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    The website’s visitors can find in-depth reviews and articles on salt lamps

    JULY 13, 2018 – Salt lamps are back in style, and more consumers than ever are turning to the internet to learn more about these decorative and even mystical home accessories.

    Lamps Lights & Shade is working to provide consumers an enlightening experience by offering in-depth articles and reviews outlining various aspects of salt lamps. For instance, recent reviews published at Lamps Lights & Shade cover the Levoit Elora Himalayan Salt Lamp, the Voltus Himalayan Salt Lamp, the Mineralamp NSL-101, and many more.

    Articles answer common questions, such as “Why is My Salt Lamp Turning White”, “Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe”, and “How to Tell if a Salt Lamp is Real”.

    At the Lamps Lights & Shade homepage, readers can learn about the vast benefits of salt lamps. Some of these benefits include increased air quality, relaxing ambience, and more. The page also helps consumers choose the best salt lamp by taking a close look at size, surface, color, and brightness.

    Lamps Lights & Shade will continue to add new reviews and articles on salt lamps to the website throughout 2018 and beyond. More information can be found at

    About Lamps Lights & Shade

    Lamps Lights & Shade is the premier source for information on salt lamps, including comprehensive reviews and enlightening articles.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Lamps Lights And Shade
    Contact Person: Ian Harris
    Email: Send Email
    Country: United States

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    With more than 20 years of production experience, Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd offers factory direct sale of conveyor belt and repair vulcanizing machine for mining companies to save on costs while repairing damaged conveyor belt and joints.

    In the mining industry, a conveyor belt system plays a great role in the transportation of ores and minerals extracted from mines. This belt conveyor machine runs on a conveyor belt, which often gets damaged during conveying heavy loads. In order to repair the conveyor belt, mining companies require conveyor belt vulcanizer machine and conveyor joints. China based Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a factory-price supplier of conveyor joints and repair vulcanizing machines, helping companies to repair their conveying system quickly and also save on the repair costs.

    The company offers conveyor belt vulcanizer for sale at direct factory prices that saves significant costs of the mining companies. Besides saving on costs, the high quality vulcanizer and conveyor joints help in improving the performance and add reliability in the entire mining process. According to the spokesperson of the company, they have been supplying these products for mining companies for over two decades now. Companies can quickly repair their damaged conveyor belt and save their precious time in transporting the minerals and ores.

    conveyor belt repair vulcanizing machine

    Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd is one of the reputed conveyor belt vulcanizer suppliers that enjoy government’s approval for their product quality. The company guarantees the best prices and also provides onsite guidance in repairing damaged conveyor belts of the clients. They also offer hot splicing press vulcanizers that are used for quickly mending the conveyor belt in the mining site. This machine has a compact structure and allows an easy transportation to the site for quickly bonding conveyor belts.

    The spokesperson reveals that they can supply the conveyor belt vulcanizer machine to a client company throughout the year. “We maintain a ready stock of the vulcanizer machine, conveyor joints and other components that our client may need to repair conveying systems at their mining sites,” he states. All machines and components are tested for quality and are designed for a reliable performance on tough terrains across mining fields.

    According to the spokesperson, these vulcanizer machines have a wider application area, and can be used in the building industry, chemical and other factories, besides in mining and metallurgy. The machines are capable of ensuring bonding of belts made from nylon, canvas, steel cord and other materials. The machine can also be suitable for mending fire-proof and corrosion proof conveyor belts.

    To know more about the belt vulcanizer machines and their features, one can visit the website

    About Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Established in the year 2001, Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd is specialized in the production, research and development of high quality machines, especially for the mining industries. These machines include vulcanizing machines, such as conveyor belt splicing and repair vulcanizer, cable joint and repair vulcanizer, belt stripper, etc. The machines of the company are sold almost everywhere in China and also many industries abroad, which include coal mine, metal mine, metallurgy, power plant, chemical plant, building material factory, port and wharf.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person: Alex-FUDA
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86 15995216108 (WhatsApp)
    State: Jiangsu
    Country: China

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    A neat and orderly home environment can improve people’s work efficiency and quality of life and greatly improve people’s comfort sense of life. However, at present, in face of the stacking of more and more daily necessities, people are often powerless when they pack up the things In order to make it easy for people to have a clean and comfortable living environment, German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has developed a new storage robot to help you easily have a clean home environment.

    German Liectroux Newly Develops Storage Robot To Help People To Have A Clean Home Environment

    The storage robot is very smart and easy to use. it can conduct storage work of a variety of items. In daily life, various kinds of daily necessities such as clothing, shoes, kitchen utensils, etc. are often mess up and need to be conducted storage work frequently. The robot contains the most advanced storage knowledge and is also very familiar with the daily necessities used in daily family life. And it can familiarize with the home environment in a short time. When you need the robot to work, you only need to open the “work” button on the robot, and then the robot will automatically scan the entire house and conduct one-to-one storage work towards various areas of house includes various rooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. The robot not only has a strong working ability to complete the storage work well, but also works very efficiently. It usually takes the robot half an hour to complete the storage work of the entire house. Even if there are a lot of household products and they are placed throughout the house in a particularly messy way, the robot can also complete the storage work well within an hour.

    The storage robot also possesses a very user-friendly function of communicating directly with the user. If the user has some special habits, such as they have the habits to place some item in a specific location that they habitually placed those things so that they can be get those things directly when they need them. Just press the “Notes” button on the robot and start talking to the robot, telling the robot what should pay attention to when it is doing the storage work. And then the robot will pay attention to these details in the subsequent storage work.

    This storage robot can solve the storage problem of daily necessities in people’s daily life and help users to easily maintain a neat and orderly home environment. At the same time, it can also help many users save time and is a good helper for users’ daily life. In addition, the German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has also conducted research in the field of intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. (You can view the website: or Its intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has built-in quad-core zk-soc chips with multiple sensing and motion control coprocessors: indoor precise positioning and autonomous navigation, HSIR+ multi-point matrix intelligent composition structure, bionic algorithm, high-precision linear cleaning without yawing, one-button silent mode.

    Its cleaning ability is very strong. And it also has a strong endurance, its endurance is enough to support the cleaning work of a 150 square meter room. So it can achieve the cleaning work of small-sized home more easily. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner also has a variety of sensors that can accurately identify a variety of obstacles and achieve autonomous obstacle avoidance after identification without affecting the cleaning effect. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has been well loved and trusted by consumers and continues to on hot sale.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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    The UK’s best site for e-bike information, reviews and news.

    E-Bike Reviews has relaunched their website, including their newly revised 2017-2018 buyer’s guide for electronic bikes. The site offers up-to-date reviews and ratings on folding e-bikes, electric mountain bikes and e-bike conversion kits, as well as advice and helpful tips on how to select the right make and model based upon the individual’s unique needs.

    Electric Bikes, the New Frontier in Bicycling

    The electric bike is, by all accounts, a regular bicycle, with the added perk of a motor and battery that attaches to the rear wheels. The lowest settings give the rider a small pedaling boost, and the highest settings can power the bike completely without the need of peddling at all. Technically they are not motor bikes, as they can still be peddled, and, depending on the country they are being ridden in, there are different laws regarding their usage, specifications and limitations.

    Anyone interested in purchasing an e-bike or upgrading one they already own can make a one-stop-shop at the new E-Bike Reviews website to learn everything they need about the various types of bikes available and all of their applicable features. The site offers user reviews, feature lists, price points, ratings and purchase links.

    For techies who already own a normal bike and want to upgrade it on their own, the site offers comparable information on available conversion kits.

