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    Funding led by Quest Ventures, alongside angel investors such as founder of The Lo & Behold Group and co-founders of RedMart, to accelerate merchant acquisition and optimise app development.

    Singapore – Singapore’s F&B technology start-up, Eatsy Technologies has raised S$550K, led by Quest Ventures, to accelerate merchant acquisition and optimise app development. Other participating investors included Wee Teng Wen, founder of The Lo & Behold Group, as well as, Roger Egan III, Vikram Rupani, and Rajesh Lingappa, co-founders of RedMart.

    Eatsy Technologies, the firm behind dining app Eatsy, is backed by Quest Ventures and Enterprise Singapore under the Startup SG Founder grant, where they previously received S$30,000 in funding after initial inception. The company will be using this new round of fresh funding to further develop existing in-app functions and partner new merchants, in a bid to automate ordering and payment with their partner merchants. This is in alignment with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s longstanding call to promote “going cashless” at a national level.

    Eatsy is a collaborative order-ahead app that connects diners to the best restaurants and cafes in their area. Diners can then order the items they want through in-app e-menus, hit order and pay through the app. The restaurant will prepare the food ahead of time, and diners can simply collect their orders for dine-in or takeaway when they reach. This efficient process allows diners to save time and skip queues. Additionally, the unique ‘collaborative ordering’ feature of Eatsy gives friends and colleagues the ability to add their own food orders onto an existing order, which simplifies group orders.

    Eatsy Technologies was founded in September 2017 by CEO Shaun Heng, who formerly worked in Corporate Development at RedMart. The collaborative order-ahead app aims to partner with the best and busiest quick service restaurants and cafes in Singapore to give them a competitive and technological edge to drive up profitability, and also provide a more personalized way to connect with their customers. Notable names in Eatsy’s current list of the merchants include crowd favourites – Tanuki Raw and Park Bench Deli. To date, Eatsy has also seen an impressive gross transaction value growth of 80% month-on-month.

    “Imagine it is lunch time and you are helping to order take-away for your colleagues. With the app, you don’t have to jot down everyone’s orders and queue anymore. Just add your friends in the app – they “piggyback” onto your existing order and send it through. The restaurant will start preparing your orders, so just head downstairs for collection once it’s ready. This ‘collaborative ordering’ saves a lot of time for customers and drives incremental orders for merchants.” says Mr Shaun Heng, Founder and CEO of Eatsy Technologies. “Our mission is to make mobile ordering and payment the new way of life when dining out.”

    James Tan, managing partner at Quest Ventures, also expressed, “We were impressed by Eatsy’s unique proposition to transform the dining experience for millennials, while supporting local dining establishments in the digital wave to better optimize diner retention.”

    For Media Enquiries:

    Sally Yeo
    PR Consultant
    Prospr Communications
    + 65 93363828

    Joyi Tan
    PR Strategist
    Prospr Communications
    + 65 93201613

    About Eatsy

    Eatsy is an app that allow diners to order-ahead and pay at their favorite local eateries and coffee shops, such that their orders are ready to pick up when they arrive. Additionally, the unique ‘collaborative ordering’ feature of Eatsy gives friends and colleagues the ability to add their own food orders onto an existing order, which saves time for customers and drives incremental orders for merchants.

    The best and busiest quick service restaurants and coffee shops in Singapore are using Eatsy to give them a competitive and technological edge to drive up profitability, and also to provide a more personalized way to connect with their customers. Since Eatsy’s launch 7 months ago, the app has over 80 merchants onboard including crowd favourites such as Tanuki Raw, Tap Craft Beer and Park Bench Deli.

    For more information, please proceed here.

    About Quest Ventures

    Quest Ventures is a leading venture fund for companies that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities. The team has extensive networks in China and Southeast Asia. By the end of 2017, Quest Ventures’ portfolio of 30+ venture-backed companies operate in more than 150 cities across Asia, creating employment and advancement opportunities for more than 4,400 employees. Their portfolio companies include industry leaders such as, Carousell, Carro, Ethis, MGAG/SGAG, Shopback, VulcanPost, and Xfers.

    For more information, please proceed here.


    How Eatsy Works

    Eatsy is a user-friendly mobile app that allows diners to order and pay when dining out. It features 3 different payment options which enable diners to go dutch and pay only for the items they ordered, split the bill equally or allow the table-creating host to pay for the meal entirely.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Prospr Communications
    Contact Person: Sally Yeo
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: + 65 93363828
    Country: Singapore

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    Maxeler Technologies is proud to announce the availability of Maxeler Multiscale Dataflow Computing for HPC on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Maxeler Technologies has beendelivering high performance computing solutions for over a decade, and is now using Amazon EC2 F1 instances to deliver applications such as Quantum  Chromodynamics and Real-time Risk for Finance.

    One of the Grand Challenges in Computational Physics, is calculating the binding of quarks by applying Monte Carlo methods to QCD. It is very pleasing to see that Maxeler is pushing the limits of what can be computed and bringing in a new era in large data computation, says Jerome Friedman who shared the Nobel Prize in 1990 for the discovery of quarks. Maxeler Technologies now provides a Dataflow QCD solution that significantly outperforms existing QCD systems. This Maxeler Dataflow QCD solution is now available for Amazon EC2 F1 instances.

    Maxeler’s Real-Time Risk software, a mission critical financial application, is now also available for Amazon EC2 F1. Our RTR software brings the capability of real-time incremental calculations in order to rapidly calculate possible profit & loss scenarios. Maxeler Dataflow Computing on Amazon EC2 F1instances brings competitive advantage to trading desks, where it is urgently needed in volatile markets. Maxeler 
    Technologies is a Standard AWS Network Partner (APN) and will demonstrate both the QCD and RTR applications at the AWS booth A-1351 at ISC 2018. Maxeler will be at its own booth J-515, and takes part in the AWS HPC Partner Passport Programme where attendees receive stamps at visiting AWS Partner booths to take part in a daily raffle for an Amazon Echo. 
    The new RTR dashboard is available on the AWS Marketplace. Its great to see Maxelers high performance technology now being implemented on AWS for clients, says Geoff Smailes,  Chairman at Maxeler Technologies, formerly MD at Barclays Group.
    About Maxeler
    Maxeler Technologies provides Maximum Performance Density for mission critical data processing applications and datasets beyond the currently manageable limits. Maxeler Dataflow Engines (DFEs) have been demonstrated to achieve faster, smaller, and smarter data processing in the datacenter as well as at the Edge of IoT. Ultimately, Maxeler Technologies provides a convenient way to extract value from ultra large datasets and complex data processing challenges.
    For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Release News
    Contact Person: Andrew Braithwaite
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +44 (0) 161 818 6487
    Country: United States

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    PhonePenguin is a community driven phone reporting and lookup service that will enable users to quickly identify scam phone numbers if they receive a suspicious call from an unknown number.

    Montreal, Québec – June 26, 2018 – No more getting scammed by fake phone calls! A group of visionary entrepreneurs from Montreal has launched a revolutionary community driven phone reporting and lookup service that will help you to quickly identify whether or not a phone number is likely to be a scam. Titled “PhonePenguin”, the new website makes it easier to keep scammers at bay with the power of community.

    PhonePenguin was launched in the first quarter of 2018 with the mission to bring more transparency to phone numbers and to help Canadians identify dishonest callers.

    So, how does PhonePenguin work? 

    Well, the community driven phone reporting & lookup company gathers a vast range of user feedback & reports which are made available to the public in the form of a big central database. This database can be viewed by any PhonePenguin user so that s/he can fast detect problematic or spam phone numbers.

