only subsidiary of Blockchain Global, Blockshine Technology’s mission is to support the future of the blockchain. And Blockshine established Blockheaders, the world’s leading Blockchain Development House.

    Blockchain Global and Blockshine:Ecosystem and Community 

    The investment foundation investment between Blockchain Global and Blockshine Technology has nurtured many excellent blockchain projects and enterprises, covering value exchange, development tools, shared data, financial technology and many other fields, including many listed companies around the world.

    Recently, Blockshine and Blockchain Global have led a USD $15 million investment into Path Corporation, a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The acquisition is also an important layout for Blockchain Global and Blockshine’s global ecosystem. As Japan’s policies strongly support the development of the blockchain industry, Blockchain Global and Blockshine is highly committed towards their development in the Japanese market by providing technical consulting services for blockchain-related projects.

    In addition, a number of blockchain applications developed by Blockshine Technology, such as the smart wallet application Bastion Pay, the exchange alliance EXA, the fully integrated digital assets data browsing platform CoinMerit, and the public chain Tachion, have completed the global ecological technology architecture of Blockchain Global and promoting blockchain development.

    This year, Finwise·HongKong set up three awards to encourage outstanding figures and groups in the financial technology and blockchain. Surprisingly, Blockshine Technology won the “New Blockchain Technology Award” in light of its outstanding efforts in the blockchain field.

    Blockchain Global and Blockshine:Ecosystem and Community 

    In addition to investment incubation and technology development, community building is also important for Blockchain Global’s global ecosystem. Sam Lee has been emphasized “community first” since its inception. In 2014, Sam Lee founded the Blockchain Center to build a platform for equal communication, drive public awareness and industry development with education.

    The Blockchain Centre has expanded to 7 countries/cities and have successfully incubated 62+ startups and hosted 570+ events with 52,000+ participants around the world. At the same time, Blockchain Centre is also actively strengthening the dialogue between industry and government, maintaining good relations with many governments such as Australia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Dubai, Anguilla and China, and promoting the healthy development of blockchain technology under the guidance and supervision of the government.

    Blockchain Global and Blockshine:Ecosystem and Community 

    Blockchain Global has now grown with blockchain technology into a global player, with all its products, services and investment projects implemented to create a complete ecosystem. In the future, Blockchain Global will continue to promote the seamless integration between blockchain technology and the real world. A blockchain ecosystem that serves and benefits more and more people around the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Blockshine Technology Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person: Kelly Wang
    Email: Send Email
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    Blockchain is sweeping through the world. What are the people in this field doing?

    At the beginning of August, the founder of Money Monster Chen Jia was interviewed by the global media. Chen Jia has worked in this area for many years as a CEO of a financial investment company, chairman of the board of directors in a high-tech company. He also has worked as an chairman of the four silvers asset. During the interview, Chen Jia indicated that the blockchain domain is a new and interesting area. Currently, he has invested in seven or eight block-chain projects personally, such as blockchain Technology in Europe, America and Japan, Bitcoin Entity Field, International Digital Assets Exchange and so on, and Money Monsters is one of his ventures.

    Chen Jia

    Strive together to forge ahead

    Before the press conference held in china, Chen Jia invited his well-wishers from all walks of life to discuss the idea, development and goal of creating MMON or Money Monsters creation team on April 7 this year. After they agreed on the terms and goals of formulating the MMON team, a 30-person MMON creation team was formed to “create penetrating scene applications and a new ecology of digital assets Investment”. Chen Jia said, “It’s the right moment to inscribe it on my memory, express it in words and put it into the action. It’s critical to make the Blockchain a transformational force for changing the internet world and even economic activity, not just a way to invest in the future.”

    During this time, the initiative meeting named “5.18 Global Blockchain Day” was planned and Asian Boao forum on blockchain was organized by the MMON team. The creation team has been on the hero list of  Gold Knows The Answers honorably.They hope it will foster the development of global blockchain industry.

    The essence of the Blockchain is the talent who know internet technology

    During the interview, Chen Jia stated that he is not a technical talent but he loves and cares for these people so much like the general manager Xu. Currently, the team consists of 100 skilled personnel. Among them, R&D and operation personnel account for 70%. Besides, there are also some customer service and marketing executives who established Yaoyuan Renhe Technology Co, Ltd. They are responsible for the technology of 2 block game and customer service. He’s been mobilizing technicians to develop his own M Wallet. Except for this, the MMON team also invested in big data’s competition named We Team and became a shareholder of Magic technology co. Ltd. It intends to grab the technical talent and market of the blockchain and full fill people’s dreams and aspirations.

    There are huge business opportunities and market in M Wallet

    Chen Jia mentioned that M Wallet is a more portable digital multi-purpose private purse. It’s also a safe and private “wealth center.” It has functions such as distributed application entry, currency with multiple links, centralizing the coin transaction, market information hand in hand. And unlike the other wallets, “M wallet will be equipped with a trading master at the beginning. This is a more distinctive function.” Chen Jia said. The entrepreneur will go to the United States soon to get some qualifications in the United States and develop more wallet features, such as asset management and other channels.

