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    In daily life, many people have a slight coercion. For example, after going out, some people are always worried about whether they have forgot to lock the door and whether the gas is closed? Some people will even go home to check. If the degree of obsessiveness is generally mild and keeps in short duration and does not cause emotional disorders such as severe anxiety, then it is a normal manifestation. Obsessive-compulsive disorder refers to a group of neuropsychiatric diseases with forced thinking and compulsive behavior as the main clinical manifestations. It is characterized by conscious coercion and anti-coercion coexistence. Some thoughts or impulses that are meaningless or even contrary to the patients’ own wishes are repeatedly invaded into their minds. In daily life, patients experience these thoughts or impulses from their own, resisting them, but they are always unable to control. The strong conflict between them make them feel great anxiety and pain. OCD affects patients’ study, interpersonal and even daily life. To solve the problem, German Liectroux Robot Research Institute has developed an obsessive-compulsive treatment robot to help people get rid of obsessive-compulsive disorder and live easily and happily.

    German Liectroux Newly Developed Obsessive-compulsive Treatment Robot To Help People Get Rid Of OCD And Live Easily

    Currently, the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder is mainly based on drugs and psychotherapy. The onset of obsessive-compulsive disorder is related to the imbalance of various neurotransmitters in the brain. Therefore, many drugs for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder mainly inhibit the re-uptake of serotonin in central neurons. But drug therapy and psychotherapy generally require a relatively long process to achieve the effect of curing obsessive-compulsive disorder However, the obsessive-compulsive treatment robot specializes in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It uses the most advanced treatment technology, which mainly through a series of biophysical stimulation and biochemical effects on the treatment site, repairing the damaged nerve, repairing the lesion and treat and maintain the stability of the environment within the system. It works quickly and has a stable effect without recurrence. Moreover, the robot is friendly and versatile. When the user is at home, it can treat the user. When the user is at work, it can remotely treat the user through the telepathy function. As long as the user shakes hands with the robot for more than 1 minute when he/she first gets the robot, the robot will generate telepathy with the user, and then the robot can remotely treat the user.

    This obsessive-compulsive treatment robot has helped the majority of obsessive-compulsive patients to get rid of obsessive-compulsive disorder. And the German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also conducted research on robot vacuum cleaners. (You can view the website: or Its built-in wireless carrier indoor positioning system is the most advanced positioning system on the market. The system can make the robot break through the range limit and directly realize the whole house positioning, and its performance is very good. And its built-in HSIR+ multi-point matrix intelligent composition system enables the machine to intelligently partition the furniture according to the positioning and composition of the machine.

    Also, it is equipped with various cleaning modes such as edge cleaning mode, fixed point cleaning mode, scheduled cleaning mode, automatic cleaning mode, etc. It can well deal with the cleaning of complex environments. In addition, smart anti-drop infrared inductive electronic eyes are placed at the bottom. The machine can automatically retract after detecting a complex environment and sensing a drop of more than 5 cm. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has been immediately loved and purchased by consumers.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
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    Country: Germany

    0 0 ( launched its trade mining mechanism on August 23 (Singapore time). For building up a better community and rewarding early-stage community contributors, ( launched the Bounty Program firstly, and will announce “Trade Mining Rules of” very soon.  

    At 15:00pm August 24, launched the bounty program, paving the way for the upcoming trade mining mechanism.


    Trade mining is a platform transaction-based personal transaction fee refund mechanism, which was proposed and implemented by the digital asset exchange Fcoin in June 2018. This action attracted large amount of participations even triggered a cyber financial battle.

    The bounty program consists seven major tasks, including: friends inviting, first-time trading, forwarding and sharing, vlog reviewing, essay writing, poster design and translation. Users can get CXE token rewards after completing each tasks. However, don’t forget to join its telegram group ( before working on the tasks.

    CXE is one of the critical components of blockchain ecosystem built by (, which including Exchange Union (such as, Mining Farms, Intelligent Asset Allocation Platform, Blockchain Media. It makes mining, data transferring, digital wallet, trading, global resource allocation become possible.


    CXE makes sure that its VIPs enjoy the rights to share’s products and services, exclusive offers, campaign voting, gift redemption, mining machine wholesale, and cryptocurrency exchange. ( is a technology-based blockchain asset trading platform, dedicated to provide users with high-quality blockchain asset trading. They adheres to the core concept of “technology-driven”, and preferentially chooses blockchain assets with technical characteristics and wide-ranging use for trading. They also reinforces the security technology of the platform itself to make their core tech keeps advantage. Those things make CXE a good reputation of ‘excellent technical strength.’


    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Lila
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 177 0400 0371
    Country: HongKong

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    Blockchain technology has compelling ability to transform numerous industries. The establishment and operation of the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will help Vanuatu build an efficient and low-cost inclusive financial system and bring more opportunities for continuous innovation and development of all industries in the local region, said the Former Finance Minister of Vanuatu and Executive Chairman of the Exchange, Maki Simelum.

    September 6, 2018, the founding ceremony of Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange was held in Vanuatu capital Port Vila.

    The exchange, which was officially approved on August 14, 2018, is the first digital stock exchange in the Southern Hemisphere to receive a securities trading license from the government authorities.

    This initiative makes Vanuatu become one of the first countries in the world that has established a licensed blockchain securities/stock exchange, among such countries as Canada, Switzerland and the United Arabic Emirates.

    New offices of the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange in Port Vila, Vanuatu

    The creation of the digital stock exchange represents not only an important achievement of digital economy for Vanuatu, but also a key step to gradually integrate into the international economy, finance, science and technology. The ceremony was witnessed by Vanuatu’s Deputy Prime Minister, Former Prime Minister, Former Finance Minister and Executive Chairman of the exchange, members of parliament, representatives of major financial institutions, as well as well-known experts, scholars and outstanding entrepreneurs from global blockchain sectors.

    “Fintech is playing an important role,” said Sato Kilman, the Former Prime Minister, “National regulators have the responsibility to assess how existing rules address the challenges and opportunities presented by these new technologies, protect investors and our markets. We look forward to achieving a win-win situation for financial technology innovation and effective risk management.”

    Jelena Strelnikova, the Chief Compliance officer of Canadian listed company Cascadia Blockchain Group (CSE:CK), reassured that the Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange will apply blockchain technology in a fully compliant way. The CK Group will provide a broad range of professional support to the newly established exchange in various aspects, including strategic positioning, technological innovation, capital closed-loop and industry standardization. With the support of the local digital competency, it will further help Vanuatu to promote national blockchain projects in the future.

    Deputy Prime Minister Honorable Bob Loughman

    Vanuatu Deputy Prime Minister Bob Loughman has accepted the great chances that blockchain will bring to his country. Developing blockchain technology will significantly improve the country’s financial infrastructure and e-government system of Vanuatu, as well as the efficiency and transparency of the government’s public service. Bob Loughman hopes to achieve the universality of the national financial system and provide strong long-term economic returns for the country. Vanuatu strives to create new investment opportunities for financial technology companies in the world and cooperate with more international partners in this field.

    The establishment of the first blockchain digital stock exchange in the South Pacific is expected to boost the tokenization of stock markets. In such a huge emerging market, an increasing number of countries are joining the innovation race and embracing cutting-edge blockchain applications.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Vanuatu National Digital Stock Exchange
    Contact Person: Eric
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Vanuatu

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    ROOTREX is a decentralized exchange based on ETH smart contract. Compared with traditional exchanges like EtherDelta, ROOTREX carries a centralized relay service. Therefore, while guaranteeing almost 100% security of the users’ asset, ROOTREX is able to provide a high transaction velocity and pleasant trading experience comparable to the centralized exchange. The executive from ROOTREX explained why it is a breakthough product and elobroated key features of this ETH smart contract in the following paragraphs. 