    “Fake calls are getting alarmingly rampant these days. Worse, some scammers are even taking to dangerous tactics, much to the horror of the call recipients”, stated Frantz, the author of

    He mentioned the recent report on the menacing CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) scammer who had the nerve to show up a woman’s door with handcuffs, and threatened to arrest her if she didn’t hand over money. The lady said that she had been receiving fake phone calls from this scammer for weeks beforehand. 

    “Fake phone calls are no joke and they can take dangerous turns at times. It’s also becoming more and more difficult to identify fake phone calls and scammers as they’re always coming up with new tactics and strategies. It’s high time all of us actively take part in reporting and detecting fake phone numbers for the betterment of us and the entire community. And this is where, PhonePenguin will be your ultimate partner.” 

    It’s very easy to use identify whether a call is fake or not through PhonePenguin. The website homepage opens up with a search bar on its banner where users can type the suspicious phone number. When they click on the search icon, the website will come up with a large database on the reports and comments of the other users in the community which will enable you to check the facts about the entered number.  

    The homepage also offers a list on the most reported numbers of the week. 

    PhonePenguin was launched to address the lack of a similar phone reporting service or agency in Canada. 

    “Yes, we have the YellowPages, the WhitePages and various local government agencies, but we wanted something that was more community driven and will put the keys in the hands of our users. And it led to the foundation of PhonePenguin. The strength of PhonePenguin lies behind its community, and the willingness of its users to report any fake phone calls they receive. We are counting on the active contribution of our users to make things little safer for all of us.” 

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: PhonePenguin
    Contact Person: Frantz Etienne
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Canada

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    AGOGIE 2.0 is a genius pant with in-built resistance bands that transforms your daily activities into a workout just with the pant on.

    Saint Louis, Missouri – June 26, 2018 – Imagine a great workout just by slipping into a pant! Sounds utopian, right? Well, a new Indiegogo campaign has introduced a new revolutionary pant which is all set to redefine our fitness sessions and make them easier than ever. 200+ professional athletes from NBA, MLB and NFL and 40+ college sports teams are already using the pant.

    Titled “AGOGIE 2.0”, the genius pant is empowered with 8 resistance bands stitched inside to add constant tension to every movement that you perform while wearing the pant. These rubber resistance bands are the ones people usually use to burn fat or strengthen muscles at the gym. But with AGOGIE 2.0, now you have them in-built in a pant for a more convenient way to carry your fitness sessions.

    The Indiegogo campaign is geared to raise around $17,000 by a month. Interestingly, a 169% of the campaign funding has already been raised within just a few days of the launch of the campaign. 

    “Forget sleds, clips, straps or cords for workout. We have got a groundbreaking pant for you here that transforms your daily activities into a workout- whether you are mowing your lawn or making your dinner! We have got multiple rubber resistance bands stitched inside the pant to ensure the same workout and fitness benefit that you experience while exercising with resistance bands in a gym. The plus point with AGOGIE 2.0 is that it makes fitness way easier than hitting all the way to the gym”, stated Aaron Mottern, the man behind AGOGIE 2.0.

    The in-built resistance bands in AGOGIE adds a layer of active resistance over natural muscle & ligament lines which altogether creates a supreme exoskeleton of resistance.  The pant assures great fitness in 2 major ways-

    Muscle activation – With the pants on, the user is able to stretch the resistance bands constantly no matter whatever s/he is doing. After 5-10 minutes, the leg muscles will start to warm up which will raise the body temperature. A higher body temperature is the key to fast fat burn. 

    Improvement of body strength and support – Thanks to constant resistance while wearing the pant, the user’s muscles will have to work harder to stabilize extra workload. This constant resistance will target the weaker areas of the body and force them to become stronger.

    “Added to great fitness, our pant also assures a comfortable all-day wear with its breathable, soft moisture-wicking fabric.” 

    AGOGIE 2.0 is available in various sizes, ranging from XS to XL and in strengths +20 and +40. 

    “Our pant is used by professional athletes and even brands like Reebok and Hype are counting on our unique product. Now we are looking forward to come up with a mass production and hence this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to make the world fitter and healthier in a more convenient and affordable way.”

    Backers will be rewarded with discounts on AGOGIE 2.0. Pledges reaching $1,000 or more will also be honored with an exclusive Skype session with a professional athlete.

    To show your support for the campaign, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AGOGIE
    Contact Person: Aaron Mottern
    Email: Send Email
    City: Saint Louis
    State: MO
    Country: United States

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    Founded in 2016, now WCTF has come to its third year. It is a three-day event combines CTF competition and seminars, will fall on July 6th to 8th, 2018 at Wangjing Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, China.

    WCTF is exclusively sponsored by the Chinese largest security company – 360 Technology and organized by team 360Vulcan. With the highest CTF bonus, the best CTF teams and the most creative challenges, WCTF 2018 has caught much attention recent years.

    There will be three different games holding at the same time on WCTF 2018: On-site CTF + Online CTF + Campus CTF.

    On-site CTF includes two sessions: CTF battle and seminar. WCTF Committee invited ten top teams according to their last year’s ranking on CTFTIME and performance to come to Beijing battling on site.

    As part of the competition, players will share their problem-solving method and ideas in the seminar, which provides a great opportunity to learn from the top talents.

    The total bonus is up to $100000 and will be shared by the top three on-site CTF teams with an amount of $50,000, $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.

    On-site CTF assembles the world’s top hackers. Some of them are familiar to public for their experience in CTF field, for instance, Dragon Sector, Shellphish, LC ↯BC and 0daysober. There is also team with less experience, but talented: Cykor, the youngest invited team with an average age of 21.8 years old.

    In order to give more opportunities to CTF players,the WCTF committee added online CTF and Campus CTF this year.

    Campus CTF targets in students, aiming at discovering the rising forces of the security industry. Online CTF faces to all CTF players as there are a lot of talents hidden in the private sector. The champions of both online CTF and Campus CTF will be invited to participate in next year’s on-site WCTF.

    Besides of competitive bonus, WCTF 2018 is also attractive for its cutting-edge challenges which are created by top CTF teams.

    Both difficulty and enjoyment were taken into account, meanwhile the topicality. This year, you will see hotspots in the challenge bank such as smart contract vulnerability in block chain, attack scenario of Intel SGX and security issues of Windows latest linux subsystem.

    To make this event the most successful, the organizer, 360Vulcan team has made great efforts on selecting teams and challenges. It self is a famous vulnerability research team. It pwned serval target on recent year’s pwn2own and got “master of pwn” on pwn2own2017. Recently, the team just uncovered a very serious remote vulnerability on EOS system which has drawn much attention of public.


    Want more details? May as well participant in person. A quick access to the registration is here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Limited
    Contact Person: May
    Email: Send Email
    City: Beijing
    Country: China

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    Sofia, Bulgaria – On June 21 2018, FaceAR launched a Kickstarter campaign for their augmented reality social platform, an industry-leading application that helps you effortlessly find and connect with the people you meet online using social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and VK.

    “FaceAR is the first application for augmented reality glasses, smartphones and tablets, capable of recognizing a person’s face, finding that person in social networks or its own database and displaying found information in augmented reality,” the creators explained.

    FaceAR is that it will be available on all platforms. It doesn’t matter which platform you use – iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, or AR glasses operation systems – FaceAR will be available.

    Of course, FaceAR cares about privacy, and won’t recognize or show information about a person without their consent. For FaceAR to show information about someone, they must install the application and either create an account or give FaceAR permission to use their social network account.

    By supporting FaceAR, backers are joining a large group of individuals taking advantage of the simplest way to exchange contacts. Plan a meeting or public event? FaceAR helps people easily see who you are and connect with you online. It’s the ideal business card and a better way for entrepreneurs and creators to grow their audiences.

