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    Melville, NY – CIVL is pleased to announce the launch of its new platform for organizations, groups, charities, and campaigns that will help them effectively manage their members while recruiting new members. A mobile-first solution, CIVL makes it easy for administrators to connect directly with their group, even while on the go.

    “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished here,” says CIVL Co-Founder & CEO Brad Rubin. “With CIVL, your members will be better informed and more responsive. Encouraging communication and participation within an organization can be a challenging task. And if you’re relying on emails to communicate with your members, you’re all too familiar with the problems that can cause, with messages being sent to spam, ignored or deleted. All that will be a thing of the past once you sign up with CIVL.”

    CIVL is suitable for charities, campaigns, political organizations, movements, student groups, social clubs and more. Many organizations have commented that CIVL is a great way to bypass the “digital noise” of social media:

    “An organization should be able to inform their members without the conversation devolving into a shouting match that ends with somebody being accused of being Hitler,” Rubin comments.

    The platform has been released on iOS, with the Android version expected to follow in the near future. It’s easily installed within just a few seconds, and provides numerous benefits, including the ability to:

    • Publish updates and newsletters
    • Upload media such as photos and videos
    • Schedule events
    • Conduct polls and surveys
    • Host private chats
    • Accept donations
    • Post, sign and export petitions

    Organizations also have the option of keeping their cause private or making it public and allowing new members to join.

    And according to Rubin, CIVL has another feature that’s quite unique:

    “Once you’ve signed up, you can use the platform to find a cause that you believe in.  From there you can choose to join their organization, attend an event, or get involved however you see fit.”

    Rubin also points out that with the ongoing controversy about Facebook over privacy concerns, CIVL provides a safe alternative:

    “Unlike Facebook, we do not collect private data or share user data with any third parties.”

    About the Company:

    Located in New York, CIVL is a mobile-first solution for running, growing, and engaging an organization and its members. The platform has a variety of features that include everything administrators might need to not only engage, but mobilize their members.

    Organizations are invited to sign up for free. For more information, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CIVL
    Contact Person: Brad Rubin
    Email: Send Email
    City: Melville
    State: NY
    Country: United States

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    Top web design and digital marketing company CREA is offering a new exclusive Managed Websites service which will relieve from the typical glitches associated with conventional method of getting a new website with a 100% custom, hosted and fully managed website at just $299/mo.

    California – April 2nd, 2018 – No more wasting money on boring template websites. No more losing sleep on long-term, pricey contracts with large web design firms. Leading web design company CREA is ready to put an end to all of the headaches with the standard method of getting a new website with its new exclusive CREA Managed Websites service. The new service is aimed to redefine the web design service industry with 100% custom, hosted and fully managed website starting at just $299/mo.

    Video Link:

    Backed by state of the art cloud hosting, websites developed by CREA Managed service will carry a stellar 99.9% uptime guarantee.

    “We are excited to introduce our latest CREA Managed Websites service this month. Being a part of web design and online marketing industry for 12+ years, we are well aware of the typical woes associated with the conventional method of getting a new website. From paying by the hour with no exact knowledge of the final cost to freelancers/design agencies abandoning a project once it’s “finished” – we know business owners have had to face a lot over the years. But not anymore. Our new Managed Website Service is especially designed to bid adieu to all such glitches with a much-awaited reliable, responsible and affordable web design service”, stated Alexander Gray, veteran digital marketing consultant and founder of CREA.

    The new Managed Website service from CREA is especially designed for small business owners from medical, health & wellness, alternative healing, gym/fitness and related industries. The company is looking forward to working with gym owners, surgeons, psychics, B2B suppliers, health coaches, nutritionists, health food e-commerce stores and so on.

    Mr. Gray stressed that their main aim is to provide a solution to getting a new website, which isn’t –

    • A DIY website that is too complicated for beginners and results in problematic and less professional sites
    • Template-based generic platforms which cannot be differentiated from the myriad of other business websites on the internet. Such template-based websites are terrible for building a flourishing brand reputation.
    • Long-term contracts often stretching to 2-6 months (mostly seen with large agencies) that often goes through 4 different stages of design-development and demand an exorbitant price starting around $10,000

    On the contrary, the new Managed Website Service from CREA extends a sensible solution based on an affordable monthly fee which includes: 

    • 100% custom hosted fully maintained website
    • Unlimited edits every month
    • 99% uptime
    • 24/7 email support for any kind of change and emergency response at any hour round the clock
    • Weekly performance reports that will show traffic, speed and other related performance data
    • Mobile & tablet optimization
    • Cancel anytime
    • And more

    Additionally, as a veteran digital marketing company, CREA can also support their clients with inbound marketing strategies (including SEO), PPC advertising on Google and social media channels, as well as reputation management in order to attract more qualified leads and grow small businesses. 

    For more information please visit,

    Media Contact
    Company Name: CREA
    Contact Person: Alexander Gray
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (805) 419-9298
    Address:2434 Monaco Dr.
    City: Oxnard
    State: CA 93035
    Country: United States

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    “Enterprise Social Community Charter Template,” a planning tool for organizations deploying social communities, has been released by C5 Insight as a guide for successful definition and governance of these communities.

    C5 Insight has released the “Enterprise Social Community Charter Template,” a free planning tool for use by organizations establishing social communities. The template provides an outline for defining a social community charter that establishes the proposed community profile, who will be participating in the community, community experience parameters, the community management plan and community owner commitment.

    Companies are increasingly deploying social communities to increase internal collaboration. Tools like Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Salesforce Chatter are being used as platforms for these communities. Organizations are finding that implementation of social communities can increase productivity and employee satisfaction when done correctly. Unfortunately, a common practice is to allow anyone in an organization to create a new group without any guidelines or structure, often resulting in their communities becoming unmanageable time sinks for their people to use or their IT departments to support. Good practice requires new groups to be fully defined and vetted in advance. A community charter is a useful tool to collect all of the information as part of the request process and to outline group governance.

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, said, “A social community charter fosters good community management practices to deliver an experience that will benefit community members. It also helps identify duplicate communities and reduces confusion and complexity for users.” He continued, “A charter also establishes specific criteria to keep the number of communities manageable and understandable, reduces IT burden, and creates a community of communities that is robust and useful for the members.”

