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    Dubai, UAE – Tkeycoin is pleased to announce the upcoming global launch of the world’s latest innovative blockchain cryptocurrency. The launch, which is scheduled to appear in January 2019, will unveil one of the most innovative blockchain cryptocurrencies on the global market. 

    The Tkeycoin platform is a simple and decentralized way to exchange money with the lowest fees in the world. “That’s always been our goal and it will remain this way into the future,” says Pavel, founder of Tkeycoin. “We want to make cryptocurrencies understandable and available to everyone.”

    Tkeycoin commenced work on their cryptocurrency in October 2017. According to their website, Tkeycoin was developed by a professional team of engineers, mathematicians, enthusiast and dreamers and is specifically designed to be decentralized, scalable, peer-to-peer, and quantum stable. 

    “Our platform uses a Proof-of-Work algorithm that is ultra fast and ultra stable,” says Pavel. “It is capable of handling thousands of transactions and stays stable against double-spending, egoistic mining and DDoS attacks.”

    It is this innovative decentralized wallet system that sets Tkeycoin apart from other cryptocurrencies. “Decentralization is one of the most important features that makes our product unique from traditional e-money,” Pavel states. “No organization in the world controls the Tkeycoin platform, which means no one can tell you what to do with your savings. You can transfer money around the globe, buy your favorite goods in your favorite store, and even cash your exchanges in international markets.”

    “What’s even more impressive is that with Tkeycoin there are no blocks (keep any amounts and any timeframes), no sanctions (access in any country from any device, and no control (anonymous and fast transfers).”

    Tkeycoin users can also mine the web for its product, no matter where they live. To mine, users can utilize their own home PC or specialized equipment. The company provides a comprehensive manual to assist investors or platform users with this application.

    Tkeycoin has a highly active social media community of trusted investors on Facebook, Instagram, and Vkontakte.

    Video Link:

    For more information about Tkeycoin, or to become an investor with this new global cryptocurrency, please visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Tkeycoin
    Contact Person: Pavel
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    Doylestown, PA – Contour Data Solutions is a locally owned and operated data management company who is in the process of growing and expanding rapidly as demand for their specialist services continues to rise.

    The data management company is executing an aggressive expansion plan, with the latest development being the pursuit of new clients starting in the final quarter of 2018 and moving into 2019. Data has always been critical to the success of any business, but perhaps never as important as in today’s market, with data growth at an all-time high.

    Business owners regardless of size need to ensure their data is adequately protected, secured and backed up in the event that data becomes corrupted or unavailable. Data breaches have become an everyday occurrence, which is why businesses of all sizes need to ensure their data is always secure and always available.

    For information on their cloud services visit:

    “We take data management and security very seriously, and we have some of the best specialists in the industry helping our customers develop end-to-end data management solutions,” said a spokesperson for Contour Data Solutions. “We continually invest in our employees and our technology so our customers can focus on scaling their business instead of managing day-to-day IT.” 

    Contour Data Solutions is a locally owned and operated data management company. They are one of the fastest growing, Philadelphia-based technology companies, and their amazing team is at the center of everything they do. Their philosophy is simple: get it done. They specialize in Data Management Solutions, Cloud IT Solutions, Managed IT Services and IT Consulting Services.

    For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Contour Data Solutions
    Contact Person: Samantha G.
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (484) 235-5143
    Address:8 Neshaminy Interplex Dr #102
    City: Feasterville-Trevose
    State: PA
    Country: United States

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    Las Vegas, NV – The impact of technology on the business world cannot be underestimated. Technology has streamlined many business processes and has increased data transfer, leading to ever-increasing speed of business transactions. With the help of IT consulting and counseling services, companies and organizations are able to leverage technology to grow their businesses. In view of this, Ryan Van Wagenen is offering IT consulting for companies and organizations to maximize the power of technology.

    Ryan Van Wagenen is a technology consultant in Nevada with many varied areas of expertise. Since childhood, Ryan has had an incredible passion for technology. His passion and ardent zeal to understand technology moved him to the field of technology consulting after he completed professional courses in IT. Having worked in the field for several years, he decided to establish a new company to serve a wide variety of business segments with IT consulting needs. 

    In today’s hyper-connected world, companies and organizations need technology more than ever. However, even though they need technology to facilitate their processes, it does not mean they should just be doing anything with any technology. There is a need for proper IT evaluation, consideration, and recommendations before application. This is where an IT consultant comes in handy.

    An IT consultant helps companies and organizations to make technology their friend instead of an enemy and then aligns them with the relevant technology to improve customer service, product development, inventory management, accounting, cash flow management, operations management, and improving customer experiences. With the right guidance and support, IT would become the real profit center of the business.

    “Numerous organizations and businesses are now seeking out technology consulting. This is the reason that they need the latest and updated technological expertise available that in-house personnel might not be capable of offering,” says Ryan. “Another example is a particular bank which already employs a computer programmer, webmaster, and other technology-related staff. We know that the bank may also contact consulting firms. This is done in order to establish secure solutions for online banking on their site. A technology consultant can advise in all these areas.”

    The following outlines the expertise of Ryan Van Wagenen which qualifies him to provide top-notch IT solutions to small, medium, and large companies. He also provides IT services for NGOs as well. 

    • Innovation Architecture and Integration, IT Delivery and Project Management, Budgeting and Cost Control, information technology risk management

    • SMB/SME IT procedure and counseling, arranging and streamlining, working with the best practices to accomplish the business goals through right IT frameworks coordination

    • Specialized arrangements methodology, arranging and improvement, having wide innovative (equipment, programming, and correspondences) comprehension and mastery

    • Key investigation and counseling, efficient and systematic way to deal with arranging, sorting out, and executing innovation answers for organizations and ventures.