    Other notable features of this app are augmented reality masks that only other FaceAR users can see when they look at you and the ability to use search filters. Using information from its database, you can point your device to a crowd and FaceAR can help you find your friends, classmates, colleagues, people who have similar interests, are going to the same event, and more.

    “FaceAR will instantly recognize a person who got caught in the lens of your mobile device and show information about this person, as well as links to his accounts in social networks, floating in the air near him,” said the team.

    In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a special augmented reality backer frame in the app for €25 (approximately $29 USD), a backer frame and a custom mask for €50, and more. Backers can also pledge €100 for a custom mask and a unique frame available only for them.

    For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: FaceAR
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Bulgaria

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    In an interview released in China last night, Jian Zhang, Founder of FCoin answered 10 challenging questions regarding his controversial business. Zhang is former CTO of Huobi and later in May this year launched FCoin Crypto Currency Trading Platform. Its innovative business model of “trans-fee mining” has made its trading volume excess the sum of the top exchange markets.

    Zhang revealed in the interview that “the essence of FT (FCoin Token) is to use the idea of the token economy to make a change in the practice of production relations. Transform producer-consumer relationships, or change the relationship between service providers and users. Turn the two from the opposite side of the spectrum of interests into a unified relationship. This may be the first time in the history of mankind promoting the large-scale practice of evolving of the corporate system to the community system. The second core mechanism of FT is that it’s a perfect example of Tokenomics in the future, it can even be regarded as BTC 2.0. Unlike digital coins, FT, as a token, not only supports the profit-cycling-model but also the profit-return-model, which most other digital currencies can’t do. FT has a clearly-defined dividend distribution method, and that’s why I think FT is opening a new chapter of crypto economy. FT is also a portal to digital currency investment, because on FCoin we have only the best quality of coins, and as long as you hold FT you will be able to receive all types of coins traded on FCoin. It’s super easy even for starters without any knowledge.” He also mentioned in the interview that this novel model is to pay his tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto.

    FCoin’s success can be tracked back to Zhang’s mindset. “I often tell people privately that without a public heart you will never succeed in public chain. You may garner some quick wins but it won’t be sustainable. Exchange center itself ends up becoming the most centric body in a blockchain system, vowing to decentralize. We are hurting our own credibility if we have too much inside trading or randomly harvest traders’ profit.”

    Which FCoin’s action of including BNB on the platform earlier is also in accordance with this core value. “In my view the community approach is fundamentally different between FCoin and Binance. Our approach is that we are all members of a community, we are all part of an eco-system. We share the mission to strengthen the community and guard the profit of all members. Inclusiveness is the principle I abide by, we will never regard anyone as our competitor. What I truly want to see is a flourishing crypto economy.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    City: Beijing
    Country: China

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    21st Hannover Industrial Automation Exhibition, which came to a close only recently, was attended by Moflon Technology Company, along with many other exhibitors from across the world.

    On November 30, 2017, the 21st Hannover Industrial Automation Exhibition came to a successful close. With more than 800 industrial automation companies as participants from 13 regional zones and countries, the exhibition is one of the largest and most influential one to be held in Hannover in 2017. Moflong Technology Company, a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of high-performing slip rings, participated in the exhibition in a bid to showcase their products to the global investor community.


    The countries that had representation at the prestigious event included South Korea, US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, UK, Israel and Hong Kong of China. Manufacturers from almost all these nations displayed control robots, machine vision, industrial robots, machine parts, and more in the exhibition.

    “The industry truly prides in Moflon Technology Company after it has proved its might via great technological prowess, meticulous preparation and high-end performance slip ring products. The product quality and design have attracted more merchants at home and afar, such that people stopped by to look, analyze, consult and then negotiate. Over the years, Moflon has stood for commitment towards provision of extraordinary performance 360 degree rotary electrifying and ventilation solutions for customers based worldwide. Buyers have shown interest to visit our manufactory, with many having been already decided to purchase products on the spot after communicating with our engineers at the exhibition and gaining deeper understanding about them”, said a top marketing executive present at the exhibition.


    “It’s akin to a feast in the automation equipment industry, plus a journey worth remembering. Customers were all praise about Moflon, as evident from their opinions in the exhibition, which in turn allowed more users to vest their faith in Moflon as a cutting-edge solution provider and an indispensable contributor toward industrial development via high-quality products”, added the executive.

    In the current years, Moflon has worked for a long-run development in slip ring industry. The company has a good sales network, offices in China and abroad, and it offers products and technical services for reputed companies, military units, research centers and colleges in China.

    “We have managed to secure a leading position in the slip ring industry after depending on proper market operation ability. From now on, we will keep striving to offer high-quality and high-performance slip ring remedies for consumers all across the world in the approaching years and thereby target in catering to the global”, said the CEO and managing director of Moflon at a press conference held in Hannover.

    About the Company

    Moflong Technology Company is a China-based manufacturer of slip rings.

    To know more, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MOFLON Technology Co, Limited
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-755-33196787
    Country: China

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    On June 21, 2018, the first Blockchain Hub themed salon, held by BitKop decentralized trading platform, was closed in Beijing. With the theme of “Long-term and healthy development and regulatory compliance of blockchain industry”, Salon deeply explored the security and regulatory issues in the blockchain field.


    This salon invited the Kaplan family, the founder of Prometheum, Inc., Cheetah Rating Token CTO Wenjun Zhang, TokenInsight COO Changbai Zuo, Mindao Yang, chairman of the Atopia Capital and co-founder of Qushi Capital, and Zheng Wei, an 8 Decimal Capital partner, to share their views in blockchain field. In addition, 4 rating agencies and 8 investors also participated in the activity, and more than 20 media reported this salon. Let’s review some important opinions and keywords of this salon.

    Keyword 1: SEC, supervision, legal ICO

    Prometheum is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the United States that has applied an ICO license with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC). The platform provides services such as ICO, token trade and encrypted asset clearing.

    The founder Martin Kaplan pointed out that the SEC has determined that all current unregistered ICOs and tokens circulating in the secondary market actually belong to securities, and therefore many of the existing ICOs are illegal, but there is no relevant law for sanctions. He said, at present SEC has a complete structure and system for the supervision of the US financial market, so a new industry like cryptocurrency only needs to follow the established regulatory treaty, and there is no need to worry that the United States will introduce more stringent laws to limit the development of the new industry. Aaron Kaplan stressed that the US cryptocurrency industry should actively cater to the SEC’s regulation to maintain long-term and stable development. Moreover, only projects that seek to regulate themselves can achieve remarkable process.


    Keyword 2: rating agencies, build a good ecology

    TokenInsight COO Changbai Zuo believed that the chaos of blockchain industry lies in the lack of effective supervision and formal rating of exchange projects, so investors or users can’t choose a compliant and excellent project based on a unified standard. To this end, rating agencies should become the nodes for exchanges, project parties, and investment institutions, and these four parts should join together to build a good ecology of blockchain. In addition, it is necessary to step up supervision, and project fraud should always be recorded and traceable. If the ecology is destroyed, it will not be worth the candle. The project party should also make active disclosures and be responsible for users and investors.