    C5 Insight’s “Enterprise Social Community Charter Template” can be downloaded for free at

    C5 Insight, based on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, was founded in 2002 and is a leader in delivering customer engagement and employee collaboration projects. The company has consulted with hundreds of companies around the world in a broad range of industries. The firm has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

    For more information about C5 Insight, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nations Media Group
    Contact Person: Bill Kopatich
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 704-625-0097
    Country: United States

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    With the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid development of the Internet, the blockchain technology has become familiar to the world.

    Core features of block chain:

    I. Consensus Mechanism: To pass on the correct message through the distributed node consensus algorithm.

    Second, build a P2P distributed network and bring together the nodes to form a low-cost and efficient information transmission network.

    Thirdly, through the cryptography and SHA256 algorithm, a secure and untampered blockchain database is formed.

    The block chain technology has the characteristics of distributed, decentralization, detrusion, untampering and encryption security.


    The application of block chain technology in financial industry is:

    1. Digital currency. Bitcoin, ether, Turing, investment banking, etc.

    2. Smart contracts. If it comes with a smart contract. Smart contracts can develop into standardized digital bills.

    3. Confirmation of notarization. There are some transactions in the financial industry, such as payment transactions, loans, repayment of loans, etc., which can be confirmed by the block chain.

    4. Distributed bookkeeping. The block chain technology itself is a partial accounting system, which can account for the business that happens, and the payment and settlement based on the block chain technology, such as the investment bank chain.

    5. Equity crowdfunding. Equity crowdfunding based on block chain technology can achieve decentralized trust, and investors’ returns are guaranteed.


    Some applications of IVIC:

    IVIC (Investment Industry Chain) is by the Investment Banks Chain group independent research and development of Investment fund financial innovation platform, is committed to creating a block Chain of financial innovation Investment fund, the world, the password of the world business model based the obvious trend of ruling with platform together with the possibility of new technology. Its emergence will help sharpen the investment banking chain to attack the market, making the IVIC fund one of the most profitable financial instruments. We believe that blockchain is a transformational person in the field of investment, whether it is technology level or investment, it will link the destructive ideas directly to the people looking for investment opportunities.


    IVIC will release a smart contract on the Ethereum network and transfer it to the Ethereum address, which will be available through the IVIC interface. Users who do not do so can still access their ICN through the investment banking chain.

    IVIC can also predict that the market will create financial instruments that track stock prices or commodity values, more specifically than existing derivatives. If we define the traditional financial instruments for the expression of economic value, people might think, “expressive” issued by the current market is limited to the assets (such as money, stock), the financial relationship between the economic entities, and the value of the tool relative to the yuan statements. The prediction market can make more detailed and concrete statements about economic events, thus showing the value more clearly (along with risks) at the macro and micro economic levels.

    IVIC has largely demonstrated the convergence of finance and funds and the adoption of blockchain technology, with the aim of enabling investors to gain greater investment benefit through IVIC. The wide use of blockchain technology brings unique features to the system provided by this paper, which enables the real investment banking chain to achieve a new level of reliability and process management. Due to the availability of automation and reliability, IVIC is a huge opportunity for those who believe in the technological progress of this project.

    We firmly believe that the current wave of technology will lead to the arrival of a more inclusive, equal and beautiful life. Block ⼀ chain as one of important technology, will become more and more emitting its unique luster and energy. To participate in  which is our most  happiness and achievement.

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    Company Name: Global News Online
    Contact Person: Media Relations
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    Country: United States

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    Why is it called blockchain? There are two parts, one is the block, the other is the chain.

    Block chain technology to share books (similar to a distributed database) need to be stored in the data is divided into different blocks, each block with a specific information on the link to a block, in chronological order before and after the link has a complete set of data. Distributed books of each block chain is essentially a series of the chain of events in time order, it USES the agreement authentication, password mechanism not been tampered with and forgery.

    What are the characteristics of blockchain?

    1. Shared ledger

    It is a concept of a distributed database. Transactions are completed by distribution in different multiple nodes, and each node is complete accounting records, so they can participate in supervision trade legitimacy, at the same time can also be the testimony of together.

    2. Intelligent contract

    A smart contract is a piece of code that can be executed in a block chain environment. It is based on trusted, untamable data that automates some predefined business rules and commercial terms.

    3. Privacy protection

    Transaction information on the block chain is public, but account identity information is highly encrypted. Only when the data owner is authorized to access the data, the security and privacy of the data can be guaranteed.

    4. Consensus mechanism

    Need to adopt a common mechanism between all nodes from the technical guarantee for sharing books information how to reach a consensus between nodes, decide the effectiveness of a record, it is decided that means, is also to prevent tampering. All participants agreed that the transaction was verified in the network, thus eliminating the possibility of fraud.

    Application scenario of block chain.

    The logistics industry is very suitable for the application of block chain technology (the application of the physical intelligence logistics).

    In fact, the logistics ecosystem is a community of interests composed of multiple participants. There is a concept of “flow” in the industry, starting from the initial “commercial flow”, gradually giving rise to “logistics”, and corresponding “capital flow” and “information flow” support. There is a key problem behind the emergence of various “streams”, which is the transfer of ownership of goods. The problem types solved by block chain technology are related to the trust friction generated during the transfer process of asset ownership. Therefore, it can be concluded that the multi-flow integrated business scenarios involved in express logistics industry are suitable for the block chain technology to play its value and effect. Application block chain technology can significantly improve the express logistics industry in the processing speed and efficiency of the settlement business, effectively solve the problem of item’s tracing anti-counterfeiting, fully guarantee the information security and send, the recipient’s privacy. Below, I have listed four types of business scenarios for express logistics industry that are suitable for block chain technology.

    1) high value market. After digitizing high-value goods, record them on the block chain for the maintenance of asset ownership.

    2) asset ownership transaction. After the asset is digitized, records are recorded in the block chain and the records management of the asset transaction process is carried out.

    3) share data scenarios. Participants who share data in the industry record these Shared data in the form of block chain ledger.

    4) compliance audit. Block chain of enterprise and internal transactions between not tamper with the traceability data record, acompliance audit work needs the high quality data input, so technically can be done more efficiently.