    1. Working mechanism of  ROOTREX

    1.1 Deposit

    Through ROOTOKEN Wallet (for mobile) or MetaMask plug-in (for PC), users can transfer the tradable ERC-20 asset (when finishing registration for coin-to-coin transaction on ROOTREX) to the ROOTREX smart trading contract. Each individual wallet will have one and only ROOTREX trading account.

    1.2  Transaction

    The deal signed by the user will be sent to the ROOTREX relay service. After the signature is verified, the order will go through the matching procedure in the relay server. Once the matching conditions are fulfilled, the transaction result will be carried out by the smart contract and followed by delivery.

    1.3  Withdrawal

    Request for withdrawal will be examined by ROOTREX relay. ROOTREX relay will then update and confirm the asset and order status of the concerned account and will initiate request for withdrawal to the smart contract after the information is checked. The asset will be withdrawn to the correspondant wallet address of the account (for the transfer address only, others are invalid).

    2. How does ROOTREX protect the security of users’ asset?

    Users’ trading asset is stored in ROOTREX smart contract and only the pre-authorized administrators have access to the contract. Besides, all the operations on the users’ asset requires a verification of user signature, and any tampered data will not be verified. The withdrawal from account is also allowed to return only to the original wallet address.

    3. Fees

    3.1 Commission fee

    There is no commission fee.

    3.2 Transaction fee

    Maker: 0.1% transaction fee (deducted from the asset received)

    Taker: 0.1% transaction fee (deducted from the asset received) plus Gas fee (deducted from the asset received)

    During the promotion period of ROOTREX, the transaction fee for both Maker and Taker will be 0 and only Gas fee will be charged.

    3.3 Withdrawal fee

    No fee will be generated from a withdrawal but a Gas fee will be charged in advance (deducted from the asset received).

    4. What is a Gas fee?

    The actual delivery of buyers’ and sellers’ asset is accomplished on the blockchain, carried out by ROOTREX contract and uploaded to the ETH network. Then a Gas fee will be generated.

    In the transaction, the taker will afford the Gas fee which is deducted from the asset received.

    Similarly, Gas fee will also be generated from withdrawal and be deducted from the asset withdrawn.

    Gas fee = Gas * GasPrice

    Gas is decided by the trading contract with little variation. Currently the asset delivery carried out by ROOTREX contract requires a Gas fee of 0.2 million.

    GasPrice is the unit price of Gas, which is dynamically adjusted by ROOTREX relay according to present Ethernet conditions. The preset Gas Price is the current Gas Price plus 5 GWEI, so as to guarantee that the transaction will be recorded by the miner with priority.

    5. Minimum commission amount: 0.05 ETH

    If the order amount sent by the Maker is too small, a great deal of Gas fee will be generated. Therefore, it is regulated in ROOTREX that the amount of the commission order should be equal to or larger than 0.05 ETH.

    The commsion order with a balance less than 0.01 ETH will be finished automatically and the balance will be returned to protect Taker’s benefit.

    6. Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.01 ETH

    Gas fee will be generated from withdrawal and thus ROOTREX relay sets a minimum withdrawal amount. The request will be prohibited if a single withdrawal amount is less than 0.01 ETH (and equivalence). Users can top up the asset until the value is equal or higher than 0.01 ETH to initiate the withdrawal.

    7. How can my private key be secured?

    ROOTREX will not keep a copy of users’ private key, and all the signature will be accomplished in ROOTOKEN APP or MetaMask. Please keep your private key secure from other people or Internet publishing.

    ONEROOT Project:

    R1 Protocol:

    Rootrex DEX:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ONEROOT
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    Vaginal Rejuvenation Center
    Until now, treatment options for women suffering from vaginal discomfort were limited. However new medical applications bring hope to thousands of women worldwide, with the use of special laser rejuvenation techniques showing real promise in helping alleviate vaginal discomfort and empowering women to feel confident and secure with their bodies again.

    For a large percentage of women, pre-menopause and childbirth can alter the female body in ways that many individuals are unprepared to deal with. For women facing vaginal discomfort, dryness, burning, or urinary incontinence as a result of childbirth or pre-menopause, this couldn’t be truer.

    Yet, despite the prevalence of such issues, vaginal discomfort is a topic lesser discussed among both medical and non-medical persons alike, with breakthroughs in treatments being few and far between. This has left hundreds of thousands of women suffering in silence, afraid to speak up about a subject that is both private and sensitive, fearing that expensive surgery or medication is the only option available to pursue.

    It’s no secret that much of today’s cosmetic and rejuvenation industry focuses on outward appearances. From wrinkle removers to skin tightening, lifting and reshaping, the number of potential cosmetic procedures is virtually endless. Yet, for those suffering from various forms of vaginal discomfort, relief was far from sight.

    Hope for Women Suffering in Silence

    Until now, treatment options were limited. However new medical applications bring hope to thousands of women worldwide, with the use of special laser rejuvenation techniques showing real promise in helping alleviate vaginal discomfort and empowering women to feel confident and secure with their bodies again.

    Dr. Bisi Aluko, a Family Physician with 20 years of experience in the field, and one of the founding physicians of The Women’s Clinic at The Westview Primary Care Network offers a revolutionary alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals and dangerous surgery at her Edmonton vaginal rejuvenation clinic.

    Her vaginal rejuvenation clinic utilizes a minimally invasive and painless procedure that effectively treats vaginal discomfort by encouraging the body’s own biological and physiological mechanisms to heal and return to their former state of physicality and function.

    Non-Surgical and Non-Hormonal Treatment

    Up until now women suffering from post-childbirth or pre-menopausal vaginal discomfort had very few options with regards to treatment. With those treatments that were available being either invasive or wrought with potential side effects.

    For many women, going under the knife for dangerous and expensive surgery was not an option. Likewise, the thought of having to ingest daily pharmaceuticals in the hopes of restoring hormonal balance was also not an ideal situation.

    Dr. Bisi Aluko and her team have an answer. They provide a laser rejuvenation treatment alternative that is painless, safe and effective. In just one or more short visits women can experience the relief they’ve been dreaming about.

    Laser Treatment – How it Works

    Laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation utilizes a specially developed CO2 laser to gently interact with the vaginal wall, creating virtually invisible and temporary micro-lesions. These micro-lesions initiate the body’s natural responses to produce new collagen, restoring elasticity and mucosa equilibrium.

    Laser Treatment – Results

    But how good is it? Results made available to Dr. Bisi Aluko by Professor S. Salvatore from the Hospital San Raffaele in Milan, Italy showed that symptoms of burning, itching, dryness, dyspareunia, and laxity were improved by between 72-90% with just three simple treatments.

    It is important to note that each individual’s case is different and results may vary.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Dr. Bisi Vaginal Health and Rejuvenation
    Contact Person: Dr Bisi Aluko
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (780) 963-4391
    Address:#108 5106 50 Street
    City: Stony Plain
    State: AB
    Country: Canada

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    The social networking sites (SNS), or for that matter, the social media in general have altered our lives forever. With the maturing and expansion of the internet, social media and e-commerce have had a huge impact on our way of life. Imagine a platform that combines social media with e-commerce with added assets such as Blockchain technology, Big Data and AI based deep learning, and what you get is a diversified and unique platform that redefines the social commerce market niche.

    Welcome Release! A social commerce platform that amalgamates social media with e-commerce using the smart blockchain technology and A.I with the added advantage of big data processing.

    The platform created by Release provides:

    • Worthy information and reliable valuation using merging of social media with e-commerce.

    • A progressive and secured maintenance system using the blockchain technology.

    • Utilization of big data for information processing.

    • An innovative search algorithm uses AI – Artificial Intelligence – for deep learning and trading.