    The Chinese financial Blockchain of “Longdong Plan”

    Chen Jia believes that the “Chinese Blockchain Finance” industry is poised for further growth. He explained that there is no one borrowing money from you with money in the hand. But something like this will happen in the blockchain. “A lot of people buy digital assets to hold them not to sell them. I bought ETH for $40, 5000 dollars in exchange of bitcoin. After a few years, I still like to hold them. I believe there are a lot of people like me in the currency circle. But how to change it into money, it reminds me of the years of pawning, leasing and mortgage lending. What if digital assets were combined with mortgages? That is the “Long Dong plan” that we’re going to explore. That’s the Chinese “idea of blockchain finance”. I believe in the fourth quarter, blockchain industry will be hit by the plan again”, he told during the interview.

    MMON is not a tool for speculators

    When reporters asked Chen Jia why he was so calm during the interview, he said, “The original intention of MMON is a game certification and it’s not a tool for speculators. The reason why we have a trading platform is for those people who do not understand the people who are not interested in it. So we certainly don’t care about the ups and downs of the trading market. When the user discovers that we design the game with irrevocable fairness and valuable playability. As the revenue increases, there will be more and more players. What we need is loyal fans and investors. Blockchain technology is developing rapidly. A lot of things are invisible forces pushing us to do it. If we do it seriously, all of the things will be successful”, he said.

    Lei Jun said, “Even pigs can fly if the wind is strong enough”. But how many people can take advantage of this blockchain development? How can it achieve without decision, strategy, courage, and acting in just a few months? Including technical team of 100 people among the blockchain, the big scale that across Japan, the United States, Europe and China. Besides, several blockchain products hit the ground and exchanges are online. And more perfect bolder and perfect dreams are born.


    MMON Official website:

    Money Monster Official website:

    Invitation code:B305928

    Gold Horse official website:

    Invitation code:517

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MMON
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United Kingdom

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    With its fifth office opened in Santa Monica this July and 10 more offices in the planning by the end of 2018 in the US, OnePiece Work, an emerging innovative cross-border incubator has swiftly expanded its business territory in North America and become an epitome of this industry.

    “The direction we are heading is supported by our strong global connections and investment resources”, said Vickey Lee, CEO of OnePiece, “we have unlocked the global frontier, with over 30,000 international visitors from all parts of the globe in the past one year, including Mitsubishi, Japan’s Seiko, Alibaba, Samsung, Google, Osaka City Government, Fukuoka City Government, United Nation, Temasek, West Point, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Hundun University, China Europe International Business School, and others.”

    With its headquarters based in the heart of Silicon Valley, OnePiece Work has run an innovative business ideology that falls between WeWork and Plug & Play by providing customers with high-quality office services, strategic consulting, and global investment opportunities. 100% of the companies stationed in OnePiece Work have received investments, with average over 3 million U.S. dollars. The company was co-founded by Wei Guo in April 2017. Featured in Forbes “30 Under 30 Venture Capital”, Wei Guo was rated to be one of the most prolific startup investors in recent years, “backing more than 200 companies through his firm Wei Fund, which he launched in 2014.” (Forbes, 2017)

    Wei Guo (Middle) with a Delegation:

    “It is challenging for an emerging incubator to take its stand when its competitors are big industry giants like WeWork,” Vickey noted when talking about its competitive advantage, “we are not only a co-working space, but a place where we care and support members’ growth. We have also established this inviting environment where we carefully evaluate the start-ups that both have potential and are in a non-competitive relationship with each other for every location.”

    The tension caused by China-US trade war has lead the public to question the future of cross-border service industries. However, OnePiece Work doesn’t seem to take this into consideration. After hosting the talk with American Presidential Candidate of 2018 on July 17th, more big events are revealing this August.

    “We aim to become the trend spotter, finding and connecting entrepreneurs who have hunger for greatness and desire for global expansion. I will not worry about this tension. In fact, we appreciate that this phenomenon has lead us into finding the importance of creating global connections, and we will do our best to maintain a friendly relationship between all nations,” said Dafu Gao, Head Of OnePiece Global Development. “In the next few weeks, we are pleased to welcome Alibaba and two Nobel Prize winners.”

    Dafu Gao & Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist of Canva:

    About OnePiece Work

    OnePiece Work is a cross-border incubator based in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company accelerates businesses with mentors, introduction and exposure. It not only provides customers with high-quality office services, but also offers strategic consulting, and global services to well-known leading industries. OnePiece holds over 5 locations in California, including San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and Santa Monica. Nearly 150 businesses have settled in OnePiece, covering over 30 fields, including AI, robotics, new retail, finance technology, online education, government platform, social network, and gaming industry. 100% of the companies stationed in OnePiece received investments, with average over 3 million U.S. dollars.

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: OnePiece Work
    Contact Person: Isabelle Ding
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 415-745-5911
    Address:414 Brannan Street
    City: San Francisco
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    As spring goes and autumn comes. Time is carving people’s appearance and shaping people’s character. Dispelled evil in exchange for loyalty and specificity. The changing thing is time. Time flies, but people’s pursuit of life quality never stops. Technology changes life and it also changes the connection between people and enhances people’s emotional bonds. Due to artificial intelligence technology, people can completely liberated their hands. The emergence of the robot vacuum cleaners enables the families  no longer worry about trivial matters and no longer quarrel about the dust on the ground. Saying goodbye to coldness and indifference, family ties are also becoming more closely due to technology. Robot vacuum cleaners are loyal.