    Fresh Water Source using the block chain technology based on intelligent contract, Fresh Water Source to build a value ecosystem for global trade, namely, a real-time, global, connection, the structure of the digital value of digital network. Have higher cost effectiveness, support the third party to develop the financial technology solution business. This solution will enable small and medium-sized enterprises to increase revenue while reducing the cost of global trade. It will also enable third-party developers/service providers to achieve a wider range of user/customer goals while reducing development and user acquisition costs. In this framework, FWS will be the key to connecting users to the global trade network and trading in the Fresh Water Source ecosystem.


    FWS USES block chain technology as the underlying architecture to generate a separate chain for all nodes on its logistics chain. Through decentralization of block chain can effectively optimize the personnel structure of the traditional logistics industry complex chaos, combined with the numerical analysis of artificial intelligence, finally realizes the information flow, cash flow, logistics triad, each node chain logistics company data sharing, solved including data sharing, data conversion, data migration, data replication, data format conversion, data redundancy and maintain the integrity of many problems. Bring logistics industry the most visible change, this is greatly improve the efficiency of transfer of the goods in the whole logistics chain, if global logistics system can chain, can let the global logistics market entry.


    The transport process of goods can also be clearly recorded on the chain. From loading and transportation, the whole process is clearly visible, which can optimize the utilization of resources, compress the intermediate links and improve the overall efficiency. The FWS records all the steps in the delivery of the goods from the delivery to the receiving process, ensuring the traceability of the information, thereby avoiding the loss of packages and the occurrence of false claims. In the case of express receipt, only the block chain can be checked, which eliminates the problem of couriers using fake signatures to claim parcels, etc., which can also promote the implementation of logistics real-name system.

    Storing the container information in the database, the storage solution of the block chain will independently determine the shipping route and schedule of the container. These smart containers can also analyze past transportation experience, constantly update their routes and schedule design skills, and improve their efficiency. For the consignee, not only can the logistics information be tracked from the port to the destination port, but also can modify the schedule of the optimized cargo transportation at any time.

    Intelligent logistics will offer three solutions:

    • FWS deposit certificate service

    • FWS financial services supply chain

    • FWS books and data services

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    At present, the new round of the global scientific and technological revolution and industrial change continues to deepen, the international industrial pattern accelerated remodeling, innovation as the first impetus to lead the development. In this round of change, information technology is the most concentrated, innovative and active, most widely used, radiation-driven role in the world, is the competitive highland of global technological innovation, is the leading force to lead a new round of change.


    As an integrated application of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm, block chain has become a hot topic in the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and other international organizations as well as many national governments. At present, the application of block chain has been extended to many fields such as IoT, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, digital assets trading, which will bring new opportunities for the development of cloud computing, large data, mobile Internet and other new information technology, and can lead to another round of technological innovation and industrial change.


    Block chain technology for commercial banks may not only be a technological revolution, more a performance revolution. Last year a very hot word was “go to the center”, but the bank heard the word is more uncomfortable, because the bank is the credit intermediary in finance. At the beginning, the driving force of the research on the technology of investment in block chain is fear, because commercial banks are afraid of subversion. However, in the application process, if commercial banks can successfully control the block chain technology, can reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and thus improve resource allocation, the emergence of a new service model. From the perspective of openness, block chain includes public chain, Alliance chain, private chain. At present, the main choice of commercial banks in the actual application of the alliance chain, but also a more balanced security and innovation model.


    Peer-to-peer networks, encryption, and database technologies are added together to form a complete Super Ethernet solution that does not apply to all types of business, and if a scenario itself requires a centralized organization to dominate all trading processes, the block chain does not make sense to it. David Mendez to reporters, “block chain is applicable to the financial environment of the cross organization, multi-agent participation, its advantage is that can achieve the effective division of labor collaboration, real-time operation monitoring, enhance efficiency and security.” At present, the deposit certificate, the liquidation has used the block chain technology, the settlement has not yet. The new scene needs to be expanded slowly.

    Based on block chain technology and financial integration, Ethernet Bank aims to create a seamless and professional global open financial mobile wallet. For people’s lives, investment to bring convenience!

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    Company Name: Global News Online
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    Country: United States

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    Fingerprint recognition, face recognition, intelligent search, intelligent robot… These technologies that we already know are all in the range of AI sequences. AI has been widely applied in many disciplines in recent 30 years. Now let’s think about it, what if AI meets Block chain, the hottest area of 2018?

    On March 23rd, China-Israel AI & Block chain Industry Summit 2018 was successfully held at the Four Seasons Hotels in Guangzhou. It was hosted by the Israeli Consulate General in Guangzhou, Yuejia Fund, Weilai finance, cohosted by ChainHoo Finance. Numerous celebrities from the science and technology area has attended.

    Technology win-win: How AI + block chain tackle problems?

    Vectoraic, the top Autopilot Project from Israel has offer a brilliant answer to the above question. Aviram Malik, the Co-founder and COO of Vectoraic has presented the whole solution in the summit, which had greatly impressed all of guests.

    For automatic driving, the current technology on the market can only detect a certain range of visible objects. But Vectoraic’s revolutionary technology is able to receive data between transmission devices, such as mobile phones, sensors and cameras, to perceive, predict risk areas and send early warning signals that may collide.

    Vectoraic owns an exclusive patent for the software algorithm, which can accurately predict any moving objects in vehicles, pedestrians, or on the road to prevent collisions. Vectoraic is also in the world’s leading position in radar technology, providing users with the smallest vehicle computer computing system. Compared to Google’s large cellular network radar, Vectoraic is completely omni-directional and fast-speeding.

    Aviram Malik is very promising for the future of the combination of artificial intelligence and block chain. “AI and block chain are the trends of future development. We find that many people are very interested in this, because this combination will bring us an innovative area for our communication architecture and automatic technology, and we have to find a combination to benefit mankind.”

    As the leading innovation and technology enterprise in the world, Vectoraic’s targeting on AI and block chain has also released a signal of technological change, and it is worth mentioning that the innovative technology of Vectoraic can be applied not only to the road level, but also to the aviation system, the intelligent city, the legal implementation system, the insurance industry data, the accident report and the railway transportation.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: ChainHoo Finance
    Contact Person: Sela Huang
    Email: Send Email
    Country: China

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    Moss Technologies helps HVAC companies to improve their visibility through their tested SEO strategies.

    Wentzville, Missouri – Heating and cooling companies can land on top of search engine result pages with the help of Moss Technologies. This HVAC SEO company offers top of the line services to help HVAC firms get the top rankings they deserve.

