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    0 0 is hosting an event learn about the current Latino financial paradigm as it relates to access to services and credit, and how cryptocurrency is helping to empower a population that traditionally has been denied access to such services.

    ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America) is the longest standing Latino organization with 81,000+ members assembled in 44 professional and more than 160 student chapters across America. Their vision is to be the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market. There is a real need for more Latino leaders. At a time when the business community desperately seeks talent and America’s young Latinos desperately seek opportunity, ALPFA is a bridge between the two resulting in thousands of Latino college students in paid professional internships and careers.  ALPFA develops the next generation of Latino professionals via experiential leadership development and mentoring from senior corporate executives, whom we empower into the C-suite and onto corporate boards. ALPFA is also a proven growth accelerator for Latino entrepreneurs, helping them to build networks, access capital, and scale much more rapidly by opening the door to significant business opportunities with our more than 200 Fortune 1000 partners.

    Thursday, March 8th ALPFA is hosting an event titled, Cryptocurrency: Using Technology to Empower Latino Communities.

    Uulala, the blockchain company that empowers underbanked Latinos with financial inclusion to connect the cash consumer to the formal economy, CEO Oscar Garcia will be the keynote for this educational event. The event looks to educate the community around what is cryptocurrency? How is it different from traditional currency? How are businesses using it to accelerate the financial inclusion of under-banked populations? “I am excited to share the mission of Uulala with this amazing community of Latino professionals so we can work together to empower the culture, strive forward and create strong ethical leaders our children can emulate” stated Garcia.  

    Uulala is a financial solutions platform that provides the underbanked population’s access to the financial inclusion tools they need to change their future. Our proprietary micro-credit algorithms and processes can extrapolate users’ purchase history and behavioral habits to forecast their true financial abilities in a moment by moment basis. Most financial activities do not count for a standard credit score. The fico system does not work around the world. A change is needed for global consumers to have access to products and services they desire. The Uulala platform is a unique system that tracks all financial activities and combines that with decentralized database technology to show the level of creditworthiness a user possesses.

    About ALPFA:

    ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America) was the first national Latino professional association in the United States, established in Los Angeles in 1972.    We also promote a culture of philanthropy throughout the Latino community, encouraging our members to volunteer with and engage on behalf of, local charities. We actively seek hands-on leadership building experiences for our members and to engage that considerable talent to make a measurable impact for national charitable organizations.  

    About Uulala:

    Uulala is a minority-owned US-based corporation with the majority of shareholders being first or second generation Latin Americans. Uulala is a mission-driven organization to facilitate and accelerate the financial inclusion of the underbanked and unbanked population across the Americas. Uulala empowers the underbanked communities of the world through the Uulala platform by providing financial tools for them to build credit, send money, participate in ecommerce and elevate out of a cash-only environment. Uulala will drive change and betterment of Latino culture through the massive social impact their banking platform and mobile app can have on a culture that lacks trust in traditional banking systems.  Uulala platform not only provides ways for Latinos to participate in secure financial transactions, build credit and offer remittance services but also gain access to entertainment and shopping services that were once out of reach because of their banking status. Additional Information

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Uulala
    Contact Person: Matthew Loughran
    Phone: 855-577-4587
    Country: United States

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    Late in the Canadian winter, most of the country’s golf enthusiasts are making it through the last weeks before golf season by watching golf on TV and planning their memberships and events for the short golf season ahead.

    But a few lucky people, clients of James Laidlaw’s InHome Golf, are enjoying full rounds in their very own golf simulator room, outfitted with the latest technology and including customised room design and furnishings to suit their family’s desires.

    Previously in-home golf rooms were available and affordable only for very high net worth individuals, as member benefits for golf courses, or at luxury retirement lifestyle communities. Laidlaw has been involved with the golf simulator business for over 8 years and has watched the industry focus change.

    Now, with realistic ball flight simulations finally available, James Laidlaw has shifted his focus to offer the highest quality design customisations and installations for in-home golf rooms in newly built family homes and golf clubs. A new level of customization options are available in high quality design, to create a simulated golf experience not readily available before to individual homeowners.

    “Traditional golf simulator companies don’t allow for any real customization” Laidlaw shares, “They force you into their ‘cookie cutter’ offering with little room for individuality. I started InHome Golf to help golfers build their ideal space at a reasonable price. The most important things I can offer are flexible design, unlimited options and professional service!”

    Real estate trends show an increase in popularity and the value of luxury new home rooms for various uses: Cribs-style “man caves” are less on trend, and more often families are searching for the ultimate personalised “family room” for entertaining, gaming, watching TV/movies, and of course playing golf.

    Professional design is most critical, because all the elements are chosen for both individual quality and their ability to function seamlessly with other components. Golf rooms can double as multi-function family entertainment rooms incorporating DVD and Blu-Ray, satellite TV, internet and gaming.

    Helping golfers design and build their own space is what InHome Golf is all about offering unbiased and professional advice to help families achieve the golf room of their dreams.


    About James Laidlaw:
    James Laidlaw was the president of the Talk of Mackenzie Toastmasters group from 2002 – 2003, which is a role he credits for pushing him to pursue his passions and get into the golf industry.

    His golf career began in 2003 as Sales Manager for the Royal Canadian Golf Association (now Golf Canada), responsible for hospitality and sponsorship sales for the two Canadian Opens.

    In 2010 Laidlaw joined High Definition Golf as Director of Business Development representing their golf simulator products worldwide. HD Golf is known for its very popular IR camera ball tracking technology and high resolution graphic golf courses.

    In 2013 Laidlaw joined TrackMan as Director of Sales in Canada. TrackMan’s radar based launch monitor is a staple on the professional tours and considered to be the best tracking system on the market.

    James Laidlaw has been providing expert insights and opinions for media for years – writing articles, blogging, and hosting his own charity golf tournament for family and friends.

    In 2015 he was selected by Canada’s #1 talk radio station Newstalk1010 as the People’s Voice and has since been sharing his opinions and insights on-air weekly with well-known Canadian journalists like Christie Blatchford and Lorrie Goldstein. Hear him Monday mornings at 7:45am with John Moore on Moore in the Morning.

    James Laidlaw is available for expert insights in media interviews, articles, content and events in the golf industry, as well as corporate events and special events. Laidlaw hosts prospective clients and golf pros, as well as media, TV and film productions (especially news programming and luxury real estate & interior design / renovations shows), at his golf simulator design showroom space shared with Rymar Turf Grass in Mississauga, Ontario.

    About InHome Golf:
    InHome Golf was created in response to a glaring gap in the golf simulator business: Creative design and affordable customization. James Laidlaw understands the golf simulator business like few others, and brings a level of design, service and professionalism that can’t be matched by the bigger companies.

    In Home Golf offers a free design guide for people planning an in home golf room in their new build luxury home – copies can be downloaded at

    More information on James Laidlaw and In Home Golf room design options can be found at

    Join Laidlaw’s free Facebook group to socialize with “Golfers in Canada”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: InHome Golf
    Contact Person: James Laidlaw
    Phone: 416-859-9700
    Country: Canada

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    Find a happier and healthier you with faith-based mobile coaching!

    Washington, DC – March 8, 2018 – Women looking for holistic wellness have a new way to connect their health with their faith in God. As the first mobile app to deliver fresh, holistic insight that speaks directly to Christian women, Prosper brings faith-based coaching to smartphones. Prosper will launch Saturday, March 10th at the NBC Health & Fitness Expo in Washington DC., and is available on both iTunes and Google Play. 