    Keyword 3: regulatory difference, embracing supervision

    Yang Mindao, the co-founder of Qushi Capital, stated that the “cryptocurrency circle” and “chain circle” dictate the regulatory differences because of their attributes: The significance of digital currency lies in creating a parallel financial system, rather than supplementing the centralized financial system. This attribute of pursuing currency privatization and decentralization determines that it does not need to be subject to any regulation. Whereas blockchain is a kind of technology supplement embedded in the current regulatory environment, so it needs to actively embrace and cooperate with supervision. According to the regulatory differences existing in the two circles, Yang Mindao believed that the future direction of supervision will consider the attributes of two circles and narrow the differences: exchanges, digital asset banks, and ICO platforms will be supervised. As the regulatory decentralized infrastructure gradually improves, the prosperous “non-regulatory market” will also exist for a long time.


    The era of blockchain has only just begun. BitKop decentralized trading platform hopes to explore the current status of various issues and solutions in the blockchain industry through long-term salon activities, to promote the development of the blockchain industry in a more secure supervision and sounder direction, and to contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of the digital asset industry and protect the interests of investors.

    Company Profile

    BitKop decentralized exchange, founded in 2017, headquartered in Singapore, has now received co-investment from IDG Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, Transference Fund, and Bit-Z, the industry-leading digital asset exchange. Targeting the “safe and user friendly decentralized global digital asset exchange”, BitKop will gradually realize decentralization from aspects such as the  cryptocurrency listing method, asset custody, asset clearing, and transaction integration. BitKop currently has over 150,000 registered users, including over 80,000 users holding KOP currency, and the daily average transaction volume has exceeded 1,000 BTC.

    We will hold regular blockchain salon every month. To participate in salon or seek for  media cooperation, please contact us through the following emails and WeChat:

    Contact details

    Customer Service WeChat:bitkop001




    Media Contact
    Company Name: BitKop
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    John D. Bruno, president of Key Metal Refining LLC, shares his thoughts about the 42nd annual conference of the IPMI (International Precious Metals Institute) held in San Antonio, Texas, from June 9-12, 2018.

    The IPMI Conference, the signature event for the International Precious Metal Institute commenced on June 9, 2018. According to the IPMI website, “Delegates attend presentations given by industry leaders on topics ranging from Emerging Technologies, Financial Management, Environmental Management, Recovery, Refining, and Catalysis to Sampling & Analysis. Delegates come from member companies around the world.”

    One delegate, John D. Bruno of Key Metal Refining LLC, recounts what he learned from the conference revealing “I got ideas about hedging strategies for the backwardation that we are experiencing right now with palladium.

    Normally when you sell for forward delivery, that forward price is usually a little higher than the spot, because of the carrying costs. But when the metal is really short, the forward prices are less than the present prices–that’s called backwardation.”

    He went on to say “Last year we had a spike in the lease rates of palladium because there wasn’t any available. That interferes with our business on a short-term basis, then corrects itself after a few weeks.”

    Commenting on some exhibitions he attended Bruno noted “There were graduate students presenting research thesis papers. I attended some of the presentations.  These kids work hard. On a business end, there’s not a lot of practicality in their papers.  But I think it’s important to be there to support, engage, and encourage the students. I was once a graduate student too.”

    When asked if he would consider attending the IPMI next year, Bruno said: “Yes, because it gives me the chance to have one-on-one conversations with people I’m doing business with.”

    About IPMI

    The International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) was founded in 1976, as a collaborative effort of research professors from a wide collection of prestigious University’s; Cornell, NYU, Columbia, Brooklyn Polytechnic, MIT and others.

    The IPMI’s mission is to collect, archive & share substantive, definitive and factual information regarding literally all aspects of the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium & osmium).

    Our members include corporations, universities, individuals involved in literally every aspect of the precious metals world. EG: exploration & mining / banking, trading & finance / refining & manufacturing / pharma & biomedical / automotive / electronics & other consumer goods.

    We fulfill our mission by organizing and holding a variety of activities each year.

    For more information visit

    About Key Metal Refining

    Key Metal Refining (KMR) buys scrap catalytic converters as the raw material source for its platinum group metal sales generated through its recovery and refining process. KMR’s controlling partner is DOWA Metals and Mining Co. America, a wholly owned subsidiary of DOWA Holdings Co, Ltd.

    KMR de-cans catalytic converters at its plant in Hainesport New Jersey. The material is further refined and smelted by DOWA in Japan. 

    For more information visit

    Location Info:
    Key Metal Refining LLC
    5400 Delaware Ave, Hainesport, NJ 08036
    (609) 261-1471

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Key Metal Refining LLC
    Contact Person: Jennifer Smith
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 212.729.7339
    Country: United States

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    Blackcore BlackShark Mobile CMEL Tournament Edition (Blockchain High-end Version)


    Unlike the previous version of BlackShark mobile, the BlackShark Mobile CMEL Tournament Edition is the first gaming hardware to access the BGC game ecological chain (hereafter referred to as BGC) hardware open platform, and is designated as the only E-Sports-use mobile in specified events by Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

    Every mobile phone that has obtained the BGC Authentication is a hardware node that maintains the stable operation of the BGC Blockchain. Using the BlackShrak mobile of CMEL version, you can receive a large amount of “Golden Beans”!

    Reward Rules:According to the reward system of BGC Blockchain, every normal player could receive a “golden bean” by playing the game for on hour. (Equivalent to a $1 game item; the daily limit is 3 golden beans); according to the hardware POT consensus reward system, the BGC Authentication mobile buyer/player could receive extra bonus based on the dynamic status of online service number:  If an average of 100,000 BGC-authenticated mobile phones are online, 64 “Golden Beans” can be received everyday by using mobile games for 3 hours, Which means that if you use the phone for 50 days, you will get a value return which is equivalent to 1 mobile phone!

    A New Generation of Gam-eco Mobile Invites You to Share Extraordinary Experiences!


    The exclusive distributed password protection system, the users of this phone are the guardian of each other.

    Sports car shape, R-angle design and SHARK-style light which shows different effects on start, call, notification, and game scenarios.


    Front and rear camera both support 20 million pixels, large aperture, professional portrait mode; intelligent scene recognition, dark light quality enhancement; camera soft light, making the selfie clearer.

    Xiaolong 845 Qualcomm annual flagship processor plus 8GB memory allows you to fly in the game world!

    The independent image processing chip of Pixelworks supports intelligent motion compensation technology, image enhancement and dark-scene details processing, making the quality of video game more smooth. No jitter, no smear.


    The exclusively designed Mic for the third generation of game is hidden in the handset, which makes the quality of voice calls with your team more clearly. Amazing Biso sound effect, dual Smart PA design, HiFi level music presentation and the voice chat without interference give you a better gaming experience!

    X-shaped smart antenna gives you the best signal, helps you avoid all the errors.


    Wifi is not That Necessary

    A give-away of 12GB of traffic per month and a good network hardware. Any time, full Netcom. Top players exclusive! Play anywhere, anytime!

    Welcome to a New World of BlackShark

    CMEL version of the Blackshark phone has a higher specification hardware and a very strong Performance of nearly 270,000 points, which has exceeded 99% of the market’s mobile phone, became the mobile phone that has the highest running points.

    Of course, running points is just a reference data, the actual experience can tell you the truth. As a professional gaming phone, the BlackShark game phone has a special game button on the left side of the phone – the “Shark Mode” button, allowing you to easily access the “Shark Space” game system with a lightly press.

    A brand new experience that the Blcakshark gives you would shocks you. Downloaded games can be automatically presented in this card-like manner. Select the game you want to play by sliding left and right. It suddenly became a handheld player.


    In order to give the user a more immersive experience, Shark Space game system will not only automatically clean the background, provide the maximum CPU and memory resources for the game to achieve the best gaming experience; at the same time, you can also call out more game settings function by sliding Home button, Including handle button settings, shielding incoming call information notification, eye protection mode, anti-mistaken touch, hang screen hanging, etc., and even providing a “dive mode” which means only to retain mobile data services, eliminate call disconnection phenomenon to have a better game experience!