    Every household or business establishment practically needs heating and cooling services, but unfortunately, some HVAC companies can’t get the online presence they deserve. Award-winning, digital firm, Moss Technologies, addresses that issue. The company works with a select number of companies and specializes in HVAC search engine optimization.

    Moss Technologies helps HVAC companies achieve their goals in various ways. Whether it is optimizing their website, or ranking them in search engines so they will easily be found by customers. The company specializes in setting up their clients with “predictable systems,” which generate organic and revenue producing traffic to their website, to automatically increase their daily volume of lead and calls.

    Jason Moss, the owner of Moss Technologies, had a successful insurance career. When he started to focus on Search Engine Optimization, one of his first clients was a local HVAC firm, which he was able to transform to rank on top of Google. Other HVAC firms started to call for inquiries, hence the birth of Moss Technologies. He loves to help HVAC firms get the advantage over their competition, so he continues to find many ways to apply the power of SEO to their websites.

    Moss Technologies is composed of HVAC SEO specialists who are some of the world’s top SEO geniuses. They are problem solvers who lean on each other with strategies that work and share with each other when it’s time to move on from a certain technique. SEO is dynamic and they are evolving with it and have the edge of professionalism and ingenuity.

    HVAC SEO from Moss Tech does not outsource their work and does everything in-house instead. They do not practice shortcuts or black hat tactics, and they deliver quality results. They do not believe it is good to tie down their customers with long term contracts and are always honest with them. SEO takes time to do it right and their customers are happy to be in business with them with the impressive results they deliver.

    Whatever the goal of their client might be, Moss Technologies has proven and tested solutions to help. Heating and cooling companies that feel they are not getting found in Google should give this HVAC SEO specialist a call at (636) 306-3350 or email The company is located at 660 Wilmer Meadow Dr #100, Wentzville, MO 63385.

    Visit their website at for more information.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Moss Technologies
    Contact Person: Jason Moss
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: (636) 306-3350
    Address:660 Wilmer Meadow Dr #100
    City: Wentzville
    State: Missouri
    Country: United States

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    In early March, the CFun team began an intensive market research campaign in Japan, conducting random interviews with the Japanese public and over 30 professional artists, voice actors and managers. CFun discovered that in Japan, ‘Nijigen’ (2D artwork) creators are everywhere; each producing unique and high quality content however the industry as a whole is shackled by corporate greed and transaction costs, leading to its underperformance.

    According to the research, there are two main hurdles effecting the sales of this artwork: extremely high cost of trust and middlemen taking massive commissions. Managers, agents and other service providers will take at least 50% from the creator’s fee as commission, some even go as far as requesting 2/3rds of the pie. Creators are reliant on these middlemen as the main route to find suitable buyers. International transactions are even more difficult; lack of trust and communication errors can make these trades even harder to finalize. This drives up the cost of Nijigen and sees customers paying a hefty pricetag for any purchases.

    CFun and its unique capabilities can revolutionize how the entire industry operates, lowering or even cutting out middlemen, reducing the price gaps and helping creators get what they deserve. This would massively lower costs on the demand side and change the business landscape.

    CFun is a decentralized application (Dapp) built on the global and publicly available, Qtum Blockchain platform. CFun uses blockchain technology to solve issues in the existing market and provide a content generation platform that unites the creators of the world.

    The greatest benefit of CFun is how it utilizes blockchain to realize a truly decentralized and irreversible P2P transaction, cutting out the need for any intermediaries. This removes the need for any Chinese or Japanese agencies, taking out their high commissions and in turn lowering the cost of transactions to the bare minimum, easing the process, and expanding each creator’s potential global market. For IP buyers, this pushes the cost lower than ever before, thus bridging the gap between creators and IP demand globally. By refining the transaction procedure into a simple process, even someone without any previous experience in business can buy, maximizing potential industry profits.

    Because everything on the blockchain is irreversible and trackable, CFun can completely catalog the creation process, from initial artwork inspiration to the final composition. Thus the origins and ownership of any IP as well as each hand that it passed can be traced and verified. This will form a standardized system to confirm ownership and solve the issue of legal possession of a certain IP, the main worry of any creator. This is a major move in the advancement of intellectual property rights and is the first of many steps that CFun will take in the near future.

    CFun is a pioneer when it comes to protecting the lawful rights of content creators.

    The CFun platform promotes “Creativity ergo value”. From the very first letter that any creator types, to the first upload or word being recorded, value is being generated. CFun’s IP content value evaluation algorithm (patent pending) records the valuable actions of creators and readers (users of any kind) onto the blockchain. The data will be sorted and analyzed with respect to spending behaviour, determining a reasonable value range for any creations. Creators can not only change their work to suit the needs of the masses, they will also have an idea of value generated with the work and time they invest. CFun platform, with its in-bedded smart contracts, can also ensure that every time a creation needs tuning or editing, the creator gets paid. This protects indie creators, making sure they get what they work for and will boost the health of the entire ecosystem.

    In 2018, hailed as the “next generation cornerstone of the internet”, blockchain technology erupted into every aspect of society. Teams of techs and advisers have all made claims to be the next “big thing” but in reality, tangible products are one in a million. On June 1st, CFun will launch its first official product. As one of the first blockchain projects to be firmly established, CFun is a ray of light that provides hope to this industry that focuses on innovation but often lacks virtue and trust. CFun is elevating the space to suit the needs of both creators and demand, truly a win-win!

    CFun official site:




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    Company Name: HIGGS.PTE.LTD
    Contact Person: Ivy Qi
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +86-18510005869
    Country: Singapore

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    The new website from Punchout Catalogs GT will allow users to more easily find what they are looking for and connect with experienced staff members when finding punchout catalogs for their own businesses.

    Delaware – Punchout Catalogs GT is business that provides a secure system that helps to automate transactions between a buyer and suppliers for simpler and centralized purchases. The eProcurement system allows customers to enter a supplier’s web-based catalog over OCI or cXML standards. It all starts with the creation of a shopping cart, something that can eventually be transferred to external systems to complete the PunchOut process.

    Secure transactions are pivotal and such is something that Punchout Catalogs GT wants to deliver. eProcurement systems are not only a modern approach for companies and suppliers, but a handy solution to keep track of spending and purchases. It is a system that provides valuable insights on a company’s spending and how contracts and vendors are managed. This makes it easier for those overseeing the company’s purchases to match orders with invoices and vendors.

