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    Recently, a press conference was held in Beijing for “Hu Xiaoxia”, a customized two-dimensional virtual IP of singer Hu Xia, and its original comic, Yong Detective. Hu Xia participated in the press conference primarily to reveal his two-dimensional image, but he also interacted with fans who joined him in some funny games.

    As the world’s first two-dimensional blockchain project, CFun DAPP version has received immense attention in the industry since it went live on July 4. The CFun content platform is a decentralized application program that was developed based on the Ethereum public chain. Its objective was to realize the uploading of contents, copyright confirmation, as well as propagation and consumption of content creators, distributors, and readers based on tamper-resistant data. The CFun content platform comprises of 1,000 content divisions which are also called castles. Each castle is generated though blockchain technology and calculation of encryption algorithm. The castles are also digital assets that are based on the Ethereum, which can be held, operated, and transferred by its holders. Additionally, no more additional quantities will be issued and none of it will disappear. The primary issued quantity is 10 CFun castles. CFun will represent the community members to evaluate the contributions made to the content community. Moreover, CFun will invite gainers to become a holder of a castle, which is also called a castle owner.

    The comic Young Detective is a strategic attempt established by CFun for celebrity and two dimensional images. As an IP-based two-dimensional content creation and trading community, CFun has established a complete comic creation, production, promotion, and trading ecosystem through collaborations with many professional art colleges and comics platforms in China, Japan, and South Korea as well as the recruitment of excellent domestic and overseas scriptwriters, painters, and voice actors.

    The comic Young Detective is a strategic attempt established by CFun for celebrity and two dimensional images. As an IP-based two-dimensional content creation and trading community, CFun has established a complete comic creation, production, promotion, and trading ecosystem through collaborations with many professional art colleges and comics platforms in China, Japan, and South Korea as well as the recruitment of excellent domestic and overseas scriptwriters, painters, and voice actors.

    In the future, CFun will also collaborate with dozens of celebrities in its hopes to topple the existing two-dimensional creation market by closely combining the celebrity with his two-dimensional image and focusing on the fans market. This is subsequently help more comic artists in Japan and South Korea and provide them exposure to be discovered in the world. Furthermore, these efforts will promote the exchange and common progress of two-dimensional cultures.

    About CFun:

    CFun aims to build an ecological community of global content creation and transaction by Token rewards for all valuable behaviors on the CFun platform through smart contracts.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Higgs Pte. Ltd
    Contact Person: Abel Bull
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    Phone: +8615010652967
    Country: China

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    WeChat has become one of the most powerful social platforms integrating social media, entertainment, local services, payment, and more. Boasting over 1 billion active users, WeChat has already begun to unleash the platform’s enormous commercial potential. On November 12 in San Francisco, WeChat Mini Games, one of WeChat’s newest key businesses, won applause from overseas developers at the first ever WeChat Mini Game Developer Conference. It was an opportunity to help the world learn more about the Mini Games platform, including recent statistics and commercial success, platform capabilities, and support for game developers.

    WeChat unveils Mini Games statistics to the world at the conference — the new platform’s success is evident.

    As part of the larger WeChat social platform, WeChat Mini Games supports features like friends leaderboards, sharing to friends or group chats, and more.

    Integrating WeChat’s Unique Features with Mini Games, Innovative Overseas Producers Found Success

    At the conference, WeChat shared exciting statistics for the Mini Games platform, including that the user base has surpassed 300 million users, and showcased some of the biggest Mini Games. Space-themed Mini Game WeGoing has drawn over 100 million users while Tencent Billiards has achieved daily transaction volume above 10 million RMB and a 30-day user retention rate over 40%. Additionally, there were two Mini Games created by overseas developers that received special attention and praise: Google’s Guess My Sketch and Game Closure’s Linsane Hoops, featuring NBA player Jeremy Lin.

    As the first overseas games to dive into the WeChat Mini Games ecosystem, these two Mini Games were highlights of the event. Guess My Sketch drew enthusiasm from WeChat users for its creative AI-interactive gameplay and “versus friends” mode. It became a hot topic on WeChat as countless users shared and discussed the game in group chats and Moments. Linsane Hoopswon over users during the Open Beta stage with the iconic image of Jeremy Lin and exhilarating dunk moves. With these positive first impressions, Linsane Hoops will likely become another popular WeChat Mini Game when it officially launches. Though these two Mini Games are quite different, they both take advantage of WeChat’s unique features to integrate social interaction and gameplay, allowing them to reach countless users on WeChat’s massive social network.

    Fusion of Innovative Gameplay and Platform Features Helps Overseas Developers Break New Ground

    On Wechat Mini Games, the most success has gone to developers who best combine creative core gameplay with social features. WeChat Mini Games constantly strives to give developers more room for creativity by introducing new APIs and capabilities. Some of the most common socially based capabilities include friend revival, leaderboards, and versus matches, with more coming in the future. Additionally, the platform has established an incentives system for Mini Games with innovative gameplay, providing rewards for resources and revenue distribution. This gives more benefits to Mini Games that receive the “Stamp of Innovation”. With the success of predecessors and unbridled support of the WeChat Mini Games platform, overseas developers have a great opportunity to create the next wave of popular Mini Games that unleash the full potential of innovative gameplay and the unique WeChat ecosystem.

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    Company Name: MyPRmate
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    Country: China

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    Sparkster aims at making technology available for all. They have developed one of the finest platforms which allow people to create applications without the need to write tons of code. Sparkster are also building the world’s fastest decentralized clouds that will run at 10 million TPS.

    London, England – November 22nd, 2018 – Sparkster is the platform to watch out for in 2019. In their latest blog post, Sparkster reveal exciting updates about a possible partnership with Cambridge University and ways in which they can leverage their partnership with ARM further.  

    Sparkster CEO, Sajjad Daya statesI went to Cambridge University and met with the professors, we discussed research topics, how we can work together and what areas those areas might be. This is required for the phase Sparkster is in today, which is contracting with the University.

    We have come up with topics and areas where we can collaborate, this is moving forward very well.”

    Sajjad Daya goes on to discuss exciting updates with Sparkster’s partner ARM. He explains how this information will be revealed to the community at a later date once all plans are confirmed. The platform has been designed to help people build new interfaces and with the use of simple drag and drop feature, one can add videos, images, clip arts, background and a whole lot more. Simple logical statements can be written in plain English to help carry out the umpteen functions.

    By far, the most talked about feature offered by Sparkster has to be the ease of scalability. All the applications come with this default feature. They can handle the growth and one does not need to bother about how to scale up or down the IT infrastructure needed for the application.

    Since their ICO, Sparkster have worked tirelessly on making their software an industry defining powerhouse. Sparkster mainnet launches at the end of the month, currently the mainnet is in testing phase and all updates will be revealed in Sparkster’s telegram channel.

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    Country: United States

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    CoinBank joint conference site

    On October 18, 2018, at the New York Summit held by Mars Finance, Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab and the Mars Finance Blockchain Lab jointly launched CoinBank, a new generation digital bank for young people.

    With the dramatic increase in the level of digital technology, the emergence of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology has helped many industrial sectors to make structural optimizations. For traditional banks, although they have been mapped according to changes in the environment, for example, For younger users, the introduction of preferential credit card and wealth management services, but can not optimize the process and customer service experience, young users have their own consumer claims, especially for many young 90 and 00, they Tired of a series of cumbersome processes and privacy awareness, but choose to use the virtual assets in the game as their main asset. CoinBank itself is a financial service system that combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, as well as digital asset applications. How to balance young people, how to balance convenience, fun and safety is the main core direction of designing products in the future.