    Powerful Shooting Function

    As Xiaomi being the “man” behind the blackshark gaming phone, it has a full range of comprehensive strength and the is equally good at taking photos. The blackshark gaming phone has a front camera that supports 20 million pixels, and a 12+20 million pixels camera on the rear. Here is a image taken by the blackshark gaming phone.

    The blackshark gaming phone has an accurate exposure and accurate white balance control. This is attributed to its high-pixel camera, the photo resolution is enough to retain a lot of details, the photo has very high degree of reduction. Using the portrait mode to capture objects in a more complex lighting environment, the black shark gaming mobile phone can still distinguish the background and the subject with the naturally blurring of the background and the high purity of the picture and a high reduction degree of the color.

    In April of this year, Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Jingdong”) and Nanchang BlackShark Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “BlackShark”) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Jingdong Beijing headquarters and reached a consensus of three years of exclusive cooperation. This move caused many netizens to pay attention.


    The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism will also hold a CMEL tournament event in Beijing in late June to kick off the conference. The honorable guests at the conference include: Mr. Yang Yong, Chairman of Datang Networks (Central Enterprise); Sun Hongbin, Chairman of Sunac China. Mr. Huang Yu, the famous game master, and Mr. Wu Shimin, CEO of BlackShark Mobile, have joined hands to launch the CMEL E-smart blackshark mobile phone. More top technology teams from NetEase, Alibaba, Kugou, Renren Blockchain and other industry applications to escort BlackShark!


    A tournament game queen – Miss X, has shared a profound value about the exclusive property of video gaming performance: “The Blackshark gaming phone has given me the best gaming experience ever. In terms of gaming, it has actually take many practical factors that the player need under consideration, such as low temperature when playing,  the great quality of the video, and the freedom from interference etc.

    CMEL E-smart Blackshark Mobile, Born for Gaming!

    CMEL E-smart Blackshark mobile, based on black rice technology, realizing the application of blockchain technology, really innovative. This will change the way people play, allowing people to make money from playing games. This is a subversion of the rules of the existing game world! At the same time, it will surely be an unprecedented wealth feast!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CMEL E-smart Blackshark mobile
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    On June 20th, at the opening ceremony of the global blockchain technology summit held in Bangkok’s Shangri La, Transcendence was the focus of the summit. The introduction of Transcendence at the summit was refreshing and received active discussions from guests attending.

    Australia’s Maoneng Group, following the major success of their Solar photovoltaic projects in 2017, has successfully carried out various new projects.  Under the idea of sustainable development, the Mugga Lane Solar Park, a project initiated by the Transcendence platform, is developing in full swing and realizing “Creating more power and Sharing more profit” in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation.

    As one of Australia’s earliest utility scale solar farm developer, Maoneng group has 10 years of experience in new energy development.  The grand appearance of the Transcendence platform will overturn people’s traditional understanding of the Solar energy industry.  Transcendence ‘s continuous investment in the solar energy field will realize a global massive leap-forward in the whole industry.

    According to Qiao Co-founder and CEO of Transcendence, as a collaborative infrastructure development platform with a large number user community for sustainable development, Transcendence will challenge the current centralized model.  This will revolutionize the traditional high-risk and high-return business model, on the basis of creating confidence, providing platform participants with a fair and collaborative model.

    Under the momentum of vigorous development, the Transcendence platform will also launch an all-round offensive on the key areas of “sharing”.

     The Transcendence team devote themselves to their ” vision + mission”

     A platform with soul is inseparable from the spirit of craftsmen of the times. 

     The vision is to create a community owned Solar farms utilizing the platform in the pursuit of Excellence and creativity – Transcendence.

     The craftsman spirit of dedication, preciseness, lean, focus and innovation is the best synonym for trans.

    Take Mugga lane Solar Park as an example. during the process of development, participants include city planners, power grid operators, energy market operators, technical supervision agencies, designers and other professionals.  According to Qiao, through geographic information systems, the greatest degree of matching has been achieved in the selection of specific plots.  engineers, estimators, bidding teams and finance teams carried out rigorous design and construction coordinating.  Network operation engineers are continuously observing the operating state of solar farms.  The transparency and professionalism of the company’s development process have not wasted through efforts of many professional craftsmen – Currently is perfect timing to build sustainable infrastructure in Australia and beyond!

    TSD “Airdrops”

    As a high-quality collaboration investment service platform, Transcendence integrates blockchain technology into digital cash reward benefits in the process of providing professional knowledge, standardization scheme and connection capital.

    On the Transcendence platform, participants can participate in the blockchain project through “bidding”, i.e. initiate projects while providing services and ideas to obtain funds in the Transcendence platform.  The value of the margin held by participating bidders will be shared by the project initiators and project sponsors.  After the project is successfully completed, the platform will return the full amount to the sponsor. if the project fails to achieve the expected performance, this part of the bonds will be destroyed. 

    At present, there are two kinds of tokens on the Transcendence platform: Tier – 1 TSD token and tier – 2 TSD – IFR token allowing exchange of services and redemption of other currencies.

    The Transcendence platform will create digital standard intelligent contracts for infrastructure assets to ensure the rights and interests of all holders.  It will effectively guide the development of the project and benefit more community partners.

    Under the Transcendence platform, the token has already been designed to be very dynamic, and the utility cases will only grow as the system grows.  Emerson once said that people like to hunt strange things. This is the seed of science.  Transcendence not only uses innovative technology, but aims to satisfy one’s desire by planting a seed for the future in a down-to-earth way.

    You can contact us in the following ways:

    Official website https: / / work (Telegram – Group Chat) / TSD token ( bi Yong – group chat ) / TSD news ( telegraph – news ) / TSD news ( bi Yong – news )

    Transcendence platform will link up finance and economics and will “Airdrop” high-value TSD to all readers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Transcendence
    Contact Person: Alma Li
    Email: Send Email
    Country: HongKong

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    bridgX, a Belgian provider of implementation and strategic services for SAP HCM and SAP® SuccessFactors®, announced today that it has achieved the SAP Silver Partner level.

    BRUSSELS – 27 June, 2018 – The success story of bridgX begins with its foundation in 2007. The firm focuses on European companies to whom they offer consultancy on SAP HCM solutions. The solutions/services of bridgX have been expanding throughout the years and bridgX now provides leading companies with solutions in the area of SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa and wearables for HR.

    An important pillar of the success is the knowledge and expertise of the consultants, combined with a constant drive for innovation. A recent example of this is the development of HR On Your Wrist (Apple Watch®) in which the functionalities of SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors are integrated with a smartwatch. This solution is available through the SAP App Center, SAP’s online marketplace dedicated to partner solutions and select SAP solutions built on SAP’s market-leading platforms.

    Raf Rottiers, bridgX Founder and CEO, says with pride: “Achieving the SAP Silver Partner level is another major step forward. Strengthening our partnership with SAP is proof of our commitment to SAP’s eco-system. Our customers will benefit from this by having a partner on board that is adopting and even pushing the boundaries on the latest HR developments.

    For more information, press only:
    Bert Caryn

    SAP, SAP PartnerEdge and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries.

    See for additional trademark information and notices. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: BridgX
    Contact Person: Bert Caryn
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +32 (0) 471 752351
    Country: Belgium

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    Billion Dollar Bot is a state of the art AI-driven search engine which is empowering 1 billion people to solve problems with on-demand solution based ad-free search results.