    Why E-Bikes are Growing in Popularity

    E-Bike Reviews contends that one of the top reasons to consider an e-bike is time and cost effectiveness of travel. With the added assist of the motor, commuter’s travel time to and from work, university or their everyday errands can be greatly reduced. They may even find they don’t need to shower at the end of each trip, which can save even more time in the long run.

    E-Bikes have been known to be popular among fitness people as well. Not all terrain is smooth sailing and weather isn’t always calm. With the added push of the motor, which is customizable, traversing these obstacles becomes less arduous. It also aids with those who are just starting their fitness routine, or have old injuries or ailments that can make cycling difficult.

    Reviews and Research are Critical

    Because the cost of these bikes can be high, E-Bike Reviews has compiled a list of bikes under 1000 euros. When choosing an e-bike there are many factors to consider: Folding variants; whether the bike needs to be taken onto a bus or train during commute, Terrain; Mountain bikes are more suitable for tracks and harsh terrain than foldable bikes, and Distance; the distance you intend to travel may require certain types of motors or batteries to best suit your needs.

    With this new site relaunch comes an updated buyer’s guide, offering professional insights on all aspects of e-bikes, from start to finish. Their focus is to ensure consumers receive all of the information needed in one easy to navigate location so they can make an informed decision that is best for them.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: E-Bike Reviews UK
    Contact Person: Andy Murphy
    Phone: 07957 845151
    Address:21-55 Gatcombe Ave.
    City: Portsmouth
    State: PO3 5HG
    Country: United Kingdom

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    Triangle Technology US is pleased to announce the opening of a new technology and information center in El Monte, Los Angeles, California. An inaugural event will take place on July 14th at 11100 valley blvd, #218 EL Monte CA91731. In attendance are expected to be Shikang Shen, Mayor of Alhambra City, Xiulan Suwang, Mayor of Walnut City, Dajian Lin, Mayor of Monterey Park, Jennifer Li, Secretary-General of the Washington US-China Economic and Cultural Development Promotion Association and Tao Zhang, President of the American international trade promotion association, among other distinguished guests.

    The new space represents an exciting phase in the development of Triangle Technology’s outreach program. The center will function as an information hub that will serve to educate the public on key flagship projects; the Acute Angle blockchain, Acute Angle cloud and the Acute Angle PC. Potential users have the opportunity to experience the entire ecosystem, as well as learn more about how this technology works, and its real-world applications.

    The California center aims to bring blockchain to as wide an audience as possible, making this cutting edge technology more accessible to all. Triangle Technology wants to help tackle the lack of understanding surrounding blockchain technology. “It’s the future, it’s technology that has the power to revolutionize the way we live, and its important that everyone has access to it, and understands how it works and how it can be used” commented Michael Lin, CEO of Triangle Technology US.

    “This is an exciting opportunity for us, and we’re really looking forward to being able to interact with users in real time. Triangle Technology’s ethos focuses strongly on the users’ experience. We want this space to be as open and interactive as possible, we believe in leading by example and we want this space to be an example of who we are and what we want to achieve. We want to reach out to as many users as possible, not only to spread our message but also to get the kind of user feedback that will allow us to keep improving and developing the Acute Angle ecosystem” said Lin.

    For more information on the Acute Angle Ecosystem and its team, visit

    About Triangle Technology:

    Founded in 2014, Triangle Technology is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in blockchain software and hardware applications, focusing primarily on diversification and innovation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Acute Angle Foundation Ltd.
    Contact Person: Michael Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86136 0015 8936
    Country: Singapore

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    Music is the soul of life, therefore, there is a need to project music with high-quality equipment which guarantees quality sound reproduction. To serve the need of the abundant population of music lovers all around the world, a top audio consultant and HiFi dealer in Park City, Utah, Elevation Sight and Sound, has expanded their products and services to customers on a global scale.

    Park City, UT Music is the soul of life, therefore, there is a need to project music with high-quality equipment which guarantees quality sound reproduction. To serve the need of the abundant population of music lovers all around the world, a top audio consultant and HiFi dealer in Park City, Utah, Elevation Sight and Sound, has expanded their products and services to customers on a global scale.

    Describing the services offered by the audio consultant and HiFi dealer in Park City, Utah, Paul Jenkins, the Elevation Sight and Sound spokesperson, said, “At Elevation Sight and Sound in Utah, we’re passionate about music and fully know the power and exhilaration that a properly set up audio system can bring to your home. We’ve worked with countless hi-fi lovers to bring our knowledge and skills to their homes for a breathtakingly enjoyable music experience that can often rival that of a live performance. Whether you’re just starting out in audio with the challenge of putting together a budget system that sings, or a seasoned audio enthusiast that just needs that last piece of the high-end hi-fi puzzle, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.”

    The team of music lovers at Elevation Sight and Sound have more than two decades of experience supplying, installing, and setting up the perfect sound reproduction system for homes and Hi Fi lovers. The team at Elevation Sight and Sound also provides recommendations for audio system matching, acoustic design, and component integration. With premium services which include a selection of the highest quality 2-channel components and accessories, giving consideration to hidden components such as power, acoustics and resonance, the team at Elevation Sight and Sound aim to please customers at their peak.

    The audio store in Park City also offers experienced guides to transport clients’ audio systems into stratospheric, three-dimensional heights. Products available to serve all music lovers across the globe include supply and installation of amps, preamps and integrated amps, digital front ends, CD players, computer audio and music servers, loudspeakers, turntables, cartridges and analog accessories, headphones and personal audio systems supply, audio cables and accessories, and more. In a bid to better serve the growing population of clients, the high end audio dealer adopted a “four corners” approach, which involves addressing the power conditioning, room acoustics, resonance control, and the cables that connect all systems in such a way that they provide a more attention-grabbing experience for users.

    For a selection of unique, premium, no-compromise audio-visual components, which are systematically arranged and connected for the ultimate in-home experience that aims to exceed the expectations of music lovers far and wide, the team of music lovers at Elevation Sight and Sound can be contacted via the company’s office address located at 7964 Silver Creek Rd, Park City, UT 84098. For inquiries, contact them via phone at (435) 602-3689, or via email at For additional information, visit their website at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Elevation Sight and Sound
    Contact Person: Paul Jenkins
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (435) 602-3689
    Address:7964 Silver Creek Rd
    City: Park City
    State: Utah
    Country: United States

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    Plazus teams with the EOS HK community to launch first testnet.

    Hong Kong, 16 July 2018 Plazus Technologies, a blockchain startup building an open source blockchain protocol to allow large online tribes to communicate effectively and own their data on top of a peer-to-peer back end using smart contract technology, is launching their testnet in Hong Kong with the EOS HK community at a public demo to be held on July 16 at Genesis Block.

    Plazus builds communities of passionate individuals who connect authentically with each other around a shared common interest, without fear of losing control of data privacy, while also receiving appropriate rewards for their contribution to community activities.

    The Vancouver-based company is already working on an alpha version of its platform with a range of partners including representatives of the professional sports community, Canadian universities, TED influencers, the Hong Kong-based blockchain community and several ICOs. The partnership with EOS which is being initiated in Hong Kong on Monday July 16, is expected to bring a powerful boost to Plazus by providing access to a widespread community of decentralized blockchain developers.

    Commenting on the powerful sense of purpose felt by the Plazus team, CEO and serial entrepreneur Galya Westler said: “Our team has set out to challenge the entrenched social media establishment by delivering control of personal information back to the user. Our mission is to empower these online tribes to create a resistance to censorship in a world where individuals can reclaim their social identity and regulate their level of online attention.”