    The Release Platform

    The salient features of the Release platform are as listed below:

    Innovative distributed Social Commerce

    • The platform has been designed to merge the essence of social media with that of e-commerce. In other words, combining all the features of social media (SNS) and e-commerce (shopping), the service is based on the concept of ‘worthy information significantly changing the future of SNS’.

    • The platform combines 6 giants SNS- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ with 2 large free E-commerce portals – Rakuma & Mercari.

    • Combination of current time trends and foresights with that of reliability, future prospects and profitableness makes the platform a one-of-its-kind.

    • Unique search function that lets users search information in any of the 13 category items such as, ‘Breaking news’, ‘Playing’, ‘Eating’, ‘Watching’, ‘Staying’, ‘Buying’, ‘Healing’, ‘Learning’, ‘Work’, ‘Hobby’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Event’, and others.

    REL Token & Revenue

    • One of the prominent and interesting features of the platform is the REL Token (internal cryptocurrency of Release).

    • Every contributor and evaluator of information are provided with REL tokens in the form of accumulated points. The same points are also provided for every user purchasing or selling goods, services, etc.

    • These accumulated points can be exchanged with various cryptocurrencies when listed on the exchange.

    • By distributing ‘behavioural targeting advertisements’ that utilizes the user’s preferences, interests and concerns, Release has devised a solid revenue generation plan for the long-term.

    Worthy Information and Reliable Valuation

    • Information that is relevant and insightful and which can help keep the readers interested.Information and news that are not commonly available on the main media platforms thereby making Release  the go-so site for accessing and viewing the same.

    • Encourages every contributor to be a ‘Reporter of the city’.

    • Good, reliable and objective valuation of each contribution maintains the quality and authenticity of the information.

    • The points accumulation system for both contributors and evaluators ensure optimum quality level.

    Search algorithm using A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

    • Release uses a deep learning technology based algorithm using AI that lets users find the precise information in a fast and timely manner.

    • The algorithm automatically predicts ‘What and for what purpose user is searching for’ and thus helps in optimising the search to provide the precise information.

    • The algorithm automatically learns, memorizes, and predicts previous searches and browsing behaviours.

    Blockchain Technology

    • Smart and secure Blockchain for seamless data transfer and storage.

    • Smart contracts for easy scalability and trading various e-commerce services.

    • Highly fast, transparent and secured transaction services.

    Information Processing using Big Data

    • Using big data – business improvement & growth, predicting customers’ purchase behaviour, new business development, etc. is processed.

    • Using the previous data usage, all the information that is collected is accumulated and stored concisely for future use towards a specific marketing or development purpose.

    There are around 2.5 billion SNS users as on 2018. This number is expected to rise to over 3 billion by 2021. Similarly, the e-commerce market is expected to rise to about $3.5 Trillion USD by 2019. Hence the potential of
    Release, combining the social media with that of e-commerce, is enormous with a future that promises growth, stability and phenomenal possibilities. Release is set to redefine the social commerce market and promises to be a world phenomenon in leading it.

    Media Contact:

    Name: RELEASE Co., Ltd.


    Telegram Group:


    Media Contact
    Company Name: RELEASE Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Japan

    0 0 – Biofeedback, Neurofeedback und Zubehör
    Mindfield Biosystems announces eSense Skin Response and eSense Temperature, the latest biofeedback sensors for smartphones and tablets.

    Gronau, Gronau – September 12, 2018 – Mindfield Biosystems announces eSense Skin Response and eSense Temperature, the latest biofeedback sensors for smartphones and tablets. Both of them determine the acute stress level – the skin response by measuring the skin conductivity and the temperature by measuring the skin temperature. The collected data is then analyzed and visualized by means of a cost-free app. Negative values trigger an immediate Biofeedback response. A necessary relaxation session can therefore be initiated in a targeted manner. For the first time, biofeedback sensors draw power from the mobile device, making them very easy to use. Another new feature is the connection of Philips Hue mood lights and smart bulbs for additional stress level visualization.

    Mindfield Biosystems e Sense Skin Response sensors

    In order to classify the biofeedback training, the eSense App creates a measurement history that maps the progress in stress management and also enables individual measurement comparisons. By regularly checking the load, the reaction to positive and negative values and the resulting training, the vegetative nervous system is conditioned step by step to a more relaxed handling of tensions. In this way, an efficient prevention against overstrain or burnout can take place independently. This is based on constant control through biofeedback.

    eSense Skin Response: Measurement of skin conductivities

    During emotional, physical and mental changes, the sweat glands are activated via the vegetative nervous system. For this reason, the skin conductance is a reliable indicator for recording the emotional state. For the measurement, the skin response sensor is fixed to the index or middle finger. Through the app even the smallest changes become visible, so that you can react directly to increasing tension with anti-stress exercises. Likewise, the skin conductance can be used to test relaxation techniques to identify exercises with the best results.

    eSense Temperature: Stress indicator skin temperature

    Hectic, stress and nervousness are known to cause cold hands. This is why the eSense Temperature Sensor raises the skin temperature over the fingers as a measured value for increasing to acute stress or for relaxation. When the tension level is slightly increased, hand warming training to promote blood circulation can help.

    The eSense App with real-time evaluation, alarm notification and data analysis

    The Mindfield eSense App will also graphically process the recorded measured values – bar graph and oscilloscope – for a quick classification. As an immediate feedback on an increased stress load, an indication is given via vibration, sound or music. You can also play a video that stops automatically if the value is negative. Besides the measurement history in diagram form and the comparison of individual measurements, all data can be transferred via e-mail in Dropbox or Google Drive.

    New: Display of stress load via Philips Hue and smart bulb

    From now on, the app can also be connected via WLAN to the Philips Hue mood lights or via Bluetooth to the Magic Blue smart bulb available online from Mindfield. As a result, the desk lamp, for example, glows in a warm light when you relax or in a cold light when you are under stress.

    The eSense sensors Skin Response and Temperature cost 99 USD each in the U.S. at Included in delivery are Velcro electrodes for fixing the sensors and detailed instructions for effective biofeedback training. The Mindfield Biosystems app is available for free download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

    eSense Skin Response:

    eSense Temperature:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Mindfield Biosystems Ltd
    Contact Person: Niko Rockensüß
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +49-(0)2565-4062727
    Address:Hindenburgring 4
    City: Gronau
    State: Gronau
    Country: Germany

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    Robots4Life, an Israeli/UK tech start up is happy to announce that they will be opening an R&D department in Shenzhen, China to develop a non-verbal human–robot interactive communication technology to help commercial robots to interact better with humans. The core of the technology is to make commercial robots to understand and analyze human behavior without a verbal communication. The technology will be developed based on touch, temperature and visual sensors.

    “Our objective is to make robots to understand humans without verbal commands. The most of robot builders designing robots who can understand verbal commands, but we take a different approach to develop a technology of non-verbal communication between humans and robots.

    At the moment, most of the commercial robots are manufactured in Shenzhen , known as a silicon valley of hardware what makes it the best place in the world to start our project. We have a solid funding and a strong team who will be relocating to Shenzhen from Israel and Europe and we plan to hire more local talents” said Mikael Jensen, the head of R&D department of Robots 4 Life.

    This idea was supported by Robots4Life’s European partner and investor – EUsexdolls, a European online retailer of adult toys who’s willing to integrate non verbal communication technology into its products.
    Robots4Life will develop the tech part (sensors, movement mechanisms and software) what will be integrated by the manufacturers.

    About Robots4Life:
    Robots4Life is a  tech start up who specialize in Industrial & Commercial Robots, R4L research and develop technologies to make robots to understand and interact with humans . Robots4Life also develops and commercializes sensor technologies, giving robots a sense of touch and vision. Current applications are in industrial robotics; in the long term and in the future the technology will be applied throughout personal and commercial robotics.