    • Business goals centred administration aptitudes in fields, for example, arrangement technique, advancement, conveyance, change, task, and support for IT anticipates of any size

    • Wide IT and Telecom business space information and seeing, effectively versatile to new innovations and improvements with quick learning and understanding cycle

    • Relationship administration abilities with leaders, partners, supports, supporters, clients and clients, innovation providers, merchants and accomplices

    Ryan Van Wagenen is located at 3993 Howard Hughes Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89169. Contact him via phone at
    (702) 570-6226 if you would like to discuss working with him and his firm.

    For additional information, support and booking, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ryan Van Wagenen
    Contact Person: Tim Porter
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (702) 570-6226
    Address:3993 Howard Hughes Parkway
    City: Las Vegas
    State: Nevada
    Country: United States

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    Paris, France – On October 2 2018, Usbepower launched a Kickstarter campaign for ICON Genius, a 54W (10.8A) 6-in1 charger that can power up six devices simultaneously, up to three times faster than a regular charger.

    “For travel, working out, communication, health, and fun, technology is fully part of our life, but how do we manage to keep it all powered up?” the creators asked, “Today’s challenge is not doing something but having the battery to do it! Usbepower has achieved the impossible: to offer a compact, powerful and elegant object, able to simultaneously and quickly charge all your devices.”

    This perfect combination of technology and design will help you tidy up your chargers once and for all. The ICON Genius charging cube will help you organize your work space or area where you use and charge your devices most, so you never have to go deviceless because of an uncharged battery again.

    Thanks to its dynamic charge management, ICON Genius automatically detects your device to deliver the maximum power appropriate. All devices compatible with Qi technology are charged up to two times faster thanks to its 10W capacity.

    You can add up to six devices at the same time without losing any power and there are two universal outlets compatible with plugs from 150 countries. The wireless pack available on Kickstarter also includes a Wireless Pad (10W, Aluminum adjustable dock).

    From an idea to a concrete project, it took Usbepower, a French startup, almost two years to develop ICON Genius. Now they are turning to the Kickstarter community for help getting this innovative charging block into the hands of those who need it most.

    “What an amazing first week,” said the team, “Thanks to our backers, we just reached 50% and we can’t wait to continue. With ICON Genius, you live, we charge!”

    In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of limited rewards including one ICON Genius starting at €39 (approximately $44 USD) for Super Early Bird backers, a Wireless Pack for €94, and more. Backers can also pledge $109 for a Duo Pack or €479 for the Luxury 5 Pack. A one-year warranty is also offered on all pledges.

    For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

    Social Media: @usbepower

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Usbepower
    Contact Person: Ben
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +1 347 753 82 52
    Country: France

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    Detroit, MI – The goal of local businesses is to get more customers to visit their shop and make purchases. In view of this, they use sales promotions like coupons, specials, and many others to entice customers to make a purchase. These messages are often sent via print and electronic media. ISight Media has an advanced way for local businesses to attract more customers through an app resident on all Android phones named Nearby and the Physical Web app for  IOS.

    The mobile marketing industry has been growing steadily. Website visits and social media penetration has been soaring steadily as a result of people using smartphones. The growth in the digital world has actually been driven by the mobile market. But how can local businesses leverage the mobile phone to directly market their offers to customers nearby? Google introduces Nearby Notifications & the Physical Web.

    On all modern Android phones there is an app, Nearby which connects the dots between the digital world and the physical world. By sending engaging content to customers’, businesses are able to drive traction and eventually make people buy products and services. Nearby scans the Google Play service for nearby smart beacons. When a smartphone is detected a long range smart beacon broadcast and leaves a message on the notification bar when a customer gets nearby a shop. Since customers are near the shop, they are more likely to make purchases.

    For an Android user to receive Nearby Notifications requires Bluetooth and location on. At the same time, ISight Media installs one of their Low Bluetooth Energy (BLE) smart beacons to the business’s location, design advertising listing, and activates the destination link into the smart device. Nearby notifications are then sent to users—that are nearby the shop. The user then opens the notification, clicks the URL, and gets redirected to the business’ broadcasted content.

    “Our long range 1000m smart beacons allow for 10 url campaigns and can broadcast ibeacon, URL & UID simultaneously. Think of marketing & sales opportunities for a local merchant,” says Clarence Murphy, the spokesperson of the company.

    Nearby Notifications removes the printing of coupons and expensive mailers, removes the cost of developing a new branded app while giving local merchants to ability to suggest upsells to improve sales. The notification campaign can broadcasts different offers based on the time of the day, Android only offers, security from phishing and link spoofing  and also can be scaled anytime. This means more customers and sales for local businesses.

    Nearby Notifications is helping many businesses send mobile messages to customers, engaging them and driving sales. Businesses only need a one-time installation, after which advertisement listing would be developed and sent periodically, daily to promote and market the business to the local customers. Contact ISight Media for more information, inquiries, and installations.

    ISight Media is located at 20001 James Couzens, Detroit MI. Contact them via phone at 313-228-3686, or via email at

    For additional information, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ISight Media
    Contact Person: Clarence Murphy
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 313-228-3686
    Address:20001 James Couzens
    City: Detroit
    State: Michigan
    Country: United States

    0 0 provides a catalogue of free raffle competitions that are still running, valid, and reliable. The thoroughly check the validity of the raffle to bring you the best and the rewarding experience. They catalogue games that have large prizes such as, winning a car, winning a trip, winning money, technology, or vouchers.

    Do you hope to get an extension on your pension? Perhaps, you hope to own your personal property? Maybe you simply want discounts on your next shopping spree. provides you with that and more. What exactly are sweepstake games? They’re no different than lucky draws, you enter some of your contact information to become a participant and hope for the best, all for free. Don’t worry if you’re new to this, answers all your concerns.

    The founder, Alexander Becker, describes it best, “By taking part in free sweepstakes, you have the chance to win different prizes without paying anything in advance. This distinguishes free gambling contests (e.g. football bets, roulette, etc.).” They guarantee raffles that originate from serious and reputable brands.

    The website, provides tips and tricks, along with plenty information to take part in their raffles. They advise their customers to take part in several sweepstakes at once to have a better chance of winning something. Alexander also warns participants to be willing to provide some sort of information so that lottery owners are able to contact them of their winnings or so that their participation is not categorized as invalid according to lottery owners. For this matter specifically, it is advised to create a separate e-mail ID.