    Upholding data sovereignty and privacy

    Today data sovereignty and privacy scandals make headlines with increasing regularity and scale as personal information falls into the hands of malicious organizations. Recent examples involving some of the largest centralized social networks in the world include Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal and China’s video-sharing site AcFun’s hack in which tens of millions of users had their data compromised. These incidents are preventable – providing with a more sensible approach to data management is put in place.

    Plazus is developing a solution that empowers users to protect their own data, which is encrypted by them, stored in a location of their choice, and shared only with their explicit approval. These users enjoy peer-to-peer connections across an armada of nodes running on a public blockchain with multiple interactions all mediated and paid for via a tokenized protocol.

    Communicating effectively in large groups

    Plazus first use case is with blockchain communities and ICO communities empowering effective communication within their tribes and offering members a cross-over KYC and the ability to run bounty programs based on smart contracts in a simple DIY tool.

    With the launch of its testnet in Hong Kong, Plazus wants to encourage many different types of communities to experiment with its ecosystem model in order to prove that blockchain technology can create separate tribes that are totally autonomous, with an algorithm managing the ecosystem, and without the need for a centrally owned company at its core.

    “In addition to offering a high degree of control for personal data, Plazus also ensure that group members get paid fairly for their contribution to the community,” added Ms Wester. “This attention to detail is only possible because our platform is built on the blockchain, which allows each community organizer to understand precisely the level of involvement of each member and reward him or her accordingly – all the time, without exposing personal information without express prior agreement.”


    Media Contact
    Company Name: Plazus Technologies
    Contact Person: Liliia Shevtsova
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 604-649-4171
    Country: HongKong

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    Guangzhou Yingzi Technology Co. Ltd successfully held Yingzi Intelligent Engine Product Series launch conference at Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel on July 16th, 2018, and officially released two major products: Yingzi Pig Face Recognition 2.0 & Pig Genomic Selection and Genomic Mating. Taking the intelligentization of the aquaculture industry as an entry point, the Yingzi products have optimized the swine industry ecological chain relying on genetic engineering, satisfying the all-round needs of the breeding industry for intelligence, efficiency, flexibility and security in the digital age, and taking a solid step for the layout of the entire industry chain eco-Internet platform in the vertical field of “from pig farms to dinning tables” from Yingzi Technology.

    Tech Experts Join & Power Yingzi Engine Startup

    The conference was hosted by Mr. Chen Yaosheng, co-founder of Yingzi Technology and Professor of Sun Yat-sen University. As China’s famous animal genetics and breeding scientist, Prof. Chen has devoted himself to scientific research on animal genetics & breeding and pig raising technology development. Serving as the chief scientist of the national swine industry technology system, Prof. Chen has made outstanding contributions to China’s swine industry improvement. During the conference, Prof. Chen introduced the mission and vision in the industry chain layout from Yingzi Technology, and shared a brief description on the Intelligent Engine product series, then grandly announced the founder and senior management team of Yingzi Technology. A group of outstanding scientists with high reputation both in domestic and international academic circles and technological experts, who have deep cultivation of Silicon Valley for many year, made their debut.

    Yingzi Technology co-founder and CEO, Doctor He Jingxiang made his first public appearance at the conference. With over 20 years working experience at Intel and as the former General Manager of Inter Asia Pacific R&D , Doctor He has deep sedimentation in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, etc., and rich experience in industry market direction and technology enterprise management.

    What’s more, Yingzi Technology have recruited a large number of experienced IT talents from Silicon Valley. As the co-founders of Yingzi Technology, they had averaged Silicon Valley work experience over 20 years, including Vice President and Chief Architect Doctor Jiang Haitao,Chief Strategy Officer and Dean of the Institute Doctor Jiang Zhiyu, and Vice President Zhao Qiang. Yingzi Technology will keep seeking global top talents based on business and technical requirements, gathering advantages, and creating the Yingzi-unique talent team structure of “industry scientist + excellent engineer”. With the joining of these technology experts, it shows that the scientific and technological community is full of confidence in the future of the vertical field of the breeding industry Internet. Besides, with their own technical expertise and rich experience, they will share with Yingzi Technology, a young industry Internet company, realizing dreams together.

    Two Engine Products drive the digital transformation of the industry

    On behalf of Yingzi Technology, Doctor He Jingxiang officially released two of the Intelligent Engine product series at the conference: Pig Face Recognition 2.0 and Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating, which were introduced in detail from the perspectives of industry prospects, industry chain demand, product capabilities and scenario applications.

    Yingzi Pig Face Recognition 1.0 launched in March this year, has been commercialized successfully. After the continuous refinement of customer requirements, Yingzi Pig Face Recognition 2.0 has achieved the new milestone to quickly identify individual pig in herds accurately. The AI identification system greatly improves the whole production chains operation and management efficiency from pig farms’ breeding, daily production operation, health management, pig movement and transportation traceability and food safety. It provides a great convenience and high value-added to pig farmers. In the future, Yingzi Technology will share the new model of AI pig rearing with capable partners through Yingzi Developer AI Technology Platforn. This big data on open ecological concept will surely drive a smart upgrade to the pig production industry and its relevant businesses innovation. Taking the combination with insurance industry as an example, Yingzi Technology has solidly demonstrated an innovative business between the insurance industry and farms with the face recognition data.

    Actually, Pig Face Recognition 2.0 is the entry point of Yingzi technology to the industry. While Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating is absolutely the highlight product by which Yingzi technology touches the key link of the entire industry value chain. Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating, with the genomic information technology as the core driver to perform an in-depth system mining porcine genomic features and to develop pig selection and mating system based on the genomic information on the genome. The pig genomic selection and selective mating system will ensure the rapidly transmit the excellent genes from the breeding pigs to their commercial offspring efficiently. Thus maximizing the potential of excellent genes in their offspring population and greatly increasing the commercial pigs’ productivity and reducing their production costs. It is expected that Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating based on gene engineering will become one of the core competitiveness of Yingzi technology.

    Industry Cooperation and Signing, Putting Commercial Scene Landing

    At this conference, Yingzi Technology led a tripartite cooperation agreement with Sunlight Agricultural Mutual Insurance Company and Guangdong Guangken Animal Husbandry Group Co., Ltd. relying on the technology of Yingzi intelligent engines, in the need of solving difficulties of livestock customers and in the mission of protecting customer interests to jointly build the new model of pig insurance businesses. In order to energize commercial scene and quickly finish this project’s landing, Mr. Wei Anyuan, general manager of Sunlight Agricultural Mutual Insurance Company, Mr. Feng Weihuan, chairman of Guangdong Guangken and Dr. He Jingxiang held tripartite strategic cooperation signing ceremony. In the future, the tripartite will implement various terms and undertake social responsibilities of protecting food safety together.

    The two super intelligent engine products, pig face recognition 2.0 and pig genomic selection and genomic mating officially releasing open up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain in the vertical direction and is related to the output and benefits of the circulation. What’s more, in the horizontal direction, they can promote cross-border interactions and form good cross-industry cooperation. With the concept of “joint innovations, win-win collaborations and shared benefits”between users and customers, Yingzi Technology has taken a key step in swine industry internet. Besides, Yingzi Technology also further guides the company’s technical direction, optimizes the talent structure and enhances its core competitiveness through an excellent senior management team. With continuously improving technical capabilities, product capabilities and industry development capabilities, Yingzi Technology will surely have profound influence on the whole swine industry through internet technology.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Guangxi Yingzi Technology LTD.
    Contact Person: Monica Wang
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86186 7750 8967
    Country: China

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    2018 Echemi Food Ingredient Sourcing Meeting & Food Industry Forum is held at Hall N2, SNIEC, Shanghai on July 12th during the Fi Asia-China 2018. Based on the successful experience in 2017 Echemi International Coating Forum & Procurement Conference, professional chemical company Echemi has offered special Souring opportunity for suppliers and global buyers this time.