    There are essentially two types of vendor catalogs for eProcurement systems. The first is the Hosted Catalogs (CIF), essentially flat files given to customers carrying key information on products and services. It is simply leaded up onto the internal application of a vendor that aids when purchases are to be made. The second one, PunchOut Catalogs, offers an advanced and yet convenient approach. They are essentially external websites that clients can access from their eProcurement applications. Users can be automatically created, something done by using the information on the PunchOut request. Of the two, PunchOut Catalogs offer more flexibility to suppliers who need to reconfigure products, allowing them to change or update them at anytime. The CIF does allow buyers to purchase from multiple suppliers although price or stock changes can only be done once a new catalog is loaded.

    With the fruits that online selling has to offer, a PunchOut Catalog is a benefit for both buyers and suppliers. It accounts for easier cross-selling and can help upsell additional services and products. Larger companies can benefit immensely, especially when it comes to auditing or tracking transactions. They are flexible and customizable depending on current systems. There are multiple possibilities, a great reason why it is best to sit down and discuss matters with Punchout Catalogs GT.

    Punchout Catalogs GT is based in Delaware. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-975-3046 or via email at

    To learn more about that pros and cons of eProcurement systems, their official website can be found at

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Punchout Catalogs GT
    Contact Person: Jeff Stewart
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 1-800-975-3046
    State: Deleware
    Country: United States

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    Fake news might start online, but it can have serious offline consequences for businesses, individuals and communities. While social networks have to tackle the problem of misleading or inflammatory content, there also needs to be a way to mitigate its effects in the real world. That’s where Vizsafe comes in, by providing a platform for people on the ground to report on the accuracy or otherwise of information that – if left unchecked – could result in unnecessary concern, disruption and lost revenues.


    News that Cambridge Analytica, a UK data analysis and communications firm, may have manipulated voters in the 2016 US Presidential Election with carefully-targeted misinformation has placed intense scrutiny on Facebook as a distributor of propaganda and ‘Fake News’. While speculation and rumor online is nothing new, there is the growing danger that misinformation starts to have an impact on businesses and individuals. Consider that in September 2016, Donald Trump tweeted that a bomb had gone off after an explosion in New York, with Hillary Clinton soon following suit. The event became a launch pad for various terrorism speculation, but it later became clear that the explosion had not been terror-related at all. The narrative was based on a false premise. For this reason, big tech firms like Google, Facebook and Twitter could soon be held liable for certain posts on their platforms and laws proposed in the UK last year could lead to heavy fines if such content is not removed quickly.

    Eyes on the ground

    Currently, Vizsafe has a ‘geoaware’ solution that helps to mitigate this risk with actionable intelligence. Already in use at some of the world’s most valuable facilities, including municipalities, sports and entertainment venues, schools and universities, Vizsafe’s platform aggregates, maps and distributes visual data from smartphones and other sensor networks. Vizsafe users can easily post, map and share incident reports from their phones with photos, videos and messages, providing real-time information that can improve response and reduce risk. This proven solution links these user submitted reports with security camera feeds and other critical sensor data to deliver total domain awareness for its customers.

    Everyday, customers like Gillette Stadium, home of the NFL’s New England Patriots, rely on Vizsafe for their security, risk mitigation and facility maintenance needs. Using Vizsafe’s platform and mobile app, reports can be validated immediately, which accelerates response and avoids the potentially far-reaching consequences of misinformation. The idea is to encourage staff, partners and visitors alike to report potential problems in real-time, giving the venue ‘eyes on the ground’.

    Crowdsourcing safety

    What Vizsafe enables is real-world verification of a threat or, conversely, early indications that all is in fact well. And while a single report may not have enough legitimacy or reliability to put minds to rest, the fact that intelligence is crowdsourced and submitted by many different individuals gives it far greater credibility. In a world where a hoax, false alert or misunderstanding can spark a panic just as effectively as a real threat, Vizsafe can be used to ensure the response is measured.

    With smartphone cameras in hand, the crowd itself has become the most powerful sensor network available, which is why Vizsafe set its sights on how best to harness this resource for community safety. Now, Vizsafe is preparing to launch a new, fully public version of this app that will enable anyone to report issues they see, whether in a sports and entertainment venue, in their place of work or around their neighborhood. And, while it features the same powerful functionality as the existing app – aggregating, filtering, mapping and displaying data, and alerting the appropriate teams – it also incorporates a game-changing new feature.

    Blockchain and Doing Well by Doing Good

    Using the blockchain, Vizsafe is integrating a reward token into its platform to create a decentralized peer-to-peer ledger of crowdsourced safety reports worldwide. The SPOT token will incentivize citizens to upload reports within a given municipality or facility, or concerning a particular issue. When a reported issue has been addressed, a member of the appropriate organization or agency can flag it as ‘resolved’ using the same app. Assuming the report was legitimate, the person who uploaded it automatically receives a SPOT reward to their smartphone. This encourages people to ‘be the change they want to see’ in their communities, rather than walking on by.

    While it’s down to Facebook and other social networks to police their own platforms, it is their interface with the real world that Vizsafe is so well placed to deal with. For example, people with first-hand knowledge or footage of a major incident will be able to upload this to give the authorities and first responders a better idea of what was happening on the ground – rather than forcing them to rely on hearsay, rumor and inaccurate social media reports. More routine use cases would involve reporting general safety hazards, such as a fallen tree on a powerline, broken glass on a sidewalk, pollution spills or even a lost dog, thereby saving both public and private organizations time and money, while improving community well-being. Consensus is delivered, recorded, and verifiable in the blockchain by the Vizsafe platform, whether it’s the existence of a threat or an ‘all clear’ message, Vizsafe offers a valuable and more credible counterpoint to other online sources.

    To find out more about the forthcoming blockchain-powered version of Vizsafe’s safety crowdsourcing platform and to learn how their members are doing well by doing goodTM, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Vizsafe
    Contact Person: Media Manager
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 844-362-9273
    Country: United States

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    Viveik Vivekananthan CEO of BitSimple Investments was selected after a world wide search of Crypto and Blockchain CEO’s to speak at the inaugural Crypto Business Forum Showcasing Innovators in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology that was held on March 26th, 2018 at NASDAQ Times Square. Hosted by T. Allen Hanes of The Authority Syndicate Group and Matthew Loughran of Midtown West Media.