    The best part about is that they do thorough checks of the raffles they view on their site. Some of their raffle categories include:

    • Vouchers, where you can enter to win up to a 1000 Euros for Amazon
    • Technology, where you can enter multiple competitions that can award you with numerous categories of gadgets such as food processors, smart phones, or even coffee machines
    • Money, where you can enter to win cash in hand or instant annuities
    • Trips, these raffles allow you compete for a dream vacation that you’ve probably been saving up for what seems like ages. You can easily enter a travel raffle and win a free trip to your dream destination instead.
    • Car, the most popular sweepstake that people participate in. Cars are expensive in today’s world and if you get lucky, you get a free car. For e.g. currently there is an ongoing BMW i3 and an Audi raffle.

    Hence, entering into multiple raffles at once will allow you to win many prizes of substance with the least amount of risk involved. However you should remember to keep your account information to yourself as raffles can change their rules and regulations even after being displayed on the website. allows you to win prizes online that could potentially change your life for the better, so hop on board and participate in the raffles viewed on the site.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BEtrakon®
    Contact Person: Alexander Becker
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +496987004641285
    Address:Am Langhölzl 19
    City: 85540 Haar bei München
    Country: Germany

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    At 10am New York Time on September 21st, 2018, in Manhattan Times Square, the large screen of NASDAQ, known by public opinion as “the First Screen in the World”, is changing with light and shadow. The 936-square-metre screen flashed a huge blue-white stripe of data security and a constantly surging stream of data – Datumesh, powerful public-chain technology of Europe will open its global layout.

    As the world’s financial center, New York is home to the business elite in the world every year. As the most prosperous commercial core area in New York, Times Square is known as “the crossroads of the world” and is a well-deserved wealth landmark in the world. Among them, semi-cylindrical large screen of NASDAQ has long been the best witness to international business trends and changes in the global pattern. What’s more, it is a stage for top enterprises and teams from all walks of life in the world.

    On the one hand, the appearance of Datumesh on the NASDAQ screen is a symbol of entering the global of this project. On the other hand, it pioneered a data-sharing blockchain project, which demonstrates its lofty position as a leader in the chain circle and shows the confidence and hope to reshape the data information network in the era of big data.

    Datumesh, as the most advanced public chain for sharing ecological data in Europe and even in the world, has already replaced its 3.275 billion distribution share worldwide after completing angel financing of the project in the middle of 2018, and has really achieved its leading position in the current chain circle.

    The core technology of Datumesh is developed by the top technology development team of Europe. The team and consultants are all core network engineers from the world’s top companies such as Microsoft and IBM, and have already received strong investment from several world’s top capitals and organizations from Andrew Capital and BBC in the early days of development. What’s more, its debut has attracted the attention and coverage of hundreds of mainstream media websites in the world such as Digital Journal, The Daily Herald, Yahoo Finance, Morningstar,, the American Morning News and so on. Whether from the innovation and technology of the project or from the strength of obtaining investment and external attention, Datumesh has created a new history of coin circles.

    Datumesh has taken a new approach in the era of big data popularity, aiming to break down barriers to data sharing and build a network for deep data sharing to reshape the data industry. All of its actions have always attracted global attention. Well-known U.S. TV Stations reported the recent landing of Datumesh on the NASDAQ large screen in depth. ABC even pointed out directly that it was the beginning of announcing its global layout of Datumesh on the NASDAQ screen. Since the video was launched, the number of hits has soared, which not only won the praise of professionals inside the chain, but also touched the hearts of the public.

    The large screen of “NASDAQ has the honor of showing the world how Datumesh reshapes the data industry. The powerful landing of Datumesh attracted more people to focus on the block chain, and it itself was also recognized as the public chain that started a new era in the chain circle…” Nightline reported. The colorful data stream in the video gushes out from Times Square, flows to the world and every individual, which not only represents the strong vitality and influence of the upcoming global strategy of Datumesh, but also symbolizes that the global data sharing network represented by Datumesh is being rapidly developed.

    “Big data is not mineral deposits, but soil. Open data are rivers on the land, where rivers flow, will breed a developed data civilization.” – Feng Zhongguo, supervisor of Asian Enthusiast Community, to explain the foundation of Datumesh by quoting the words of Tu Zipei, vice president of Alibaba.

    Today, data sharing in the era of big data is already facing the most pressing challenges – Security and Integrity. Security is mainly about the security of data storage and the privacy of data, while integrity is mainly about the compatibility and continuity of data in data interaction.

    It is against these pain points and limitations, Datumesh came into being. It relies on DAG consensus structure and Byzantine Fault Tolerance, IPFS interstellar file system, URI reuse, data interconnection between LOD release and RDF link mechanism, and zero knowledge proof technology system. Solve the sharing problem of all user identity attributes by building a public chain of ecological data sharing; At the same time, all the industry problems are solved by compressing the cost of data retrieval and the public chain of fragmented data storage. Finally, data sharing is realized.

    DAG structure and Byzantine Fault Tolerance reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of data storage on the chain through directed acyclic network and algorithm mechanism. At the same time, it can effectively prevent the double spending problem and guarantee the security of the system; On the basis of this consensus, Datumesh adopts IPFS interstellar file transfer system to realize distributed point-to-point data sharing, thus eliminating centralization and intermediary intervention; The data transmission process overcomes the problem of incompatible standards and reduces the storage cost with the help of URI reuse, LOD publishing and RDF linking mechanism; The use of zero knowledge proof in cryptography also solves many security problems in the process of data transmission and sharing, and develops the building module of privacy system.

    Datumesh is realizing the integration of block chain and database underlying technology to create a mature decentralized data sharing system. It does not have Global Interpreter Lock and fixed nodes to generate logs, which not only maintains the integrity and transparency of data, but also maintains block security by using Merkle Tree and mining inspection. Based on the use of the underlying technology of the block chain, Datumesh will eventually build a distributed and decentralized online data sharing and transmission platform on the chain by using intelligent mobile devices as terminals and carriers. At the same time, with the help of the traditional network platform, the innovative landing of its DAPP is realized.