    “For many women, particularly Christian women, the idea of holistic wellness is appealing, but something just doesn’t feel right,” said Jennifer Eaton MD, founder of Prosper. “We believe this is because most wellness options on the market today are missing something critical – they’re missing God. Prosper provides women an innovative mobile and social experience connecting religious faith to wellness and self-care.” 

    Video Link:

    Prosper delivers encouraging quotes and Bible verses about health to help women focus and feel more motivated. Users can explore holistic wellness options, including diet, movement, relaxation and positive mindset, with free 7-day wellness guides. Prosper is a new kind of health app, putting faith first so users can experience inspired wellness every day. 

    Prosper is one of the first in a new category of Christian Wellness apps that complement diet, exercise and other health apps that women are already using by addressing the motivation gap. With Prosper, users can receive weekly, faith-focused text messages to support their personal health and wellness goals. The Prosper app can also be used to find inspirational Bible verses, Christian quotes and brief meditations on-demand. The images are fun and uplifting, designed to share by text, email, or social media to encourage friends and family to be healthier too. 

    The free 7-day guides deliver quick and easy suggestions to fit wellness into hectic daily lives. Prosper opens the door to holistic wellness for Christian women by putting God first on the journey. 

    The Prosper app features: 

    • Faith-based encouragement promoting positive mindset and better health 
    • Free spiritual and physical wellness coaching gone mobile, offering motivation and practical guides developed by experts, delivered direct by app or text 
    • Topics include eating healthier, better sleep, relaxation, strength, fitness, meditation, and self-care 
    • An easy way to share inspiration and offer encouragement and motivation to family and friends 

    To learn more about Prosper, visit 

    About Prosper

    Prosper is a Christian wellness coaching app developed by qDayHealth, a woman-founded health startup. The leadership team is a diverse group of women physicians, therapists, health behavior experts and developers, who want to create innovative products that bring health & wellness closer to God. Prosper offers encouraging messages and coaching for Christian Wellness.

    For more information, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: QDayHealth
    Contact Person: Jennifer Eaton
    Phone: 301-375-5257
    Address:601 Rosier Rd
    City: Fort Washington
    State: Maryland
    Country: United States

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    Offshore web hosting has been the topic of discussion in the public domain and several other fora. The subject has received its fair share of critique as well and has continuously received mixed feelings from individuals, webmasters and prominent stakeholders in the IT industry. To have a clear understanding of the ongoing controversy, let’s develop background information on the subject. What is web hosting? Web hosting means putting your website out and making it accessible on the internet (World Wide Web).

    Up until 1991, the internet was only designed to accommodate research, education, engineering, email and few other applications. However, there were only available on a limited number of web pages. The reason behind all the restrictions was because the World Wide Web protocol had just been created and there was no graphical web browser for neither Mac nor Windows. Even after advancement in expanding internet access, the issue of hosting a website came up, and it got to a level where it became a source of concern.

    To host a website would require an individual or company to own a computer or a server and these things don’t come by easy- to undertake on such venture require mammoth budget and expertise to man such operations. All of these factors forced web owners to employ hosting agencies to host their websites on the hosting agencies’ server. Hence, the client can host his website without having to own the infrastructure needed to host a website.

    As individuals and companies continue to grow, so does the need to create significant awareness and establish a sustainable and robust presence. One way to achieve this is to go on the internet, and this has led to a countless number of companies seeking to claim a niche on the web. This has led to an amazing level of competition between web hosting companies as famous companies like Angelfire and Tripod went to the extent of offering free hosting in 1995.

    What types of hosting are available?

    We will look at a couple of them and see how it works. Also, note that the size of the intended project categorizes hosting.

    • Small hosting services

    Files in this category are often delivered to the web with minimal processing, and most internet service providers (ISPs) offer these services for free to their clients or subscribers. However, individuals and companies can obtain hosting from alternative hosting service providers.

    • Larger hosting services

    Most large corporations that are not internet service providers need to continuously connect to the internet to carry out operations such as sending emails, files, and lots more easily without delays and also communicate with other companies without hindrances. Such large companies require a robust and more comprehensive hosting package that offers database support, and application development fora like ColdFusion, PHP, ASP.NET, and Ruby on Rails.

    • Shared hosting services

    In this category or type, a particular website is hosted on the same server as many others websites usually in the range of hundreds. Resellers often sell shared web hosting to provide hosting for webmasters or websites owners. Other types of hosting includes but not limited to reseller web hosting, the virtual dedicated server also known as a virtual private server (VPS).

    What is offshore hosting and what are its benefits?

    First, you have to decide if you would prefer to host your website locally, that is, host it in your region or a region or place other than yours. If you opt for the later (that is, hosting in a different region), this is referred to as offshore hosting. Contrary to popular opinions, one of the reasons why individuals or corporations opt for offshore hosting is often that of its low prices. This makes offshore hosting ideal especially if you are on a limited budget. Also, another common reason why people opt for offshore hosting is that it offers enhanced features with impressive improvements in its services.

    Who can use offshore hosting?

    Having seen some reasons why people opt for offshore hosting, it is best also to identify those who can benefit from offshore hosting. To begin with, virtually anybody across all works of life can benefit from this aspect of hosting especially if one wants to meet the demands of customers. As seen in conventional practices, developing countries rely on developed countries for outsourcing hosting needs. In fact, the opposite is the opposite in this case as webmasters or companies in developed countries also depend on developing countries to satisfy their hosting requirements. Those in developed countries benefit lower priced hosting from this relationship while developing nations benefit advanced security and file confidentiality. However, there are very few cases where webmasters opt for offshore hosting to enable them to promote activities or things that are barred in their localities for one reason or another.

    Identifying the ideal VPS offshore hosting company for your website

    Recall that virtual private server (VPS) involves logically dividing server resources to separate or partition the hard disk, the memory, and CPU time into virtual servers. It allows for stealth and efficient allocation of resources that doesn’t reflect the original hardware. Here are some hints to guide you in making the right choice of offshore hosting agency and benefit from the unrivaled uptime and level of reliability offered by a VPS. Aside from been technically competent, the VPS host must offer:

    • Security on the services provided.
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Access
    • Scripting support
    • Bandwidth Bandwagon
    • Responsive helpdesk support
    • Amazing uptime

    Another choice of offshore hosting that can also be beneficial to your venture is offshore dedicated servers which is ideal for online business that has potentials of yielding income from sales. The dedicated offshore server is perfect in circumstances where slow connection speed is a bottleneck. If you are seeking to employ the best offshore hosting company in the industry, www.vastyhost.comis your best choice. We offer awe-inspiring offshore hosting services at very affordable and flexible rates. Our services are unique, certified and we guarantee quality assurances on all your orders. Contact us today and claim the best quotes for your offshore hosting needs!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: MultiVast Technologies LTD
    Contact Person: Bishara
    Phone: +3590877887081
    Address:Totleben 30-32
    City: Sofia
    Country: Bulgaria

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    Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer & PCB Assembly | Advanced Circuits

    Aurora, Colorado – March 8, 2018 – Advanced Circuits, North America’s third largest printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, has released version 4.0 of PCB Artist®. The free design software offers many features and functionality found in paid PCB design packages without the price tag. PCB Artist® includes advanced layout capabilities, a library of over 500,000 components, and free technical support.

    New features include:

    – Enhanced Powerplane Thermal Controls for full control of connection parameters to plane layers.

    – Spiral Wizard to simplify the creation of inductive coils.

    – Automatic Component Rename feature for easy organization and modification of reference designators.

    – Native Eagle Import of Schematic (.sch), PCB (.brd), and Library (.lbr) files.