    They work silently and they possess selfless dedication and they are also reasonable. Intelligent technology allows them to have the brain of the machine and they can operate autonomously. Robot vacuum cleaners are like families and they can solve the problems of family health. A good robot vacuum cleaner is the most important member of a family. Many robot vacuum cleaners brands emerge as if the ancient women were elected. If they do not improve themselves from both inside and outside, they would be ignored and be cast out of favor. Therefore, all kinds of new ideas of robot vacuum cleaners are emerging one after another and strive to become the industry leader. Who is better and who can win the champion. Please look at the following robot vacuum cleaner brands rankings one by one.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Top 1. Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner

    Liectroux is not a very famous and popular brand. However, it emerges from Germany which is famous for its rigorousness, it has added buff to the competition. (You can view the website: or Rigorous workmanship and military family to create military quality. Even if Liectroux is not well known to the domestic public but its 34.8% market share of the retail channel illustrates its unique charm. The charm of the Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner is its intellectual beauty. It does things in an orderly manner and with full confidence. Plane memory technology can smoothly plan the sweeping route. And its excellent ability to overcome obstacles makes people marvel with the athletic ability of this beauty. The real reason why it is loved by so many people is because of its excellent cleaning ability. It improves its shape from the outside and improves its quality from the inside. It is tepid and not noisy. Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner is such a “Good wife” that makes people can’t stop to love it.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaners Brand Ranking, The Newest Ten Brand Ranking, German Liectroux Ranked TOP1

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 2: Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner

    One more minute makes the difference. Xiaomi is the perfect scorpion of compromise. You can see its pros and cons by your own eyes. It does everything very well. It can be compared with those very expensive robot vacuum cleaners and will not be Inferior. And it can also be compared with those inferior brands. Xiaomi is capable of doing anything whether you appreciate or not appreciate it. Whether you like or dislike, Xiaomi is the price-performance king in the light luxury doctrine. Its intelligence, talent, appearance and ability are all the best in its equally positioning products. It is this feature that makes Xiaomi rank in the second place in this ranking.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 3: Irobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    The Irobot family is like a scholarly family. Its technology research is always at the forefront of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner market. Irobot is like the kind of woman who wins by quality. It is superior in the aspect of intelligence. And its intelligent degree is at the top of the smart chain. It is ingenious and can easily bring the “stainless” home environment by the technique of dry and wet mopping. At the same time, Irobot is like a patient woman. It will do wet mopping and drying mopping and then wet mopping again. It enables its masters no longer need to drip with sweat. Obviously, its high intelligence necessarily decides its high price. And not every family is willing to pay for its intelligence.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 4: Dyson 360Eye

    Exquisite and dignified, Dyson’s design is quite a master of the world. It is able to make many consumers rush for it simply through its shape. Born in the traditional powerful forces of smart home appliances, Dyson robot vacuum cleaners dominated the sales list of this Jingdong 6.18. However, to have a overall control possesses a very high requirement for the working environment. And a bright environment is the essential environment for Dyson’s work. Losing a bright environment will cause princess disease for Dyson robot vacuum cleaners. Longing for the light and can’t stand the darkness. Plus its noisy working mode and sound effect. Dyson robot vacuum cleaners are only suitable for those home environments with better lightning.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 5: Philips

    Who cuts such slender leaves, Philips is like a daughter of humble family. Philips robot vacuum cleaners have deduct the exquisite, small and ultra-thin to the extreme. And many other robot vacuum cleaners will be eclipsed in front of it. The 60mm robot vacuum cleaner is capable of going to everywhere and it can clean everywhere. Philips has a variety of hidden modes. It has all the styles you like. All the styles you like it all have. The four robot vacuum cleaners cleaning modes are free to switch. It enables people to have comfortable user experience, reassuring price and user-friendly price. This is absolutely the sweeping artifact that necessary for the small fresh people.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 6: Ecovas

    Ecovas is a real famous family with a strong substantial resources and a huge family. It is a real giant family. Merely through possessing the background of the Ecovas family, it already has a high title. If it doesn’t have actions, you don’t move, it will affect thousands of people. The leading domestic and international influence is her biggest selling point. However, the aristocratic daughter is obviously not suitable for household chores and its level of intelligence and cleaning ability still need to be improved.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 7: Haier

    The neighboring family has a girl who grows up in the first place. She is a well-known person who has high autonomy and can sweep automatically and achieve automatic recharge. Haier robot vacuum cleaners work hard. Their cleaning ability are not bad. But Haier is like a girl that always stays at home and don’t know too much about the outside world. Its popularity has affected its influence.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 8: Panasonic

    Panasonic Corporation’s name reverberates like thunder, and the name of Panasonic’s robot vacuum cleaner is not as famous as its own brother’s name. But the tiger father has no dog girl, and conscience Panasonic robot vacuum cleaners are not bad.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 9: U Life

    U life’s machine is as famous as its name, it is graceful and exquisite so it is naturally popular among consumers.

    Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking Top 10: Samsung

    Samsung is the cross-border cooperation between robot brand mobile phone manufacturers and robot vacuum cleaners. We should expect how much for this combination of different boundaries? We should only hope that Samsung will have a better performance and will not explode randomly. So we put Samsung at last in this ranking to show some respect for it.