    These are the mysteries of Datumesh.

    Let Business Angel go crazy, let hundreds of mainstream media in the world bow down, and let NASDAQ become the starting point of its global strategic layout. As the representative of the new era of coin circle, Datumesh is radiating its influence to the whole world step by step. The future has come, but it is not yet popular.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Datumesh
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: Tallinn
    Country: Estonia

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    With the smartphone industry growing larger every day, there is a increasing concern for the security of data on said mobile devices. The power of these devices is always increasing, as is the number of instant messaging software that can be installed on them. With the advent of these different types of messaging software, the need for security is a must.

    InnerGroup, a New York based social messaging platform was created to combat this disparity and to alleviate the concern for hack attacks, security breaches, or data losses. Santo Porpiglia, InnerGroup’s founder, believes that communication and privacy should be held in conjunction, and should not be accessible to third parties.

    It is not surprising to see popular texting platforms such as Facebook messenger and Whatsapp falter in the security aspect, whereas messaging apps like InnerGroup rise in popularity. For most people nowadays, their whole life is on their smartphone. It includes a plethora of personal information and data. With all this information on our smartphones, it makes it a goldmine for potential thieves. The risk of your messages being stolen has never been higher. In the words of Santo Porpiglia, “Texting should give you a sense of anonymity, not worry.”

    Part of InnerGroup’s appeal can be attributed to their heavy focus on encryption technologies. InnerGroup has taken the initiative to protect your data because they believe that your content is yours, and no one else’s. Additionally, the app consists of no ads whatsoever and no data is ever stored on their server. InnerGroup offers countless features including groups where members must request access to join. Anyone can create a group and send secure, encrypted text messages, videos, or photos without having to worry about data loss. You can also determine how long your content will reside on other people’s devices.

    If you’re interested in InnerGroup, then visit their website at, or visit their Google Play and iTunes App Store to download the app.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: InnerGroup
    Contact Person: Santo Porpiglia
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    This high-tech toothbrush even knows you better than your dentist.

    Recently, ORANGE Technology, a high-tech company engaged in R&D of AI technology and consumer electronics, has officially launched its consumptive oral care product, namely, ORANGE series automatic toothbrush.

    The ORANGE automatic toothbrush which is at the pre-sale stage now will come into the market formally in the end of this year. This news made lots of “ORANGE” fans excited.

    According to the journalist, the official renderings of ORANGE automatic toothbrush were exposed by foreign media. It can be seen that UV sterilization storage box is adopted for the first time worldwide, with stunning appearance, and this function can throw the international brands such as Colgate, Philips and Crest far away.

    It is worth mentioning that automatic toothbrush storage box is built-in with remote wireless charging function, which guarantees the toothbrush to be waterproof, sealed, sterile and safer.

    As the heart of toothbrush, the clean module has a self-evident significance. Learning about consumers’ needs accurately, ORANGE Technology provides consumers the user-friendly super intelligent toothbrush with true “chip” based on the powerful technological supports. ORANGE series automatic toothbrush of ORANGE Technology adopts the unique patented sound wave vibration technology, up to 50,000 times of brush vibrations per minute, driving brush to produce cross-cleaning, and its unique patented technology 360° all-covered brush gently fits well with teeth and gingiva. In comparison with the traditional automatic toothbrush, ORANGE series automatic toothbrush can effectively remove dental plaques and easily clean the mouth thoroughly in 360°.

    According to the journalist, ORANGE series automatic toothbrush already engaged in pre-sale crowdfunding in Kickstarter. During the holiday season, consumers who want to buy cost-effective, safe and technological automatic toothbrush can have a consideration about purchasing overseas in advance.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ORANGE Technology
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    A few days ago, through encryption technology, the communication tool for free information communication spread wildly in social media. It is understood that the technology is based on ABS chain technology development of Dapp. After testing, ABS chain encryption version of WeChat is expected to be officially released in 2019.

    It is worth noting that the current centralized communication tools such as WeChat, WhatsApp and other oligarch IM communication products have the problem of data leakage. Data has been peeped over and over again, but as a user there is no alternative.

    Based on block chain technology, ABS chain creatively uses homomorphic encryption technology and proxy re-encryption technology to encrypt without changing the user’s operating habits. Realizing end-to-end encryption: data is encrypted and transmitted before sending. The whole process is stored in a ciphertext state. At the same time, the key is kept separately from the ciphertext, the key management system only sends the key, does not store any data of the user, thus fully protects the user’s information security.

    In addition, ABS chain directly “shell” IM applications. When users are using IM applications such as WeChat and WhatsApp, they can enjoy an all-process encryption service without awareness.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Most caffeine Ltd
    Contact Person: Fred Teng
    Email: Send Email
    City: Hangzhou
    Country: China

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    California, USA – TutuApp, a third party app store for Android & iOS hits 40 million users.

    TutuApp ( enables users who download the app store from their website, to gain access to thousands of app and games, traditionally only available for a fee. With TutuApp, however, there are no costs associated with any downloads.

    TutuApp is currently available in two versions.  The first version is specifically designed to provide users with unlimited free downloads of their favorite apps and games. “This version is ideal for users who are unable and unwilling to constantly pay for apps they want to use,” says Jason Pandit.

    The second version, the TutuApp VIP, grants users access to the most popular Android & iOS games, apps and tweaks, such as Pokemon GO, Minecraft PE, Spotify++, Snapchat++ and thousands more.  “The VIP package is ideal for users who want to use apps that typically cost a lot of money, but don’t want to pay for them,” Pandit continues. “For just a small fee of $12.99 per year, all of their favorite apps are available at a fraction of the cost.”

    With the daily release of multiple apps and updates, this makes TutuApp one of the most popular third party app stores in the world. We are very excited to see it hit 40 million users. We anticipate the app store will continue to see such great success into the future.