    As the co-sponsor of CoinBank, Liu Jing, president of Mars Ecology from Mars Finance, said: “After more than eight months of rapid development, Mars Finance has grown into China’s leading blockchain service platform. Adhering to the vision of deep service blockchain Next, we will develop in-depth cooperation with more partners through the development of Mars ecology. The joint forward-looking Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab is a positive attempt to establish CoinBank in the United States. I believe CoinBank is a full stack. The innovative service will bring a new experience to young users.”

    Guo Xiaochuan, CEO of Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab, said: “The Taiyi Silicon Valley Laboratory is rooted in Silicon Valley and has established offices around the world. It has accumulated rich experience in technology research and development and consulting services. In the past few years, we have noticed the new era. Demand for digital currency banking is increasing, and they want a service experience that is superior to traditional finance. As a result, we chose the Mars Financial Blockchain Lab to create CoinBank.”

    At the joint press conference, in addition to Mars President Liu Jing, Taiyi Silicon Valley Lab CEO Guo Xiaochuan, and CoinBank’s North American leader Adam Cai, there are also strategic partners such as Du Fengchen from CoinDaq and Wang Yi of Julex Technology. Also participated in the unveiling of the stage and delivered a speech.

    CoinBank will use the resource system of the two partners to develop the financial brand of the new generation of young people as the development orientation, launch more innovative services, and provide customers with more choices, such as stable digital currency cooperative issuance and compliance transactions. Docking, global digital currency transfer payments, etc.

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    Company Name: CoinBank
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    Country: United States

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    According to sources on the market, Tencent recently sought resources cooperation on digital banking. Not long ago, Tencent injected about 200 million US dollars into the Brazilian financial technology unicorn company Nubank with a valuation of 4 billion US dollars, and obtained 5% of the shares. This investment is considered to be a major outbreak on the new wave.

    At present, many regions in the world are experiencing the peak of venture capital. For example, in Latin America, although the local PE funds are sufficient, VCs and strategic investors investing in technology finance are few and far between, so large-scale capital injection is mainly through the introduction of foreign investors. In Asia, countries such as Japan, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore, which are well-funded, are constantly exploring investment opportunities in emerging areas, especially new financial services.

    According to a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the new financial services company expects that the future cooperation with traditional financial institutions will mainly provide decision support for the latter’s intelligent business, as well as help the latter’s middle and back office automation, intelligence, and mobile operations. Therefore, the development of science and technology has given tremendous kinetic energy to the financial sector, and has also spawned new financial services.

    At the peak of this venture capital, capital institutions from China have drawn great attention. It is reported that Alibaba and Tencent have been constantly observing and preempting resources around the Asian financial technology map. Alibaba’s Alipay Hong Kong (AlipayHK) announced in June this year that it has completed a cross-border transfer service based on blockchain technology with Philippine wallet service company Gcash, and Tencent and KKR have also invested in Indonesia, against Go. -Jek completed the investment, Go-Jek is a local new financial company that provides financial services such as travel payment, loans, and transfers.

    What is the market value of the new financial services sector, and each institution has given a different. For example, McKinsey, a world-renowned management consulting firm, predicted that by 2025, the products of new digital enterprises will oppress traditional financial institutions. Low profit, 10-40% of the existing five retail businesses (consumer finance, mortgage loans, SME loans, retail payments and wealth management) will be threatened, and 20% to 60% of profits will disappear, digitized Productivity will create an opportunity for the banking industry to be worth $350 billion.

    Last year, British online digital banking startup Atom Bank announced a $100 million financing, with a valuation of approximately $320 million. The lead investors participated in the follow-up of Spain’s BBVA, Toscafund Asset Management and Woodford Investment Management. Atom Bank plans to use this round of financing to expand its customer base and service categories and provide financial support for the loan business. Atom Bank is currently expanding the coverage of young users, and its app also adds DIY elements to adapt to young people’s personalized financial services. demand.

    Earlier this year, Revolut, a digital bank in London, also received a large investment from venture capitalists. Revolut is a financial technology startup from London that provides digital banking accounts and a variety of other financial services, similar to Qonto, the digital bank in Paris, and N26 in Germany, also received large-scale investment amounts. Such investment shows that investors are now valued by subverting the new financial services of the banking industry, and may also indicate that digital banking will become the mainstream of the future.

    In the near future, an online digital banking company focused on young people has attracted the attention of global venture capitalists. The company is called CoinBank and is headquartered in Dubai. It is reported that some well-known financial multinational companies have appeared on the list of their investors, some of which are venture capital institutions, and even analyze the company according to the size of the unicorn.

    CoinBank official website home page

    Through the online information search, we found that CoinBank is positioned to create a new generation of financial brands preferred by young people. Before the external financing, it has already achieved strategic cooperation with more than 20 digital asset exchanges around the world. Not long ago, CoinBank and a number of international financial services providers have also cooperated to become a potential company for unicorns.

    CoinBank’s co-founder and chief community officer, Yu Dong, is a post-98 youth. Like all technology changers, he likes to pursue new and interesting things. He believes that “some young people have financial interests, diverse and different stability. Digital assets, very suitable for this type of user population, including cross-border transfer payment services involving travel, is also very novel, we need to find and solve the needs of young people to meet the needs of diversity development

    If the bank’s services are all digitized online and combined with the digital currency application model, it may solve many real pain points. Services such as digital banking have multiple systems such as banking, payment, and transactions to solve such problems. Compared with services under pure line, online and offline services will reduce a lot of costs, and it will be much safer and faster.

    According to market investors, new financial brands such as Atom Bank, CoinBank, N26, and Revolut are very popular among investors because they have conducted extensive research on local banks and found that they are both bank customers and banks. They all hope that banks can change the overall structure, such as introducing new financial service models, or being able to have new financial services companies to change them, because they believe that these changes will make financial services more convenient and safe. As an investor, you can also get a return that you can expect.

    In fact, many traditional financial services organizations also know that new financial services companies will pose threats, especially traditional financial institutions in North America and Europe. However, for now, these institutions are not fast enough to change themselves. In the past few years, banks have blocked some new financial service companies in various ways, hindering their development, but we believe that over time, a new generation of young people has entered the age group that needs financial products, if still Providing them with complex and unexperienced services, when these traditional financial institutions will have no chance, they will be caught off guard by the new financial services institutions, and in fact have already begun, in areas with faster innovation, such as the United Kingdom and Japan. China, etc.

    Although the global changes are becoming more intense and there are many unstable factors, the opportunities are enormous. If the new financial services institutions can overcome the above challenges, the wave of standing on the market will also bring long-term positive to the entire financial system.

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    London, England – 23 November, 2018 – HostNoc is offering up to 50% discount on dedicated servers and web hosting this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Dedicated Servers

    Do you want top-of-the-line performance that doesn’t cost you an arm and leg? It seems like a far-fetched dream, right. Not anymore! HostNoc is offering flat 50% off on dedicated servers on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to get dedicated servers at half the price and get blown away by the amazing performance.