    Life is a long road and the robot vacuum cleaners are like the light in the dark. Not everything will go with the wind and the energy will not exhaust with time. Peaceful life and peaceful world need a suitable robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners brand rankings, Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner improves itself from inside and outside and wins the champion. Wanjin oil millet follows tightly behind Liectroux. Flowers of every kind are in bloom and finally they will benefit our chosen master. The world changes. The thing that never changes is our pursuit for quality. change of the world, the constant is the pursuit of quality, the improvement of the quality of life thanks to the birth of these products. A ranking, a life, an experience, everything is the best arrangement.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
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    Country: Germany

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    The tempered glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 assures powerful protection by world’s strongest glass yet without compromising on screen clarity.

    San Diego, CA – August 16, 2018 – Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users looking for best protection of their smartphone screen need not look further. Leading smartphone accessory maker GPEL has recently released world’s strongest tempered glass screen protector for the new Samsung model. Backed by advanced design to sustain an extreme lifestyle, the new screen protector has guaranteed to protect the screen from virtually anything one may throw at it.

    The state of the art screen protector is manufactured with Japanese Asahi glass which has been treated with specialized chemical tempering to produce the strongest protective glass texture. GPEL has used REAL tempered glass which has proven to protect a phone from extreme external damages and scratches. 

    “We are excited to bring to you our new tempered glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this month. Akin to our previous screen protectors, the new one too promises impenetrable protection for your smartphone screen. From sudden drops to accidental thuds, our cutting edge screen protector will save your prized Note 9 from any harsh impact”, stated a leading spokesperson from GPEL.

    GPEL has designed the screen protector slightly smaller than original screen size to assure easy compatibility with most of the phone cases. 

    One of the main USPs of the new screen protector package is an easy installation tray that makes installation a breeze. One would just need to place the tray on the device and then lay down the screen protector. A gentle press around the edges of screen protector will secure it firmly on top of the phone and once the screen protector is set – you can safely take out the installation tray. 

    But would the screen protector hamper the touch sensitivity of the phone? The spokesperson refuted all such apprehensions and guaranteed no compromise on the touch functions at any point. 

    “Thanks to its state of the art ultra-thin base thickness and round edges, our new screen protector is able to safeguard your device without compromising on any clarity on the screen experience. Moreover, our screen protector sports a special oleophobic coating that prevents excessive stains and fingertips and makes the protector simple to clean.”

    The new GPEL tempered glass Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen protector is launched in the market with 3 main versions- 1 pack, 2 pack and Privacy Anti-Spy version. The third version is equipped with a special 2-way privacy screen which renders a 60 degree field of view right in front of the screen to keep unwanted adjacent viewers at bay.  

    “Our edgy Privacy Anti-spy version is just the thing that you will need to thwart screen hackers. It will conveniently block the unwanted views from unnecessarily curious people nearby so that you can check your phone in a safe environment.”

    GPEL extends a 30 day cash back guarantee on Galaxy Note 9 screen protector.

    For more information or to buy the screen protector, please visit: 

    1 Pack:

    2 Pack:


    Media Contact
    Company Name: GPEL
    Contact Person: Kevin James
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1-858-405-6012
    Address:7875 Highlands Village Place Suite B102-345
    City: San Diego
    State: California 92129
    Country: United States

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    Browse and compare hundreds of online courses with ease.
    The market is changing; jobs that were only dreams a few years ago are now a reality. And these jobs need qualified employees to fill them. Individuals looking for future proof UK careers will need to make sure their skill sets are in alignment with what the market will demand.

    The market is changing; jobs that were only dreams a few years ago are now a reality. And these jobs need qualified employees to fill them. Individuals looking for future proof UK careers will need to make sure their skill sets are in alignment with what the market will demand.

    The Future of Work: Jobs and Skills in 2030 — a collaborative report between the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, Z Punkt The Foresight Company, and The Centre for Research in Futures and Innovations — noted that “Technological growth, and the accompanying changes in business models, make the continuous adaptation of skill sets absolutely fundamental for successful participation in the labour market.”

    Just what are these skills? What do emerge workers need to maintain or gain employment in this ever-growing and changing space? is in the business of discovering what growing industries in the UK are looking for, and how individuals in the job market can both acquire and benefit from those skills. Through partnerships with some of the UK’s best online course providers and thorough analysis of reports like the one mentioned above, experts at CoursesOnline have compiled a list of the top five skill sets employers want to see when seeking out new employees to keep up with the growing demands of the market.

    Critical Thinking and Complex Problem-Solving

    While many businesses will become more reliant on technology and automation may take over some current tasks, technology can’t keep up with the critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities of humans (at least not yet). The careers of the future will be looking for critical thinking, analytical and analysis skills.


    Like critical thinking, creativity is another skill that isn’t ready to be taken on by computers.  Employers are, and will be, seeking individuals capable of thinking outside the box or creating original content, concepts and ideas.


    The rise of technology is a boon for those interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM careers will be in high demand for years to come and are projected to grow at a solid pace.

    Interpersonal Skills

    This tried-and-true skill will be essential for success in the modern labour market. Communication, collaboration, and empathy are incredibly beneficial for establishing and fostering a high performance and well-functioning team.

    New(er) Technology

    With the rise of tech dominating the work force, employers will need workers who understand how to evolve alongside their equipment. The ability to learn and adapt to technological advancements and trends will be key. Entering the workforce with a core set of skills in this area will provide the foundation needed for future success.

    Gain the Skills You Need for the Career You Want

    Just as growing technology is changing the labour market, so also is it changing the education scene. Online courses are a great solution for the already-employed to work towards a new market or for the current student to balance work, life, and education.