    Times Square, New York – April 4th, 2018 – Viveik is the Managing Director & CEO of BitSimple Investments, a blockchain & cryptocurrency focused investment fund.  He leads the Silicon Valley Blockchain Consortium, is an early stage tech investor and a member of the Bitcoin Foundation.   As an advisor for multiple blockchain projects operating at the intersection of business and technology, Viveik brings together investors, researchers and organizations to discuss future trends of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

    Viveik Vivekananthan is one of 18 hand-picked top Crypto and Blockchain business leaders from around the world each sharing their unique vision on how they are disrupting business using Blockchain technology.  This Event and Experience at the prestigious NASDAQ in Times Square was held on March 26th, 2018 with VIP Investor mixer the evening of the event night, March 26th.

    Over a dozen leaders and industry insiders in cryptocurrency gathered in New York on Monday, March 26, 2018, for the Crypto Business Forum New York. Roundtable discussions will uncover what lies ahead for the future of blockchain. Designed to collaborate and learn from visionaries and insiders to share best practices and governance.

    The rise of ‘the ICO’ in 2017 has been astonishing to watch. ICOs have followed the innovator’s dilemma disruption path in much faster timeframes than technology has. The VC and Angel investor market, which maintains a chokehold on development projects, has now been uprooted by a decentralized, democratic model of global crowdfunding, that in some cases, is producing returns in the 1,000% range.

    With the diversity of each leader’s background, including Key Sponsors Uulala, a blockchain company to empower the unbanked, and U.S. Olympic Medalist Apolo Ohno’s organization HybridBlock, the group will collectively merge their knowledge. Industries in attendance include social impact, marketing and media, finance, data security, blockchain development, agriculture, cryptocurrency trading, personal development, fitness, cannabis, and sports financing. Each has navigated the ever-changing business landscape in the lightning speed crypto market and looks to further the impact blockchain technology can have on their respective industries.

    Ohno, a founder of the new cryptocurrency exchange HybridBlock, will take an active role in examining the ecosystem for global exchange. Another notable Key Sponsor Oscar Garcia of the financial technology company Uulala has a focused social impact outlook to share what it looks like to bring millions of unbanked users into the formal economy. Joshua Ashley Klayman Kuzar, is providing key insights to the global legal landscape around cryptocurrencies.

    Not only will the event bring introspective from emerging platforms, but it will also focus on disruption to legacy industries. 

    To find out more about BitSimple Investments go here:

    Media Contact
    Company Name: The Authority Syndicate Group
    Contact Person: T. Allen Hanes
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 2819108728
    Country: United States

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    Earlier this year the FreeZone Company has announced the establishment of the first free crypto economic zone. The purpose is to provide crypto and blockchain business with all the conditions for legal and comfortable operating.

    FCEZ is to be founded in a country with a crypto-friendly environment and a favorable economic climate that implies capacity for no taxes, transparency of crypto-market legislation, and secured cryptocurrency flow.

    Fundraising for FreeZone will be conducted through the ICO, which started on 3rd of April, 11.00 GMT. The hard cap to be raised for project’s development is $100.000.000. First week investors get 15% bonus for their investments.

    Funds from the ICO will also be used to establish 5 businesses within the FCEZ, namely a universal trading platform, the fiat crypto bank, the crypto investment bank, a fiat-crypto payment system,and a marketing agency.

    FreeZone plans to build the whole infrastructure for blockchain companies, forming the ecosystem, where companies can find all the needed services.

    Currently, FreeZone is in contact with 29 countries’ Central banks and Ministries of Finance and Economy regarding initial agreements on the FCEZ. The next step for the company is developing the required legal framework and implementing it in the country chosen to host the FCEZ. The choice will be based on the best conditions for blockchain-based business and development opportunities.

    FreeZone’s own enterprises will finance the social programs especially developed for FreeZone community members, provided either free of charge or at net worth. Social initiatives will include a charity organization, human rights defense assembly, free educational programs, worldwide legal support services, etc. All community members will be able to benefit from these services via easy to use and comprehensive app.

    Several countries have already expressed interest in establishing the FCEZ on their territory. FreeZone CEO and co-founder Evgeniy Mukhin has already met with representatives from Georgia, Armenia, Malta, and El Salvador, Dominican Republic and is in close contact with Latvia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and other officials.

    This is the first initiative of its kind in the world, making any country that eventually becomes the FCEZ host will be the world’s center for blockchain commerce.

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Freeland Invest
    Contact Person: FreeZone One
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +44 (203) 318 71 49
    Country: Czech Republic

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    People tend to fix their gadgets or software problems on their own. TechGYD present to its consumers, the thorough knowledge to make things work seamlessly.

    TechGYD is a Gen-X Technology blog that helps the users to get an insight into the latest technological happenings, which are changing people’s perspective. People can get easy and simple tricks from TechGYD blogs relative to software, Internet troubleshooting problems, fixing the problems relative to Mac device, Windows Operating system, Android and iOS devices, PC, etc. The users can get detailed information about every relevant topic that is trending online from here.

    According to Saurabh Saha, “Technology appeals to everyone, as the present day world is tech-savvy. Most of the people are running their online business with the help of tips provided on the versatile blogs. But what makes TechGYD stand out of the crowd is the detailed and latest information provided by the experts and tips that can make one’s life easier.”

    TechGYD was started to extend its reach not only to technologically sound people but also for the ones who want to set up their own business via Internet. The blog posts are concerned with the latest gadget information that is a win-win situation for the gadget-lovers. They can come to know about playing games, download them, interesting facts about Smartphones and their uses, etc.

    Moreover, it is a right platform for the people to know about making handsome money online with the tips provided by the bloggers. For effective online marketing, the business tips that will prove useful for the startups or individuals will take them a long way ahead.

    Saurabh Saha states, “The main motive of TechGYD is to reach out to the versatile users on the global platform to support them for acknowledging various online hacks, tips and tricks, guides, reviews, IoT and other relative things.”

    The visitors can find a wide array of online-related things that will help them to gain knowledge about each perspective. This will help them in acknowledging about the technological world in a better way.