    Web Hosting

    Are you looking for a reliable web hosting provider to host your website but are working on a shoe-string budget? If yes, now is the best time to invest in web hosting. HostNoc is offering 40% discounts on web hosting packages. Experience blazing fast performance with top of the line processor, SSD storage and high-speed network connectivity, and too at a fraction of the cost.

    Virtual Private Servers

    Confused about whether to choose shared or dedicated hosting? Why not get the best of both worlds by choosing hybrid alternative in Virtual Private Server? Virtual Private Server acts as a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. Enjoy flat 40% off on Virtual Private Server this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Cloud Servers

    Your business is growing and so does its needs. You need a scalable solution that grows with your business. Our reliable, high-performance cloud servers give you that liberty. Migrate everything to the cloud this Black Friday and Cyber Monday at a fraction of the cost by enjoying 40% discount on our HostNoc’s cloud offering.

    About HostNoc

    HostNoc runs some of the largest cloud platforms dedicated server setups in the world, aimed at enterprises, independent organizations, and small ventures alike. With a strong history of maintaining and launching dedicated servers and clouds and a wide host of happy clients to our name, we are your go-to partners when it comes to offering server support to organizations over the world.

    Contact Information

    For more information, visit our website at

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    November 23rd, 2018 – Minneapolis – A new smart lock is introduced to the world, Oval. Oval is making a statement by changing the way you enter your home with their touch activated technology serving homeowners and multifamily. After 5 years in access control technology, IMGate Inc., expanded into the United States to partner with Kennedy Rowe in this invention. 

    Oval’s technology includes touch activation access control with BLE, passcode access, simple guest management perfect for homes and airbnbs. It’s revolutionary in smart access due to changing the user experience of entering a home, but not forgetting our high-end design. The company says, “Our lock stands alone in look compared to other residential locks, but at a competitive price. As an industry, we have complicated the user experience and installation process to where you need to hire tech companies just to do the install. We have made Oval installation process and features easy to use on purpose.”

    Smart access control solutions are a multi-million dollar industry offering keyless options, bluetooth options, locks that fit on your deadbolt and complete replacement locks. It’s predicted the overall smart home industry will skyrocket to be worth $138 Billion by 2026 and serve more then half of the world’s population. Oval’s founder, Jon Alsup, found a major issue within the smart lock industry. “The current definition of the market needs to be re-designed. Simplicity, usability, safety and design need to be at the forefront of what access control should be. Not bulky hardware, and a multitude of access options.” 

    Concurrently, Oval’s inaugural Kickstarter campaign recently launched providing valuable information on its product offerings and opportunities in the market. Additionally, this will be the only way to buy the lock until 2019 when it hits shelves in American home retailers and online. 

    For those interested in additional information or press who would like to demo & review the lock, please contact. 

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Oval
    Contact Person: Lauren Zeien
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    Phone: 651-353-2569
    Country: United States

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    The next wave is here.

    GBC KOREA, which developed the world’s first M&A (Merger & Acquisition) platform harnessing blockchain technology, will announce a revolutionary new solution that will solve processing speed problems experienced by distributed networks on November 19th, 2018.

    For the unaware, M&A platforms have to perform tens of thousands of transactions per second (TPS) since it serves a vast number of users all over the world round the clock.

    However, at this present moment, a critical problem that blockchain-based networks face is transaction processing speed.

    To illustrate our revolutionary breakthrough solution more clearly –

    In current times,

    Bitcoin technology processes 7 Transactions Per Second (TPS),
    Ethereum technology processes 20 Transactions Per Second (TPS),
    and EOS technology processes 3000 Transactions Per Second (TPS).

    However, this is still substantially slower when compared to existing services available in traditional electronic payments networks such as the VISA or MasterCard network.

    VISA, one of the world’s largest payment network operators, is known to process 24,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS).

    What this means is that blockchain’s peer-to-peer technology is unable to compete against traditional payments processing network. This would be critical to the expansion of blockchain technology in FinTech.

    With such huge stakes at play, a large majority of blockchain companies are striving to research and develop their how-tos to attain faster processing speed, with Ethereum and EOS to name a few, hoping to emerge in the forefront.

    As such, although a relative newcomer, GBC Korea is proud to announce that, “GBC is in the final testing stages in conjunction with TechCoins of Silicon Valley, U.S.A to handle 1 million units per second. Various technologies have been applied in the combination, however, the point is to use a new sharding technology based on the RPOS (Random Proof of Stake) protocol.”

    Expanding on the new sharding technology, GBC Korea’s Representative Pak says, “We divide the entire peer-to-peer network into several node groups and select randomly selected node validators from each node group. One task is to create a node block with the agreement of the node verifiers and ultimately generate a master block by validating the shard validator.

    “Amongst these procedures, the process of selecting a validator is automatically selected by the server randomly, and this process solves the 1% execution problem.” In conclusion, GBC Korea’s Representative Pak states, “By applying our revolutionary new technology, we will be able to provide customers M&A platform services based on blockchain technology safely and efficiently.”

    Media Contact
    Company Name: GBC Korea
    Contact Person: Steve Davidson
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +82-10-4502-3664
    Country: South Korea

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    On November 16, the 5th Climate-Energy Conference was held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. It was co-hosted by KAIST Graduate School of Green Growth and Coalition for Our Common Future under the theme of “Hothouse Earth? How to Mobilize the Change for Our Sustainable Future”. Steve Zhu (Founder, Wealedger Technology Co., Ltd.) was invited to attend the conference and delivered a speech at the “Blockchain: Carbon Reduction and Fine Dust” session. 

    The conference consists of 5 parts that are “Trajectories of Earth Climate System: Where Are We Heading and What Needs to Be Done?” “How to Finance the Change We Need to Have”, “Korean Strategy of North-East Asia Super Grid”, “Blockchain: Carbon Reduction and Fine Dust” and “Voices from the Young”. Attendees also concluded Korea government officials and global climate experts. There are Chang Hee Kang (Chairman of Climate Change Center, Former Speaker of the 19th National Assembly), Hyoung Kwon Ko (Vice Minister, Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Korea), Park Chun Kyoo (Vice Minister of Environment) and others. 

    Sung Chul Shin, President of KAIST, delivered a welcoming speech, “the goal of green growth and sustainable development is to promote cooperation, integration and social attention among countries to achieve new economic development.” 

    The “Blockchain: Carbon Reduction and Fine Dust” session was held at 15:20 on that day. The conference was hosted by Kim, Sungwoo (Head, Environment and Energy, Kim and Chang). The speakers were Kwon, Sei-joong (Director-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea), Steve Zhu (Founder, Wealedger), and Anton Galenovich (Founder, DAO Integral Platform for Climate Initiatives) and Tom Baumann (The Founder and Co-Chair, Climate Chain Coalition). 

    In the session, Steve Zhu delivered a profound speech entitled “Carbon Emission with Blockchain — the Innovative Way to Go”, showing the audiences how Wealedger used blockchain to provide several solutions to carbon emission reduction challenges. 

    Wealedger committed to the blockchain technology and its related industry-level application development. Steve Zhu introduced that Wealedger started from Shenzhen and are gradually conducting business in Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Silicon Valley, New York, Zug, Berlin and etc. Its strategic positioning is based on technology development platform, financial innovation consultant and business transformation expert. Its success is based on two types of chain: Zhongxin-Chain and Xinyun-Chain. Wealedger has successfully implemented many innovative solutions in different scenarios such as digital IP, traceability, charity, fitness, supply chain finance, logistic finance and etc. 