    For more details , please feel free to visit their website at or customer hotline number at +447383199066.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Robots 4 Life Robotics Ltd
    Contact Person: Noam Ben-Asher
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +447383199066
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Thoughts in Motion’s CryptoFights is an upcoming mobile crypto game that utilizes EnjinCoin’s Ethereum based ERC1155 technology to offer in-game items that are backed with the ENJ coin and utilize P2P trading just like any other ERC20 or ERC721 token.

    Morrisville, North Carolina, September 12, 2018, Thoughts in Motion, a well-known gaming studio, sent shockwaves through the world of gaming with their pending Pre-Sale and roll-out of a truly game-changing Blockchain based gaming platform. The way gamers view gaming platforms has forever been changed thanks to this innovative game studio. CryptoFights is one of the first gaming platforms to join the MultiVerse, where gamers can cross onto other gaming platforms and take with them their avatars, fighters and weapons. 

    CryptoFights, the end-to-end blockchain role-playing fighting game will adopt Enjin Coin’s platform to create in-game items using the next-generation ERC-1155 token standard. During a recent interview, a company spokesperson explained: “Featuring serverless gameplay, CryptoFights uses a sidechain to enable high performance gaming while securing game assets on the Ethereum mainchain. It can be described as a turn-based Street Fighter, with interchangeable weapons and armor providing a real-time strategic advantage to players who outmatch their opponents.” 

    He goes on to say: “Fighting a match is heavily based on dice rolls to introduce some element of luck and randomness to both players. New players start as a low-level fighter and must win matches to earn XP and gold. XP can then be used to level up their fighter making them stronger with more ability points to allocate. In-game Gold can be used to buy new weapons and armor from the marketplace to give your fighter the edge it needs. As your fighter levels up you will enter new arenas to battle, getting you higher level rewards.” 

    On the CryptoFights platform, all game items will be owned by the player on the Ethereum Blockchain. Through the use of Smart Contracts on the blockchain, centralization is avoided. It is owned by nobody…..yet owned by everybody who is a stake-holder. There can be no cheating or stealing. Items can be bought by obtaining in-game gold. Gold is obtained by winning matches and receiving “loot rewards”, or by purchasing gold packs directly. Using the Enjin Wallet, users can manage and store their items for viewing and trading. They can then buy, sell, or trade with anyone over the internet, and accept other items to trade, cryptocurrency, or cash. All items will have a “melt” value attached to them which allows players to turn items into ENJ. This sets a floor price on all items. 

    CryptoFights’ features are what sets it above all other such games: 

    • Delegated Proof of Stake sidechain enables fast gameplay.
    • Trustless Gaming Architecture with Distributed nodes to be released in the future.
    • Powered with Enjin Coin and Enjin Wallet (
    • Items can be converted into ENJ with a click of a button.
    • Serverless with Relayers from sidechain to mainchain.
    • Blockchain validation prevents cheating and provides transparency.
    • All items backed with Enjin Coin to provide instant value.
    • Items are owned by the player and are thus sellable. 

    Mark the calendar for September 19, as that is when the CryptoFights Pre-Sale begins. The initial weapons and armor that will be minted will be of the Genesis Series and will be in limited quantities and never be available again, thus insuring that its value appreciates. Both Private and Institutional Investors have expressed a lot of interest in this project. Early adopters will gain the most by taking advantage of the Pre-Sale Discounts. Imagine being part of the future of gaming. 

    Complete information available at: 

    Visit the CryptoFights Pre-Sale site:

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 321-277-4121
    City: Morrisville
    State: North Carolina
    Country: United States

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    For about $50 this advanced new technology will disrupt hunger for families around the world, by empowering those who need it with a proven system to grow their own food using less water than any other hydroponic system, and no electricity.

    Ascending Harvest Silent Auction Party to Launch Human-Powered Hydroponics™ Indiegogo Campaign During Hunger Action Month

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah inventor, Shane McKenna, Ascending Harvest Founder and CTO, has created an advanced, first-of-kind farming technology that will disrupt hunger by empowering families around the world to grow their own food without any farming experience.

    For over 31 years, self-made engineer, artist, and solutionist Shane McKenna has been helping Fortune 500-companies, small businesses, and inventors take their concepts to full implementation. His latest invention, Intelligent Grow Media™, is a radical departure from the norm in farming technology and the foundation for the world’s first Human-Powered Hydroponics™ system.

    “The World’s most urgent hunger problem is empowerment,” said McKenna, “some people are completely dependent on charitable assistance to feed themselves.” Inspiration to bring this new technology to the world in a humanitarian way comes from his desire to help young women in developing countries, many of whom must sell their bodies for food in order to survive. Human Powered Hydroponics™ offers a sustainable alternative to standing in aid lines if and when they exist.

    With decades of farming experience, McKenna said he’s never seen big-relief agricultural efforts succeed after the resources step away. Developed over the last 20 years, his original models were designed for, and will eventually be used to create precisely controlled plant growth with high nutrient complexity in commercial applications.

    Using less water than any other hydroponics system, and no electricity,
    Human-Powered Hydroponics™ systems can grow hundreds of pounds of nutrient-rich food for $40 to $50; food that can sustain a family or be sold to earn them a living.

    Intelligent Grow Media™ systems can be used with or without soil, but “what’s truly unique about Intelligent Grow Media™,” said McKenna, “is the variable spacing in our fabric weave and the number layers in the system, which creates thousands of water highways that transport precise levels of moisture and nutrients to plant roots. This degree of precision-control simply doesn’t exist in today’s farming technology.”

    McKenna’s engineering advancements have allowed him to develop inexpensive food-growing systems that are easy-to-use, set up and maintain. In three simple steps, people without farming experience can now grow their own food. Starting in Africa, the first Human-Powered Hydroponics™ systems will be distributed to those in need using existing aid channels. You’ll find a cordial invitation to help McKenna and Ascending Harvest feed the world, news and updates at

    During Hunger Action Month, Ascending Harvest will hold a silent auction fundraiser at the New Golden Dragon restaurant on Wednesday, September 19, launching its Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000 toward manufacturing costs.

     Human Powered Hydroponics™ Features & Benefits:

    • Addresses global hunger problem as one of empowerment at the individual level
    • Portable
    • No farming experience needed
    • Uses less water than any other hydroponic system
    • Fabric weave creates thousands of waterways for precision delivery of nutrients, air, and water to plant roots
    • Wicking action for water absorption
    • Intelligent Grow Media(™) receives water from the base to enhance system efficiency
    • Human powered pump vs. continuous electrical power supply
    • Systems can grow hundreds of pounds of nutritious food for ~ $50
    • Provides an alternative to charitable assistance
    • Growing plants is a proven way to re-sequester Carbon from fossil fuel emissions
    • Creates a path out of poverty for those who need it


    Ascending Harvest is feeding the World by revolutionizing the way families grow their own food. Our Human Powered Hydroponics ™ systems offer a sustainable alternative to depending on charitable support if and when it exists.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Ascending Harvest
    Contact Person: Abraham Tinklepaugh
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 801-414-4545
    Country: United States

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    Bend, OR – InfluenceMine, a leading blockchain chain based, mobile cryptocurrency mining and affiliate platform company today announced that Bryan Crane has joined the company as Chief Growth Officer. Mr. Crane will guide the strategic development of the Company’s corporate capital structure, both now and into the future. His immediate goal is to finalize the current capital raise, which is an offering of Preferred Equity carrying a 3% quarterly dividend, from gross revenue.

    Rob Towles, InfluenceMine’s CEO, said “We are excited to have Bryan join our team. His deep skill sets in the capital markets layer perfectly across our desire to keep our capital requirements one step ahead of anticipated needs for rapid corporate development. His most recent experience has positioned him at the convergence of opinion leaders and institutional investors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, and allow him to help us engage partners and other stakeholders that can enhance our positioning in the market. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.”