    On the morning, 2018 Echemi Food Ingredient Sourcing Meeting & Food Industry Forum officially started. Founder of Echemi, David Zhang makes an opening speech to show the warmest welcome to all the distinguished guests. Meanwhile, based on how to speed up the development of healthy food, which is also the thesis of this exhibition, David explains how Echemi has achieved on chemical industry.

    “In 2016, China cross border e-commerce amount up to $1,000 Billion, total import & export business is $4,000 Billion.” David Said. Internet has changed the world. Global food industry should grab the opportunity and aim at a bigger target, which is exactly what Echemi is doing now.

    David Zhang Making Opening Speech

    Experts on food ingredients industry including Thailand, Philippine, Canada, Pakistan and China, presents their opinions and objective interpretation on food ingredients industry. All those countries are centralized areas for food ingredients demand. With the experts’ interpretation, listeners are able to understand how those areas have become the focus of the world food ingredients market, and what powerful engines they are to lead global food ingredients industry a continuous development.

    Vitthaya Inala.Ph.D. gives a deep analysis on Thailand food ingredients industry. From the perspective of the general development trend of Thailand food ingredients from 2018 to 2028, in combination with the latest industry news and market information, Vitthaya Inala.Ph.D. enables us to get a total information of Thailand food ingredients industry.

    Pakistani expert Abdul Rahim Chughtai introduces Pakistani food ingredients industry from raw-materials, ingredients processing and food safety.

    “There is a strong co-relation seen between the trends of the global Specialty Food Ingredients Market and the global processed food and beverage markets in our region. The key aspect for this co-relation is the role played by the specialty food ingredients’ applications in Pakistan’s food consumption cycle.” Pakistani expert Abdul Rahim Chughtai says. He introduces Pakistani food ingredients industry from raw-materials, ingredients processing and food safety.

    Canadian expert Anwar Khlif makes an analysis on North Africa food ingredients industry, emphasizing important factors Chinese suppliers should pay attention in global sourcing.

    Chinese expert of Tradesparq analyzes the food ingredients industry on current industry trends, focusing on international market development solutions proposal.

    Experts Tradesparq CEO, Vitthaya Inala.Ph.D., Anwar Khlif, Abdul Rahim Chughtai, David Zhang and hostress Jessica in sequence

    The second session, the Food Industry Forum in the afternoon, is a great opportunity for buyers with buying requests to have face-to-face contact with qualified suppliers. Echemi invites more 30 buyers from the global market and selected more 60 high quality suppliers. It is a platform to help the factory to show their products production capacity and sales ability.

    The Meeting Site

    Buyer and Supplier During the Meeting

    2018 Echemi Food Ingredient Sourcing Meeting & Food Industry Forum gets a wonderful completion. As a professional B2B chemical platform, Echemi not only provides analysis on product price, market trend and the new direction of environmental products, but also offers a new channel that connects buyers and supplies, making chemical transactions easier. This event would give B2B commerce an injection of fresh genes. In the future, Echemi will provide more personalized services for buyers and suppliers with various requests. There has a lot to look forward to.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: 2018 Echemi Food Ingredient Sourcing Meeting&Food Industry Forum
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-0532-80905922
    Address:5th Floor, lnter Royal Mansion No. 15, Donghai West Road, Shinan District
    City: Qingdao
    Country: China

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    At the moment, the US-China trade war is getting serious, the stock market has fallen, and the entire financial world is bleak! This means that the traditional and rigid financial system in the past with all data held in the hands of the giants, has largely failed to support the needs of current individual development. In addition to the entering of consumerism society in the 21st century, under the influence of the Internet, the consumption pattern of individuals in the financial sector has also undergone great changes. That’s why it requires a new individualized financial system right away.

    The New Finance Token (NFT for short) is a financial system that adapts to individual consumption. The birth of NFT empowers financial intelligence for each individual, aiming to help creating a super-intelligent self-financing application that belongs to individuals via big data analytics.

    The application will utilize blockchain smart contract, combining with big data analysis, to build a “NFT self-credit agreement” to solve the following problems for individuals in the new era: information asymmetry and information opacity, unsecured personal privacy, SME loan difficulties and high bad debt ratio of the banking institutions. Which is creating a new type of credit investigation system in the field of lending.

    In the end, driven by individual data, each individual can easily generate, manage and apply their own “NFT” in the finance industry through a new credit investigation system based on data and materials as the measure of value. Each individual on internet can then enjoy a simple, free and equal financial life.

    Of course, not only in the field of lending. NFT also optimizes its own advantages to help more and more financial technology to apply successfully in the new commercial areas, providing services as: information and compact services for financial institutions, individual digital asset management and smart investment etc.

    So, what is the difference and advantage of NFT compared to the traditional credit investigation system?


    As a new financial system, NFT surpasses the traditional economy which was built on top of the value of physical assets. In the measurement of the value of data and material assets, the appliance of blockchain technology to construct a brand new financial system; through big data, provides individuals with intelligent lending, intelligent financial management, intelligent funding, intelligent travel, smart investment and other services, make everyone capable in intelligence management and creating more financial assets, digital assets, and achieve continuous value-added assets.

    By then, NFT will help the financial industry effectively improve efficiency and reduce risks. By removing the dependence of financial services on the excessive intermediary institutions, it accelerates the completion of financial transactions and reduces the cost at the same time, which would fundamentally change the face of the future financial industry.

    NFT’s intelligent self-credit assessment service application will use the dual value measurement system to construct various credit evaluations. For example, NFT can build a credit scoring model for lending and a credit grading model for consumption behavior. It is based on a multi-dimensional value measurement system for the comprehensive evaluation and processing of the massive individual data. Finally, a personal credit grading model is created to build  self-financial applications.

    We could say that the credit record generated by NFT, combined with big data, artificial intelligence, smart contracts and other technologies, will effectively improve the efficiency of risk pricing and risk management. When other companies face NFT, forward-looking companies will integrate NFT into their businesses. If financial practitioners lack a understanding of NFT technology and cannot recognize its subversive potential, then it is likely to be passive in future changes.

    As a pioneer in the blockchain big data application field, NFT can support various credit services such as travel, accommodation, reading, party, shopping, entertainment and etc. through this unchangeable credit system.

    At the moment, the appliance of blockchain technology to the financial sector is only at the beginning stage, but it has provided a huge imagination for the future of the financial industry.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Linkyex ( is a platform which offers a fair, secure and stable environment for the investment, trade and management of digital assets. It fully guarantees the quality of currency projects as well as fairness and transparency in the process of currency transactions. Linkyex is an efficient and transparent digital asset trading platform which provides high-quality and stable investment options for users, promotes the steady development of blockchain technology and promotes and the business development of blockchain’s application services.

    Linkyex officially launched online on June 23rd, 2018. The Linkyex platform is widely known since it first mastered the core blockchain technology for its digital asset trading platform six months ago; however it has recently created the new, improved, current version of Linkyex. This upgrade is a result of the company’s semi-annual product development, mode grinding and development work by its professional, technical team. Linkyex puts users first and starts from the users’ best interests in all that they do. Whether it be the development and polishing of PC and mobile terminal use or improving the security of their products and technology; Linkyex builds their services step by step, focusing on users’ needs, positioning them as a true market developer.