    A full download of PCB Artist® and additional information about all its new features can be found on

    About Advanced Circuits

    Since 1989, Advanced Circuits has been the leading PCB manufacturer specializing in both prototype and production quantities with in-house prototype assembly capabilities. The company provides powerful PCB solutions that range from the simplest designs to the most rigorous requirements for the medical, commercial, defense, and aerospace marketplace. Advanced Circuits is MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-55110, AS9100D, ISO 9001 Certified, IPC 6012 3/3A, IPC 6018 Class 3 Qualified, and ITAR Registered as well as being DOD contracts ready. The company is well known for its expedited turn-time capabilities including Same Day and Weekend Turns and the industry’s best on-time shipping record.

    For more information, visit or call 800-979-4PCB (4722).

    All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and use of them does not imply any affiliation or endorsement.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Advanced Circuits
    Contact Person: Roman Perez
    Phone: 800-979-4722
    Address:21101 East. 32nd Parkway
    City: Aurora
    State: Colorado
    Country: United States

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    Taiwan-based top iPhone accessory manufacturer TEKQ has launched the world’s FASTEST portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD on Indiegogo that assures 4x-5x faster data transfer compared to regular counterparts.

    Taiwan – March 9, 2018 – Leading iPhone accessory manufacturer TEKQ is all set to redefine the world of portable SSD this year. The Taiwan-based company has launched the world’s FASTEST portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD that assures 4x-5x faster data transfer compared to regular counterparts. Titled as TEKQ Rapide Thunderbolt 3, the futuristic Thunderbolt 3 SSD made its debut at Indiegogo in February.

    The brand new Rapide Thunderbolt 3 stands out in the market with its exclusive Double Certification that stands testimony to the product’s unique edge in the competition.  The SSD has successfully passed the safety and compatibility test by both Apple and Intel. 

    The Indiegogo campaign has started since February 21 and will continue for a month. TEKQ will be starting mass production by March, so that contributors can receive the advanced SSD one month after the crowdfunding campaign ends.

    “We are excited to announce the launch of our new innovative TEKQ Rapide Thunderbolt 3- the Fastest Portable SSD out there in the market. Our groundbreaking product is designed to transfer up to 5x faster than other regular SSDs and is able to transfer most blue-ray movies within 30 secs (Read: 2300MB/s & Write: 1300MB/s). Our new innovation is the much-awaited answer for professionals who have been looking for ultra-fast data transfer and high volume storage for long. Our state of the art Rapide Thunderbolt 3 will be LIVE on Indiegogo for one month and are looking forward to generous support from all of you”, stated a leading spokesperson from TEKQ.

    The TEKQ Rapide Thunderbolt 3 is also the first portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD which is housed in a sturdy and stylish all-aluminum case to complement Macbook Pro and  Macbook Air. Another feature that keeps the new TEKQ SSD ahead of its competitors is certainly its easy mobility facility. In fact, the product guarantees best mobility as it is compatible with both Windows and Mac without extra external power. Tiny and lightweight as a credit card, the revolutionary SSD is also a breeze to carry.

    While asked about the inspiration for the new Rapide Thunderbolt 3, the spokesperson mentioned about the rapid surge in Macbook usage. 

    “We observed that the current market lacks adequate options when it comes to plug and play portable SSD with Thunderbolt 3 interface. Given the recent rise in Mac devices adoption, we thought there could not be a better time to support Mac users with a robust and high performance SSD- and thus our new Rapide Thunderbolt 3 was born. Our enormous experience in data storage solution duly helped us in our futuristic initiative. ” 

    The Indiegogo campaign offers a cool 20% (off retail price) early bird discount for the contributors. 

    “The discount offer will help you enjoy our groundbreaking Thunderbolt 3 at almost the same price as Thunderbolt 1 SSD – yet with 4x more transfer speed, higher mobility and more superior design.” 

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TEKQ
    Phone: (02) 2249-9380
    Country: Taiwan

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    SelfSell, an ICO that has gained a lot of limelight these days in the crypto community. Its founder was invited to speak as Davos and has attended True Gold Fund Gala. It has been rapidly expanding owing to its innovative model.

    The presence of middlemen in any system has done more damage than good. Be it any market or industry, these middlemen if inefficient can cause large and irreversible damages like the one happened when the financial crisis of 2007-8 broke out. It was the result of inefficiencies of financial intermediaries. A financial intermediary is an institution or individual that serves as a middleman among diverse parties in order to facilitate financial transactions. Common types include commercial banks, investment banks, stockbrokers, pooled investment funds, and stock exchanges. Due to the crisis, the trust of investors was shaken on these intermediaries and cryptocurrencies took birth in the form of Bitcoin.

    But middlemen do not just slacken the process of growth in the financial market, it also hauls talent industry. We have heard cases of casting couches for aspiring actors. Singers, dancers, artists sometimes have to sell their soul to get to show their art to the world. Start-up Owners often lose their autonomy due to venture capitalists. And therefore, we needed a platform that eliminates all these middlemen and provides equal opportunities to everybody to prove their worth. SelfSell has provided exactly with the help of Blockchain Technology.

    SelfSell is an ICO that allows people to make their investments on the expected future value of highly talented individuals. Investees generate money via crowd funding through the self-coin offering. Investees are listed on the platform and investors can make their choices basis on the provided information. The highest voted individual gets the highest funding. One can ask as many questions and doubts, as he/she wants on the project as on SelfSell investees and investors, are in direct connection to each other without any middlemen governing the actions of anyone. Investors choose their portfolio on their own call and are dependent on them. It lowers their risk and provides them full information on where their earnings are being allocated. So, there are no Ponzi schemes and no manipulation of records. It is clean as well as transparent.

    Also, the cost of investment is also reduced. There are no brokerage charges, no consultation fees and complete liquidity for investors in case of requirement of immediate funds. You conduct your research on your own but that also is not costly because you are provided with potential options based upon your preferences. For investees, there are no requirements of collaterals; no costly appraisals and the rate of returns to investors are fixed throughout as the proportion of created value.

    This creates a new system of development of talent. The SelfSell model is based on Human Capital Formation and brings investment closer to its essence. This has set new paths of investments as well as talent search and laid a foundation of egalitarian society.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: SelfSell
    Contact Person: Helen Hou
    Phone: (+86)18510333290
    Country: Singapore

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    Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange of assets or money. This entire concept is based on cryptography to secure the transactions and to monitor and control the additional unit of this currency. This essentially means that through the principal of cryptography electricity is converted into lines of codes that gain monetary value. Most cryptocurrencies are designed to decrease in production in order to avoid inflation. Cryptocurrencies will inevitably and radically change the role of traditional trusted parties such as banks, accountants, notaries, and governments. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be launched in 2009, today it is the most popular and biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

    Increasing opportunities for investment in the world of cryptocurrencies

    A number of traders and service providers around the world have started using these cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment due to its popularity and sudden hike in its value lately. The primary reason for traders to opt for these cryptocurrencies is that it is secure and easy to handle. These currencies in order to be exchanged for goods and services need a platform for these transactions and CryptoHawk provides them with the perfect platform that it actually requires. Crypto Hawk is the first company in the world to provide all in solution for cryptocurrencies.

    Hawk Token is a faster, better, safer and smarter option than any other Cryptocurrency transactional platform available out in the market. Cryptohawk provides the best platform to increase your investment opportunities and earn maximum profits as it not only deals in bitcoin but it has a humongous list of almost all the available cryptocurrency in the world. Namely Zcash, TetherUSD, Monero, Waves, Stratis, Litecoin, Ripple, BCH, and Dash. It also provides its users with the facility of wire transfer which makes transactions hindrance-free.