    “Rob and the management team assembled at InfluenceMine have had multiple successful exits in the gaming space” noted Mr. Crane. “This company is built around the core technology that powered the previously successful companies and I am incredibly excited to participate in building future success – for our users, investors and employees.” 

    The role will require bringing knowledge and insights from across key areas that drive growth, including: marketing, sales, research and development, finance and business or partnership development to create and implement a longer term vision and enterprise-wide execution of growth-generating strategies. Mr. Crane acknowledges that central to the role’s is the need to communicate the longer term vision to the capital markets to drive enhanced valuation so that future capital raises are done at the most advantageous valuation. 

    Effectively immediately, Mr. Crane’s focus areas will include:

    Driving completion of the existing open capital raise
    Defining and refining positioning and messaging for the raise based on prospective investor and market feedback
    Creating appropriate structures for bringing capital aboard
    Developing and coordinating corporate governance functions commensurate with industry best practices to allow company to take advantage of any capital markets opportunities such as IPO, PE injection or acquisition
    Guiding approach to existing investor relations outreach efforts

    Most recently, Mr. Crane was Managing Director of SCN Corporate Connect, a New York-based company positioned at the crossroads of capital, technology and media that helps companies tell their stories across a distributed network of leading family offices and institutional and ultra-high net worth investors. From TV studios at NASDAQ and NYSE, SCN unlocked corporate visibility through partner affiliates and its own networks of family offices, small cap investors, registered financial advisors and brokers. Prior to SCN, Mr. Crane was a Founding Principal and Director at BlueWater Advisory Group, a consultancy focused on corporate governance, capital raising and investor awareness for publicly traded companies in the green-tech and e-commerce sectors. As well, he founded a full service investor relations and corporate communications firm focused on NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ traded companies.

    About InfluenceMine

    InfluenceMine is the first and only legal global cryptocurrency mining operation that allows anyone anywhere to mine cryptocurrency affordably, legally and easily. In fusing an eco-friendly digital currency mining experience deployed from a user’s mobile device with an advanced influencer marketing platform and built-in affiliate program supported by a set of robust data and marketing tools, InfluenceMine lets virtually anyone capitalize on the growing income generation opportunity presented by digital currencies. For more information visit, and by following them on Twitter at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: InfluenceMine
    Contact Person: Rob Towles
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    Phone: 541-414-6217
    Address:PO Box 1394
    City: Bend
    State: Oregon
    Country: United States

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    The MobileGO project is delighted to announce that its internal platform MGO Tokens are now supported by the popular Jaxx wallet application.

    Belgrade, Serbia – 13 September, 2018 – Jaxx and MobileGO signed a partnership agreement under which the Jaxx wallet application will support MGO tokens.
    The integration of MGO Tokens into Jaxx allows the project to grant access to its services to over 700,000 users, provide dedicated customer service with ticket resolution in under 4 hours, and participate in Decentral | Jaxx initiatives such as the upcoming in-app game, coffee table book, and various events.
    Together with the new Jaxx, MobileGO is determined to build a single unified blockchain experience, which will be gamified to drive participation in partner services.
    MobileGO is certain that integrating MGO Tokens into such popular wallets as Jaxx is an immense value addition to the project and a clear demonstration of its great prospects in the market. 

    Stay tuned for more news and updates from MobileGO.

    Kristina Pavlishina

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Kristina Pavlishina
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    Phone: +7(965)252-01-02
    Country: Serbia

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    There is a quiet revolution going on, one that is changing the ways financial values are stored, exchanged, transacted, and valued. Born out of the ashes of the 2007/2008 global financial crisis, this revolution is not only putting users in control of their funds, but also opening direct channels of communication and transaction without mediation by any human agency. The spectre of the recent global, financial crisis continues to loom over the financial market with aftershocks still rippling across various industry. The employment industry has been hit the hardest. Job instability, limited openings for talented young graduates, and insecurities. The traditional 9-5 labour model is being challenged by the increasingly mobile and nimble gig economy continues to offer the promise of providing better opportunities for employees to determine their path – as long as they can adapt and diversify. Seen as the future of workforce employment, the freelance economy currently accounts for a staggering 34% of the workforce in America and is expected to raise to 43% by 2020.

    Businesses tapping into this workforce are being afforded a competitive edge that just does not exist in the traditional labour market, accessing a highly-skilled workforce that offers greater variety and variabilities. This workforce can also be tailored to seasonal needs and changes within any business and ad hoc projects at no additional labour cost. This monumental shift in manpower engagement has carved open a massive opportunity in how workers are recruited and employed. The accelerated mobility and communication afforded by technological advancements is enabling new approaches. Yet, the employment industry has been slow to respond. Just about anybody can post an ad on the internet these days and any freelancer worth their salt has a social media account – or two they often use to showcase their abilities and network.

    However, when it comes to recruitment, “traditional” agencies are still the dominant force in the industry evinced by their multi-billion-dollar revenues and global market reach. Adecco and Randstad, two of the biggest players in the market, generated €22.5bn and €20.7bn respectively in 2016 alone, and with over 62,000 combined full-time employees placed annually it’s clear to see there is still value in the conventional agency model. These agencies operate on a very centralized model that is becoming increasingly outdated, inefficient, and plagued by numerous risks and challenges. From archaic search and match tools to isolated portfolio and work engagement ecosystems that cannot be leveraged on other platforms, privacy and security concerns, and just downright duplicity. These dated systems and methodology continue to hinders the employment industry’s effectiveness and ability to scale globally to accommodate and unleash the inherent opportunities in cross-border working.

    Most significantly, these challenges have also tarnished the reputation of employment agencies, resulting in huge operational costs that directly impact the customer in the form of hefty service fees. With issues of diversity and equality now at the forefront of most companies’ hiring policies, there is growing pressure to eliminate any factors that could contribute to discrimination. Unfortunately, agencies have often been found culpable of facilitating prejudice among employers and fuelling distrust. This stems from the agencies reliance on intermediaries to make every agreement and transaction work – intermediaries with their own personal agendas and bias.  Workers wants to claim back their independence and free themselves from corporate politics, while employers would like to have clear channels of engagement and seeing talents as they really are.

    And where there is a problem, there is an opportunity. In recent times, a number of challengers have risen to address these problems, offering technologically driven solutions for a borderless, employment market. Built on the backbone of the same technology powering the gig industry, online platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork and Thumbtack are changing the way freelancers engage new clients providing the freedom and flexibility the market has been craving for. However, while these challengers have made great inroad in adapting recruitment and employment processes, these benefits have an added cost in the form of commission fees – sometimes up to 23%. Worst still, they are yet to get on par with the traditional agencies  —  a fact reflected in fractional revenue figures and far smaller placement rates So, what went wrong? Wasn’t taking recruitment and employment processes online, enough? Apparently, it wasn’t. The current solutions are more or less playing catch-up to centuries of problems. Any solution that truly wants to solve these problems must get ahead of the curve, using not only the most groundbreaking technological developments available, but also anticipating future trends. With the integration of some of the key pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – big data, artificial intelligence, and most importantly, the blockchain – this solution is here. So, why is the blockchain that important?

    Simply, the blockchain makes it possible to trust people online without the need for any middleman   through direct, peer-to-peer channels. Instead of middlemen, their human failings and vulnerabilities, we have smart contracts. These smart contracts are self-executing protocols that gives users the ability to set the terms of engagement for any contract and how those terms will be executed without having to rely on a mediator or meet face-to-face. Something critical for the thriving global gig economy. Built into the right business, these innovations can evolve the industry from trust-based (and its attendant problems) to eradicate issues of discrimination, lower fees and enable smoother financial procedures.

    This business is Hiway

    Hiway is a blockchain-based, global workforce recruitment and employment platform. The platform provides seamless and direct connection connections between workers, employer, and headhunters without borders or boundaries. Consider what AirBnB brought to the hospitality sector and what Uber brought to the transportation network industry; that is our ambition for the job market  —  but with a decentralised. This is what Hiway is building by leveraging blockchain, smart contracts, big data and AI.  