    Founder of Linkyex, Zhou Jun, was an early adopter and blockchain business insider. Seeing the long term potential of System Working Token China (SWTC), he has closely tracked the progress of the SWTC business leaders over the past three to four years and has become one of the earliest developers of main chain SWTC in China. It was this market potential that first led Zhou Jun to access and hone his mastery of blockchain technology which since forth resulted in the formation of the Linkyex platform.

    The platform has been online for two weeks being tested by the market. Trading volumes on the platform hit new highs every day. The trading volume is up to 150 million yuan and it has about 3,000 active users. After the Linkyex platform launched, LT (Linkyex Tokens)were issued simultaneously via dual mode mining.

    On July 1st, Linkyex initiated dividend distribution with one hundred percent of the daily platform income being distributed to the owners of LT according to their holdings value. Daily platform incomes include: daily transaction fees, daily withdrawal charges, daily currency transfer charges, daily contract transaction fees and other incomes. The dividend will be released the following day and is sent to owners’ accounts in the form of the anchoring currency.

    In addition, Linkyex manages a ‘Currency Evaluation Alliance’ which is a reviewing mechanism aimed at the publishers of currency on the Linkyex platform and mainly used to review currency projects. The alliance is composed of an appointed review committee and a number of third-party decentralized evaluation agencies. The aim of the Alliance is to not only regulate currency quality standards across the whole industry but also to provide a higher safety guarantee for users to ensure their interests are kept from being harmed. These core values are reflected in the Linkyex slogan ‘To be a platform with attitude’.

    On August 6th, the currency trading area of the Linkyex’s platform will go online. The transaction of LT will be fully open and users can trade freely on the platform. Daily platform dividends will be distributed to users according to their holdings and their purchases of the platform currency, LT. To date, the daily dividend per ten thousand LT has been up to 2 USDT.

    In addition, the Linkyex platform demonstrates a solid investment expertise, with the appointment of their lead investment consultant. He has a background working experience of more than 20 years in Silicon Valley, is the founder of Silicon Valley’s Outpost Capital and is the first author of ‘Blockchain World’ and ‘Blockchain and Big Data’. He will build Linkyex as an organic node of SWTC and provide 300 million SWTC for this node. Furthermore, Linkyex will produce cold wallets and cold wallet technology for SWTC.

    Linkyex Digital asset trading platform value sharing

    It has been widely reported that Linkyex will not only give LT awards for new users but also provide LT distribution for first users on Linkyex platform. Linkyex dispenses substantial amounts of platform currency to both old users and new users as awards through their new user referral system. As the number of Linkyex platform users plus volume of business rapidly expands and the company valuation continues to grow, Linkyex vows to provide increasing benefits to LT owners. At the same time, Linkyex is interested in feedback from users in the market so that they can continue to renew products according to their users’ voice and to be a real platform with attitude.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Linkyex
    Contact Person: Will Chow
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86185 1155 0851
    Country: Cayman Islands

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    According to statistics, in 2017, Human Resources market in the US was worth of 150 billion dollars, in China over 100 billion. On average, global Human Resources market is a multi-trillion industry.

    Blockchain technology is a decentralized system integrating cryptography and P2P network based on distributed consensus mechanism, with advantages like tamper-proofing, transparency, traceability and reliability. Blockchain technology starting from version 1.0 represented by programmable currencies like bitcoin, over only several years, has catapulted to version 2.0, the programmable financial era based on smart contract, represented by Ethereum and Hyperledger. After that all kinds of industries begin to explore the potential applications of blockchain, initiating version 3.0 featuring “blockchain + industries” and heralding a promising future.

    Talent Chain is a talent service chain based on blockchain, aiming to provide safe and reliable talent hiring and talent training. It will create a decentralized, multi-node, tamper-proofing, open, fair and transparent ecosystem of talents with blockchain technology as the foundation, with talents, enterprises, training institutions and third-party headhunters as players( integrating both talent ecosystem chain and talent service chain). Talent Chain is a typical representative of the version 3.0 “blockchain + industries” application model, a product of blockchain combined with talent industry. It can be easily implemented as all users’ transactions are carried out in the form of word record and token.

    In talent recruitment, as global economy develops and people’s living standards increase, enterprises’ needs for talents are also skyrocketing, which propels talent market expansion. Meanwhile information technology has furthered ERP building for enterprises to construct their own talent pool. With the efforts of government and service providers, there is a rise in the number of online talent service platforms and online talent management systems with substantial new talent websites created. However, these online platforms, along with multi-sector talent system are fundamentally based on traditional talent information construction, so all these systems can only function properly within their own sectors and isolated information islands are being created.

    But in modern society, people grow increasingly dependent on information sharing when it comes to hiring, training and managing talents. That throws the existing talent service platforms heavily relying on centralized information system into question. Numerous inevitable changes arise: how to break information barricades among these isolated islands? How to achieve safe and reliable information sharing? For people working in talent industry, unreliable information sources, redundant procedures, untrustworthy system, late monitoring and many other issues are the hard nuts to crack.

    In modern talent industry, unreliable, unsymmetrical and nontransparent information in enterprises’ scale and needs, in training institutions’ capacity and in talents themselves is the root cause of lengthy and expensive hiring process. Therefore between talent ecosystem chain and talent service chain, there should be a decentralized, open, fair and transparent monitoring and integration system.

    Faced with these thorny issues, Talent Chain(abbreviate as TAL) proposes a solution to rebuild a blockchain-based platform with the aim to create a reliable, highly efficient and safe talent environment to solve information unreliability issues in hiring, training and other services. TAL, with openness, fairness, reliability as its core values, will build a blockchain-based talent service network and information sharing platform which will collect all sorts of talent service resources and job-hunting information. By its open and sharing ecosystem, it can provide information services like displaying needs of hiring and applying for new jobs. It creates a full-life-cycle TAL network ecosystem with digital identity of talents, hiring, training, monitoring services and token to provide reliable and safe talent service for all industries.

    1. TAL public chain solution

    Platform structure: the following is the structure of the whole talent ecosystem public chain which can create the basic environment of talent ecosystem. As it’s shown in the picture, the whole structure consists of three parts: the front end, public chain and infrastructure. It can be divided into four layers: infrastructure layer, smart contract layer, public chain layer and users layer.

    Structure of TAL public chain platform

    2. TAL technology (in brief)

    Main technologies of TAL are Trusted Guarantee Technology, Trusted Security Protection Technology and High-Performance Technology. Trusted Guarantee Technology is the most fundamental technology in blockchain’s underlying platform, including members, smart contract, cross-chain communication, identity verification, consensus mechanism and token mechanism. Security Protect Technology mainly includes trusted hardwares, decryption, encryption, zero-knowledge proof, privacy protection and so on. High-Performance Technology includes smart matching, heterogeneous equipment acceleration support, lighting network and IPFS.

    Here we elaborate on smart contract and heterogeneous equipment acceleration support.

    Smart contract:

    Smart contract embodies business logics and can operate in blockchain to complete transactions. TAL public chain platform first needs to construct a federation of service providers and deploy many nodes which can record and sort transactions to form the basic operating environment. The smart contract supports Go and Solidity programming language. It also includes many business contracts like identity registration, hiring, training headhunting, monitoring services, token incentives and credit scoring. Through identity registration contract, a person or enterprise can join the chain with their identity verified. Through hiring contract, all information in the process starting from enterprise posting hiring information to finally a person getting hired will be recorded. Through training contract, all information in the process of posting training information to applying to hiring will be recorded. Through headhunting contract, talent hiring information by headhunters will be recorded. Monitoring contract can make sure the system is fully compliant to monitoring rules and orders. Token incentives contract provides another crypto token and gives users incentives.