    Cryptohawk’s dominance and success in the field of cryptocurrencies in the recent years

    All these incredible facilities provided by CryptoHawk enables a person to buy, sell and invest these currencies or even store them for future use very easily. It is absolutely fraud-free and 100% secure. The basic question that arises in one’s mind while investing money anywhere in this world is whether it’s authentic or not. Crypto Hawk is also known from well in the world of both print and electronic media. Some of its examples are: Forbes, Medium, NBC News, CBS News, FOX News and huff posts and acknowledgment by these reputed media houses makes it the best available option for investment.

    The four main cores are cryptocurrency exchange with Fiat support, Crypto Credit Cards, payment provider, ATM’s as a franchise network. These four cores provide the facility for instant use of their cryptocurrencies anywhere at anytime which results in a smooth run of any transaction resulting in 100% customer satisfaction and transparency. Transparency is the door that keeps the investors satisfied and Crypto Hawk has made it as its motto. Crypto Hawk is the first company in the world to come up with such plans and undertakings all in the name of its customers’ satisfaction and prosperity. Hence, CryptoHawk is currently considered to be the best investment ground for any investor from any part of the world.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CryptoHawk
    Contact Person: Raphael Roth
    Phone: +41797614626
    Country: Switzerland

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    Leeds, United Kingdom – March 9, 2018 – Assetereum is an asset backed cryptocurrency on a mission to set a new benchmark in the crypto market by promoting its use in traditional commerce. Assetereum combines blockchain technology with a multiple range of physical asset investments like Real estate, Online Shopping, Energy brokering, Cryptocurrency mining, Cryptocurrency trading and social enterprise projects. 

    Assetereum is also title sponsoring “The World Seniors Snooker Championship 2018”, making it a pioneer cryptocurrency in sponsoring a global sporting event. This will be the first time ever, crypto currency will be awarded as prize money in a major sporting tournament.

    150,000,000 tokens are available in the ICO at various stages over the next few weeks up to May 9th. Over 3,000,000 are already sold to interested investors even before the seeding stage. Assetereum has put together a team of industry experts to ensure the best returns on investments. A detailed discussion on the assetereum ICO can be viewed in their Whitepaper here

    In online shopping, the myDiscountShop concept was born in late 2016 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and is a global discount site that has all the benefits of online shopping rolled into one. myDiscountShop has spent the last 12 months developing its fully automated online platform and has secured over 40,000 customers with very limited marketing and secured multiple deals with organizations to set up white label fundraising sites. These projects give access to millions of consumers in just the UK alone, but the same concept will apply to any country by leveraging through assetereum. 

    Also, they are already in talks with a Lloyds of London insurance broker about allowing the ASET token to be used for their product. In energy brokering, Utilico Energy has a reputation as one of the UK’s leading commercial energy brokering agencies with direct deals with all major suppliers. Utilico works closely with myDiscountShop using their domestic energy switching platform to appeal to both commercial and domestic customers. 

    Real Estate will focus both short and long term returns to build the assets of the business and income. The strategy is to integrate the experience and resources of the internal team and external market to maximize investment results.  In crypto mining, assetereum will design a robust process to assess the market and decide when and how to mine. The plan is to build an inhouse mining location in South Asia and Europe and harness the power of advanced solar energy and battery storage to make mining more profitable and minimize the carbon footprint. 

    In the volatile world of cryptocurrency trading there are huge gains to be made by buying and selling at the right time. To remove the human element assetereum is developing bots that virtually remove the risk and generate significant returns. Social enterprises will be funded and mentored by the management to build their business. Not only helping a business grow, but also supporting the environment and assetereum to support the planet.

    The investment areas and the management expertise along with acquiring myDiscountShop and Utilico Energy indicates an exciting time for assetereum, and an innovative way of marrying traditional market with blockchain technology.

    For complete information, please visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Assetereum International ltd
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Phone: +44 7971 800808
    Address:103a Bradford Road
    City: Stanningley
    State: Leeds, LS28 6AT
    Country: United Kingdom

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    On March 16, the world’s first blockchain-based computer – the Acute Angle PC – is coming to South Korea. An all-day event with Blockchain experts and mainstream media from both South Korea and China will be held at Seoul’s ‘The Shilla’. Also in attendance are Korean pop artists Rain and Bae Woohee.

    Acute Angle Cloud official website’s screenshot

    (Acute Angle Cloud official website’s notice on March 16th South Korea Conference)

    The Acute Angle PC has been on display at international exhibitions and conferences, such as the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Finwise Summit Macao, the Summit Forum of Block Chain in Southeast Asia and Bitcoin, and Ethereum & Blockchain Super Conference. The Acute Angle PC met with praise on its international tour, and has garnered considerable public attention since its official launch earlier this year.

    Acute Angle Cloud participated in various international conferences

    (Acute Angle Cloud attended CES, Macao Finwise Summit, Blockchain Summit in Southeast Asia and the Bitcoin Ethereum and Blockchain Super conference.)

    Acute Angle has plans to open flagship stores and branches in North and South America, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. Although some blockchain pundits have long thought the furutre of accessible blockchain hardware a distant reality, Acute Angle wants to bring customers affordable and accessible blockchain-based hardware products. In April, Acute Angle expects to open its first physical store in Hong Kong. Spokespeople for the team said; “One of the core, driving, philosophes behind Acute Angle is the idea of a free internet, and putting control of the internet back into the hand of users. Coming to Korea is the realization of a dream for Acute Angle.”

    Find out more about this event and the creative team at Acute Angle at

    For more information, Contact:

    Charles Rego
    Acute Angle HQ
    Hong Kong

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acute Angle
    Contact Person: Charles Rego
    Country: HongKong

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    Everyone should have heard something either from the news or your friends about the cryptocurrency, and the one you should have heard the most would be the Bitcoin. Even for those who have not involved with the bitcoin would have heard about it. Its related news is always being discussed lively, but there are many people do not know about other types of currency. The blockchain is a hit right now, with the development of cryptocurrencies over these few years and the great achievement made by bitcoins, it has evolved into a huge market. Today, our reporter has contacted a whole new digital asset trading platform company, Era Ex (Era Exchange), to make an exclusive interview. The following contents are some of the highlights from the whole interview process.


    Reporter: First, may I ask Mr. Alin about your personal view towards the digital-crypto assets?

    Corporate Director of Era Ex, Mr. Alin replied:

    Alright, this question has had been asked by many. I think that the crypto assets community is still remaining in the early stage of expansion, although it has been receiving a steady growth for its development over these few years. However, it is an unstoppable market, and it provides a huge opportunity for the investors from all around the world.

    Until December of 2017, the world has more than 1,350 types of crypto-assets, 8,450 markets, the total value worth almost 700 billion U.S. dollars. Besides, from what I have seen from the previous year, which is 2017, as the interest among the investors had increased, the price for Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other popular cryptocurrencies had increased dramatically. Thus, I do believe that the crypto assets will have a better development in the future.

    Operation Director of Era Ex, Mr. Hanks replied:

    Reporter: Does the crypto assets exchange market face any kind of problems?

    I’ll answer this question for you? Firstly, I would tell you that using the traditional exchange platform for crypto assets exchange or invest is a time-consuming and complicated process. The dealers will always worry about the security of their crypto assets, the high cost involved during the exchange, the payment method and restrictions from certain areas. Besides, the current existing exchange platforms are lagging in terms of their customer service and network load management.

    Reported: Is Era Ex made because of these problems?