    Steve Zhu proposed three major challenges of carbon emission reduction:

    1. Lack of credible carbon emission databases around the world, especially data collection standards and methods. Centralized database led to lack of trusted data.

    2. Global Carbon trading is inactive. Generally, ERPA (Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement) for primary carbon credits is not standardized. And access threshold is high, only limited experts and investors can play the game.

    3. Global attention and engagement are not enough. Lack of systematic relevance to everyone’s daily life. Lack of motivation and education for the public. 

    In response to the three challenges, Steve Zhu also gave the solutions: trusted data, encrypted transaction and incentive.

    Details as follow: 

    1. Help government and enterprise to build blockchain & IoT based carbon emission data collection, which improve the data transparency, efficiency, and irreversibility. (Data generally come from smart electricity meter, aerial detection, sewage detection and other sensors.) In addition, Wealedger’s blockchain tech can provide an investment platform for carbon emission reduction projects in developing countries. 

    2. Establish a decentralized carbon exchange based on blockchain. In the exchange, participants can use carbon emissions to accumulate credits and use the credits to conduct transactions. Build Carbon DEX and use smart contract to define the right trading mechanism in a global vision. The carbon trading threshold can be significantly reduced, thereby effectively increasing the activity and participation of carbon trading. 

    3. Create a personal carbon incentive mechanism based on blockchain. Wealedger used blockchain to link the encrypted Carbon-DEX
     with eco-friendly products, and when eco contribution occurs like “public transportation”, “recycle products”, “new energy vehicles”, “daily eco saving”, Token or point could be rewarded as incentive. Points could be exchanged for eco-friendly products. Through such an incentive plan, improve the relevance to everyone’s daily life, and encourage everyone to actively participate in carbon emission reduction rather than a bystander. 

    At the meeting, Sukhbaatar Tsegmid (Chairman, the Mongolian State-owned Energy Company) asked: It is all-known that modern technology’s development would cause eco damage. As a modern technology, the bitcoin network is very energy-intensive. How to balance the relationship between the two when using blockchain to promote eco protection? 

    Steve Zhu responded: It was a really bad practice to build an eco-friendly DAPP based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. We should reconstruct a climate and energy friendly public chain that meets eco requirements. He appealed to work together to build a global blockchain ecology. Wealedger could provide blockchain technologies, including but not limited to middleware and basic DAPP development. 

    The final part is to introduce the Copenhagen P4G summit’s results, which Moon Jae-in (the Republic of Korea’s President) has attended, and discuss how to continue to implement the results. As the only female entrepreneur representative to visit Copenhagen with the President, Lee Soo-young (KOLON ECO ONE Group CEO) gave a wonderful speech at this session, and announced that KOLON ECO ONE and Wealedger were co-researching how to implement the CarbonBloc project. 

    Steve Zhu has been highly recognized in the conference. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea also invited Steve Zhu to attend the upcoming COP24 in Poland, further promoting the eco-friendly public chain advocated by Steve Zhu.

    (COP24 refers to the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. COP24 will take place from 3-14 December 2018, in Katowice, Poland. One of its most important tasks is to develop and adopt a set of decisions to ensure the full implementation of the Paris Agreement.) 

    Steve Zhu’s visit to South Korea for the 5th Seoul Climate-Energy Conference strongly suggests Wealedger’s globalization strategy. Wealedger has more and more prominent appearances in the world, and its international influence is also constantly improving. 

    Seoul Climate-Energy Conference: Since 2014, it has gathered global climate experts, scholars, universities, legislatures and media with a focus on climate change, energy issues, and specific solutions for sustainable developments. It conducted a special session to discuss the Copenhagen P4G Summit’s results and Korea government’s future tasks. It has conveyed the main results to the global leaders. We can believe that the 5th Seoul Climate-Energy Conference will be another milestone in our sustainable future.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Phone: +86 02565975881
    Country: China

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    The Inaugural Ceremony of International Brand (Value) Committee of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

    The grand opening ceremony of “2018 Asia-Pacific International Economic Cooperation Annual Conference and the Inaugural Meeting of International Brand (Value) Committee of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation” is held by BJAPEC and China Brand Value Network ( in the morning of November 21, 2018 in Beijing.

    The international political and economic situation experienced ups and downs in 2018. New form of economy lead by the digital economy is rising, and the world is embracing whole new opportunities of reformation. Analyzing the world situation behind the international trading relationships, taking the pulse of the developing trend of digital economy, discerning major economic trend of international brands, discovering the prosperity of traditional finance in the innovation of brand value and creating innovation brand board in global stock market, these are critical in strategic decision-making for each country’s government, traditional companies and digital economy entrepreneurs. The goal of this annual meeting of Asia-Pacific International Economic Cooperation is to deepen the digital cooperation, innovate the value of brand economy, inject new energy for the world economy and create more development opportunities. 

    Robert Hormats, former Deputy Secretary of United States, Vice President of Kissinger Think Tank Office; Ji Pei Ding, former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs; Wu Zhong Ze, former Vice Minister of Science and Technology; Hou Yun Chun, former Vice Director of Development Research Center of the State Council; Ai Feng, former Chief Editor of the Economic Daily, Advocator of Brand Strategy in China; An Zhi Jie, former Dean of School of Economics Peking University, well-known Economist; Zhao Qing Guo, former Office Director of Party Committee Inspection Leading Group of China Securities Regulatory Commission; Qi Chun Bo, Deputy Director of Securities Funds Regulatory Department of China’s Securities Regulatory Commission and Deputy Director of Innovation Promotion Committee; Sun Xiao Pan, Executive President of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation(BJAPEC), Chairman of the Beijing Consensus Blockchain Technology Development Research Institute; Song Jin Hong, President of International Brand Value Committee of BJAPEC, Secretary-General of Peking University Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Standard Research Platform, CEO of China Brand Value Network ( conduct deep discussion and view exchange on major topics, such as “Global consensus and sharing in digital era” and “Brand Board on securities markets with IT support”, and discern major economic trend of global digital economy and brand value.

    Former US Deputy Secretary of State, Robert Hormatz, interprets the current Sino-US trade relations and economic situation, pointing out that China and the United States, as the two largest economies in the world, should not be confined to certain specific trade issues. Seeking common ground while reserving differences and pursuing a win-win cooperation is the only correct choice. The former deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ji Peiding, also points out that the global economy needs to be developed in a more open, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction, with the help of new technologies in seeking more economic growth points. Hou Yun Chun, former Vice Director of Development Research Center of the State Council; Ai Feng, former Chief Editor of the Economic Daily, Advocator of Brand Strategy in China; Zhong Ze, former Vice Minister of Science and Technology; Yan Yu, Director of Strategy Office of School of Economics, Peking University; Song Jin Hong, President of International Brand Value Committee of BJAPEC; Ada Woźniak, Marketing Director of D-BANK project deliver keynote speeches in several respects, such as ”the strategy of global economic development”, economic growth under new technology trend” and “diversified development of global economy.