    Information is valuable, and in this modern age those that are willing to learn have the perfect tools to gain an advantage in today’s market. CoursesOnline is one of the leading online educational resources, providing a broad range of IT courses to choose from, allowing individuals eager to bolster their skill sets the opportunity to do so on their own time.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Courses Online
    Contact Person: Jesse N.
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (+44) (0)20 8798 0974
    Address:160 City Road
    City: London EC1V 2NX
    Country: United Kingdom

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    The best online course selection in the UK. Easily search over hundreds of high quality courses to improve or learn new skill sets.
    From hi-tech machinery and self-driving cars, to advanced algorithms and software, virtually every aspect of our lives deals with technology in one way or another. As we might expect, UK businesses are evolving to meet the growing demands of this technologically advanced future, and universities are rising to the challenge of educating our workforce.

    We live in a digital age. Education, business, and personal life intermingle and grow on cloud-based programs and social media. From hi-tech machinery and self-driving cars, to advanced algorithms and software, virtually every aspect of our lives deals with technology in one way or another. As we might expect, UK businesses are evolving to meet the growing demands of this technologically advanced future, and universities are rising to the challenge of educating our workforce.

    IT Skills: a rise in demand

    A quick look at the IT industry is all that’s needed to know that growth in technology means a corresponding rise in the demand for IT skills. Demand has increased 98% over five years as the workforce scrambles to evolve with the latest technology. Through classes or certifications, individuals in the UK can get a foot in the door with any company by attaining the skill sets that are most sought after.

    Regardless of vocation, IT skills are in high demand in virtually every occupation, from basic technology skills for intra-company communication, to higher level engineering and developing. For example, the Microsoft Office suite, Slack and other technologies are a common staple in even the most introductory levels of positions in any field of work.

    Developing Skill Sets: where can UK processionals turn to

    IT courses are often the first step towards securing a rewarding career and stable salary in the UK job market. IT is quickly rising to be one of the most valued industries and skill sets globally, and is marked to continue in importance in years to come.

    Yet, a common question among professionals seeking to bolster their IT skills is which IT course to choose from?  Professionals or entry level individuals can start with an introductory course in IT, readily available online from top tier IT course providers such as

    Level 3 IT courses are the highest desired, but jumping straight into the deep end is generally inadvisable as most individuals will first need to establish a solid foundational level of skill before progressing further. A great place to start is a course on Microsoft Office Suite. Used in universities, households, and businesses on a daily basis, a thorough understanding can unlock a whole new level of functionality and looks great on a resume or CV.

    Individuals or professionals interested in IT courses should look into flexible and highly effective providers such as IT Courses Online in the UK. Courses Online partners with leading universities throughout the UK to offer a robust and easily searched database of IT courses for all skill levels, helping to facilitate the learning of new skills that are both valuable and essential to today’s technology driven market.

    Explore the offerings at Courses Online today and develop the skills needed to secure a job in the UK’s five future-proof careers: Nurse Practitioner, Software and Systems Developer, Accountant, Computer and Information Systems Manager, or Hospitality Managers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Courses Online
    Contact Person: Jesse N.
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    Phone: (+44) (0)20 8798 0974
    Address:160 City Road
    City: London EC1V 2NX
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Enterprise level email, phone and data verification and appending.
    With email, phone and traditional postal marketing on the rise, the need for proper email hygiene, email list validation and other data enhancement and appending services has risen in tandem. Verifications has recently launched an affiliate program to help keep up with this demand.

    Almost as old as the internet, email as a service has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the years. Yet despite the treasure trove of marketing channels and new communication mediums available, email still reigns supreme for business communications and best value for your dollar marketing.

    Last year alone, email was utilized by more than 3 billion individuals across the globe, meaning over 50% of the entire world’s population engages in the use of email. With such a broad adoption rate and reach, organizations failing to utilize email as part of their marketing mix are missing out on a valuable touch point in their customer’s buying journey. – enterprise data appending, verification and more

    With email, phone and traditional postal marketing on the rise, the need for proper email hygiene, email list validation and other data enhancement and appending services has risen in tandem. is an enterprise leader in email data, spam trap removal, hygiene, appending and more for phone, email and postal data.

    With their easy drag and drop bulk uploading options, automated “threat removal” (i.e. honeypots and spam traps), and comprehensive reporting, it’s no wonder they’ve grown to earn one of the best reputation in the business.

    New Affiliate Program Set to Hit the Stage

    With their continued success has come the development of a new affiliate program set to hit the stage, allowing marketers and customers alike to refer others to their platform and services earning them a fee in the process.

    This new affiliate program is expected to grow Verifications core market while affording others an opportunity to get in on the action and earn income from doing the same.

    ROI of Email

    As compared to other marketing channels and mediums, email shines bright as a beacon of predictable growth, sales and revenue per dollar spent. Research has demonstrated that for every marketing dollar spent on email, the sender NETs an average ROI of $38, which equates to a staggering 3800% return on monies spent.

    Email Marketing is Only as Good as the List it’s Sent to

    However, unlike other forms of advertising, email is unique in that the actual emails utilized for campaigns can greatly impact the overall campaign in unexpected ways.

    For example, with traditional advertising if you show an advert to one individual it will not have any downstream impact on that same ad shown to a separate unique person. With email, if you send an email to an invalid email that bounces, that bounce can impact your IP reputation and deliverability of future emails, potentially even getting your IP blacklisted.