    One of the major benefits of using TutuApp is that it provides users with one of the most user-friendly app store experiences on the market.  For example, TutuApp does not subject users to any ads, has less app revokes than competitors and comes with exceptional customer support.

    For more information about TutuApp, or to download the free app store, please visit the website directly at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TuTuApp
    Contact Person: Jason Pandit
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Leading provider of quality trampolines and accessories, The Trampoline World, launches a new website to make quality products and services easily accessible to customers

    The Trampoline World is one of the leading providers of premium quality trampoline products and accessories sourced from top brands across the globe. The company’s popularity has grown over the years and it recently announced the launch of its website to bring its best-branded products including indoor trampoline for adults and its post-selling services closer to its customers.

    Trampolines are one of the most fun and versatile products as they have transcended being used for fun or as a backyard installment for kids as they are now being used for gymnastics and exercising coming in different sizes and styles. The benefits of trampolines are overwhelming particularly when used for fitness purposes. Some of the fitness benefits of trampolines include being an amazing way of doing low-impact cardio exercise, helping to burn calories with relative ease while having fun, and helping to improve the efficiency of the lymphatic system. Unfortunately, the relative inaccessibility to quality rebounder trampolines has made it somewhat difficult for people to enjoy the wonderful benefits of trampolines. This is where The Trampoline World is looking to change the narrative by providing quality yet affordable trampolines of different sizes and styles to people with the recent website launch.

    The Trampoline World offers a plethora of trampolines and accessories, with different categories of the product including adult trampolines like outdoor trampolines, indoor trampolines, water trampolines, and rectangle trampolines. The company also offers different types of trampolines for kids including mini trampolines and trampolines for toddlers. Fitness trampolines like hard and soft rebounders as well as a wide range of quality accessories can also be found on the website.

    The company’s unique combination of quality and affordability as well as the comprehensiveness of the website has made The Trampoline World a one-stop solutions provider for all trampoline needs. Consequently, the company has grown in popularity and acceptance in recent times with accolades coming from different quarters.

    Some of the top brands featured on the website include JumpKing Trampolines, Sky Bound, Needak Rebounders, Rave Sports, and Vuly, amongst others.

    Click here to see more information about The Trampoline World. Interested persons that want to learn more about trampolines and how to make the right choice can also visit this website. The Trampoline World is also available on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.

    About The Trampoline World

    The Trampoline World is the parent brand of ‘Digital Buziness’ focused on providing its customers with premium quality trampolines products from top brands across the globe as well as adept post-selling services while assisting customers to make the right purchase to address their needs.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Trampoline World
    Contact Person: Charles Keshler
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 6825607393
    Address:4103 Plumwood Drive
    City: Arlington
    State: Texas
    Country: United States

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    The China International Boat Show第二十四届国际船艇及其技术设备展览会 will take place from 20th – 23rd June 2019 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai. Over 40,000 visitors are expected to attend the four day event including international buyers from the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, South Korea and Australia.

    The China International Boat Show第二十四届国际船艇及其技术设备展览会 (CIBS), which is the most comprehensive and longest running boat and yacht exhibition in China organized by UBM Sinoexpo, has announced that it has almost sold out of space in international boat equipment pavilion. Taking place from 20th – 23rd June 2019 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, established international participants have confirmed their presence at the region’s most eagerly anticipated event for boating enthusiasts, which continues to inspire the industry through innovation and creativity.

    Visitors watching the new products launch at Jeanneau’s booth
    Honda’s new outboard display at CIBS2018
    Garmin accepting some buyers’ visit at CIBS2018

    Over 65% of previous exhibitors will be returning to the biggest edition of CIBS to date including Mercury, Beneteau, Suzuki, Honda, Holylight, MarvelWin, Garmin plus many more internationally renowned brands who are taking advantage of the best exhibiting rates. The success of CIBS is also due to collocated alongside other popular events including The Life Style Show 2019 (Water Sports/Lure Fishing/RV Camping/Theme Travel) as well as CPHI & FIA. This presents the boating industry a complete offering of the leisure, recreation and luxury industries to a burgeoning middle and upper class of China. In 2019 the event will spread out across two halls, one which will showcase a plethora of boats and yachts showing off the very best in design and craftsmanship, while the second hall will be a showcase an extensive range of equipment supplies and services.

    Over 40,000 visitors are expected to attend the four day event including international buyers from the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, South Korea and Australia. CIBS has become the ideal launching ground for many new entrants to the market as it provides a focused and unique environment for those wishing to test the market in China with new products and services. The event also provides an educational opportunity to both visitors and exhibitors to enhance their industry knowledge and learn about topical trends in the market from industry experts.

    The 24th edition of CIBS will take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center for the first time which is located near to the railway station and the international airport. “The new venue is the ideal location to accommodate more exhibitors, which will in turn lead to more professional buyers keen to seek out new products and solutions so if you are ready to do business book a stand early to avoid disappointment”, said Helena Gao, Group Director of UBM Sinoexpo. “We are also looking forward to the enhanced transport links to the venue making it very convenient and accessible to all of our visitors”.

    The 24th edition of the China International Boat Show中国(上海)第二十四届国际船艇及其技术设备展览会 (CIBS will take place from 20th – 23rd June 2019 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai.

    For more information please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MyPRmate
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    LOS ANGELES – Yamibuy, a US-based ecommerce experience, announces its partnership with TongDaoDaShu, a prominent Chinese social media influencer turned brand today.

    Yamibuy X TongDaoDashu’s Merch

    TongDaoDaShu’s constellation comics started trending on Chinese internet in 2014 and has become synonymous with the horoscope culture among Chinese youth. To date, TongDaoDashu attracted over 50 million fans across the internet with his ingenious content and unique illustration style. The influencer turned brand quickly expanded into derivate products, entertainment, retail, and anime has become a cultural phenomenon.