    Corporate Director of Era Ex, Mr. Alin replied:

    Yes, we have been observing these problem within the market for a period of time. Through that, we have made the Era Ex (Era Exchange) platform. We provide world-class crypto exchange experience for the individuals and enterprises. Era Ex Crypto Assets Exchange Center is an advanced crypto assets exchange platform, it aims to disrupt the traditional crypto exchange platform by providing a secure, seamless, low-cost, high-liquidity exchange. Era Ex is a creative crypto assets exchange center that provides services for investors around the world. It aims to explore and expand various trading opportunities for investors. Currently, we are providing nearly 10 types of crypto assets for exchange and investment services.

    Reporter: Many users are concerned about the security of an exchange platform, worrying about the hacking from the hackers. I would like to ask is Era Ex has any advantage about the security of the system?

    Technical Consultant of Era Ex, Mr. Melcom replied:

    We understand that security is the main aspect to affect all of our development decisions. Thus, Era Ex (Era Exchange) provides the advanced distributed system architecture, it can prevent Ddos and other lurking threats. Over 98% of digital assets are stored in multi-signature cold wallets. The safety protocol will meet the industry’s highest standard. The stable and secured operations over the past few years have given customers 100% confidence. We know that security is very important. For this reason, Era Ex uses the most reliable security technology. As part of this approach, we use a flexible multi-stage wallet strategy to ensure that 80-90% of funds are offlined and secured. In addition, double-identity athentication is requited for  all withdrawals and API usage.


    Blockcahin Engineer of Era Ex, Mr. Tommy replied:

    I would like to add something regarding about your question on the security. Era Ex (Era Exchange) will embed or integrate a dedicated wallet for crypto assets that are allowed for transactions. These digital wallets will be supported by the crypto-technology, allowing you to secure your own wallet. An encrypted wallet can prevent stealth from the virus and trojan, and perform an integrity check before sending the payment. Thus, the system security of Era Ex is absolutely powerful.

    Reporter: Many users might be concerning about when the number of users are increasing, the system will be correspondingly slowing down. What do you think about this?

    Technology Director and Consultant of Era Ex, Mr. Kirill replied:

    You do not have to worry about this. We take the faster transaction and confirmation as our own challenges and established a machine engine capable of sustaining 1.5 million transactions per second. This makes us to become one of the fastest exchange center on the current cryptocurrency market, and allows our users to trade with ease, without having to worry about the trading load on the machine’s engine.

    Reporter: What are the upcoming trends for Era Ex?

    Corporate Director of Era Ex, Mr. Alin replied:

    Era Ex (Era Exchange) will soon be launching a new blockchain, making its own crypto asset –BitcoinLink (BCL), and use ICO for financing. Its pre-sale amount is estimated to be millions of dollars. BitcoinLink (BCL)  will be selling its tokens on February 26, 2018. The sales period of these tokens will be composed into 5 different phases. The first phase of private exchange has been completed. The sales period will be extended until June 3, 2018, after that the token sales will be locked. By locking the tokens sales will ensure that BitcoinLink (BCL)  will not face devaluation due to inflation. BitcoinLink (BCL)  will then be sold to provide funding to ensure future growth of the project, to pay for the work done by team members, and for further project developments.

    Reporter: What are the advantages for having or using BitcoinLink?

    Corporate Director of Era Ex, Mr. Alin replied:

    Of course there is! First, BitcoinLink (BCL)  holders can use it to make exchange on Era Ex platform, saving more than 50% of transaction fees. Besides, BitcoinLink (BCL)  holders can enjoy the profit sharing from Era Ex. Lastly, BitcoinLink (BCL) holders can gain a fruitful profit after it has increased in value, just as if you are holding Bitcoin, BNB, Kucoin with a hundred times of appreciation space

    Reporter: Therefore, in terms of transaction processing fees, Era Ex is much lower?

    Business Consultant of Era Ex, Mr. Danny replied:

    Indeed, Low transaction fees are important for the growth of any exchange center. In this aspect, our Era Ex charges very low, which is only 0.1% and it is very competitive. Plus, if you are using BitcoinLink to make exchange, you can receive a 50% discount, and this makes it the lowest among the exchange’s ecosystem.

    Reported: Which cryptocurrency can be use for exchange in Era Ex?

    Financial Director of Era Ex, Mr. Rajivan replied:

    Currently, Era Ex provides nearly 10 types of crypto assets for exchange and investment services. Clients can easily find their favourite tokens, which include Bitcoin, Ripple, Etheruem, Monero and more. We will soon be announcing the completed list of the supporting cryptocurrencies. And we give 50% introduction fee, which will bring huge wealth for business promoters through the sharing chain.

    Reporter: Is trading on Era Ex more difficult or complicated for users if they are novice traders?

    Corporate Director of Era Ex, Mr. Alin replied:

    Absolutely not. Era Ex (Era Exchange provides an elegant dashboard that allows you to easily connect and seamlessly access to the platform. The dashboard provides useful information, which includes historical distribution, dual-authentication and many other options. Users can activate or ban the usage of dual-authentication on the dashboard.  It comes with a limited stop loss option. In this way, you can place a stop-loss order, which is an important tool for avoiding stop loss in a particular trade. It will minimize your losses and maximize your profits. Thus, whether you are a veteran or novice trader, our exchange platform is suitable for you.

    About ERA EX (Era Exchange)

    ERA EX – Era Exchange is a leading crypto assets exchange platform company. Its service scope covers many countries around the world and continues to expand globally with its strong capital strength. Whether you are a personal investor or corporate investor, you will receive the security protection, advanced platform technology, low transaction cost and best-quality of service supports in ERA EX. ERA EX exchange platform currently supports multiple international crypto assets. Our vision is to democratize the global digital asset market and help our customers to discover new opportunities.

    ERA EX has grown rapidly since its establishment, by providing customers with quality financial transaction services, it is estimated that more than 1 million active customers will be accumulated this year. Whether about the technology, systems, products, safety management, ERA EX is very strict on all of it, we have invested on the advanced technology solutions. A customer-centric, sincere and honest team with a strong belief in our core values of integrity, excellence and continuous self-improvement has created an excellent team to deliver value to our customers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ERA EX (Era Exchange)
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Address:One Central, DWTC, Sheikh Zayed Road
    City: Dubai
    Country: United Arab Emirates

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    Guided by the laser technology, these depaneling and cutting machines are highly efficient and can be used in many industries for precise depaneling and cutting of PCB boards.

    Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg  is a professional electronic manufacturing solution provider with their range of depaneling and cutting machines for the industry. They now have introduced laser guided PCB cutting machines and PCB depaneling machines that have their wide applications in the electronics industry.

    The company’s PCB Laser Depaneling Machine is capable of processing highly complicated PCB depaneling tasks. The machine is available in different models for printed circuit boards, flexible PCBs and covered layers. The laser based machine has many advantages over conventional tools and is more suitable for a precise result in the electronics manufacturing sector. The process is controlled by the software and there is a negligible chance of errors. The machine can easily process different materials with a variety of contours. It has also been designed to adapt to the different depaneling parameters and offer exact results.

     Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg Announces PCB Laser Depaneling Machine & PCB Laser Cutting Machine for Electronics Industry

    Likewise, the PCB Laser Cutting Machine features the low-cost UV laser for cutting PCBs in an economical and precise manner. The use of laser can allow operators to easily handle the whole PCB cutting process with better results and higher throughput. According to the spokesperson of the company, this laser guided cutting machine is promoting prototyping and engineering production to strengthen the electronics manufacturing industry. The machine can now easily cut thicker materials with minimal charring and without any mechanical stress. For long-term and low-cost cutting, the machine is now being considered by several electronics manufacturers around the world.

    Besides, the company also specializes in the PCB Router with desktop robots and user-friendly programming. Available with both standard and custom-made fixtures, the router machine can store up to 100 programs. The company can provide custom fixtures as per the client’s requests, and setting up a fixture is also hassle free for an operator. Operators can easily operate the machine with the guarantee of the best accuracy.