    “We believe that Hiway can truly address the challenges holding the rest of the employment industry back, and ultimately empower those looking for a job or wanting a job done in equal measure.”

    Media Contacts:

    Name: Simon Rikmenspoel





    Media Contact
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    Country: Netherlands

    0 0, a blockchain database cloud project led by legendary blockchain developer and creator of PoS consensus Sunny King, participated F50 Silicon Valley conference and released a few technical features of SPoS, aka Supernode Proof of Stake.

    According to the keynote speech delivered by VEE team located at Silicon Valley, SPoS was designed for high-performance Blockchain infrastructure platform with constant block interval generated to stabilize throughput capacity. It also provided better security with cold minting. SPoS of VEE Mainnet would likely be starting with 15 Supernodes, while the total number of Supernodes could be increased to 30 and 60 potentially, depending on its growth.

    In a cover story by Coindesk on Sept 7 2018, when asked what he tried to achieve in with SPoS, Sunny King replied, “VEE takes a good look at the barriers of building Blockchain applications and tries to streamline the process and expand the ecosystem, so at some point, we can say using Blockchain technology is as easy as using a database.”

    Also, according to Coindesk’s report, VEE would launch Mainnet on 17th Sept, together with its own crypto coins whose listing ticker would be announced soon. It was announced that there would be airdrop events targeting global developers. According to the community, was in discussion with global exchanges to get their coins listed in a timely manner.

    VEE has unveiled a 2nd version white paper for the first time in the last week and will release the paper of SPoS shortly.

    VEE aims to create an absolutely secure underlying infrastructure platform for blockchain database through innovations of consensus mechanism and blockchain platform functions, so that companies using the VEE blockchain platform can focus on their own business instead of delving into coding issues. In this way, VEE blockchain platform can support the operation of trillions of blocks effectively in the future and build a new world of blockchain.

    Just like satoshi nakamoto, the cryptocurrency pioneer, Sunny King invented PeerCoin and PrimeCoin, both of them ranked among top 10 market capitalization globally. By introducing the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, he made great contributions to the development of cryptocurrency technology. Years before, Sunny King led the team to set out again, with the hope of reducing the technical barriers and entry costs of blockchain further and introduce the technology to a wider range of applications.

    After tremendous research and development, the VEE platform will finally be officially launched in September 2018. This time SunnyKing brings a new generation of consensus algorithm innovations, SPoS.

    By significantly reducing the cost of blockchain technology, VEE provides universal and personalized underlying database cloud support for blockchain projects with various application scenarios. VEE will make a breakthrough in accelerating the application of blockchain technology and supporting the use of blockchain in the future commercial society. Sunny King is the chief designer of the project, leading several cryptography senior engineers and database architects from Silicon Valley to develop in depth.

    According to the development team in VEE, the decentralization mode transformation brought by blockchain as a database has strengthened privacy protection while reducing technology cost and improving data security. As the VEE of the blockchain database cloud, it needs to redefine the blockchain through the decentralized database cloud to promote the advent of the era of virtual economy.

    The vision of VEE is that the future of blockchain lies not only in the multi-billion dollars of blockchain, but also in the multi-billion blocks, which will bring a new economic era to the world. According to the white paper, the Vee mainnet will eventually be capable of carrying four or more digits of TPS and more with more stability.

    VEE mainly has the following innovative highlights:

    • The adoption of SPoS consensus algorithm It can support industrial TPS and reduce the operating cost of the whole system while solving the energy consumption problem.
    • Exclusive and Innovative cloud computing features It can generate blockchain effectively, reduce the cost of development of blockchain applications, and provide more developers with an efficient and convenient application development platform.
    • Modular construction It simplifies software upgrades in the entire ecosystem
    • Common database functionality Presenting data and information in a descriptive and integrated manner while supporting multiple consensus algorithms enables application developers to focus on business logic.
    • Smart Contract VEE platform plans to support both Ethereum and EOS smart contracts in a compatible manner. Virtual machines will be implemented in a modular manner so that applications can choose the type of smart contract they prefer; It will also assess and consider the growing number of other competitive smart contract systems.

    At the same time, VEE platform also allows different applications to run in different blockchains. Realizing complete scalability isolation with other application systems in the same ecosystem, makes VEE even more secure, flexible, compatible and open than current blockchain platforms.

    The value of VEE ecosystem is to provide the underlying database cloud service for the applications of several hundreds of billion level projects in the area of artificial intelligence, digital assets, education, cross-linked transaction and smart contract in the near future. In this case, VEE will truly promote the advent of the era of global virtual economy and build a trillion-level blockchain platform. By that time, VEE will be worth $50 billion, $500 billion, or more.

    Just as SunnyKing created POS in the past, which has changed the development history of blockchain, as well as the vision of VEE. It is believed that SunnyKing’s third innovation in the blockchain world will completely change the future of blockchain and enable it to go deep into social Economy. People can indeed live a better life through blockchain technology and it will realize Virtual Economy Era in the future.

    Contact Us:






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    Country: United States

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    September 13, 2018 – Lexington, NC – PlentiFund is a new niche crowdfunding platform serving community college students nationwide to help them raise funds for transportation to school. The company currently focuses on fuel costs for students driving to school each week. Research shows that transportation costs can be challenging for students. PlentiFund’s services run throughout the college fall and spring semesters. There are many students who go to college part time and work part time or full time jobs. Those jobs can interfere with a student’s ability to focus on getting their college degree.

    “If transportation costs are deterring individuals from going to college we want to help eliminate that obstacle,” says Richard Serge, the creator of PlentiFund.

    Crowdfunding is a process where individuals request funding from a population or “crowd”. In this case PlentiFund has developed an online platform where community college students can create a profile and request funding assistance to help with transportation costs. After a student receives funding they are advised to use the funds to obtain a fuel card from a fuel provider of their choice. The funds are scheduled to be released to the student each month to help support the student when they need it the most. The platform includes a blog about life skills, as well as social media links to help students share their request with their network. Plentifund uses the Stripe payment processing system to process the funds given to students. There is a FAQs page to help student setup their profile. The platform is simple to use: create a profile describing your background and future goals. Then promote the profile.

    In a recent year statistics have shown over $6 billion was given to individuals. Also, giving to education in a recent year was nearly $56 billion. So if people and entities are willing to give to those categories we feel that many will feel encouraged to help students directly. We feel that there are enough supporters in the community that we can help make a significant impact on college admissions and obtaining a degree.

    PlentiFund is a new niche crowdfunding company and as such we invite new investor, academic, business and media relationships in our efforts to help the student population. We welcome investor and media inquiries to help elevate our startup process.

    Plentifund can be contacted via

    Our social media includes:

    Media Contact
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    Country: United States

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    On September 12th at 9 am eastern standard time USA (embargo), Robotix is launching an Indiegogo Campaign (preview link) for Taco Playbits, a tangible coding, screen-free and self-learning STEM toy.

    Robotix announces the global launch of Taco Playbits a smart connected toy, for kids ages 3 to 8, on the Indiegogo USA crowdfunding platform.

    Taco Playbits helps kids ages 3-8 to build critical 21st century skills such as numeracy, literacy, collaborative learning, coding and more all through a hands-on and magical learning process. It is comprised of screen-free “Wand” and “tags” that utilize NFC technology to inspire kids to have fun through imaginative play. Simply touch the tags with the Wand to play music, solve number games, learn English and much more.

    In addition to these features, Taco Playbits is designed with everyone in mind. What’s more, parents and educators may record their own questions in their language of choice to provide additional unique challenges. It is multi-lingual, so kids can play and learn in any language, dialect or accent. It is also braille compatible to enable self-learning for children who are blind and visually impaired.