    Heterogeneous equipment support:

    In order to achieve high-speed transactions, TAL will use high-performance hardwares and introduce heterogeneous equipment like FPGA, ASIC and GPU to accelerate and improve the consensus communication protocol and the core algorithm of encryption and decryption.

    3. TAL building

    The basic idea of TAL ecosystem is to build a blockchain-based network in which federation of talents, talent service providers and monitoring institutions is well formed. Next it will use blockchain technology to integrate talent service transactions into all kinds of settings to create a talent service ecosystem. It can be further explained in three aspects:

    (1) Infrastructure: centered on talent service ecosystem, TAL will build infrastructure for talent service sharing and cross-platform services.

    (2) Ecosystem tools: to build ecosystem tools, TAL will provide mobile app to allow users to login and post hiring, training and job-hunting information.

    (3) Talent service application solution: TAL will provide all kinds of talent service platforms API to access its public chain and solutions.

    The birth of TAL will initiate a grand revolution in global talent ecosystem.

    TAL Telegram:

    TAL official website:

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Jack
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    Country: United States

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    The word “advertisement” came from the Latin word “advertere”, which means “attention, inducement and transmission”, and then evolved into advertising. Its meaning is derived as “make someone notice something” or “notify people of something to cause others` attention.”

    Nowadays, ads has been an important part of our daily lives.

    Advertising appears everywhere all along the way from home to company: bus, subway, elevator, even bathrooms.

    Ads shows up around every corner on screens again: search – video – game – forum – social media.

    Ads always come into our view.

    But, here’s the problem:

    Baidu’s fake ads.
    Information leakage on Facebook 
    Topbuzz ads cannot be blocked, etc.

    Hope we can see what we want to see:

    Real and high-quality product introduction.

    Best of all, as one of the “contributors”, we can also get benefits and incremental value from the advertising activities
    DAD has been engaged in digital advertising since 2013, and now they entered the era of blockchain advertising with billions of users

    What Can D-ad (Decentralized Advertising) Do?

    1. Democratic supervision mechanism – eliminate illegal advertising

    General mode: Eliminating illegal advertising by analyzing millions of ad contents through using big data, artificial intelligence and mature advertising data model.

    DAD blockchain mode: D-ad, gives the rights back to users. User can kick out cheating and illegal ads from D-ad chain by voting.

    2. Advertising chain can be tracked with full Transparency-Real and Effective Performance

    General mode: traffic provider and third-party platform deliver data (including: placement, display time, duration, user clicks, views, downloads, etc.) to advertisers as evidence of performance.

    DAD blockchain mode: all the data shows up on the chain. All the information such as ad placements, clicks, views, downloads, etc. is public. Nothing can be changed afterwards. All the data will be post backed to advertisers, so they can track everything on the chain at any time.

    3. Smart Contracts – Pay for real perforamce

    General mode: the flow is traffic providers give quotation or bidding—advertisers confirm the rate–start promotion. Advertisers are responsible for ROI, it will cause disputes on payment issues between two sides once there are problems during the cooperation.

    DAD blockchain model: Advertisers choose ad placements and promotion model, and sign IO through smart contracts. Pricing and bidding are recorded in distributed nodes, payment will be paid to traffic platforms based on smart contracts automatically.

    4. Token Economics – User is also ads revenue holder

    General mode: when advertisers pay 100%, agency gets 40%, traffic provider shares 60% and user gets 0%

    Dominated Players are Google and Facebook:

    86% of Google’s annual revenue comes from advertising business in 2017, and its market value is $822.1 billion

    98% of Facebook’s annual revenue comes from advertising business in 2017, and its market value is $574 billion

    Blockchain mode: when advertisers pay 100%, traffic providers get 60% and users will get 40%.

    So if the advertising revenue of Dad reaches 20% of that of Google, the users will get $166.4 billion!

    Find what you want, See what you like.

    The advertisement you see will transform into the profit you get.

    Earn money from watching ads, DAD is waiting for you.

    Now, DAD has launched Spark Program. The massive DAD Token will be released continuously for four weeks, and generous benefits is waiting for you. The earlier you join the more you get.

    Become a member of Spark Program, finish registration and invitation to get DAD Token.

    Join the Spark Program. Join the DAD. Build superior advertisement community together.

    Please click to learn more information.

    Join our Telegram:

    OR contact DAD:

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    AdWords advertisers can now efficiently manage profitable Google e-commerce ads

    AdNabu, a global leader in  Google AdWords Automation today announced that the company has recently launched an automation product for Google shopping/Product listing Ads. Through this software, AdNabu will have the ability to easily configure and generate product data feeds for Google Shopping as well as automatically optimize Google Adwords campaigns directly within the AdNabu software control panel, saving users’ time, optimizing ad spend and improving sales and conversion rates.

    There are many benefits of the new Google Shopping Campaigns structure; however, the setup process can be cumbersome and iterative, particularly if you have the same type of campaign structure across multiple campaigns. AdNabu ‘s software help e-commerce advertisers manage every aspect of advertising an e-commerce business on Google AdWords. Both the setup and management of shopping ads are made more efficient so that advertisers can get better results with less effort.

    Preksha Madan, VP, Marketing of AdNabu says “Many of our clients have been looking for ways to get an edge for their Google shopping campaigns without spending countless hours doing everything manually. That’s why we took some of the most effective optimization strategies we’ve seen in the industry and made software for them.”

    Recognized as a Premier Google Partner, AdNabu provides services such as Shopping ads management, remarketing, and product data feeds. The company also offers quick support to its customers via email and chat. Most advertisers see a 30% improvement in their campaign performances within a month of signing up with AdNabu.

    “In close partnership with Google, we are committed to providing our users the industry’s best and most cost-effective software to generate sales through Google Shopping campaigns,” said Preksha Madan. “Through our software, users now have a frictionless way to not only list their product catalog in Google Shopping, but extract additional advertising and campaign management value through our robust functionality.”

    About AdNabu

    AdNabu is the world’s leading Google AdWords automation SaaS organization for established and rapidly-growing businesses with head office in Newark, Delaware. AdNabu enables businesses to grow online sales with 80% less cost, time and complexity. The company was co-founded in 2014 by two IIT Kharagpur, India graduates Salil Panikkaveetil and Suvodhoy Sinha. The company operates across the globe with offices in US and India. The company is known for creating products which help many industries in creating, managing and optimizing different AdWords campaigns. Currently, 200+ advertisers use AdNabu software every day to manage their AdWords campaigns.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: AdNabu Inc
    Phone: +14154133414
    Address:2035 Sunset Lake Rd Suite B-2
    City: Newark
    State: Delaware, 19702
    Country: United States

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    Montreal, Canada –, founded over a decade ago, is growing by the day. A Canadian owned and operated online store, the company sells laser and ink toner cartridges for printers, delivering its merchandise from five warehouses located throughout Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

    But while is flourishing, other printer and ink businesses are falling by the wayside. This is an industry that has in recent years become fraught with pitfalls and difficulties for those in the business of selling cartridges, the reason being that printer companies are blocking the use of compatible cartridges with firmware updates.

    “What this means for the customer is that if you own an HP printer, for example, you now can only use HP cartridges,” explains founder and CEO Ariel Derhy. “This may not have been the case when you first bought your printer, but HP can tweak the software as it sees fit in its automatic updates. They’ve made sure that you can’t use cheaper 3rd party cartridges.”

    There’s a name for this tactic. It’s called ‘Digital Rights Management,’ and it’s being used not just by printer companies, but in a huge number of other industries with the goal of preventing so-called unauthorized use of content or services.

    As a means of helping customers around this issue, offers a lifetime warranty on their cartridges.