    At the Asia-Pacific International Economic Cooperation Annual Meeting, the “International Brand Value Committee of Beijing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Promotion Association” is officially inaugurated. Robert Hormats, former US Deputy Secretary of State; Qi Chun Bo, Deputy Director of the Supervision Department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Securities Fund; Ai Feng, former Chief Editor of the Economic Daily; Song Jin Hong, President of International Brand Value Committee of BJAPEC, Secretary-General of Peking University Chinese Brand Value Evaluation Standard Research Platform, CEO of China Brand Value Network ( and other VIPs take the stage to unveil the ceremony and express their deep blessings and high expectations.

    Ms. Song Jin hong delivers a keynote speech entitled “Brand Board on Global Securities Markets with IT Support”.

    BJAPEC-IBC (International Brand Value Committee of Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) brand committee is initiated by Beijing Association for the Promotion of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (BJAPEC) and China Brand Value Network ( with the association of people from all sectors of society, such as brand circles, securities industry, economic communities, investment circles, education circles. Its tenets are as follows: strengthen the international market demand and cognition of Chinese brand value , promote the development of international brand value economy, and promote mutual exchange and certification of international brand value, integrate advanced internet technology, take the lead in establishing the ‘Brand Board’, a new concept in securities market, based on brand value and organizing the promotion and implementation, integrate current mature international financial securities investment institutions, plan to bridge with powerful international brand value evaluation and exhibition systems, become the most influential online display and advertising platform globally for Brand Board on securities market related to brand value, drive brand value transactions for both local and overseas companies and promote financial globalization of international brand, attract securities investment capital for international brand value which will bring multiple economic benefits for all participated parties.

    Innovate brand value economy with IT support, disseminate benefits brought by brand value on securities markets. The brand board on international securities markets fills the vacancy of brand value in the financial market.

    At present, the initial innovation concept of “Brand Board on securities markets with IT support” takes reference from the Portfolio Theory, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Arbitrage Pricing Theory, Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH), brand value evaluation method etc. Based on the “brand value evaluation standard”, with the consideration of the characteristics of capital market, it establishes a relatively complete and comprehensive index system and evaluates brand strength of enterprises from more than ten dimensions, such as brand leadership, product and service quality, creativity, legal rights, brand construction, social responsibility, financial index, administration management, stock performance, negative public opinion and 100 more of subdivided indexes. It truly focuses on the regular pattern , condition and future development trend of the brand and capital market. And then, it conducts prudent, exhaustive and comprehensive evaluation in respect of the formation, subsistence and development, brand benefit, etc.

    On the basis of brand value evaluation, combined with performances on capital market, corporate management and development status, the listed companies are strictly selected. According to the development of the market, the evaluation standard of brand board is continuously updated to ensure the brand board can reflect the brand and development trend of the company to the utmost extent.

    In the context of financial globalization, the “Brand Board on Securities Market with IT support” not only reflects the brand performance of domestic listed companies, but also conducts brand evaluations for overseas high-quality stocks in the international securities market. In the future, we will strive to track and analyze the data of listed companies in the global capital market, and conduct multiple-angle, all-round and in-depth brand and securities research to make the “Brand Board on securities market” to be the most influential plate in the capital market.

    After the establishment of the International Brand Value Committee, we will also invite the Peking University Brand Value Evaluation and Standards Research Group and the international expert team on international brand value analysis to join into the research team of international Brand Board on securities market to launch a more optimized and scientific standard for brand value evaluation on securities market.

    The profound meaning of the execution and implementation of Brand Value Board on securities market are: lead the international stock markets, guide the direction of international stock investment, establish brand standard for international stock market industry, initiate and realize the economic prospect for future brand value of listed companies on international securities markets, become the mainstay board on international securities markets and attract global financial capital.

    The promotion and implementation of the “Brand Value Board with IT Support” will surely propel the development of the global securities finance industry, the international IT industry, brand and brand value evaluation, legal consultation, finance and other agency service industries, and bring long-term benefits to the entire economic society. As a fast-developing country, China, since the reform and opening up, its mature international operation team is growing day by day with increasing international credit. Ms. Song Jin Hong sends her sincere invitation to America NASDAQ for their participation and support to our “Brand Board on Securities Markets with IT support”.

    In addition, the conference also discussed the Sino-US trade relations and the Asia-Pacific international economic cooperation situation, as well as the global consensus and sharing in the digital age. The leaders and business representatives pointed out that the digital economy has become a new economy with global  competitiveness. With the emergence of new technology, such as AI, big data and  blockchain, a new round of digitization is kicking off. For the world, this will become another rare opportunity.

    The event was unprecedented, and it gathered guests, former national leaders, former officials from different ministries, well-known figures from different sectors of the society, such as the political and business circles at home and abroad, the business community, the financial sector, the securities industry, the academic circles, the brand industry, the media industry and other famous people from all walks of life with the attendance of more than 150 people.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: China

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    While Bitcoin rejoices in its 10th birthday, Bibox, the steady- pacing top-tier digital asset exchange, is celebrating its one year anniversary. News has been leaked that Bibox is planning its launch of BIX Bonds and opening up bond trading section on the platform itself. Would it be the ignition of a revolution in the bearish crypto market?

    With a total market capitalization of $823.8 billion at its peak, the crypto market went through bull- and bear-runs and has gotten everyone’s gaze upon itself. The faded craze of ICO and the controversial opinions from inside and out of the crypto industry show loud cries for practical innovation. Investors, believers and bystanders are all watching every movement the market has to offer both eagerly and carefully.

    In the past year, Bibox has opened offices in 7 countries and acquired Chain Capital with the VQF license in Switzerland. By the end of the this summer, Bibox started its incubator BiboxLab, located in New York, in faith of supporting the utilization of blockchain technology and in search for real projects that root in and land on the ground. The first admitted project was Vocean, a platform where financial contract is decentralized- a concept that seems easy to grasp. In the traditional financial market, there is $80 trillion worth of global equity assets, while the low-risk fixed income credit assets comfortably hold $100 trillion. If we compare this market to the current crypto market and try to reach a slightly further sight, we will see a huge market for crypto bonds. It is apparent why Bibox has chosen Vocean over myriads of blockchain projects and is scheduled to go on a test-drive.

    On 29th November, BiBox is hosting a bond summit in Singapore, searching for the new opportunities for digital asset.

    For the unpredictably volatile market where value is not always aligned with price, value- oriented investors are often times torn in between the choices. A lower entry barrier and milder fluctuations would attract respectively more onlookers and professional traders to participate rather than joining the frontline and crossfires of the battlefield of crypto market. In the traditional financial market, the circulation of bonds relies on the credit endorsement from regulators and intermediaries. In addition to regulatory approval, the bond issuance shall involve underwriters, auditors, legals, third party credit rating agencies, custodians, registrars, and settlement agencies with large cost involved. Every step of which could be a possible risk. Those intermediaries involved can always lead to information asymmetry and insider tradings, and financial systems isolation. With blockchain technology put in the right spot, the upcoming BIX bonds will be the first to test the waters of a yet unsaturated market. Issued through the platform where a complete cryptocurrency financial contract infrastructure and supporting facilities are built, there is no doubt that the BIX Bonds will bring the market long lost excitement and possibly point out a new direction rather than STOs (security token offerings) that are somewhat a placebo for the cure.