    This is, in part, why email validation is so critically important, and by enterprise email verification and email list hygiene services like those from are so important.

    Predictable and Sustainable Growth

    Companies in search of predictable growth and impressive ROIs should consider email marketing as part of their current marketing mix. However, campaigns are only as good as the data behind them. can help make sure the data utilized is clean, correct, and free from threats while also offering the opportunity to append for further targeting.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Verifications
    Contact Person: Vlad Strelkov
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (877) 697-2889
    Country: United States

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    Our vision with TechGig Virtual Campus League (VCL) is to create a level-playing field for all engineering students and graduates, and offer them a fair chance to showcase their skills. While the IT industry is grappling with scarcity of employable talent, TechGig VCL acts as the perfect platform for industry to find talent, and for graduates to benchmark themselves against the best talent, said Ramathreya Kishnamurthy, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig
    TechGig Virtual Campus League is back with its second edition, offering multiple opportunities for technology students and IT graduates to assess and showcase their skills. Prizes worth Rs 2 Lakh are up for grabs, along with internship and job opportunities with global technology firms. Details here…

    August 17, 2018, New Delhi: In a VUCA world, where it is difficult for job seekers to reach top employers directly; it is equally difficult for employers to reach competent talent as most times they get swayed away by factors as educational pedigree, or campus placement commitments. It is more pertinent in the IT industry where time and again employers raise questions about employability of fresh talent.

    In such a scenario, it is important to have a platform where fresh talent can be assessed purely on merit basis not by pedigree, and which gives a fair chance for competent freshers to get in touch with recruiters.

    Sensing this, TechGig – India’s leading IT learning platform, and brand behind world’s biggest coding competition Code Gladiators – had launched Virtual Campus League (VCL)- a coding contest, exclusively for IT undergraduates. TechGig VCL is a platform to tackle talent assessment and benchmarking concerns, to bring talent and employers directly in touch with each other.

    Last year, 32,000 IT college students and freshers registered at the maiden edition of TechGig Virtual Campus League 2017. In the first edition itself, more than 1,200 colleges participated – all in a bid to benchmark their students’ skills and job-readiness, in comparison to their peers. As TechGig Virtual Campus League announced its 2018 season, this competition is expected to become fiercer and tougher.

    In its second edition this year – TechGig’s Virtual Campus League 2018 – is bigger, and promises more action. Announcing the launch of this year’s edition, Ramathreya Kishnamurthy, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig said, “Our vision with TechGig Virtual Campus League (VCL) is to create a level-playing field for all engineering students and graduates, and offer them a fair chance to showcase their skills. We call it ‘democratisation of the fresher hiring process’. At a time when the IT industry is grappling with scarcity of employable talent, TechGig VCL acts as the perfect platform for industry to find talent, and for graduates to benchmark themselves against the best talent”.

    In the first edition 32,000 college students and freshers participated. Of these 1,550+ students belonged from Tier I institutes including prestigious organisations as IITs, NITs, IIITs, BITs, DCE, VIT & NSIT. Last year, the recruiting partners included Delhivery, Amadeus, Bizangels, Times Internet, CoHo, Caratlane, and alike companies.

    The participation is open for second, third and fourth year engineering students as well. The entire competition is online and have three skill tests – Score Booster, Chance Booster and Practice. Chance Booster is a unique opportunity to test and showcase essential work-skills like communication, value-structure, personality etc.

    VCL offers prizes worth Rs 2 Lakhs, along with numerous internship opportunities with leading IT companies. Participants will also get e-certificates citing their ‘All India Rank’, that will help get students get recognised by prospective employers.  

    All details are available at  


    TechGig is a culmination of everything related to technology, a platform exclusively for IT professionals to synergize, share, exchange ideas, facts and information as well as showcase their work and express their views on the vast repertoire that the IT industry encompasses. Garnering cutting-edge insights, jobs, reviews and news, as well as providing a platform for connecting with colleagues and peers are the mainstay of TechGig.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TechGig
    Contact Person: Neha Singh Verma
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +91 9999652048
    Country: India

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    321 Web Marketing – Web Marketing Agency

    Fairfax, Virginia – August 17, 2018 – 321 Web Marketing, a NOVA insurance marketing agency, recently published a blog post explaining the importance of local SEO for insurance agencies. By using local SEO, insurance agencies can inform people who live in the agency’s service area about the services and insurance products available to them.

    Most digital marketing techniques can easily be used to target potential clients near and far, and search engine optimization is no different. Through careful research and planning, insurance agencies can develop a marketing plan that helps them connect with residents in the surrounding area. Using local SEO can make your site more visible and also position your agency as an industry leader within your service area.

    There are several local SEO techniques that can boost your site’s visibility. Content marketing based on keyword usage of potential clients in your target area can help increase the site’s ranking on search engine results pages, improving traffic and helping your site appear more credible. Accurate online citations — or online listings of your agency’s name, address, and phone number, make it easy for potential clients and search engines alike to find and trust your business. It’s also important to manage online reviews, as having a large amount of both positive and negative reviews helps prove your business’s authenticity to search engines. To further boost rankings, your website should be mobile-friendly and contain accurate, descriptive meta descriptions so that clients and search engines understand what they can expect to see on a page before they even click on the link. Finally, the effectiveness of all of these techniques should be monitored to determine their success and make changes if necessary. By setting measurable goals and tracking your agency’s progress in achieving them, you can strengthen your marketing efforts.

    Consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you develop and implement your local SEO marketing plan. 321 Web Marketing is a Northern Virginia-based agency that specializes in helping local businesses get the attention of new clients in their community. The agency can create content, update websites, and monitor the progress of a campaign to ensure that your insurance agency continues to grow.

    For more information or to schedule a free insurance marketing consultation, call 321 Web Marketing at 703-810-7557 or visit The agency is headquartered at 3925 Old Lee Highway, Suite 53-C, Fairfax, VA 22030.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: 321 Web Marketing
    Contact Person: Alex Caruso
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 703 762 2100
    Address:11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 360
    City: Fairfax
    State: Virginia
    Country: United States

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    Santa Fe, NM, USA – indieOn Inc.(indieOn™) is excited to announce the release of its music currency NDI to bring blockchain technology to the music sharing economy.

    Using a consensus platform allowing indieOn App subscribers to listen and vote on music selections in return for NDI tokens. 

    indieOn is confident of creating a “music miner” who listens more and grow their Token value. 

    The indieOn protocol is based on a decentralize ecosystem and revolutionize the music sharing economy industry. Chain of custody and smart wallets solve critical problems for musicians in marketing, managing and monetizing their creative talent. 

    The global music sharing industry commands a market size of nearly $14 billion as of 2017. The industry continues to grow; however, persistent problems remain for musicians and listeners alike. indieOn’s protocols intend to resolve the following four major pain points:

    • ● Protection of musician identity and rights
    • ● Token reward system for frequent users known as “music miners” who listen and vote on music
    • ● Immersive and more intimate entertainment experience for listeners
    • ● Higher levels of remuneration and faster payout for musicians.

    Blockchain provides the foundation of a genuine peer-to-peer sharing economy by providing a trusted transaction platform with no intermediaries. Using blockchain technology to run a sharing-economy ecosystem means no central authority is needed.

    IndieOn has these interlocking components:

    A digital platform for artists to market, manage and monetize creative content, media, and merchandise.

    A music token (NDI) allowing participants to store value and make purchases in the indieOn App.

    A truly intimate experience for listeners, viewers, and purchasers of artist’s creative content.

    A consensus platform creating music

    Revenue generation and licensing agreements with numerous industry advertisers; miners who listen, vote, are rewarded.

    Dr. Micah Hale Managing Partner of indieOn commented, “indieOn is positioned to disrupt the music sharing economy by working with existing partners in the industry and growing the ecosystem by inviting industry partners and other businesses to join. This innovative approach in building a sharing economy ecosystem will make indieOn a leading provider in this growing space.”

    The company also announced that Phoenix Arizona based Black Dog Venture Partners has been retained as a strategic advisor.

    Music fans, artists and labels can learn more and download the indieOn app by visiting

    Follow indieOn on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Music Talkers
    Contact Person: Andrew Braithwaite
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    Phone: +44 (0)161 818 6487
    Country: United States

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    August 20, 2018 – Fernando Uilherme Barbosa de Azevedo, ethical hacker and partner of Silicon Minds, a company specialized in Online Reputation and Digital Marketing just launched 4 books about tech on Amazon this year. 

    Online Reputation Management Secrets 

    What is done right, what could be done wrong in online reputation management. News, blog posts, social media posts and even pictures can influence your online reputation on search engines and social media threads. This a new problem that parents and PR managers may not be fully prepared to deal with. On this book, legal and legitime strategies and tools will be shared to manage online reputation management for cyberbullying cases, business men, celebrities, politicians and companies. 

    The Fake News Dirty Business 

    This books shows the backstage of the internet that create fake news. The massive information generated with our internet life can be used to manipulate our actions and when it comes to purchase influence, point of view to influence an upcoming election and can we even influence our values and morals. 

    Hackers Exposed 

    This book goes over many types of cybercrime and some famous cases. This book will show how hackers work, why they do it, how they make money and some ways we can take to avoid falling into those types of cybercrime. 

    How to defend from cyberbullies and trolls 

    Many parents didn’t know about the risks of cyberbullying so they couldn’t teach their children the dangers of the internet. In this book, Fernando wants to show exactly how to deal with these modern problems. From the point of view of a computer scientist, web developer and an online reputation company manager, he wants to teach how to prevent, mitigate, report, clean and manage a situation like this. 

    According to the author, who is also a web developer instructor, he has been gathering resources for these books since 2014, adding his experience on his work and saving news related to the books. The goals of the book is to educate people for all the internet dangers so they can protect themselves and their families. 

    Fernando Azevedo is an electronic, electrical and industrial engineer. He is a MBA graduate. He is a web developer, ethical hacker, link building specialist and a programming instructor for over 8 years. His first startup won a prize for new technologies. He published his first book at age 27 “Macros for Excel hands-on” by publisher Campus/Elsevier. Fernando has been featured as a specialist in his field in many news media sites like Forbes, The Entrepreneur, TechStars and many other Brazilian sites. 

    According to Fernando, he is revealing many valuable insights and secrets from his work and research and also save you a lot of time to handle stress with internet related issues.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ybus/Silicon Minds
    Contact Person: Fernando Azevedo
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 4153167363
    Address:55 SW 9th St Brickell Heights, 1001 West Tower
    City: MIAMI
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    Patrick de Potter, CEO of EVA.IO, announces to launch an electric vehicle platform. This decentralized platform will have an all new EVA token to run its eco-system.