    About the Company

    TechGYD has gained popularity amongst its readers in a very short time. The bloggers strive hard to bring out the latest information on gadgets, provide expert tips and hacks for fixing the devices or troubleshooting the software. Moreover, the ideas for designing a newer website or promoting their online business are provided to the readers.

    For more information, visit the official website

    Media Contact
    Company Name: TechGYD – Technology Blog
    Contact Person: Saurabh Saha
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: +7053704535
    Country: India

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    The Cryptocurrency industry is still somewhat in its infancy, which can bring its own challenges to the table, including fly by night companies and a general lack of trust in trading platforms. hopes to gain the trust of consumers and become the top Cryptocurrency trading platform by registering in the U.S. and complying with all SEC regulations.

    St. Petersburg, FL – April 4th, 2018 – sent shockwaves through the Cryptocurrency industry today with the announcement of a new Cryptocurrency trading exchange that will be completely U.S. based. In what can only be described as a “gut-wrenching” week for the Cryptocurrency community, the news of a fresh U.S. based Token Sale and Crypto trading exchange is exactly what the industry needs. Amid new regulations coming down the pipes from Japanese regulators, at least 5 Japanese based Cryptocurrency trading exchanges have thrown in the towel calling it quits. is positioning themselves to capture a large percentage of the market share that has suddenly opened up after the sudden closure of these exchanges.

    Investors are looking to capitalize on the turn of events by identifying U.S. based Token Sales such as that will fill the vacuum left open by the several exchanges that have shuttered their doors nearly overnight. It is no doubt that should expect massive growth as they are one of the only Cryptocurrency trading exchanges that will be registered and operating under the laws of the United States. The team at have unbridled knowledge and expertise in everything from Blockchain development and Finance to Cyber Security and Software Engineering. During a recent press conference, Christophe Verbinnen, the Co-founder and CEO of was quoted as saying, “As others close their doors, proudly opens ours! The demo trading platform is now fully accessible to everyone that signs up.  It is a feature-rich mobile friendly cryptocurrency trading platform that is safe, secure and U.S. based.” 

    The platform is already well on its way to success with more than 125,000 members and a large Telegram and Twitter following. The key features of this new trading platform are increased user security, low fees and dynamic pairing. They are 100% decoupled from Bitcoin and won’t have any Bitcoin trading pairs. Coinstocks allows the user to exchange currencies dynamically without enforcing predetermined pairs. The mobile platform is compatible with iOS, Android and most other devices. 

    The highly anticipated Token Sale for has already launched and only 25 Million IOX tokens are available for sale at a cost of 0.0007 Ether per token. They are currently running a promotion of 50% off until the first 1 Million tokens have been sold. This token sale will be completed on June 14, 2018 at which time this phase of the Token Sale will close. 

    To learn more about the Token Sale, visit their official website at or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.

    Media Contact
    Company Name:
    Contact Person: Media Relations
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 415-866-1677
    Address:6511 1st Ave N
    City: St. Petersburg
    State: FL
    Country: United States

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    Tech Elite 250 list recognizes IT solution providers with deep technical expertise and premier certifications.

    Waltham, Massachusetts – April 4, 2018 – NWN Corporation announced today that CRN® announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named NWN to its 2018 Tech Elite 250 list. This annual list honors an exclusive group of North American IT solution providers that have earned the highest number of advanced technical certifications from leading technology suppliers, scaled to their company size.

    To compile the annual list, The Channel Company’s research group and CRN editors work together to identify the most customer-beneficial technical certifications in the North American IT channel. Companies who have obtained these elite designations— which enable solution providers to deliver premium products, services and customer support—are then selected from a pool of online applicants. 

    NWN has elite partner certifications from Cisco, HP Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, AWS, NetApp, Dell/EMC, Microsoft and VMware. NWN picks our strategic partners carefully by determining which organizations are the leaders in their particular technology field. We then work to develop strategic engineering talent around each of the specializations and partners. NWN’s goal is to ensure that we have the depth of capabilities in the technologies and the strategic relationships with our partners to provide the best solutions for our customers. 

    “Being named to CRN’s Tech Elite 250 list is no small feat,” said Bob Skelley, CEO of The Channel Company. “These companies have distinguished themselves with multiple, top-level IT certifications, specializations and partner program designations from the industry’s most prestigious technology providers. Their pursuit of deep expertise and broader skill sets in a wide range of technologies and IT practices demonstrates an impressive commitment to elevating their businesses—and to providing the best possible customer experience.” 

    “Our business and technical teams work closely with our strategic partners to stay up to date on the latest technical solutions” “Our expertise and partnerships help equip our customers with the knowledge and technology they need to face complex issues and solve their business problems,” says Skip Tappen, CEO of NWN Corporation. 

    Coverage of the Tech Elite 250 will be featured in the April issue of CRN, and online at     

    About NWN Corporation:   

    NWN is headquartered in Waltham, MA serving customers from its 14 locations across the United States. NWN provides cloud, on premise and hybrid technology solutions to its customers depending on their individual business problems. NWN’s NCare Managed IT Services and NWNComm Cloud Collaboration Solutions are nationally recognized by partners and independent firms as best in class. NWN offers solutions for Collaboration, Converged Infrastructure, and End User Computing. One of NWN’s unique values to its customers is to provide local sales and engineering services with the depth and strength of a national IT solutions company.   

    Find out more about NWN Corporation at

    Media Contact: 

    NWN Corp.
    Attn: Tina Dorsey
    71 Waverly Oaks Road
    Waltham, MA 02452

    About the Channel Company: 

    The Channel Company enables breakthrough IT channel performance with our dominant media, engaging events, expert consulting and education, and innovative marketing services and platforms. As the channel catalyst, we connect and empower technology suppliers, solution providers and end users. Backed by more than 30 years of unequaled channel experience, we draw from our deep knowledge to envision innovative new solutions for ever-evolving challenges in the technology marketplace.

    For more information, visit:   

    The Channel Company, LLC. CRN is a registered trademark of The Channel Company, LLC. All rights reserved. 

    The Channel Company Contact:

    Melanie Turpin
    The Channel Company
    (508) 416-1195

    Media Contact
    Company Name: NWN Corporation
    Contact Person: Tina Dorsey
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    Phone: 919.653.4452
    Address:271 Waverly Oaks Road
    City: Waltham
    State: MA 02452
    Country: United States

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    C5 Insight’s Geoff Ables will be speaking at CRM Evolution 2018 and Smart Customer Service 2018 in Washington D.C. The co-located conferences are scheduled for April 9-11, 2018.