    TongDaoDaShu Comic Characters

    This collaboration continues the trend of strong cross-border partnerships that grow market awareness and appeal. For Chinese brands, Yamibuy is the only place to firmly establish their presence in the North American market.

    Yamibuy is the premiere online marketplace for hard-to-find Asian products in the U.S.

    Since 2013, it has grown a large base of over 900,000 registered Asian customers in North America; a prime and engaged audience for Chinese brands ready to expand overseas.

    Yamibuy’s Brea Office

    Yamibuy’s Warehouse

    “Yamibuy’s mission is to bring the world closer to home through the Asian experience. We have partnered with numerous brands to enrich our product categories and fulfill our customers’ desire to make any place home,” said Alex Zhou, CEO of Yamibuy. “We help Chinese brands accelerate their path to the global market, allowing everyone to recognize and appreciate the value of ‘made in China’.”

    Yamibuy CEO: Alex Zhou

    This begins Yamibuy’s partnership with a Chinese influencer of this scale; indicating that Yamibuy is actively seeking avenues to share Asian culture with the global market.

    About Yamibuy:

    Established in March 2013, Yamibuy is the leading Asian American-Centric Internet Company, dedicated to providing Asian food, beauty, health, home appliances and books to North America. Through its rapid growth, Yamibuy is now the most popular one-stop shopping destination to the Asian community in North America.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Yamibuy
    Contact Person: Alexis Zeng
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (213)-705-5706
    Address:Customer Service, 280 Machlin CT
    City: City of Industry
    State: CA
    Country: United States

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    In the 90’s when the internet was gradually gaining mass adoption, it was accompanied by mass education. The more information you have about something, the more inclined you are to use it. Blockchain enthusiasts tell anyone who cares to listen that the current development of this novel technology is parallel to the days of the internet. This is why it is termed the fourth revolution. A large chunk of adoption activities have been taking place in Western countries, only recently has the tide shifted to Africa.

    Before now, speculation over the volatile price of cryptocurrencies was the order of the day, with few if any, aware of the inherent potentials in blockchain, the underlying technology. For adoption to accelerate, education has to trump speculation. Moreover, before innovation of any magnitude can happen, there has to be some form of education.

    Speed, transparency, security, decentralization, ease of access, are just some of the features of blockchain that makes it suitable for addressing Africa’s myriad of economic and industrial development issues. Daily, indigenous blockchain startups are coming up with actual use cases that would help solve local problems. As part of theKuBitX ecosystem, blockchain can help Africa solve the problem of high transaction fees and speed of transaction when it comes to remittances. If blockchain is used to digitize the land registry, cases of land fraud would become extinct. Running financial activities of the economy on the blockchain can help check corruption in both the public and private sector, not to mention boosting of cross border e-commerce through crypto payments.

    In this vein, there has been a surge in education focused events happening around the continent. At least weekly, one hears about a conference, seminar or workshop geared towards mass education of all things blockchain and crypto. Mass adoption through mass education is one of the foundational goals of KuBitX,a global exchange founded with the vision of helping Africa position herself for a financially secure future, using blockchain. To facilitate this, KuBitX has a system of Global Channel Ambassadors, charged with the duty of disseminating blockchain and crypto education to the grassroots. To that market woman, to that cobbler down the road, the unbanked, the underrepresented, the ones who are originally meant to be the beneficiaries of Satoshi’s vision.

    Other than intimating the masses with the near unlimited potentials of blockchain, KuBitX intends to intensify educational activities on training blockchain developers, and thus curb another century of brain drain. Demand for blockchain related skills worldwide surpases available options. With properly structured education and mentorship programs in Africa, indigenously trained blockchain professionals could bridge this gap in the nearest future.

    On the regulation side, just Kenya and South Africa seem to have a definite framework in place. Most African countries are adopting a cautious approach by not outrightly banning cryptocurrencies or blockchain, but issuing warnings to businesses and individuals dealing with cryptocurrencies. Understandably, the negative reputation of cryptocurrency has spilled over into blockchain. This is where proper education is essential, so that our regulatory authorities are better informed when taking their stance on blockchain and crypto. Some countries like Kenya and Mauritius are positively embracing the technology by setting up sandboxes and working committees or task force.

    Media Contact:

    Name: Obi Ezenwugo



    TG Group:

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    Country: Malta

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    With Artificial Intelligence substantially dominating the virtual and practical space of late, there is almost nothing that a robot cannot do. There is Alexa that can do about everything that your personal assistant can do. There are Google’s self-driving cars that can take you about everywhere you want to go. Then, at the end of the day, when you resort to a bar for your mind’s solace, brace yourself to witness a new robotic prototype greeting you there too.

    Developed by Robolab OÜ, a company in Estonia, Yanu is the first fully autonomous bartending unit that utilizes artificial intelligence to serve drinks. With an arsenal that holds up to 50 bottles, the robot will be able to take orders, process payment, and mix and serve cocktails from a long list of recipes. At its fastest, the machine can make up to 150 drinks per hour.

    Nonetheless, the most striking feature of the bartender robot is its chatbot technology, which impersonates the customer-bartender wordplay by allowing the unit to answer questions, recommend drinks or offer sightseeing tips. It’ll even crack a joke, if you want it to. “Yanu is not a vending machine—it’s more of a sophisticated bartender from the future,” says CEO and founder Alan Adojaan.

    Though it is going to be quite some years before Yanu replaces bartenders all over, one can still look forward to spotting one here or there around the globe. The robot might start functioning at the earliest in several European airports that the company has currently negotiating terms with. You have a chance to grab one of these smart bartenders for yourself, given the robots’ sale is already live. The approximate cost is $150,000 per unit.