    June 27, 2018 – A new experimental search engine is all set to wage a revolution in the contemporary virtual space. Titled “Billion Dollar Bot”, the futuristic search engine is powered by state of the art IBM Watson AI platform  and capitalizes the advanced power of machine learning to generate most appropriate search results.

    What separates Billion Dollar Bot from other search engines is its focus on on-demand solution based search results.

    “When you make a search on popular search engines like Google say for ‘Exercise Equipments’- you mostly get a list of different exercise equipment products and their prices. But when you make the same search on our AI driven search engine, you will get a scholarly article or an academic report on ‘NASA Technology, Exercise Equipments For Astronauts To Build Muscle In Space’. Billion Dollar Bot is empowering 1 billion people to solve problems with on-demand solution based search results. With Billion Dollar Bot right before your fingertips, it’s time to take it easy on Google”, chuckled a leading spokesperson from Billion Dollar Bot team.

    Part of the uniqueness of  Billion Dollar Bot lays in its ad-free approach. Unlike Google SERPs that usually bombard us with advertisements almost everywhere, there is no such issue with the latest Artificial Intelligence powered search engine.  

    “We know ads are a nuisance when you are looking for some informative text on your search term online. Billion Dollar Bot comes to your rescue here. We promise you complete ad-free search results, irrespective of your search term.” 

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Billion Dollar Bot
    Contact Person: Neo Anderson
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    City: New York
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    It has been almost one month since eMeet OfficeCore M2 launched out. During this month, eMeet, a tech startup that develops eMeet conference speakerphone series, went through a special time. eMeet team feels so excited that their improved second-generation conference speakerphone finally comes to the market but at the same time they are nervous because they start receiving different feedback about their innovation, no matter it is good or not.

    The one that is available on Amazon right now is the basic model, eMeet OfficeCore M2. There would be another two variants: OfficeCore M2ce and OfficeCore M2 Record which would be launched out gradually based on market’s reaction to OfficeCore M2. According to the reviews of OfficeCore M2, some persons said they love the sleek design and the LED AI-positioning function. Some said they enjoy the crystal and louder sound when they are having a phone call. Some are really looking forward to app function which could do multiparty conference calls and complain that why OfficeCore M2 isn’t equipped with this function. In order to get eMeet users to know more about eMeet conference speakerphone series, here are some introduction about eMeet OfficeCore series.

    eMeet OfficeCore M2 – the basic model of OfficeCore series, the second generation from eMeet M1. M2 with Artificial Intelligence (AI) speakerphone, makes meeting simply.

    About the sound, It has the same loudspeaker with Jabra 710 at 83dB (Powerful sound). However, this kind of model doesn’t support app function such as multiparty conference calls and translation.

    Other Details:

    VoiceIA™ Algorithm, based on artificial intelligence technology DNN (Deep Neural Network)
    • Longer pickup-sound distance, matching with high sensitive MEMS digital Microphone Array can support up to 5-8 people
    • 4 Microphone Array, AI Positioning With 4 high sensitive MEMS digital microphones, so M2 can pick up sound from any angles
    • Compatible with Multi Platforms like: Skype, Avaya, Gizmo Project, Wechat, Google Gtalk, Gotomeeting, Line and many more, and compatible with most digital assistant (Siri, Cortana or Google Now)
    • Bluetooth Chip: Qualcomm CSR 8670
    • Digital Signal Processing Chip: XMOS
    • MEMS Microphone: ST
    • M2 lasts for up to 12 hours talk time

    eMeet OfficeCore M2ce – will be launched out at the end of 2018 with more advanced features than OfficeCore M2. The Infinity expandability function can link more M2 unit to make more space. Multiparty conference calls can be realized with our eMeet app, which is only available on OfficeCore M2ce.

    Innovation is never easy but we still persist in it because we believe eMeet craftman spirit will continuously encourage eMeet team to improve, to innovate, even to do evolution. We do thank you with all the feedback of OfficeCore M2 which will encourage us to keep moving on and provide you with the best conference speakerphone in the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen eMeet Tech Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Jeff Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 13632607603
    Country: China

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    Santa Clara, CA – Jun 27, 2018 – IT Management Corporation announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, has named 101VOICE as a 2018 Unified Communications Product of the Year Award winner.

    IT Management Corporation Chief Engineering Officer Arman Eghbali stated, “We are extremely proud to receive this award for 101VOICE, a solution that has come to represent our professional commitment and dedication to serving our customers and the changing needs of businesses for reliable Unified Communications (UCaaS) and next-generation communications solutions.” Mr. Eghbali continued that, “The 101VOICE Managed VoIP Solution solves critical issues across an organization; it provides users with functionality that helps them operate at the peak of efficiency, and it gives IT professionals the reliability and ease of management that they need. Meanwhile, C-Level executives can recognize the benefits of improved cash flow and lower total cost of ownership.”

    “It gives me great pleasure to honor IT Management Corporation as a 2018 recipient of TMC’s Unified Communications Product of the Year Award for their innovative product, 101VOICE,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Our judges were very impressed with the ingenuity and excellence displayed by IT Management Corporation in their groundbreaking work on 101VOICE.”

    Winners of the 2018 Unified CommunicationsProduct of the Year Award will be announced online and highlighted in INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine online.

    About 101VOICE

    101VOICE is a product of IT Management Corporation, which in addition to deployment of complex IT projects and system integrations, also provides hosted cloud phone systems. Utilizing best practices and standard technologies such as SIP trunking technology, offer enterprise solutions at affordable rates for mid-market, multi-location companies.

    For more info, visit, contact by phone at 408-739-1100 or email at

    About INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine

    INTERNET TELEPHONY has been the IP Communications Authority since 1998™. Beginning with the first issue, INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine has been providing unbiased views of the complicated converged communications space. 

    For more information, please visit

    Follow INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine or visit

    About TMC

    Through education, industry news, live events and social influence, global buyers rely on TMC’s content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets. As a result, leading technology vendors turn to TMC for unparalleled branding, thought leadership and lead generation opportunities. Our in-person and online events deliver unmatched visibility and sales prospects for all percipients. Through our custom lead generation programs, we provide clients with an ongoing stream of leads that turn into sales opportunities and build databases. Additionally, we bolster brand reputations with the millions of impressions from display advertising on our news sites and newsletters. Making TMC a 360 degree marketing solution, we offer comprehensive event and road show management services and custom content creation with expertly ghost-crafted blogs, press releases, articles and marketing collateral to help with SEO, branding, and overall marketing efforts.

    For more information about TMC and to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals, please visit

    IT Management Corporation Contact:

    Allen Wright Business Unit Manager 408-739-1100 &

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Stephanie Thompson
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    Phone: 203-852-6800, ext. 139
    Country: United States

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    101VOICE Honored for Exceptional Innovation

    Santa Clara, CA – 27 Jun, 2018 – IT Management Corporation announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, has named 101VOICE as a 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award winner.

    “We are thrilled to be once again recognized by TMC for our innovation in the communications space,” said David  Ricci, Vice President of Services at IT Management Corporation. “Our Hosted Managed VoIP is truly unique in the market for combining the best of cloud-based and advanced technologies and enhance customers communication experience. IT Management Corporation mission is focused on providing the most innovative technologies for business with very high reliability. Our ability to provide a full spectrum of endpoints from handsets to mobile applications and now WebRTC applications can truly bring mobility to our workforce.”

    “It gives me great pleasure to honor IT Management Corporation as a 2018 recipient of the WebRTC Product of the Year Award for their innovative solution, 101VOICE,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Our judges were very impressed with the ingenuity and excellence displayed by IT Management Corporation in their groundbreaking work on101VOICE.”