    In this blockchain eco-system, each electric vehicle functions as a node. In other words, each electric vehicle owner with the EVA.IO platform installed will be giving output to the blockchain. The output of each nodes is from car-generated data. By monetizing vehicle data, users will earn EVA tokens, which they could potentially earn up to 15 USD in value per day. The trading of data and tokens play a key role in the eco-system.

    The EVA.IO platform will become a crypto-wallet and an essential payment tool for user activity. Eventually when vehicles are driverless, and vehicles are accessing services such as charging stations, EVA.IO can possibly play a big role in the self-paying system.

    To keep a secure system, EVA.IO introduces the dual structure of DAG & Blockchain. This type of structure allows the system to maintain payment speed, and at the same time ensure a decentralized system.

    Patrick dissected this concept for those interested during EVA.IO’s first road show in Breda, Netherlands, on August 15th. “The emergence of these platforms will surely increase competition in business models,” Patrick strongly advocates while giving the presentation about blockchain technology, crypto-currency, and electric vehicle to EV enthusiasts on Wednesday night.

    There are currently a lot of testing on cryptocurrency blockchain systems. Patrick strongly believes that tokens are necessary to the Blockchain eco-system. Tokens will be the means for transferring value and incentives on the eco-system – such as charging stations.

    The current EVA.IO team members are former Tesla employees, including software engineers and vehicle engineers. In addition to that, most of the team members are from the Netherlands, sharing the same country base as the Tesla Europe headquarters and main production.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: EVAIO foundation
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: Rotterdam
    Country: Netherlands

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    Revolutionary Blockchain project, GemVault, announced its world-wide release on 8th August in Hong Kong. GemVault is the world’s first platform for the digital transactions of precious gemstones across the Blockchain.

    Dr. Kithsiri Dissanayaka, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewelry Association, together with Ms Sunarsih Krisfilia, the Director of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, and Professor David Chau, Founder of Hong Kong Blockchain Lab, were guest speakers for the event.

    BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes were also present as VIP guest, and talked candidly about his optimism for asset-based blockchain Token.

    The event also marked the milestone for GemVault’s strategic alliances with Malaysia, Europe MBW Cryptocurrency Exchange and Hong Kong Blockchain Lab.

    About GemVault:

    GemVault is a marketplace and platform on which the fine gemstones of the world have been placed on the Blockchain and able to be traded digitally for the first time. These assets are available in a global exchange whereby ownership can be transferred from person to person or institution to institution.

    GemVault utilizes its X-Squared technology to power its GemPay system, a QR code-based system that will allow all assets traded on the platform to be used as payment to merchants and any other provider of services.

    • GemVault is a gemstone blockchain system
    • a project with comprehensive support from the government
    • real asset-based blockchain system
    • a revolutionary trading system for gemstone industry
    • simplifies trading process
    • represents a brand-new milestone for the industry
    • provides a simple and secure trading platform for the general public
    • Precious stones provide security and long-term appreciation, suitable for those who prefer lower risks in investment

    For more information about GemVault and its innovative and inclusive approach to gemstones, please visit

    For media enquiries, kindly contact Don Jayamaha at

    Hong Kong Blockchain Lab (BCL) is a global Blockchain ecosystem with a core network of payment system technology backed by online banking, e-wallet and consumer payment channels. It is supported by a substantial community. BCL’s HQ is in Hong Kong, with an Operation centre in Shanghai and R&D centre in Malaysia.


    X-Squared (X2) is what can be understood as ‘an exchange of exchanges’. The problem in today’s crypto market is that everyone with the technical knowledge can create their own coin, but because of this proliferation the exchanges that list them can easily discriminate against this or that coin being given a marketplace to trade against other cryptos.

    With X2 technology, individuals and companies/groups alike can have access to their own market that will trade a minimum of BTC, ETH, and their own native token. This gives every project the opportunity to make a name for themselves, get their trading volumes up, and prove to the market that there is a desire for their project amongst investors, traders, and speculators.

    In addition, trades executed on ‘Exchange A’ can potentially be settled on ‘Exchange Q’ if there is such an opportunity as determined by X2’s trade matching algorithm. This increases the liquidity for all exchanges and coins involved. This is a benefit to all buyers and sellers in the market. Whereas there are some projects that are attempting to allow for one common account to trade across all current exchanges, a ‘top-down’ approach, X2 will generate hundreds and even thousands of exchanges and allow for mutual trading between them, a ‘bottom-up’ approach, which will increase liquidity for everyone involved.


    GemPay is a QR-based payment system that will leverage the architecture of X2 to allow for any coin traded on the platform to be used as a settlement currency for payments to fiat. This means that potentially thousands of crypto-currencies will immediately be able to be used as real payment in the real world.

    This is truly a step towards bringing crypto-currency payments to the masses. Merchants don’t need to worry about being selective in terms of which crypto-currencies they are willing to accept. Once they integrate GemPay, they will be able to accept thousands without needing to do extra work or worry about what the newest ‘hot coin’ is. It also allows crypto project managers to expand the reach and utility of their coin very quickly.


    Donald Ho
    852 2898 8306

    Hong Kong Blockchain Lab

    Don Jayamaha
    +852 2898 8306

    GemVault Ltd

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GemVault
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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