    Media Contact:

    Name: Johannes Kanter



    TG Group:

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    Country: Estonia

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    Superior to RFID, QR Codes, or Any Other Anti-Counterfeit System and Featuring WeGen, A Rewards Based Blockchain with Unbreakable Copy Protection, and Easy Product Integration

    Seoul, South Korea – October 29, 2018 – WeGen has created a low cost, impossible to replicate, nano-semiconductor based authenticity label that protects consumers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and high-value brands from the nearly trillion-dollar fake or counterfeit goods industry ($991 billion as per a June, 2017 report from Frontier Economics). GMOV is the name of the complex verification and authenticity label of the WeGen platform. The GMOV authenticity marque links with the WeGen blockchain and smart-phone app to allow consumers to visually and electronically confirm that items including expensive clothing, vital baby food, or life-saving drugs the consumer pays top prices for are from the brand, manufacturer or distributor that the label claims. Already proven with several industry partners, the GMOV labels and WeGen blockchain platform are so cost effective that branding and provenance of almost all products can be easily set-up for confirming their authenticity.

    CEO of FIR-Gmov and developer of the GMOV label SungJae Cho explained that he started conceiving of GMOV after a trip to Milan, Italy: “In Milan, known as the mecca of fashion at the time, I had bought jeans for a fairly high price as a gift to my son, and these turned out to be fake after all. Even in the home of fashion, genuine and fake could not be distinguished. Thus, I thought counterfeit products would be more popular in other areas. After that, every time related news came out about counterfeit problems, I became more interested in solving this critical challenge.”

    Shortly after the Milan jeans incident, Cho began investigating methods to make images more complex for preventing copying. Eventually this pursuit, in cooperation with technically minded friends and colleagues, led to the multi-layered, nano-semiconductor image for GMOV labels. Unlike all other anti-counterfeit methods, GMOV labels are discernible both visually and via scanner using the WeGen smartphone app. This powerful feature of human visual confirmation combined with blockchain based confirmation enables a host of features unmatched by competing technologies.

    The WeGen blockchain will allow consumers, brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to interact for checking authenticity, buying from GMOV participating brands, spotting counterfeit goods, and earning rewards based on checking labels or other value-added activities. Though other blockchain based counterfeit systems exist, none of them can match the cost effectiveness and inimitable technology of GMOV.

    The key advantages of the GMOV label and WeGen blockchain platform include: 

    1. Lowest cost authenticity label available. 

    2. Most difficult to duplicate or counterfeit label.

    3. Multiple methods of GMOV label application, allowing easy product integration.

    4. The WeGen blockchain platform provides brands, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers benefits in the form of coin rewards for using WeGen.

    5. WeGen Coins will help build brand loyalty, raise awareness of the counterfeit product problem, and improve sales of authentic products.  

    About WeGen:

    Based in Seoul, South Korea with divisions in North America, WeGen focuses on commercializing GMOV authenticity labeling through joint ventures and brand partnerships for the fashion, pharmaceutical, automotive, food, and many other industries. GMOV technology has proven to be inexpensive, effective, easy to integrate with a variety of products, and surpasses all other anti-counterfeit methods including RFID, QR codes, NFC and others both in cost and in usability. A large team of engineering, marketing, production, and business development experts forms the core of the company for establishing GMOV labels as the technological standard across all high-value industries. 

    WeGen Coins are being introduced via a coin sale to further develop the GMOV technology and platform at

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Phone: +82 (0)2 543 1723
    City: Seoul
    Country: South Korea

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    Baldwin Park, CA – Memories and events were in the past captured on larger storage devices, however, with modern technology and innovations, storage devices became smaller and more portable in the form of compact discs. However, in most cases, especially for commercial use, there is the need to duplicate these storage devices to meet consumer demands, and as such, EasyDisc, Inc. was established. They provide all storage media and duplication needs for clients to ensure that their brands and contents are well distributed and properly preserved.

    The spokesperson for the CD duplication service provider, EasyDisc, Inc., while describing their company and the services offered said, “At Easy Disc, it’s not about us, it’s about you! Our products and services were created with the customer in mind. What do you need? What would you want? How can we make that happen for you? We offer duplication, full-color cover printing for CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, Vinyl and so much more! Our products are designed to cater to musicians, movie producers, entertainers, advertising agencies, churches & religious organizations, accountants & financial institutions, medical facilities & hospitals, and so many more.”

    Operating with the business aim to make each client’s brand shine, EasyDisc, Inc. operates their own singulus top of the line replication injection molding machine which makes it capable of delivering large orders in the shortest possible time frame. In addition, their company, committed to taking care of all orders from A to Z is equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art glass mastering and replication technologies which promise over 100,000 a day production capacity.

    EasyDisc, Inc., has been in the business of serving their clients in need of CD Duplication services for years has expanded their service offers and product line to include DVD Duplication, flash drives and more. Aiming to ensure that all clients are served with high-quality packaging options, EasyDisc, Inc. boasts of a selection of CD and DVD packaging options to include the Eco Jacket, Eco Wallets, Digipacks, DVD Style Digipacks, Jewel cases, Slim Jewel Cases, Amaray Cases, Blu-Ray cases, Generic Packaging and more. Also available are Flash Drives Packaging options to include the Classic packaging, swivel, leather, cards, stainless, wood, pen, key, wrist wear and more.

    The team of professionals at EasyDisc, Inc. also offer Merch options to include T-shirts, Hats, Stickers, Posters, Postcards, Brochures and flyers, banners and more.

    EasyDisc, Inc. is located at 14120 Live Oak Ave Suite C, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. For all CD and DVD duplication needs along with printing needs, contact them via phone at 888-608-3310 or send online inquiries via email to

    For additional information regarding their services, visit their website at

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Leo Darakchyan
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 888-608-3310
    Address:14120 Live Oak Ave Suite C
    City: Baldwin Park
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    Minority-Owned Software Company Uses Blockchain Technology To Empower The Latino Unbanked
    Latin Business Association To Honor Uulala With Technology Company Of The Year Award

    City of Ontario, CA – October 29, 2018  On November 2, 2018, Oscar Garcia, CEO of Uulala, will be given the Latin Business Association’s (LBA)  prestigious Sol Business Award at their 42nd annual awards gala. According to Ruben Guerra, Chairman of the Board & CEO of LBA, this award is selectively given to companies that use technology to support minority-owned businesses and the communities they serve. In the case of Uulala, “We believe the use of Uulala’s technology is a shining example of a mission-based company that will not only help Latino-owned businesses generate incremental revenue but also empowers Latino customers with the ability to build credit and control their finances across borders.”