    Ranked 8th among exchanges on CoinMarketCap, Bibox could be considered a strong candidate for many roles in the industry. From vote-to-listing to CunBiBao, it is clear that Bibox’s strategies are always powered by providing quality service and max returns to its users while keeping a fair playground. When in a newly-emerged industry, the balance between bearing the responsibilities and morale that are needed in a rather chaotic market and maximizing profits is evidently difficult to keep. However, when we look closely at the top-tier exchanges, Bibox seems to be the rare exception that kept that balance. It is not only surviving the harshness of the market, it is flourishing and is showing a lot more potential than it did during even the good times. The BIX Bonds would be a scarce but much anticipated combination of current value and future potential as an accessible product. Details of the bonds and related trading section have not been known, the innovation and practicality of the product along with the reputation and history of the establishment works together envisioning this promising revolution.

    Registration link:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Bibox.Technology
    Contact Person: Xiang.Christina
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-15810610960
    Address:Narva mnt 9C
    City: Tallinn
    State: Estonia
    Country: Estonia

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    During November 21-23, 2018, many intelligent robots appeared at the 2018 Global Intelligent Robot Exhibition held in Berlin, Germany and received much attention. Among them, the highly eye-catching German LIECTROUX police security robot became the focus of the exhibition.

    The police security robot that was debuted at the Global Intelligent Robot Exhibition is the application of German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute in the field of public safety field. It is a comprehensive intelligent equipment which is capable of self-induction, autonomous action, self-protection and interactive communication etc. It can help humans complete various types of security work and promote the upgrading of security services. It has gradually become a widely used equipment in the field of public safety.

    German LIECTROUX Police Security Robot Debuts At The 2018 Global Intelligent Robot Show

    The design of German LIECTROUX police security robot highly imitates human intelligence. Its brain is equipped with a smart chip that endowed it the human mind and body functions so it can perform complex tasks and communicate with humans. It is equipped with the most advanced infrared thermal imaging camera and human body recognition algorithm, which can realize face capture, identification and comprehensive monitoring without dead space. Even at night, it can detect the surrounding environment in real time and perform real-time alarms when abnormal conditions are found. The police on duty will take immediate action after receiving the alarm message from the robot. It has strong mobility so it can handle all kinds of complex terrain and it can operate safely under the harsh weather such as lightning, rain and snow as well as high and low temperature environment to protect itself.

    When key areas such as key intersections and public transportation subways require temporary police card security check, the police security robot can help the police on duty to complete temporary security inspection tasks efficiently. Some areas that need to strengthen public safety such as exhibition halls, plazas, and station waiting rooms are places where the robot can show its talents.

    The application of German LIECTROUX police security robot in the field of public safety has greatly improved the security efficiency. Its R&D and application provide smarter security patrols, more effective personnel control and better security services for the public safety field.

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been the pride of Germany and the inheritor of the German military manufacturing spirit.  (You can view the website: or The robot vacuum cleaner it develops adopts the most advanced laser navigation technology to calibrate the position of the fuselage by multi-point ranging, even by 360-degree continuous scanning every second and it record the movement path of the machine in space for one time. With the help of laser navigation technology and built-in computing chip, the accurate interior image of the space can be drawn to deal with various terrain environments of the family. Secondly, it has super suction. The professional customized digital frequency conversion brushless motor forged by high-precision pure lead forging has increased its speed to 24000RPM/MIN and is able to achieve air volume of 26CMF/cubic centimeter. And the robot vacuum cleaner can achieve super wind of 3000pa which can strongly absorbs dust.

    In addition, it is capable of automatic wet mopping after sweeping the floor. And its large capacity automatic water-permeable storage tank with the volume of 500ml can continuously supply water for 90 minutes, which is sufficient for large-sized house cleaning. And its barbed fiber structure water-proof mop can stay close to the ground and automatically apply pressure based on terrain to effectively remove stubborn stains on the ground. The robot vacuum cleaner has been sought after by consumers around the world due to its unique design and high performance. And even the competitors in the industry can not catch up with it.

    Media Contact
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    Country: Germany

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    What comes into your mind first when you arrive in Chengdu? Shu embroidery? Tea house? Or delicious food? Whether you are a foodie or leisure lover, in the editor’s opinions, you should never miss the cute pandas, a different traveling experience, when you come to Chengdu.

    Chengdu is a park-like city known as “City of Pandas”, and the following scenic spots are recommended:

    Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Study Base

    (Address: No. 1375 Waibei Xiongmao Avenue, Chenghua District, Chengdu; Ticket price: RMB 55; service hours during the National Day Holidays: 7:30 – 18:30)

    Of course, Giant Panda Breeding Study Base is undoubtedly the first choice to see pandas in Chengdu. It is close to the urban area with a large number of pandas. And here you may see the newly born panda babies!

    As the oldest panda seeing scenic area in Chengdu, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Study Base receives a great number of visitors during the National Day Holidays. It is the busiest scenic area in Chengdu. Every day, tens of thousands of visitors go here to see pandas. The editor learned that during the National Day Holiday this year, Chengdu Giant Panda Base will implement such measures as controlling the total number of visitors every day and controlling real-time number of visitors in order to ensure the visitors’ experience and the normal show and safety of pandas.

    Panda Valley

    (Address: No. 408 Yutang Section of Rim-Mountain Touring Line, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu; Ticket price: RMB 55; Service hours during the National Day Holidays: 7:30 – 18:00)

    To get a close contact with giant pandas in the wild jungle is the aim of many visitors to Chengdu, and Panda Valley is a perfect place for you to realize such an aim. It is also known as Dujiangyan Giant Panda Breeding and Wild Research Center. Located in Majiagou, Baima Village, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City, it is the first research base in China with the purpose of “returning pandas to the wild environment”. It is 50km away from Chengdu City and 6km away from downtown of Dujiangyan. Here, with tranquil environment and slowly flowing streams, giant pandas that are taken care of by the people since born will be awakened for wildness and return to nature. You may stroll in the primitive mountain to collect every twinkle and smile of the cute pandas.

    The real figure for Kung Fu Panda 2 you love, Gongzai, lives here now. Come here if you want to see the bearing of Kung Fu panda!

    Dujiangyan Panda Park

    (Address: Huaizhong Road, Shiqiao Village, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu; Daily reception volume: 6,000 persons; Ticket price: RMB 60; Service hours during the National Day Holidays: 8:10-18:00)

    China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center Dujiangyan Base, also known as “Panda Park”, is located in Qingchengshan Town with beautiful landscape between Qingchengshan Scenic Area and Jiezi Ancient Town. More than 30 cute giant pandas live here, playing and having fun every day. They can totally meet the visitors’ demand for seeing of giant pandas. All the pandas here come from Wolong Panda Center with wild nature, especially they are skillful and rapid in climbing trees.

    Presently, the number of giant pandas settled in Panda Park has reached 30 including four red pandas, totally able to satisfy the “Panda” fans!

    Of course, you should go to have a look at Dujiangyan Water Project and Qingcheng Mountain once you come to Dujiangyan. You may see pandas in the morning, visit Dujiangyan Water Project in the afternoon, live at the piedmont Qingchen Mountain for the night and enjoy hot springs, and climb Qingcheng Mountain on the next morning to appreciate the perfect autumn scene. How comfortable!


    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Wang Shan
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    Country: China

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    Outrank SEO
    Outrank SEO, a Cornwall based search engine optimization specialist are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new site.

    Cornwall, UK – November 23, 2018 – Outrank SEO, a Cornwall based search engine optimization specialist are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new site. The site aims to make it easier for Cornish based businesses to find a local expert that can help them achieve the rankings they need in order to be front a center when their ideal client searches for them.