    To know more about the router machine and other depaneling and cutting machines, one can visit the website

    About Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg.

    Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg is one of professional electronic manufacturing solutions providers with their own set of R & D, production and sales units. The company is located in a three-dimensional strategic location, with a good land, sea and air transport network developed in Shenzhen Fuyong Town. It has a professional electronic manufacturing engineering experience team of engineers.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shenzhen SMTfly Electronic Equipment Mfg
    Contact Person: Amy Lee
    Phone: +86-13829839112
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    ChuangWei Electronic Equipment Manufactory Ltd supplies laser depaneling machines for electronics manufacturers to manufacture products with the precise and best quality at an economical cost.

    The use of laser in PCB cutting and depaneling can make the task simple and more effective, and at the same time, it will be economical too. Instead of relying upon conventional tools, electronics manufacturers can now adopt laser guided machines supplied by ChuangWei Electronic Equipment Manufactory Ltd.

    According to the company spokesperson, the Laser depaneling is the most effective way to increase the throughput while maintaining the quality. The company’s laser depaneling machines use a low-cost UV laser that keeps the entire manufacturing cost within the affordable limits, while significantly increasing the quality and output. The spokesperson reveals that their laser machines can easily cut thicker boards, which could not be possible using mechanical tools. With laser machines, there is a little risk of the mechanical stress and it also minimizes the charring during the depaneling process. Besides the PCB, it can also cut other materials, like Polyamide.

    ChuangWei Electronic Equipment Manufactory Ltd Stresses Upon Laser Depaneling For Electronics Manufacturers to Maintain Quality & Affordability

    The company also supplies the pneumatic PCB Depanelizer that comes with the electromagnetic valve control and the touchscreen operation. With a short route, the depanelizer is remarkable for its safe operation. It can be used for all kinds of PCBs of varied thicknesses with a minimum internal stress to avoid cracking during the process of depaneling. The machine can handle the maximum cutting length of 480mm and the maximum thickness of 3.5mm. The operators can adjust the distance between the upper and lower blades for a precise cutting of PCBs.

    Besides depanelizers, the company also specializes in PCB Router machines that can handle larger PCB boards. This new range of routers is specially designed to route PCB assemblies into individual assemblies. The company claims it to be the world’s fastest router with one second per tab cycle rate. With a new GUI, the router offers a user-friendly and visual programming for a rapid processing. With the manual loading and unloading option, the router is easy to use for operators.

    To know more about the features of the router and the depanelizing machines, one can visit the website

    About ChuangWei Electronic Equipment Manufactory Ltd

    ChuangWei Electronic Equipment Manufactory Ltd is a company that is involved in the development, manufacture, sales and services of electronic equipment machinery such as PCB separators or depanelizers. It is a China based company, located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. The company has been trading in these electronic products since its establishment in the year 2004.  To know more about the company, please visit their official website. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ChuangWei Electronic Equipment Manufactory Ltd
    Contact Person: Amy Lee
    Phone: +86-13829839112
    City: Shenzhen
    Country: China

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    C5 Insight’s Geoff Ables has been selected to speak at the Global Leadership Forum in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 14, 2018.

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, will be the speaker at the Global Leadership Forum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Global Leadership Forum is sponsored by Global Leadership Network/HIS International and will be held on the campus of UNC Charlotte on March 14, 2018.

    Ables’ presentation is titled, “Work Together Better: Digital Disruption and the Human Factor.” The way people work together is changing at an unprecedented rate and business models are sometimes going from cutting-edge to outdated in a matter of years. One thing remains the same – businesses exists to serve people. In this session Ables will discuss The Luck Principle – 5 timeless rules for working together, and how to apply those in the digital workplaces of today and tomorrow. He will also provide insights on:

    – How listening to each other in the workplace has changed and will be changing in the future.

    – Why different generations of employees might be having a hard time engaging with each other in the workplace and how to help them connect with others.

    – What factors contribute to making a team get deeply engaged in a project and motivate people to work hard, bringing their best thinking to an organization, and how technology can change that for better or worse.

    – How the role of the human worker is expected to change in the workplaces of the future that includes artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality.

    Ables is the author of “The LUCK Principle: Business Results at the Intersection of People & Profit.” In the book he teaches how to harness the power of people, process and technology to transform a business into a workplace that balances a people-first culture with bottom-line results.

    The book is available in both paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon at

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, is a best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of consulting experience on topics including the future of work, digital disruption, customer relationship management, social collaboration and big data. Widely regarded as a thought leader on customer and employee engagement, his insights have been seen and heard in dozens of global venues. He founded C5 Insight in 2002, and has consulted with hundreds of companies in a broad range of industries. The firm has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

    For more information about Geoff Ables and C5 Insight, visit:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nations Media Group
    Contact Person: Bill Kopatich
    Phone: 704-625-0097
    Country: United States

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    InFlight Labs, LLC has developed Smart ADT™ the FIRST Autonomous Distressed Tracking System that leverages the aircraft’s on-board satellite communication system to trigger real-time tracking of a distressed aircraft via a “Satellite-to-Aircraft” ground link anywhere in the world…

    The  Smart ADT™ (Autonomous Distressed Tracking System) is the FIRST Autonomous Distressed Tracking System that interfaces with the aircraft’s communication system to trigger real-time tracking of an aircraft via a “Satellite-to-Aircraft” ground link or Search and Rescue  LEOSAR, GEOSAR and next generation MEOSAR satellite constellations (COSPAS-SARSAT). 

    Smart ADT™ was designed for the new ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) GADSS and Search and Rescue (COSPAS-SARSAT) standards regarding in-flight tracking of a distressed aircraft. The patented Smart ADTavionics computer will continuously monitor key aircraft avionics for technical problems or anomalies. When a problem is detected, Smart ADT™ activates one or more ofthe aircraft’s ADS-B, ELT, ELT-DT, or on-board satellite communication system (e.g. Iridium or Inmarsat) to initiate and continuously track (in pre-determined 1 minute or less time increments) the aircraft through all phases of flight anywhere in the world.” Additionally, if aircraft communication is lost during flight, Smart ADT™ can be remotely activated (or reset) to establish real-time tracking of that aircraft says company spokesman Joseph Bekanich.

    InFlight Labs has developed a complete suite of “Smart Avionics” products such as Smart ADT™, Smart ADS-B™, Smart ELT™, Smart GADSS™ and others to address aircraft situational awareness in distress and security situations.   

    Smart ADT™, Smart ELT™ and Smart GADSS™ are powerful assets that are poised to address the most recent ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) recommendations pursuant to tracking of distressed aircraft on a world-wide basis,” says company spokesman Joseph Bekanich.  “InFlight Labs, LLC Smart Avionics will fill the void for global aircraft tracking, addressing avionics anomalies, power interruptions, and device tampering concerns,” states Bekanich.

    About InFlight Labs, LLC

    InFlight Labs, LLC is an Aerospace Research and Development company that was established in 2009. InFlight Labs focuses on industry-wide solutions for aviation and maritime markets to address situational awareness in distress and security situations. We have worked with key organizations and special committees such as: ICAO, SAI, COSPAS-SARSAT, BEA, EUROCAE, FAA, NTSB and the RTCA to address their specific needs.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: InFlight Labs, LLC
    Contact Person: Thomas McDonald, VP Business Developmen
    Phone: 212.878.8894
    Address:275 Madison Ave
    City: New York
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    With the ongoing demand for cryptocurrencies which is often called one’s digital asset. Various companies have come up with numerous start-ups but Cryptohawk being the leader of cryptocurrencies transaction provides the most authentic, secure, fast and the most convenient way to deal in cryptocurrencies. CryptoHawk has been the leader in this field due to its transparency and security provided to it users. With the required security it also provides a very appropriate method for transactions in cryptocurrencies.