    Through the innovative technology of the Uulala platform, users can build a global credit score in addition to sending payments peer to peer internationally, pay their bills, shop online and obtain microcredit offers. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain as an immutable record thereby giving the users the ability to build their credit history wherever they go. Uulala’s credit score can be leveraged by traditional financial institutions as a more definitive factor of creditworthiness by using daily financial activities to build the profile. For the Latino small business owner, to date, Uulala has agreements with more than 100 companies to give their unbanked customers access to technology to improve their finances.

    Oscar Garcia, launched his company two years ago when the Latino GDP topped $2 trillion and the unbanked were classified as the #1 source of future banking growth. While traditional banks are slow to iterate, the Uulala team set out to help the underbanked and unbanked market leapfrog into a new financial system supported by blockchain technology. “With blockchain technology, Uulala is able to solve one of the biggest problems for the unbanked: the ability to load cash into their account. Through our peer-to-peer cash loading feature and a smart contract, we’ve created a blockchain solution to easily facilitate this kind of immutable transaction.”

    Both LBA and Uulala are creating business development opportunities that strengthen the economic and social foundations of the community with the State of California. The LBA’s mission is focused on building economic wealth and opportunity for Latino businesses and the community. The organization serves as an economic catalyst by attracting and developing new markets as well as facilitating business start-ups and providing education. Since its founding, the LBA-Institute, in conjunction with its corporate alliances, has generated millions of dollars in loans and procurement contracts.

    About Uulala

    Uulala is a minority-owned corporation with the majority of shareholders being first or second generation Latin Americans. Uulala is a mission-driven organization to facilitate and accelerate the financial inclusion of the underbanked and unbanked population across the Americas. Uulala empowers the underbanked communities of the world by providing financial tools for them to build credit, and elevate out of a cash-only environment.

    Additional Information:

    About Latin Business Association

    The Latin Business Association (LBA), a 501(c)(6) private non-profit organization established in 1976, is one of the nation’s most active Latin business trade associations on the basis of active membership and overall outreach to its member business owners. The LBA is the only organization that truly represents over 800,000 Latin businesses in California.

    The LBA serves as the unifying voice for Latin businesses, advocating for opportunities that set business owners at a higher class of competitiveness. It is committed to the success of its members, partners and supporters by providing high-quality events, innovative programs and services and useful and tangible resources that enhance business growth: 

    Location Info:
    Uulala Inc
    207 N Euclid Ave, Ontario, CA 91762
    (909) 395-8444

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Matthew
    Contact Person: Loughran
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (909) 395-8444
    Country: United States

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    TaskQue has recently revamped its complete platform and launched a new version which is not only graphically pleasing but also includes some exciting new features for all its customers. It is now transforming from a simple task management application to a productivity enhancement application focused on enhancing the productivity of its users.

    To all those who are eager to learn what the new TaskQue 2.0 has in store for you, let’s find out:

    Exciting User-Onboarding to Give You a Personalized Experience

    TaskQue believes that your first impression is the last one. Hence, it has introduced a completely new visual onboarding process for a smoother transition of users from the sign-up process to the dashboard. With the all-new onboarding process, you can easily flow through different stages by getting a complete knowledge on how to use the amazing platform. When you are done setting your preferences, your TaskQue dashboard will be perfectly optimized to fit in accordance with your professional persona.

    Introducing Standardized Workflows and New Workflow Templates

    With the new TaskQue 2.0, you get industry standard workflow formats which enables you to get most of your tasks done in a single instance. You can get more accurate workflow which enables to judge and forecast productivity in a more seamless manner. The software is capable of adjusting itself in accordance with your workflows. In case, you aren’t savvy with creating workflows, you can always opt-in for a template present in the extensive library of TaskQue.

    Get A Complete 60-Days Free Trial Period only on TaskQue

    Normally, when you subscribe to a new software, you get either a 14-day or 30-day free trial. However, the case is completely different for TaskQue users. TaskQue offers its users a complete 60 days free trial to give an exclusive experience to all its customers. You can now have complete access to all the important TaskQue features and get completely acquainted with the platform.

    Convert To Dos into Tasks With Just a Click of a Button!

    No wonder we create To-Do lists so we can keep track of the tasks which are in pending. Do you wish that your To-Do list automatically convert into your upcoming tasks? TaskQue has recently added a new feature which allows a user to easily move their to-dos into their tasks with just a click of a button.

    But that’s not all where TaskQue draws the line. The developers at TaskQue have done a marvelous job in tweaking a number of old features and made them more comprehensive for users.

    With TaskQue –

    • You can now store your project documents in more manageable form.
    • You can create unlimited sub-tasks in the parent task.
    • You can set five different statuses on existing tasks.
    • You can change the project sequence using Drag n Drop.
    • You can now assign tasks to people in Groups.
    • You can now export meeting of minutes in PDF format.
    • You can now invite your friends/colleagues to TaskQue.
    • You can now share tasks using URLs.
    • The new TaskQue is more performance optimized.

    TaskQue has also overviewed three prominent bug fixes:

    • Users are now allowed to leave shared workspace when their task in the shared workspace is completed.
    • Users can unsubscribe or select the type of engagement emails they wish to receive.
    • The link to email preferences has been fixed. Now users can select and deselect the notification emails.

    TaskQue realizes that the need for preventing hurdles in completing organizational tasks is an important aspect to be fulfilled. If you want to achieve goals that can embark you on an everlasting success journey, you need a software platform which is more optimized and is aimed at developing 100% efficient workflows. With that in mind, TaskQue has taken a leap forward with the objective to create a remarkable platform which can polish the value of your business.

    Company URL:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TaskQue
    Contact Person: Media Manager
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    Country: United States

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