    We believe Taco Playbits is one of a kind and probably the first in the world.

    Taco Playbits – Loved by kids; Trusted by parents. Parents are looking for new ways to help their kids learn through play. However, they also want to keep their kids away from screen-based devices. Introducing Taco Playbits – A Magical Screen-Free Coding toy that will help kids from the ages of 3 to 8 learn their ABCs, play number games, and make their own musical pieces all through the process of playful learning. Parents will love the way Taco Playbits is a self learning STEM toy that encourages children at their own pace to build their literacy & numeracy skills while engaging them in fun games and challenges.”
     – Mr. Ramana Prasad | Chairman, Robotix Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    Taco Playbits will be available for pre-sale starting at [USD 49] with products estimated to ship in November 2018 in time for Christmas 2018.

    More about Robotix

    Robotix was founded in 2010, to give children playful and powerful learning experiences that make learning fun and empowering them with 21st century skills. With many years of experience teaching STEM, robotics and coding in K-12 schools, Robotix has evaluated robots from all over the world and found that they were overpriced, and used unengaging proprietary coding languages.

    In 2015, Robotix launched Phiro Education robotic toy, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter and Phiro from Robotix has been recognized by Intel as one of “America’s Greatest Makers.”

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Mr. Ramana Prasad
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    Country: United States

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    Links to Unlimited Possibilities

    On September 9th, LINFINITY CEO Anndy Lian was invited to visit the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) headquartered in Tokyo, Japan for an in-depth discussion on “How to Build a Trusted Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Ecology with Blockchain Technology” together with Joshua Lau, Director of APO Research and Planning Department, Sherman Loo, Director of Administrative & Finance and members of the research team.

    Anndy Lian introduced LINFINITY’s blockchain based anti-counterfeiting solution and business strategy to the attendants. He pointed out that the strength of blockchain technology is obvious. For blockchain to be fully commercialized, it is necessary to understand the real market demands, which exactly coincides with the APO’s search for new technologies to boost productivity. 

    The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) is an international organization that aims to improve productivity and promote sustainable social and economic development in the Asia-Pacific region. APO currently has 20 member countries and regions, including South Korea, Singapore and Japan. Its strategic focus is on the use of high-tech to revitalize small and medium-sized enterprises, promote regional development, advocate innovation and popularize green productivity.

    When talking about the LINFINITY blockchain based anti-counterfeiting solution, Anndy Lian said, “We upload the product information onto the block and adopt a unique and blockchain-supported QR code. By scanning the QR code, the consumer can obtain the information about the good. These data are transparent and cannot be artificially tampered with. Although many traditional enterprises have taken anti-counterfeiting measures, customers do not often proactively verify the authenticity of products they buy. Such paradox situation makes these anti-counterfeiting measures a ‘Maginot Line’. LINFINITY is to motivate consumers to participate in anti-counterfeiting verification and to report counterfeit and shoddy goods in a timely manner through the unique ‘token mechanism’ in the blockchain ecology. Such rewarded source-tracking mechanism can enhance their awareness of consumer rights and to motivate them to participate in the whole supply chain as a key element.” Anndy Lian added: “All new technologies need to be integrated to put into use. Integrating the Blockchain, IoT and AI can help minimize the drawbacks of the supply chain, and also can remedy the loss in time if there is any problem.”

    In recent years, APO has set up research institutes in Singapore, Taiwan and Philippines, dedicated to the study of industrial upgrading and transformation, of which blockchain technology is also a part. “We are looking forward to furthering collaboration with the APO, combining LINFINITY’s blockchain technology and APO’s management experience in productivity, to enhance productivity with new technologies,” said Anndy Lian.

    Media Contact
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    City: Singapore
    Country: Singapore

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    The new tool gives buyers the information they need to navigate the crowded, confusing and noisy learning systems market!

    Los Angeles, CA – Craig Weiss, the foremost learning tech selection expert in the world just unveiled, a new tool that will make it faster and easier to match up companies with the right learning systems. While the new tool is called FindanLMS, it will have comprehensive information on all types of learning systems, including learning engagement platforms, sales enablement platforms, learning platforms, employee engagement systems, skill-based systems, and more.

    At last count, there are over 1200 learning systems worldwide. Buyers trying to navigate this confusing market often turn to Weiss for help, “I’ve worked with hundreds of companies to match them up with the right learning systems, but every year, there are thousands of others who I just can’t get to” said Weiss. “Over the past few years, it’s been painful to hear over and over how companies choose a learning system and suffer for years of trying to make it work and eventually ditch it and start over again. I decided to build this application, documenting what I’ve learned over twenty years and make it free and easy for everyone to get past all the noise in the marketplace.”

    Currently, there are similar looking websites that offer advice about buying B2B software in general, but none of them are so focused on the learning systems market, which has been legendary for its unique challenges and complexity. “I knew there weren’t any tools in the market that addressed the needs of learning systems buyers,” said Weiss. “I felt like I was in a unique position to build such a site, with my experience and most importantly, the database I’ve compiled over years of selecting systems.”

    “Craig Weiss is the top authority when it comes to the learning systems industry. His in-depth knowledge about each learning system provider matched the right system to our business needs,” said Cory Kreeck, the VP, Organizational Development at BeachBody. “We knew what we wanted in an LMS, but Craig helped us focus on priorities. His relationships in the industry accelerated the search process and he clarified the questions we needed to ask to choose the right vendor. I would not buy an LMS without Craig’s perspective.”

    In addition to helping buyers find the right learning systems, will also give the ability to assess multiple systems and immediately engage with learning system providers. This helps achieve the goal of shortening the buying cycle, which averages over six months and can sometimes stretch into years.

    Buyers will also be able to filter their search by functionality, audience type, price range, implementation timeframe, industry, number of learners, and rankings from Craig’s annual Top 50 Guide. Buyers can send vendors their own RFP/RFI through the system where the vendor can view the materials and respond. They can also contact vendors through the platform to schedule meetings, demos and trials.

    Top learning system/platform vendors who are already in

    eLogic Learning, Litmos by SAP, Growth Engineering, LearnUpon, UpsideLMS, Docebo, CrossKnowledge, Unicorn LMS, SumTotal Learn, Learn Amp, EdCast, 360Learning, Lumesse me:time, Percipio by Skillsoft, Coorpacademy, GamEffectiv, Schoox, CD2 Learning, Tessello, OnPoint Digital, MATRIX, GeoTalent, IMC, Talent LMS, Accord LMS, Administrate, LMS365, Learnosphere, Kallidus, FeatherCap, accessplanint, Digits Glo, Agylia, NetDimensions, PeopleFluent, Training Orchestra, Spoke LMS eLoomi, eLastic Learning, eXact Learning System, Webanywhere, GyrusAim, LearningTribes, Percolate, springest go, myQuest, eNetLearn, eFront, Roundtable Learning, Abara LMS, Melon LMS, EdApp, Biz Library, Kokm, Triboo and Filtered.

    To find more information about FindAnLMS works and Craig, visit the following links.

    Craig’s Blog:

    Craig Weiss:


    About The Craig Weiss Group

    Craig Weiss is an e-learning analyst, immersive learning and online learning expert, blogger, speaker and thought leader, who has been in the industry for over 18 years. He is the CEO and lead analyst for The Craig Weiss Group, LLC. which provides advisory, analyst, acquisition strategy and consulting services to buyers and suppliers in the e-learning industry.

    Craig has been named one of the most influential people in the world for e-learning and the most influential person in the world for learning systems. Craig publishes a yearly Top 50 Learning Systems Report and regularly monitors over 1,200 LMSs around the world. His blog is read weekly in 174 countries, territories and colonial territories.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Craig Weiss Group, LLC.
    Contact Person: Craig Edward Weiss
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 7148551774
    Address:824 Rim Crest Drive
    City: Westlake Village
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    Renowned antique collector Mr. A.S Horng from Taifu Cultural Relics, will hold nationwide exhibition tour in China.