    Crypto Hawk, a Switzerland based company and has come up with an application on its website. The application enables its users to make transactions in cryptocurrencies in the fastest and the safest possible method. This raises investment opportunities for investors and with this app, they can perform the safe and secure transaction from anywhere. Crypto hawk knows no boundaries or limitations.

    Facilities provided by CryptoHawk to safeguard transactions

    Crypto Hawk is ready to serve its users in both English and German language. CryptoHawk has also published a business white paper that contains all the important technical details about it. It also has plans to release more technical whitepapers in future for a better understanding.  Crypto Hawk is not only limited to transactions in bitcoin or a few famous cryptocurrencies but it facilitates almost all the cryptocurrencies. The huge list of cryptocurrencies offers any user around the world to exchange, invest and earn the unlimited profit by only one means and that is Crypto Hawk.

    Daniel Ehevich created Cryptohawk and it was mainly for the Crypto Hawk users. It was a tiring task to visit various cryptocurrency websites and fetching latest news happening throughout the day. The company is aimed to revolutionize the contemporary financial sector with its advanced and quick technology designed to stay connected with everything pertinent to cryptocurrency. It will further enable its users an easier exchange of any currency for the offline purchases. Cryptocurrency ATMs will be installed and altogether a smooth payment gateway will be there for store operators all around the world.

    Benefits of using CryptoHawk to transact in Cryptocurrencies

    Crypto Hawk CEO Lennart Küster stated in an interview that, “We bring to you an exclusive opportunity to invest in innovation. CryptoHawk AG is aimed to revolutionize trade in between various cryptocurrencies all around the world. Investors will be able to make high and unlimited profits from every upswing and always earn a part of the profits. 25% of Crypto Hawk’s total trading fees will be paid to each Hawk owner every month. They are committed to making sure our investors are able to earn a handy income from our success.” There are many benefits of using CryptoHawk application. The application is a medium for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

    In order to safeguard the investors’ transaction and allow them to gain maximum profit, some points are listed below:

    • It enables users to enjoy easy load and trading in both cryptocurrencies and money at the lowest possible trading fees available on the internet.

    • Payment with cryptocurrencies is also activated on Crypto Hawk app for the benefit of its users which saves time and money.

    • Transaction overview on the dashboard is also available or a quick overview of a users translations in order to keep an organized record.

    • Crypto Hawk application allows any user to accept and transact in cryptocurrencies without any specialist’s supervision which also saves a lot of money and time.

    • The application is available for free and is always ready to use.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CryptoHawk
    Contact Person: Raphael Roth
    Phone: +41797614626
    Country: Switzerland

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    There is an Increasing demand for more reliable and accurate weather forecast system. The weather forecasting service market is being influenced by several factors such as growth in transportation (shipping and aviation ), rapid industrialization, increase in demand for renewable energy and regular measures to cause a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as well as an increase in production. Weather forecasting has many functions and it includes providing information which is needed to optimize operations, issue warnings against disasters, and to increase the efficiency of industries which extensively rely on weather for operations. WeatherBlock is creating a market where accurate data information is readily available to its users.

    Industries like Sea transportation vastly rely on timely, accurate and visual information as it provides better service and avoidance of stormy weather and other underlying situations that are detrimental to the business. But with the new technology where WeatherBlock is integrating advanced IoT weather stations and blockchain technology, it can provide weather solutions to a great extent and the sea transportation industry can make better decisions. The transportation industry is not the only industry dependent on accurate weather information as inaccurate data information has a huge effect on business decisions on industries like infrastructure, agriculture, commercial drone operation, and even outdoor services providers, therefore, there is a high demand for higher resolution data.

    WeatherBlock is looking forward to resolving the problem of lack of a marketplace for the sale of weather data. This is because over the years people have learned weather changes have been a phenomenon that people have found difficult to accurately detect or explain for ages. But, today, we have smart and IoT connected sensors to help us provide more data and information. WeatherBlock is presenting a decentralized model that will serve as an ecosystem for the collection and exchange of weather data. The exchange network will utilize blockchain technology to create a reward participation system and safe transaction market. Where transactions will be verified with a mathematical technique which involves validation of a code while transactions are ongoing which in turn will trigger a security sensitive trade.

    WeatherBlock is looking forward to resolving the problem of lack of a marketplace for the sale of weather data. This is because over the years people have learned to distrust the macro data and the local weatherman due to inaccurate data. By providing a blockchain protocol with BloomSky as it’s a weather database, WeatherBlock aims to provide the weather industry with trustworthy nano data and real-time images. The marketplace will be built upon the data collector, the buyer of the data and the station (BloomSky).

    The community will be built on a decentralized network for hyper-local weather data. This will allow community members benefit from the peer-to-peer transactions with the use of the technology and it also provides integrity in the weather data exchange market. Micro-transactions will be enabled since the ecosystem make use of cryptocurrency and not fiat currency. Community members can monetize their data or get a return on investment in BloomSky’s IoT sensors. They can also mine data from their backyard weather and use the market to sell or train their data, services, and products. The market will open a way out for buyers and sellers to interact with a trustworthy platform. The medium of exchange will, however, be WeatherBlock’s WXB token and it will be a medium for data exchange or sales. Community members can use it for smart contract transactions and trade it on the ecosystem for digital assets.

    Today, weather Data providers are aiding businesses by providing real-time and accurate weather data. Community members will also benefit from WeatherBlock’s technology as by providing, verifying, and storage of data in the nexus node. WeatherBlock is providing an ecosystem, where a reward system will increase participation in the weather data market.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: WeatherBlock
    Phone: (515) 379-7181
    Country: Singapore

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    The amount of precipitation in a region can only be measured if physically there is a metering station able to read the intensity of rain, for example. Another way scientists perform measurements is through radars and satellites. However, some remote parts of the world don’t have such equipment. It is important to develop equipment that will allow proper weather forecasting that could anticipate and prevent natural disasters such as floods, slopes or monsoons.

    In order to solve the problem of measuring the precipitation intensity, scientists suggest that technology that is already present almost everywhere in the world  can be used for this purpose. A simple mobile signal from base stations as it covers almost the entire world. Because of the impact the rain has on signal quality there are some assumptions that it could be used to measure some elements of the weather.

    By using computer modeling, it is possible to measure the attenuation of the signal and calculate the precipitation intensity in a region based on it. According to the Economist, real-time data can be obtained from all base stations in the world, and without the need to install any new equipment. However, the issue is that even this advancement will not provide sufficient data that can allow business companies from the agriculture or similar industries, to plan their monthly, or season activities. The success of their performances is directly impacted by the weather.

    The smart technology Weather Block has brought to the market just might solve this, among so many issues. In addition to synthesizing decentralization with Internet-Of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence, which was developed by their partner BloomSky, the company aims to bring new economic models to the weather market. Its value is expressed with new cryptocurrencies which will produce commerce between entities, both individual and chains.

    Weather monitoring will be performed through smart, interconnected sensors. The decentralized model of network data exchange uses blockchain technology to distribute, transact and reward participation of each station or individual. The formal verification uses mathematical techniques that confirm coded administering transactions. This tightens the security of even the most sensitive and costly trades.

    The benefits and surprise in the business model are that it can be presented as a democratic platform. Its main intention is to connect data owners and consumers in one space. Data transactions will equally be available and tokenized according to economic incentives for data mining, contribution and facilitation.