    About 101VOICE

    101VOICE is a product of IT Management Corporation, which in addition to deployment of complex IT projects and system integrations, also provides hosted cloud phone systems. Utilizing best practices and standard technologies such as SIP trunking technology, offer enterprise solutions at affordable rates for mid-market, multi-location companies. For more info, visit, contact by phone at 408-739-1100 or email at

    About INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine

    INTERNET TELEPHONY has been the IP Communications Authority since 1998™. Beginning with the first issue, INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine has been providing unbiased views of the complicated converged communications space.  For more information, please visit Follow INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine or visit

    About TMC

    Through education, industry news, live events and social influence, global buyers rely on TMC’s content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets. As a result, leading technology vendors turn to TMC for unparalleled branding, thought leadership and lead generation opportunities. Our in-person and online events deliver unmatched visibility and sales prospects for all percipients. Through our custom lead generation programs, we provide clients with an ongoing stream of leads that turn into sales opportunities and build databases. Additionally, we bolster brand reputations with the millions of impressions from display advertising on our news sites and newsletters. Making TMC a 360 degree marketing solution, we offer comprehensive event and road show management services and custom content creation with expertly ghost-crafted blogs, press releases, articles and marketing collateral to help with SEO, branding, and overall marketing efforts. For more information about TMC and to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals, please visit

    IT Management Corporation Contact:

    Allen Wright Business Unit Manager 408-739-1100 &

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Stephanie Thompson
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    Phone: 203-852-6800, ext. 139
    City: Santa Clara
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a household name in the manufacturing business both in China and the world in general. As leaders in production, their conveyor belts are known for its quality and efficiency when being applied in any conveyor machine. It helps to stabilize the machine and ensure increased productivity due to its strength and longevity.

    Conveyor belt is a system which involves two or more pulleys. They are the most commonly used equipment in numerous industries for transportation of bulky materials. Conveyor belts are necessary for increased production and helps heighten customer appreciation. One of the conveyor belt jointing machine by Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd is used in metallurgy, mining, power plant, port and wharf, building material factory, chemical factory and so on. This jointing machine is renowned for its advanced technology and effectiveness when applied to any industry where it is needed. As a lightweight machine, it is easy to transport for use to any location and at any time.

    For numerous on-site repairing of conveyor belts with puncturing, the Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd conveyor belt hot joint machine is always the right choice. With a warranty of 14 months and an inner water cooling system, this conveyor belt repair machine ensures a smooth running of operations in the aerospace to transportation industry and also can be found useful for mining, all running at a peak performance. It has special design features which contribute to it being easily fastened and moved around as a result. The core parts are all incorporated with steel and the electro thermal components have a multilayer structure that is connected by three-phase electric circuit at voltage 380V (or 660V).

    Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer Manufacturer, Wuxi Fuda Produces New Quality Set of Conveyor Belts

    Another quality conveyor belt from Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the conveyor belt joint machine. This conveyor belt repair vulcanizing machine is an electro thermal type vulcanizing device mainly used for repairs on-site. And it is easily transportable due to its aluminum alloy which gives it a smaller volume and lighter weight. Its repairs of conveyor belts involve those that had a longitudinal damage. Some of its advantages include its use of modern advanced technology, compact structure and also the convenience it gives when used. It’s also effective when repairing belts mixed with canvas, nylon, steel cord, etc., and  also serves well when used for flame retarded, corrosion proof and other special belts. Its application area is very wide, as it is  suitable for usage in industries like; metallurgy, mining, power plant, building material factory, chemical factory and even the port or warf.

    This numerous machines from Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd proves true to its mission statement of maintaining a its quality, durability, excellence, integrity, and social responsibility in all areas of its manufacturing and production.


    A Leading giant in the manufacture of conveyor belt vulcanizer manufacturer, Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd are known worldwide as specialist in the production, research and development of high quality machines which are used dominantly in most mining industries. Originally began with vulcanizing machines such as conveyor belt splicing and repair vulcanizer, cable joint and repair vulcanizer, belt stripper, etc.,  Wuxi FUDA grew to become a force to reckon with in China in the last 16 years. With an increase in sales which made them a household name in China, their machines can be seen everywhere in  coal mine, metal mine, metallurgy, power plant, chemical plant, building material factory, port and wharf industries around China and the world in general, all with a 100% approval rating by clients.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Alex-FUDA
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 15995216108(WhatsApp)
    State: Jiangsu
    Country: China

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    As we see monumental changes sweeping the way we use day-to-day technology, it can safely be said that our lives and societies are changing. But this begs the question: What types of changes are they? Many aspects of these changes have us leading over complicated, dysfunctional lives with no concrete sight on utility for the common good of society left. Entire legacies which left us important gifts and tools have been seemingly forgotten in favour of creating mega-businesses focused on profits over people.

    One of those legacies belongs to a great name deserving of a place in today’s world: Nikola Tesla. His innovations gave us the opportunity to transform our cultures and lives, yet his name means little today except in reference to a certain electric car company.  Some continue to try and understand what Nikola Tesla gifts are to humanity, but a cloak of mystery is surrounding his estate made this difficult. But now, times have changed.

    Questions over his family, heirs, and relations continue to arise. Scientists and amateurs continue to decipher drawings and writings, all in an attempt to see what Tesla saw.  Now Is The Time for us to share the continuation of his work through his great-great nephew Tomislav Tesla.

    Tomislav Tesla is an engineer and innovator, although the best word to describe him is a co-creator! 

    He is based in Serbia and is currently creating a unique fixing for future housing construction. Tomislav breaks complex theories and studies into simple knowledge and wisdom, distilling his knowledge into simple, elegant creations. Today, he applies his knowledge and technique to the ultimate challenge facing mankind today – the environmental vandalism we continually cause.

    Innovative Genius Tomislav Tesla Creates Cascading Hydro Power Plant

    After many years of creating ideas and working in a diverse array of fields, Tomislav had the inspiration to take a closer look at generating energy.  Throughout history, many have referred to Nikola Tesla’s work and standing in the community. Like Nikola, Tomislav is very adept with an amazing, creative mind filled with engineering expertise. After sufficiently studying energy generation, Tomislav began to explore the vast amounts of water flow at our disposal.

    How to harness this energy potential, without causing environmental damage or vandalism?  Take everything back to basics, and begin to see the whole picture: These were the two key concepts Tomislav had in mind. Notable, singular innovators have all shared this common quality: The ability to take complex issues and create simple solutions from them that work and stand the test of time.  With this mind-set, Tomislav went about to revolutionize the way we generate hydroelectricity.

    He began to understand there is no need to build massive dams that cause tremendous environmental damage. There is no need to destroy precious forests or lands or ask communities to relocate. In 2011 he began to design his first turbines and subsequently filed his first patents in 2012.

    As any innovator will tell you, filing for patents is a very specific arena and one where innovators are often left with big bills and very little in return.

    Perhaps this is the best place to pick up our “up close and personal” discussions with Tomislav!! 

    We asked Tomislav several questions beginning with:

    Tomislav, you are an innovator, how will the TeslaStarter platform impact the lives of innovators

    As an Innovator, my mind is full of incredible ideas that will play a major role in improving everyone’s life. Some of these ideas are published in my patents, others remain in my mind.  When the moment is right they will manifest into drawings and working models. I recognised the potential of the TeslaStarter platform. My advice is to take some time to explore its potential.  

    “When TeslaStarter is launched to new innovators, sign up straightaway!” 

    My team introduced me to Teslacoin, I am happy to personally endorse TeslaStarter platform. This offering allows all innovators who wish to explore energy generation access to valuable funding and guidance.  Through the various phases of TeslaStarter, innovators will be able to realise the full potential of their own projects.  With access to potential Venture Capital (VC) funds, and ongoing debt finance, innovators will be able to tap into a valuable pool of resources.