    “Customers don’t have to worry about this with our lifetime warranty,” adds Ariel. “And if you’re in any doubt about what to order, you can always talk to one of our experienced staff members, who will know exactly what you need.”

    But according to Head of Operations Pierre Brampton, the success is down to more than just its lifetime warranty policy. With years of experience in the industry and an energetic, dedicated staff, the company is quality focused and invests heavily in logistics, technology and providing the best service and support in the industry.

    With a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website, that boasts an ink products recommendation engine, based on a user’s printer selection. There are numerous options put in place so that customers can easily find the right ink or toner cartridge for their printer. Their commitment is such, that they offer a Price Match Guarantee, an Easy Returns policy and Free Shipping on all orders over $49.

    About the Company

    Founded in Montreal, Canada, is one of Canada’s largest printer ink and cartridge online retailers and is renowned for its top quality ink and toner cartridges and stellar customer service. The company prides itself on its fast delivery, reasonable prices, and one-of-a-kind lifetime warranty policy.

    For more information, visit the website at

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Ariel Derhy
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    City: Montreal
    State: Quebec
    Country: Canada

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    Treblab makes quality wireless technology accessible to every progressive music fan

    July 17, 2018 – Productech Corporation, one of the leading firms in consumer electronics manufacturing is thrilled to announce the release of high quality, durable, aesthetic, cost-effective, and dependable wireless sound devices under the Treblab brand. It manufactures and sells extremely high quality Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and headset, at reasonable prices to quality human beings, amateur sportspeople and gym-goer. Headphones are sweat proof and waterproof, with Bluetooth connectivity, long battery life, and noise-cancelling technology. Products are shipped with multiple ear tips and ear fins for comfort and secure fit during physical activity.

    Treblab iѕ a ѕоlutiоn providing company with thе goal оf providing comfort and convenience music devices for every individual all over the world. The headphones and Speakers are bluetooth compatible with long battery life. The products include TREBLAB XR500, a water-resistant workout heroes with HD sound, TREBLAB X2 which is a true revolution in wireless headphones, TREBLAB FX100, the best outdoors wireless speaker, TREBLAB HD55 Brings fun everywhere with HD 360° sound, TREBLAB Z2 a quality headphone which allow users to enjoy music with disruptive noise and enjoy their subway ride in total silence, and lots more. The price range for these products is between $29 and $100 with 10% off 1st order. All оrdеrѕ placed thrоugh аrе hаndlеd bу the third-party fulfillment centers. All рrоduсtѕ аrе ѕhiрреd within 2 business dауѕ оf оrdеr rесеiрt except weekends.

    “Our team is a bunch of passionate fans of quality sound; we constantly combine technological innovations and creativity in all products. We deliver wireless audio devices that guarantee a seamless and engaging audio experience,” says the mission statement of Treblab.

    Treblab boasts of a customer service team saddled with customer satisfaction responsibilities. With over 98% customer-satisfaction rating, TREBLAB always delivers the best sound quality and style, while maintaining reasonable pricing. It genuinely aims to create products users will love, as well as to deliver a buying experience they will enjoy. Products are marketed globally to partners and direct-to-consumer via major online shopping platforms, but most preferably on the company’s own website


    Treblab was born in 2015 as the sound destination. Alexander founded TREBLAB with a vision to make high-tech wireless audio accessible to everyone They don’t just sell personal audio products; they live and breathe them. Their passion for crystal clear, undisturbed sound is woven into all of their products. People at TREBLAB work tirelessly to develop innovative, wireless technology that delivers superior audio that’s also great value.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Hacer Muldur
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    Phone: +44-56-0372-6275
    Country: United States

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    Helix3 has come up with a futuristic platform for a more secured, easier and efficient health data management. The platform also presents a reward-based platform where users are incentivized for achieving health-goals through activity-based challenges.

    Boston, MA – July 17th, 2018 – The contemporary health data landscape is soon to witness a revolutionary change and for better- thanks to a futuristic blockchain token. “HLX”, the groundbreaking token is aimed to make health data management more secured and more efficient than ever to facilitate convenient personalized health management. The token also serves as a rewards based health data exchange where users are honored with rewards for meeting health goal challenges. 

    The Helix3 Token will have its private sale on August 1 and it will continue till October 1, 2018. Early investors will be able to access 30% discount on private sale.

    “The contemporary health data landscape seems to be in a fragmented state. With so many devices (medical systems, fitness trackers etc.) working to gather health and fitness data, things have got really confusing today. Worst, the traditional method of data collection & storage in centralized data centers, put our health data at risk of single points of failure as well as cyber attacks. We urgently need a smarter, easier and more effective way to deal with our personal health. This is where Helix3 comes to the rescue”, stated Nicholas White, who co-founded Helix3 with Ray Belleville. 

    Based on a patient-centric design, the Helix3 platform will allow each healthcare consumer to create his or her digital twin which will act as his/her personalized health identity. It will enable users to store, manage as well as exchange their health data in a secured and meaningful way. 

    “Each of us carries a complex and unique biological database. Personalized healthcare is crucial to ensure our unique physiological requirements are attended and addressed in the best customized manner. Collecting that unique biological data and extrapolating meaningful insights from those will pave the way for advanced precision medicine and usher in a world of personalized healthcare.”

    Helix3 will enable users to take control of their genome, medical and fitness data in a more meaningful way than ever. The platform can sync up with user’s preferred fitness devices and medical records system to track & log progress automatically. The collected data will be stored on the token’s blockchain platform and attached to user’s personal health profile to help him to securely manage and exchange the data when required.  

    “The entire system of Helix3 builds a single source of truth that you can easily share with your lab, pharmacy, doctor, employer or family member while discussing your personal health.”

    Now, in the midst of this intersection of devices, people and data, Helix3 extends a pathbreaking rewards based system to inspire users to actively participate in health & fitness challenges. Participants on Helix3 will be challenged by their employer or doctor to an activity that will help them to reach closer to their health goals. If the participant is able to meet the challenge successfully, he will be rewarded with Helix Tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for services and products in the marketplace.  

    “Helix3 is a revolutionary platform that extends a more secured avenue for the healthcare industry to drive patient value, encourage healthy behavior and gain deep insights across a global decentralized health ecosystem.”  

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Cody Pratt
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    City: Boston
    State: MA
    Country: United States

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    International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Founder of Digital Media Positioning, Frank Felker, confirmed today that total enrollment in his online training courses has exceeded 20,000 business owners from 169 countries around the world.
    Digital Media Positioning Founder, Frank Felker, Hits New Milestone With Enrollment of  20,000th Student Into Online Business Training Courses

    Frank Felker’s 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience have run the gamut from home-based and storefront businesses through nationwide seminar production and international newsletter publishing, to the founding of a tech start-up where he raised over $3 million in seed and early-stage venture capital and shepherded the firm to publicly-traded status.

    Along the way, Felker has helped hundreds of companies better understand and communicate their marketing message to their target audiences. From the smallest business to multinational behemoths, his advice and insight have been sought out across the country and around the world.

    When Felker launched his first online course, How To Build A Customer Factory, in 2014, he had no idea that, just four years later he would have attracted a tribe of over 20,000 small business owners from around the world. “I was just trying to see if I could create a course that people would enjoy and benefit from,” Felker recalls. “I never would have dreamed that I could touch the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. What an amazing time to be alive.”

    With only three courses published, Felker has actually attracted 23,475 total class enrollments from his 20,000 students on Udemy, the world’s largest online learning marketplace. Among the 169 countries from which students have come, the nations with the highest percentage of enrollment are the United States (31.4%), the Philippines (8.0%), India (7.7%), Israel (4.9%) and Egypt (4.3%).