    Weather Blocks interesting rise started off in January of 2018. According to their website, they skyrocketed after their white paper release. Partnering with other advancing companies their primary goal is to explain and present the WXB currency during February. This process will be the first stage before presenting SKY Hardware Integration test results in May.

    With the plan given on their website, this company has the chance to develop as fast as IBM attempted last year. However, their focus seems to be inclusive of individuals as well as large potential stakeholders, allowing a self sufficient system that can only prosper in the coming years.


    Media Contact
    Company Name: WeatherBlock
    Phone: (515) 379-7181
    Country: Singapore

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    The data about weather forecasting that is available everywhere is largely based on macro parameters. However, if you want to look for the weather information that is data specific for your local area, this macro data will have many loopholes. These loopholes include latitude, longitude, elevation, vegetation and other human activities. So for industries and individuals who hinge all their business on accurate weather updates will fail to reach their objectives. This makes local weather forecast an indispensable commodity for today’s market. WeatherBlock strives to do just that.

    WeatherBlock proffers to build an environment or rather an ecosystem that is both secure and precise which will use cryptocurrency to identify, encrypt and transact data with the highest integrity. This is achieving two goals at once. For one, your data is encrypted and safely transferred and two, this data is unanimously verified by all the users as WeatherBlock uses blockchain technology. Here it is, granular level data about your weather transferred right to your device of choice.

    There is another aspect of technology called the Internet of Things (IoT) which is on flair with every technological device. This technology means everyday devices have internet sourcing so that they could send and receive data. If this technology could be added to weather mapping devices, the integrity of weather information data could be improved. Considering this aspect, WeatherBlock teamed up with one such organisation which integrated all their high-end weather mapping devices with IoT. This organisation is called BloomSky.

    Born from crowdsourcing, BloomSky has created a system of cameras around weather cameras all over the world in such a manner that accurate perspective of weather can be provided in real time. This is the future of weather forecasting brought to you with an interwoven system of cameras and interconnectivity via IoT. With all the devices equipped with such a pathbreaking technology, weather data could be delivered through detection and identification via the cloud and precise images and data could be transferred.

    With BloomSky and WeatherBlock working together, IoT and blockchain have come together in perfect harmony. If one has a patented weather camera network the other has a specially skilled team of hardware engineers. Equipped with hardware, software, blockchain and internet of things, WeatherBlock offers complete solutions for weather reporting and accurate local conditions concerning weather. This way “middleman” that was up until now your only source of weather news will be eliminated and all data systems will become highly accountable and transparent. Data would be stored and transactions will be recorded. This will lead to the establishment of small contracts all around the world.

    WeatherBlock will soon release a token called WXB which will act as a currency for encrypted data transactions. These transactions will have a unique key and a unique digital signature. With standard blockchain processes and peer-to-peer network, WeatherBlock is in alliance with BloomSky having their devices embedded with the internet of things technology. We are looking towards an ecosystem of weather data commerce that self-sustains itself without any dysfunctionalities.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: WeatherBlock
    Phone: (515) 379-7181
    Country: Singapore

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    The Loopring Solution: Ultimate Security Via Decentralization and Open Protocols. It uses a decentralized transaction network that reduces counterparty and exchange risks – it is able to do this because it does not require traders to deposit or lock in any asset for a trade, resulting in absolutely zero third-party custody risk.

    The Binance Crisis – An Overview

    Chaos erupted in the cryptocurrency market on Wednesday March 7 when users of Binance, a China-based cryptocurrency exchange that handles over $1bn in crypto-transactions daily – reported abnormal and unverified activity on their accounts. Initial reports stated that a number of alternative currencies – among them Viacoin, a relatively low-cap coin with less than 2% trading volume on Binance – surged to record highs over the last two days, with the overall trade volume jumping from a few million to hundreds of millions of dollars. Initial investigations suggested that unsuspecting Binance users were phished by a fraudulent website that obtained their account information. The hackers tried to manipulate Viacoin’s market price by pumping and dumping,but fortunately they failed this time. Only a number of users’ account information were stolen, and the alt coins held were exchanged to btc for the pumping. They almost lost all they have in their accounts.

    According to Binance reps, the scam was not a hack of Binance’s system itself, but a coordinated phishing attack that was eventually caught by Binance’s automatic risk management system. As of now, the culprits have been unable to withdraw any of their illegally-obtained Viacoin, and all illicit Viacoin deposits have been frozen. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, has stated that the accounts of all of the victims of the attack will have their balances restored to their pre-attack levels. Binance has since started the process of reversing all suspicious transactions in order to restore customer funds.

    Crypto-Exchanges – Not Really Decentralized After All

    Binance’s quick response to the crisis gave users a huge sigh of relief, but the fact that such an attack was even possible does little to ease the minds of investors. The entire cryptocurrency market has been negatively affected by this event, and the price of Bitcoin dropped more than 10%  – over $1,000 – within two days of the attack, and countless other cryptocurrencies also dropped significantly. This brings us to the following question: how could an advanced exchange with risk management protocols in place even suffer such an attack? How can we fix a system that seems to be broken? Can decentralization of cryptocurrency exchanges help avoid such attacks in the future?

    Many traders question the security of modern centralized exchange platforms that use exchange wallets to hold trader assets. If malicious actors can try to scam the system by using public information on the platform for personal benefit, then the system is always open to attack. The Binance crisis is proof of the possibility of this concern.

    The Loopring Solution: Ultimate Security Via Decentralization and Open Protocols

    However, what makes Loopring different is that it uses a decentralized transaction network that reduces counterparty and exchange risks – it is able to do this because it does not require traders to deposit or lock in any asset for a trade, resulting in absolutely zero third-party custody risk. Under the Loopring protocol, tokens are always stored in their respective blockchain addresses – even throughout the execution of transactions. Traders can even transfer their tokens after orders are submitted, and Loopring automatically adjusts trading balances accordingly.

    Although many cryptocurrency companies are quick to endorse the use of decentralization for exchange transactions, actually implementing it is harder than it sounds. This is another thing that makes Loopring different – it is more than just a crypto token or an exchange; it is a matured, decentralized, and open-source protocol that eliminates counterparty risk, executes trades at the optimum prices, and keeps asset custody with actual owners at all times. In this way, the Loopring protocol can be used to create a zero-risk token exchange.

    In addition to the above, Loopring even allows orders to be broken into small pieces which can then be traded on the right exchange at the right time with other buyers and sellers. Using game theoretic logic to optimize trading results (combined with the fact that tokens or other crypto assets never even need to leave the private wallets of traders themselves), the inherent risks of centralized exchanges are completely eliminated.

    Future Outcomes

    Even though some people have gone so far as to suspect this entire fiasco to be a self-directed rumor that was created and orchestrated by Binance itself, the fact remains that a centralized approach to running an exchange always leaves the platform open to future attacks. It also necessitates higher security requirements on digital assets at all times. These facts make it clear that only truly decentralized trading platforms can really solve the problems that exchanges face today.

    Loopring’s technology provides a high level of transparency (because all trades are recorded on the blockchain), security (because trader funds never leave traders’ private addresses), and efficiency (because trades are executed at the right time and at the right price). This means that implementing the Loopring protocol not only secures trader assets from outside attack, but it can also save exchanges from bad press and accusations of malicious insider activity. Every part of the system – from wallets, relays, liquidity-sharing blockchains, order book browsers, miners, and asset tokenization services – can all operate together as distinct yet interconnected modules using the Loopring protocol, and this promises an entire new level of safety and security for exchanges of the future.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Loopring Project Ltd
    Contact Person: Daniel Wang
    Phone: 6503086035
    Country: Virgin Islands (British)

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