    The enamel colored purple clay teapot is a royal tea set made from aesthetic craftsmanship passed down through the Qing dynasty. Known as the “Zisha of the Palace,” it was used by three different emperors, Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong.


    This technic, which includes using enamel to manifest color on purple clay, was kept secret and exclusively used to serve royal purpose. It also involved use of Yixing clay, a type of purple clay from the region near the city of Yixing in Jiangsu Province in China. This region produce highest quality crockery in the country. Palace officials would send their design to Yixing to make the body of the teapot before proceeding with the enamel coloring and kiln at royal palace.

    The enamel colored purple clay teapot made from the royal kiln is very elegant and rare. Making a pure purple clay teapot is quite simple, but to color the enamel onto the clay body is not an easy task because the craftsman needs to make sure the enamel can successfully dye into the clay. Besides, the enamel purple teapot is more difficult in firing comparing to enamel porcelain, and with very low success rate. That is why this complex technic is still unmatched until today.


    Mr. Ma Xu, a famous critique of Chinese porcelain, praised the teapot, saying that “it is full of color and thick glaze whose blush and eggplant purple are well preserved. These two kinds of mineral glaze trace back from the middle of the Qing dynasty with no deposits of ore or minerals. The body of the kettle is covered with a light-filled pulp and it feels smooth and delicate. This is enough to prove that this pot is a large-opening Qianlong period art piece.”

    This enamel colored purple clay teapot with dragon and phoenix pattern dates from the Qianlong period, and was part of the official collection of the palace. The purple clay is painted with dragons and phoenixes and the flowers are in full bloom. The pot is symmetrical and elegant, detail of flowers is done in refined detail, and the pair of dragons and phoenixes are imprint with god-like aura. The overall pattern is well structured, lines of Yin and Yang are meticulous staggered across.


    A record of this teapot was found in the Qing dynasty palace archive, “September… delivered 10 pieces of Yixin enamel bowls, 4 pieces of enamel tray and 1 piece of enamel kettle, all Kangxi-era style.” “Qianlong Year 3… delivered 1 piece of Yixin enamel teapot, 1 piece of Yixin Shifang enamel teapot, 1 piece of Begonia style enamel teapot.”

    The National Palace Museum in Taipei only possesses 7 pieces of emperor Kangxi-style enamel teapot. They are treated as the crown jewel of the museum.

    China Yixing purple clay pot maker Li Ming (son of Chinese art and craft master Li Changhong) said: “The dragon and phoenix on this royal enamel teapot are very lifelike. This elegant and precious teapot could only be used by the emperor during that time, and it is very rare to find one of this kind of purple clay teapot on the market. Therefore, this rare antique enamel teapot is a valuable treasure in the world today.”

    Master Li Changhong also said in an interview that Gu Jingzhou’s teapot had set a high price of more than 90 million yuan on the international auction market, and this piece of zisha teapot has straight, clear edges and corners, clear lines, craftsmanship and tight clasps. These standards are 100 percent in terms of approvals. Collectors should regard them as masterpieces. This is a priceless treasure. Collectors must respect it and understand its art, the culture, the times, the fineness of this raw material. To this day, there is no way to set a price that measures the disappearing of these skills. This pot is flawless; it is a collector’s treasure worth a national-level work. Master Li Ming also pointed out that this pot is a four-footed and up-to-date style and is the highest standard of the royal court. It is a legendary artifact.

    For more information, watch Master Li Changhong sharing this rare treasure of the Qing dynasty – Enamel Colored Purple Clay Teapot with Dragon & Phoenix Pattern on

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global Integration Media Co., LTD ?G.I.M.? Taifu Cultural Relics Collection
    Contact Person: Charles Chen
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 886 2 2546 9906
    Country: Taiwan

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    The Smart Cities Summit gathers municipal IoT stakeholders, Federal and State policy advocates, as well as academic and industry,  thought leaders to address Smart Cities and Transportation strategy, deployment, operation, funding, and success. The one-day summit will be held at the University of Texas at Dallas campus in Richardson, TX, a Tier 1 research institution and incubator for technology innovation on September 19, 2018.

    The speakers will be live streamed on starting at 8:30 am CST and ending approximately at 5 pm CST.

    The North Texas Smart Cities Summit will help Public Officials start or accelerate their loT blueprint plans. The summit agenda will cover many topics including:

    North Texas Smart Cities Community Partnerships

    Smart Cities Empowering Smarter Communities

    What a Smarter Grid Means For Policy and Municipal IoT Innovation

    Smart Grid & Sustainable Energy

    How Do We Make Intelligent Buildings a Reality?

    Smart City Implementation Lessons… Data is Everything

    Public Safety LTE Enabling Smart Cities for Mission Critical Services

    The Cybersecurity Conundrum – Managing RiskWhat’s Needed, What Isn’t.

    Mark Tierney, host of The Tech Fugitives video and podcast said, “Participants in the summit will have the opportunity to meet with peers working on smart city opportunities, work with government agencies on best practices in starting and funding projects, and interact with leading businesses in the field. There will also be networking areas to discuss and show solution value and breakout sessions that will drive next level ideas.”

    The Tech Fugitives Show is an entertaining take on today’s tech news and can be seen on

    Speakers for the Smart Cities Summit are as follows:

    Paul Voelker
    Richardson, TX

    Jennifer Sanders
    Executive Director
    Dallas Innovation Alliance

    Bill Sproull
    President and CEO 
    Richardson Chamber of Commerce

    Dave Copps
    Founder & CEO
    Brainspace Corp

    Scott Cardenas
    CIO Denver, CO

    Steve Berberich
    President & CEO
    California ISO

    Maher Maso
    Prosper Economic Development Corporation

    Daniel Engels
    Dept of Computer 
    Science & Engineering

    Pete Denagy
    Acommence Advisors, Inc.

    Jiri Skopek
    Managing Director 

    Michael Sherwood
    Director of Information Technology 
    City of Las Vegas

    TJ Kennedy
    Chairman of the Board 
    Secured Communications

    Roderick Jackson
    Laboratory Program National Energy         
    Manager Renewable Laboratory

    Shawn Wiora
    Co-Founder & CEO 

    Jamey Cummings
    Senior Client Partner 
    Korn Ferry

    Dr. Calvin Jamison
    Vice President
    The University of Texas at Administration Dallas

    Eric Matthews
    Information Technology
    City of Allen, TX

    Teri Takai
    Executive Director 
    Center for Digital Government

    Chris Day
    Chief Cybersecurity 

    Jeff Cheney
    City of Frisco, TX

    Joel Austin
    Senior Vice President 

    Matthew Walsh
    Director of Project Management 

    Matthew Yarbrough
    Squire Patton Boggs

    Tierney explained that “The Smarter City that connects citizens with their community, connects networked and autonomous vehicles to roadways, and connects municipal services delivery using sustainable and renewable operations is here. Enabling these innovations to become realities requires that the public and private sector initiatives be supported by regional research institutions and orchestrated with regional government councils and local transportation authorities to orchestrate how to design and deliver on this promise. Bringing all these players together is what the Smart Cities Summit is all about.”

    You can register for the one-day event at If you are unable to attend the event, catch the stream on

    Sponsors for the event are:



    Scientel Solutions


    Tech Titans

    North Central Texas Council of Governments


    Dallas 2030 District

    City of Dallas

    Dallas Innovation Alliance

    Dallas Regional Chamber

    City of Richardson


    National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    UT Dallas

    Telecommunications Industry Association




    Media Contact
    Company Name: Vokal Media, Inc.
    Contact Person: Ted Price
    Email: Send Email
    City: Dallas
    State: Texas
    Country: United States

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