    More information can be found at:

    The whole aim of local SEO is to provide an increased presence for a given business when a search is conducted within a geographic location. This, in turn, will increase the volume of customers discovering the establishment. Outrank SEO hope that local Cornish businesses will enjoy the un-corporate like style of the site, making them more approachable, in an area of marketing that can be confusing.

    Geoff Ketterer, owner of Outrank SEO said “We knew that local businesses were in need of a company that understood their needs in terms of obtaining more customers, and saw a gap in the market whereby we can provide not only a swift but also an affordable service to the community.”

    As a welcome breath of fresh air, they have launched their local ranking as well as their Google Maps ranking service, which allows their clients to appear much higher in search on major search engines, giving them a far bigger potential to gain more business.

    Geoff Ketterer goes on to say “We wanted to give our clients more options when it came to a digital marketing company. we want them to understand the potential of appearing higher in search, whilst demystifying the ranking process so that they understand what we are doing and why.”

    Geoff brings over a decade of experience in search engine marketing which has led to the creation of Outrank SEO. The hope is to stand out from the crowd whilst providing his customers with the best possible experience at the best possible price.

    For more information on the local SEO service visit

    For further information about Outrank SEO feel free to visit

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    Phone: 01872 672891
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Cle Tile, a San Rafael tile manufacturing company, is set to roll out exciting free shipping deals on cement and zellige orders. This offer is only until January 2nd next year.

    SAN RAFAEL, CALIF. – November 23, 2018 – Cle Tile is rolling out a fantastic Cyber Monday deal by offering free shipping on sitewide orders amounting to $750 or more for purchases made on the 26th of November. The deal could see its clients save up to $800 or more on freight costs. 

    CleTile has also started offering free shipping on Cle Tile cement tiles and zellige orders while supplies last for purchases over $1500. This is a great opportunity for consumers to avoid costly delivery charges. The offer ends January 2nd of next year.

    The timing is perfect with the holidays just around the corner. Cle clients can take advantage of the offer to save up during the holiday season. The free shipping offer is available to sitewide orders including subway tiles and thin brick tiles. Find out more about their products.

    E-commerce has taken the retail space by surprise albeit some challenges. A significant number of customers abandon the shopping cart at the checkout stage due to high shipping charges. Cyber Monday, however, affords customers and retailers some reprieve with the lower prices, enabling retailers to close in on more prospects.

    According to National Retail Federation, Cyber Monday continues to outdo Black Friday online deals with around 81 million consumers reported to have taken advantage of Cyber Monday deals last year. E-commerce traders raked in a whopping $6.50 billion last year.

    Clients are advised to take advantage of Cle Tile’s Cyber Monday free shipping deals as they are valid as long as stocks last. Potential clients should sign up for informational emails so that they keep up with the updates on ongoing deals. Setting up accounts before time also helps clients take advantage of Cle Tile’s Cyber Monday deals as internet systems usually experience prolonged lag times due to the huge number of online shoppers. While the shipping fees are excluded, clients will still have to incur import duty costs and taxes.

    About Cle Tile

    Cle was established in 2012 by Deborah Osburn, an artist and designer who also founded the blog ‘Tile Envy.’ Since its inception, has continued to collaborate with artists and designers to come up with quality and unique tiles. Located in San Rafael, California, the tile manufacturing company is going further to explore other surface materials other than the conventional clay-based products. Cle Tile gives you a chance to make a claim within 48 hours should you receive an incorrect product, damaged tiles, or inaccurate quantities.

    Media Contact
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    Phone: +1 415-887-9011
    City: San Rafael
    State: California
    Country: United States

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    Automated bartending machine coming to Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena

    The team at TendedBar recently announced the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign on MicroVentures to raise capital. Not only has that campaign been fulfilled, but it has already exceeded its goal by 550%.

    Investors are still flocking to the opportunity to help bring TendedBar to Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena as part of a contract with SAVOR. TendedBar also plans to bring their innovative equipment to other high-volume venues. Funds raised will be used towards areas such as campaign and general marketing, research and development, manufacturing, and more.

    TendedBar offers a smart automated beverage machine designed to mix and pour cocktails in as little as 3 seconds; be customized with up to 18 cocktail ingredients; create thousands of drink combinations; pour precise amounts to reduce waste; and measure analytics such as the number of drinks poured, type of drink poured, ingredient poured, amount of each ingredient remaining, and timestamp of each transaction.

    These statistics identify the popularity of each drink and varieties of alcohol, peak serving times, overall sales, number of drinks per person, and more. In the future, an app will allow user data to be tied to each patron.

    According to TendedBar, their equipment can be used in applications such as a stadium, arenas, bars, restaurants, and hotel rooms.

    TendedBar machines have been created to handle high volume venues. Visitors can start by linking their TendedBar wristband to their payment method to open a tab, and then they can seamlessly order at any TendedBar station.

    The team at TendedBar invites potential investors to learn more about this revolutionary technology poised to change the beverage and restaurant industry. More information can be found at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TendedBar
    City: Jacksonville
    State: Florida
    Country: United States

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    With a wide selection of printable wallpapers and self adhesive fabrics, Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd brings ease, convenience and personalization in wall décor applications and which is going to be the future trend.

    The future is all about easy to use applications. In the fields of interior decoration, traditional ways, such as the wall painting are still prevalent. However, China based Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd is completely going to transform the way people used to decorate the walls of their homes and other buildings. The new trend will be the use of printable wallpapers, which are often attractive, long lasting and also easy to install.

    Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd brings an extensive printable wallpaper range, which includes a beautiful selection of wallpapers with impressive and colorful prints. These wallpapers have adhesive backings, which allow them to quickly apply to a wall or other surface. It’s an easy task to decorate walls with wallpapers, instead of applying paints of different colors. More importantly, one can find a wide variety of prints to decorate their walls, and can also request for a custom print. Besides offering scores of themes and choices, ONEW also brings an easy to use way of transforming the looks of a wall. These wallpapers have a shelf life of 5 years or more, and one can remove the wallpapers anytime to change them with new designs. The easily removable wallpapers never leave any residue, and one can easily install new wallpapers.

    Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd Explains Why Printable Wallpaper Is The Future Of The Interior Decoration Industry

    According to the company spokesperson, they specialize in the paperback PVC wallpaper that comes with high foaming. This sand textured wallpaper has a deep grain to ensure a good rebound resistance.  The wallpaper has a structure of 180g PVC and 80g pulp, and also has an eco-friendly PVC coating. By using UV ink or eco-solvent ink, the wallpaper gets a wide variety of attractive designs. With its easy to install feature, the PVC wallpaper is suitable for interior decoration, outdoor signage, commercial advertisements and other applications. With a weight of 250g GSM, the wallpaper has a significant thickness to form a protective layer over the surface it is applied.

    For interior decoration applications, the company has also introduced the self adhesive fabric, which can be used for customized interior decorations. With a matte finish, the fabric could be an excellent wall covering. The product is environment-friendly and is remarkable for its outstanding color reproductions feature. This is the reason why one can find an exhaustive range of fabric designs to decorate the walls of their buildings. This fabric has a face of polyester fabric and its suction layer consists of water-based acrylic adhesive. The line of the fabric has two-side silicone coated release paper. The spokesperson reveals that the fabric is highly durable with a significant resistance against chemical and alkali reactions.