    Our common goal is to establish clean energy as the main source of global energy provision; this can be achieved with the launch of TeslaStarter.  There is a new space in which innovators can be involved in the future production of electricity generated in harmony with Mother Nature. 

    What message would you like to share with innovators around the world?

    Our future requires technological solutions, which will come from the minds of innovators around the world.  Inevitably innovators require financial support to allow them to be free to create their innovations.  Unfortunately the current financial system does not support the innovator very well.  This can be seen across history, and even through to today.  Innovation is essential, therefore the launch of TeslaStarter opens up a new channel to innovators across the world.

    I can say that the journey is a long one, but it also begins with the first step; with access to powerful mentors and sources of capital the TeslaStarter platform is the perfect choice.

    With the state of the planet today, and lots of focus on the environment, what is your vision for humanity in the future, and how can we impact that change?

    Humanity is a complex issue, which can quite easily be brought to a simple state.  I do believe the future requires us to seriously rethink our relationship with Mother Nature.  She clearly demonstrates her discomfort with the current human activity.  In order to keep it simple, we shall remember that we are one big global community.  We are all energy, and we are all effected by what happens around us.  It will be important for us to remember how communities live in harmony and peace, to understand what is necessary as individuals.

    My own personal innovations will be shared for the common goal – for example my own innovative cascading hydropower plant is anticipated to produce more energy in USA and Canada than all current power plants combined.  Unlike USA and Canada where we shall use lowland river ways, in Ireland and UK, energy will be produced from the tidal flows.

    I would like to emphasis one aspect of my technology that is important to understand. Existing flood plains around Minneapolis tend to take many weeks to ebb to normal levels after flooding.  With the installation of my innovative cascading hydropower plant, floods can become be a thing of the past. Flood waters that normally occur between Minneapolis and Bay of Mexico, relying on clever technology and software management, flood waters can be dispersed within 24 hours, averting or minimizing flood damage. 

    In addition, this opens up river ways to additional or new river freight potential.  This has an incredible impact on the environment overall.  The biosphere becomes far more enriched, the atmosphere is clean, the rivers are oxygenated, fish stocks flourish, and the public can enjoy a range of water recreation activities they never had before.

    There are several other technologies that have been patented, that today will enhance existing dams and reservoirs.  Silt build up is a major problem faced, with my innovation we can cleverly clean the existing reservoirs, and generate additional energy from the same source.  A unique solution for increasing capacity of existing hydropower plants.  There is also a technology that will deliver clean water from a river course, via an undersea revolutionary floating pipeline.  This process will enable up to 1000 m3/s of water to be “delivered” to its new location without any additional energy usage. 

    In other words fresh water can be moved from Tasmania to mainland Australia with a zero cost of energy.  Future cities will require the utilization of self-sustainable renewable energy.  In addition solutions for faster and more efficient transport systems are necessary.  Opening up new shipping routes over the Northern territories of Russia, USA or Canada, using ships that would use innovative new technology that will enable self-propulsion and cut ice, like a knife through butter!

    It is us as innovators who will create and develop this technology, and with the help of TeslaStarter the world will be a better place!

    Nikola Tesla and Free Energy – Tomislav, would you like to elaborate on what this means to you, and how it shall be interpreted the world today!

    I am personally convinced that this is more than an opinion of Nikola Tesla about free universal energy.  I believe that this is an acknowledgment and realization of the reality (the energy) which surrounds us.  By us acknowledging his actions and work today, we also value his perceptions.  In essence, everything is connected to the most intimate part of our being.  Everything that we can feel, touch and see.

    Our body has a soul, which aligns us with Mother Nature, and provides us with conscious thoughts with which to decide.  Whether we choose to fill our lives with “good” or “bad” things is a reflection of our past and present lives.  The same can also be said for any business or entity in the world.  Together we have reached a critical point, where consciousness is shifting; this will allow every person on this planet to choose their direction.  Together our actions co-create a consciousness that evolves in line with the actions of the group.  This is called the Egregore (The Collective Consciousness). 

    What Nikola Tesla mentions in one of his public addresses “That he is a personal great believer, but those beliefs are not aligned with any of the well-known religions that are today of public interest”, on that note, I will stop!


    In closing, Tomislav wants to remind us all that he too has endured the day to day burdens of living in today’s’ society.  People’s perceptions are often misguided because of the way media reflects the views of the editor, and not necessarily the reality.  He continues to work full-time on his creations in Serbia, from his home office.  In early 2017, Tomislav signed a license of technology with UK based True Tesla Technologies

    Having built a small pre-production prototype, successfully submitted patents, it is now time to create the awareness of the technology.  Funding has always been an issue for technologies of this nature, particularly those that disrupt existing arrangements.  Even with the surname “Tesla” does not open doors or grant lines of funding!  It is a meticulous process and one that is ongoing.

    It is thanks to the great guys of the Teslacoin team that we are able to share our work with like-minded individuals.  When the TeslaStarter platform is launched later this year, it really has the potential to become the leading portal for crowdfunding innovative energy projects across the world. That is a real story that is evolving on a daily basis, and one that is going to change the course of history. 

    TeslaStarter is the missing link for innovators and investors alike.  TeslaStarter platform allows innovators to focus on what they love to do, innovate!  I have no hesitation in supporting their mission and work as well as thanking them for supporting me and my team too.  TeslaStarter will allow investors the opportunity of choosing which projects to support through the various stages.

    TeslaStarter will rely on Teslacoin as the chosen method of funding the future of innovative energy projects.

    Tomislav leaves us with an important message to remember!

    Issued for an on behalf of Tomislav Tesla

    By  Deane Thomas, True Tesla Technologies

    Contact: +385 99 562 8144

    Media Contact
    Company Name: True Tesla Technologies
    Contact Person: Deane Thomas
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +385 99 562 8144
    Country: Russian Federation

    0 0

    Haddon Township, N.J. – VSA is pleased to announce that it is officially entering the franchise market. VSA, Inc. is a B2B call center that runs telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting campaigns for their clients.

    “At the end of each year, I like to take stock of the current markets we are running programs for in order to see where we could possibly expand and grow further,” says Valerie Schlitt, President and Founder of VSA. “In 2017, an area that really piqued my interest was the franchise market.”

    VSA has been running calling programs for two different franchises for three consecutive years now.

    “Interestingly, these franchises came to us in two very unique and opposite ways,” explains Maureen Tucker, VP of Sales at VSA. “The first came to us initially as a single franchisee who wished to increase his sales. The program was such a success that he spread the word to other franchisees who also jumped on board with us. We developed special pricing and packaging for the group as we continued to work with more and more of them.”

    “The second franchise began with us as a single, pre-franchised business,” Ms. Tucker continues. “Later, when the decision was made to franchise, he wrote VSA into the contract of all new franchisees to run their initial prospecting campaigns, based on the success of our calling programs with him.”

    “What sealed the deal and propelled me to officially move VSA in the franchise market direction is a recent informal partnership with sought-after speaker and sales expert whom I met through various networking engagements,” says Ms. Schlitt.  

    The motivational and keynote speaker averages 90 appearances per year, with audiences ranging from small groups to upwards of 5,000 people. He regularly speaks at franchisor events and will help VSA identify other franchise opportunities.

    For more information about VSA, Inc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: VSA, Inc.
    Contact Person: Valerie Schlitt
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 856-240-8100
    Address:212 Haddon Ave #8
    City: Haddon Township
    State: NJ 08108
    Country: United States

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