    “It’s amazing to me that U.S. students represent less than 1/3 of all the people who have taken my courses and that the top five countries cover just a little more than half of all enrollments,” Felker stated. “There has never been a time in human history where we could directly communicate with and help so many people, no matter where they live. It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea of people around the world watching my instructional videos on their PCs, tablets and mobile devices.”

    Frank Visciano, vice president of marketplace content and operations at Udemy, recently said, “We’re always looking to grow our course offering to best fit the needs and demands of our students… It’s our belief that not all teachers are found in a classroom, and we aim to bring the knowledge of real-world experts directly to our students”.

    Judging by Felker’s hundreds of reviews and ratings, his success with online courses may be due to his high-quality content and engaging delivery.

    “This is a great course,” said student Alexander R. “I already have a business running with operations and marketing in place, and I got a lot out of this course. There are a number of simple, yet powerful ideas in there. Concise and well presented. Well done, Mr. Felker!”

    “(Frank) is very easy to listen to and understand, knowledgeable, and honest. Love it!” stated student Allison C. “This is an amazing resource – allowing more time for my business and family – that is straight to the point and full of valuable insight.”

    “It is refreshing to listen to someone who knows and reminds us of the value of putting people and relationships at the forefront,” said student Karen T.

    In addition to his online students, Felker has presented to thousands more in live seminars across the United States, in London, Dusseldorf and São Paulo, Brazil. He is the bestselling author of four books including, most recently, Digital Media Positioning, The Art & Science of Attracting Nothing But A-List Clients, and is the host of the Radio Free Enterprise podcast.

    When asked about upcoming projects Felker, revealed, “I’m working on a deal with a Chicago-based terrestrial radio station to add my podcast to their on-demand library and am also working on placing it with iHeartRadio, TuneIn and Spotify,” stated Felker. “My next online course teaches my Digital Media Positioning principles to existing business owners, and I am developing another targeted at Baby Boomers considering starting a business in retirement.”

    For more information about Frank Felker, reach out by email at or visit his profile page on these platforms:




    Twitter: (@frankfelker)

    Location Info:

    Digital Media Positioning
    625 N Washington St #425, Alexandria, VA 22314
    (703) 982-0984

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: K. Conrad Bosmans
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    Phone: 949-235-7480
    Country: United States

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    The new clean steam generator from Maxi-Therm provides the best solution for accurately controlled steam generation utilising demineralised water services and steam

    A leading supplier of Steam Water Heater products has launched an exciting new product which will allow businesses and hospitals to generate clean steam. The new Maxi-Therm New Clean Steam Generator has already become an important accessory for businesses and organisations in the USA. Now, to make people understand how important it is to have clean steam, Maxi-Therm has launched an awareness campaign.

    The awareness campaign aims to show the importance of using Clean Steam Generators ( and how the Maxi-Therm new unit which generates 8,000 lbs/hr of clean steam at 5 psig with steam from boiler at 125 psig has become a vital piece of equipment.

    A Clean steam generator is used to produce pure and clean steam, free of any harmful substances and impurities. Producing clean steam is important for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. It is also vital for hospitals and for sterilisation.

    A spokesman for Maxi-Therm explained: ”The 3 main reasons for using a clean steam generator are humidification, sterilization and food process.  Those 3 applications imply to inject steam in air or liquid.  Therefore, any chemicals, sediment or minerals in your process should be avoided.”

    The new Maxi-Therm Clean Steam Generator is helping important industries to produce the vital clean steam that they need on a daily basis. Without the Maxi-Therm clean steam generator, many industries in the USA would not be able to produce the products to the highest standards that they currently produce.

    To learn more about the importance of a clean steam generator, please visit

    About Maxi-Therm

    Maxi-Therm was founded in 2005 and is today a 75% owned Canadian and 25% owned American company with manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada.

    All major components including vertical heat exchangers, control valves, pumps, and accessories are manufactured in the United States.

    Notes to the editor:

    The Maxi-Therm is keeping in STOCK multiple units for operating range between 30 and 120 usgpm. For more information, you can visit or call at 514-351-1001. You can subscribe to Maxi-Therm unique 1½ day steam training “Steam is more efficient than most people think”.

    Media Contact
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    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 514 351-1001
    Address:7559 MB Jodoin
    City: Montreal
    State: Quebec
    Country: Canada

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    AnkhLabs Token Sale
    AnkhLabs, a ground-breaking technology that uses the power of the blockchain and AI to make immortality a digital reality, announces its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to interested contributors today.

    Munchen, Bavaria – July 18, 2018 – The platform, BeANKH, melds artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology to add create your own DIGITAL YOU to bring you to digital immortality, allowing users to preserve and share their essential traits and personality long after their physical death. The technology replicates human thinking algorithms, decision-making patterns, and psycho-emotional attitudes to model behavior that seemingly extends the life and actions of a person after death.

    When asked about BeANKH, the spokesperson of the company said, “The tokens, “BeANKH Tokens” will be issued during pre-ICO and ICO sales. Pre-ICO BeANKH tokens are available for purchase by interested contributors beginning June 15, 2018 and lasting until July 14, 2018. ANKHlabs will offer a total of 450,000,000 tokens to the public with 130,000,000 to be issued during pre-ICO with a 50% bonus and 320,000,000 to be issued during the ICO on the Ethereum blockchain. The price per token is USD 0.12. ANKH is a utility token that will be needed to make payments for in-app purchases on the BeANKH platform.”

    BeANKH is based on artificial intelligence algorithms and uses neuroscience and blockchain technology. The roadmap platform will include a web portal and mobile app, 3D digital avatar functionality, natural language capturing, camera usage for emotion capturing and the ability to connect to third-party applications.

    “Users will be able to build their own digital assistant with a 3D avatar and digital voice copy. The assistant will be able to prioritize tasks and book appointments. Unique immortality features include a digital testament “safe” to store messages, documents, pictures, videos and cryptocurrencies for a secure scheduled handover in the future. Users can make their BeANKH available to chosen successors such as family members or friends and to the public via a Person Gallery”, concluded the spokesperson.

    BeANKH will be powered by Ethereum smart contracts, essentially removing all elements of fraudulent activity and interference. Decentralized storage and encryption secure the personal data, making the digital personality readily available and tamper-proof. The project advisor is Dr. Ben Goertzel, who is known as the “Father of Artificial General Intelligence.” BeANKH seeks funding to finance further product development, operations, and marketing efforts until the platform becomes profitable. For more information, including country restrictions, please visit

    Important Notices

    This announcement is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer of any security, product or service of ANKHlabs or solicitation of an investment. Please read Token Purchase Agreement ( before deciding on the participation.

    Forward-Looking Statements

    Certain statements in this announcement constitute forward-looking statements under applicable securities laws. Except for statements of historical fact, information contained herein constitutes forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements can also be identified by words such as “can,” “expect,” “will” and other identifiers of non-historical events. Forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance, and undue reliance should not be placed on them. Although these forward-looking statements are based upon what are believed to be reasonable assumptions, they necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual performance and financial results in future periods to differ materially from any projections of future performance or results expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. ANKHlabs undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements for any reason, except as required by applicable securities laws.

    About AnkhLabs GmbH

    AnkhLabs GmbH offers BeANKH melds artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology to add immutability to digital immortality, allowing users to preserve and share their essential traits and personality long after their physical death. To know more, visit

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    Company Name: Ankhlabs GmbH
    Contact Person: Christian Mars
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    Phone: +49 (0)89 590814-62
    Address:Marcel-Breuer-Str. 5
    City: Munchen
    State: Bavaria
    Country: Germany

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