    One can check the specification and features of these self adhesive wallpapers by visiting the website

    About Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd.

    Established in the year 2001, Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd (ONEW) has developed into an integrated enterprise, specialized in R&D, manufacture and marketing & sales of digital printing media, especially printable wallpapers and wall fabric materials. The company’s main products include Non Woven Wallpaper, Self Adhesive Non Woven Wallpaper, Self Adhesive Fabric, Paperback PVC High Foaming Textured Wallpaper, Composite Wallpaper, Whiteboard Sticker, Glass Sticker, etc.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd
    Contact Person: Li Li
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    Phone: +86-21-6888 1570
    City: Shanghai
    Country: China

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    FFalcon Technology hosts its first global partner conference at Sanya jointly with its global partners.

    Sanya, China – FFalcon Technology is officially launching its first global partner conference with the theme “Intergrowh & Infinity” on November 23rd, 2018. Tony Guo, the CEO of FFalcon Technology, points out at the conference opening that, “science technology is the concentrated expression of universe objective laws on human values; humanity is the greatest spiritual satisfaction to an individual; business is the most efficient mechanism to bring ideals into reality meanwhile speeding up the process of enhancing the realization values. Previously, science technology, humanity, business is separated from each other, however in the new Internet era, they shall be mutually linked and integrated. That’s why FFalcon puts forwards its vision which is ‘let science technology help accelerate the evolution of human family life’”.

    At the conference, FFalcon presents the 2018 Thunder Awards to outstanding partners. The Thunder Awards are the highest honor that FFalcon gave to its global partners. As a company with social responsibility, FFalcon Technology also is launching a public welfare project “FFalcon Care”. Tony states that the FFalcon Care project aims at providing help for austic children, which also lines with the integration of humanity, technology and business.

    FFalcon Technology endeavors to bring about an all-round and in-depth exchange and cooperation with partners in various fields around the world, to provide the consumers with more efficient and higher-quality products and experiences and together embrace the world of values to create a better future and realize its vision for ‘Intergrowth & Infinity’

    For more information please contact:

    David Zhang

    About FFalcon

    Established in 2017, FFalcon Technology is an independent company responsible for the operations of TCL Electronics and its subsidiary companies’ global smart TV platforms.

    As part of its focus on user experience and smart TV services, FFalcon Technology also designs, produces, manufactures and sells its own smart TVs with integrated services including UI/UE, applications, content operations, cloud services and content copyrights from brands such as Netflix, Google, YouTube, Tencent, Foxxum and Eros Now.

    FFalcon Technology’s vision is to provide consumers with the ultimate experience in family digital entertainment products and services, which it does by offering them the very best smart TV devices and services.

    For more information, visit:

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: David Zhang
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    Phone: +86180 2234 9357
    Country: China

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    Everybody wants to invest in this new digital asset class, cryptocurrencies, yet nobody has any idea how. Ambo aims to solve all that problem, and many others with its upcoming mobile wallet. Started by Jai Bhavnani and Richter Brzeski, the two friends wanted to help everyone easily invest in the cryptos that they heard about on the news.

    Ambo is a lot of different things but above all aims to be the bridge between complicated cryptocurrency projects and people with a non-technical background,” said Richter Brzeski.

    The platform offers the user an opportunity to hold their assets. Yes, on an exchange like the NYSE you technically “own” your stocks but you don’t actually “have” them. If a centralized exchange gets hacked, the funds are lost and a user can only hope that the exchange has insurance. On Ambo, the user is completely in control and their funds will be completely secure.

    According to its website, Ambo offers investments in over 150 different tokens which towers over Coinbase’s 7 coins. Additionally the platform offer users the ability to purchase market predictions, powered by Augur which currently has over $1,500,000 in orders. Most recently, the platform garnered lots of interest for its prediction surrounding the fate of the United States’ Midterm Election which managed to raise over $1,000,000.

    Ambo wants to be the flagship product for the next generation of finance. It is working with numerous other financial products to offer new and interesting opportunities to its users. One example of this is the team is working with Request Network (raised $30,000,000 in an ICO) to help bring Paypal-style payments into their app. In discussions with Jack Lipstone, CMO, he is leading the team’s efforts on a “secret project,” and claims there are many exciting things to come.

    The wallet space is crowded to say the least, with Binance’s Trust Wallet led by Viktor Radchenko and Coinbase Wallet led by Siddharth Coelho-Prabhu. However in discussions with Jai Bhavnani it is clear that the team is under the belief that those projects are fundamentally flawed. Whereas those projects rely on other developers to build out the entire app’s experience, Ambo developers actually build out the entire app, ensuring that everyone can use it.  The team is taking an interesting perspective on the ecosystem, abstracting all the technical difficulties away in favor of a product that will be able to be used by all.

    In discussions with the team, they are expecting to launch Ambo by the end of the year. They are working to expand Ambo beyond just wallets with the goal of helping bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and non-techies. Jai recently handed over the responsibilities of the iOS app to Brett Fazio so that he could focus on “the bigger picture.” Additionally Jai recently brought on board Zane St. John to help lead the web development efforts, for what we can expect to be a web version of Ambo.

    With the team’s combined background for working with companies like Netflix, Bain & Company, Lockheed Martin, and Salesforce, it will be interesting to see how the competition plays out between this and the other wallet products in the space.

    To stay up to date with the team’s work, check out their Twitter here and their Instagram here.

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    Country: United States

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    The new company aims to bring confidence back to people living and working in the USA by protecting their privacy against fraudsters and the Government.

    A company that helps to protect people’s privacy has launched a range of products and services to allow people to make phone calls and surf online without the fear of having that privacy breached. BuyChoice who is a strong believer that everyone is entitled to their privacy has been credited in helping people to surf online, purchase products, and make phone calls without their every movement being followed and recorded.

    These products and services from BuyChoice are vital for those people who want to be able to shop online with their mobile devices or computers or make phone calls without their right to privacy being breached. The service has become vital in this day and age where people’s personal information is being used without their knowledge and telephone calls being monitored by the government. BuyChoice allow people to use their mobile phone with confidence and anonymously to stop their personal information being tied to a phone or email.

    95 percent of people living and working in the USA have a mobile phone, and while 72 percent of people spend 2.5 hours surfing online with more than 70 percent shopping regularly online, 79 percent of Americans said they were worried about their privacy. Those who were surveyed said they were worried about fraudsters and hackers tracking them and breaching their privacy while using a mobile device or shopping online. However, shockingly those that were surveyed said they were not just worried about fraudsters, they were also worried about government agencies tracking their every move.

    When asked more about their service a spokesman for BuyChoice replied: “When people buy products or surf online, their privacy is being invaded. It is not just about being a victim to cybercrime, it is also about their personal data being sold. Privacy should be respected and not invaded.”

    BuyChoice have a range of tools to protect people’s privacy to allow people to be completely anonymous from criminals, government organizations and corporations trying to collect data. These tools include a private VPN service as well as being able to purchase quality iPhones that are linked to the company and not the individual These iPhones allow people to surf the internet without fear of being tracked.

    To learn more about the products and services available and why the company is making big news in their fight to protect people’s rights, please visit

    About BuyChoice

    BuyChoice is a company that helps people to protect their privacy. They have a range of tools available.

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    Phone: 720-217-9401
    Address:31825 MeadowCreek Trail
    City: Fair Oaks
    State: Texas
    Country: United States

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