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, has been selected as a featured speaker at CRM Evolution 2018 and Smart Customer Service 2018. The conferences are co-located at the Renaissance Washington DC Hotel from April 9 to April 11, 2018. Ables will be presenting two sessions at the conferences.

    On April 9 Ables will be presenting “Creating a Customer-Centric Company.” He will discuss how the techniques and digital workplace tools have advanced in recent years and have made the passionate pursuit of a better customer experience a reality. In this session attendees will learn an easy-to-remember, five-step framework for people-centric success in the digital age; the connection between employee engagement and innovative customer experiences; how data, processes, people, and culture have to align; and how to balance the often-conflicting organizational disciplines that result in the best customer experiences. Real-world examples of companies leading the transformation toward customer-centricity will be provided.

    Ables will also be presenting “Creating a Customer Journey Map” on April 11. In this session he will uncover one of the top reasons that customer care processes fail and how companies can better understand their customers, enabling them to design a process that delights their customers at every step. Attendees will learn how to understand customer personas and create journey maps to drive more effective customer service processes.

    Ables is the author of “The LUCK Principle: Business Results at the Intersection of People & Profit.” In the book he teaches how to harness the power of people, process, and technology to transform a business into a workplace that balances a people-first culture with bottom-line results. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon at

    Geoff Ables, C5 Insight Managing Partner, is a best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of consulting experience on topics including the future of work, digital disruption, customer relationship management, social collaboration and big data. Widely regarded as a thought leader on customer and employee engagement, his insights have been seen and heard in dozens of global venues. He founded C5 Insight in 2002, and has consulted with hundreds of companies in a broad range of industries. The firm has twice been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies.

    For more information about Geoff Ables and C5 Insight, visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nations Media Group
    Contact Person: Bill Kopatich
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 704-625-0097
    Country: United States

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    Nollytainment is soon to partner with a Silicon Valley company to launch a path breaking wireless movie download app called “NollyCloud” which will allow users to download any movie or video from online with lightning speeds, without using their internet bandwidth subscription.

    April 5, 2018 Internet bandwidth is mandatory when it comes to downloading a movie or any video from the digital space. But maybe not anymore! 

    Nollytainment, the leading company behind the popular Nollycoin cryptocurrency, has announced about its prospective partnership with a Silicon Valley company which will result in a game-changing video download technology that will revolutionize the entire video and movie industry. Titled as “NollyCloud”, the breakthrough video download technology will function through a wireless movie download app that will enable users to download huge data files seamlessly from the internet without using their internet bandwidth subscription.

    Based on Nollytainment’s exclusive proprietary technology rights, the app also assures lightning fast download speed to make things easier for users. For example a 2 GIG data for a 2-hour movie can be downloaded in less than 60 seconds and the user would not have to use nay part of their own internet service data.

    According to market pundits, the revolutionary app is set to usher a new and much-awaited chapter in the video & movie industry. NollyCloud is predicted to disrupt the way movies are being distributed, downloaded, and watched in Africa and other development countries with slow and pricey internet access.

    Most Developing countries have long been suffering from limited access to movies and online videos given the huge cost, time and bandwidth usually required to download movies to their computers or mobile phones. It takes up to 1-3 odd hours to download a 2-hour movie which means waste of no less than 2 gigabytes of internet data. And, 2 GB data just for a single movie is always very expensive in these developing nations as it can cost up to $10 or even more. In fact, these countries still do NOT have unlimited internet access plans and users are charged per data used.

    And this is not the end of the problem.

    The existing internet data space in most developing countries is mostly unstable, and users often end up with unwanted interruptions. If a download attempt is interrupted, the user has to start the download process all over again. Such frustrating experiences are increasingly pushing the audience in developing countries away from watching or downloading movies which in turn is badly affecting the movie and video trading industries in the developing nations.

    But NollyCloud is committed to put an end to all such woes with its futuristic video-download design. It works with a proprietary download access protocol that is independent of how much data a user has with his/her internet service. Put simply, the app functions without using any part of regular internet service or traditional Wi-Fi.

    Dr Ope Banwo, Founder/CEO of Nollytainment was ecstatic about this major breakthrough in the movie distribution, download and consumption experience. In his own words-

    “We are so blessed to be the first company to partner with a tech company solve a major problem that has limited the growth and development of the movie industry in developing nations where the cost of internet access is ridiculously expensive and prohibitive for users. Many people who have been prevented from being able to download and enjoy full length movies on their mobile phones, laptops or desktops can now do so with astounding speed at not cost of internet bandwidth. I honestly can’t overstate the importance of this app to the growth of the movie industry”.

    Additionally NollyCloud users will be able to download heavy-duty data – say a full-fledged 2 hour movie- within just 1 minute or less. Precisely what used to take up to 1-3 hours for download with conventional internet data subscription, will take just a minuscule fraction of time with NollyCloud app.

    Unlike popular video player services like YouTube, Vimeo or others, that often frustrate us with buffering during a display, there is no such issue with NollyCloud. After the users download the movie through NollyCloud on desktop or phone, the movies can be watched seamlessly without any buffering. The app’s in-built video player will enable users to play downloaded videos as many times they want to, without using their internet service.

    For more information, please visit

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Nollytainment
    Contact Person: Dr Ope Banwo
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Nigeria

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    Blockchain-based startup Scavenger Hunt Token has build a platform where anyone can use their GPS location to find free crypto tokens while walking outside.

    People are spending more and more time indoors glued to consoles, headsets, phones, and TV. With Scavenger Hunt Token, we like to give people the opportunity to go out, meet new friends and reward them financially.

    As explained by Julien Moorrees:

    We recognized this problem at the same time as blockchain technology slowly starts taking over the world. With Scavenger Hunt Token we provide an interesting and educational, platform that engages users to discover the world around them by sharing location based information on a public ledger.

    Users are rewarded for their participation with Ethereum ERC20 tokens. It’s a standard, most exchanges automatically support, so it can be globally traded for other assets. This means that active players who earn SHT tokens can exchange them for Bitcoin or cash out — via exchange services (i.e. Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp and/or Kraken).

    Scavenger Hunt Token has already released their first version of a web-app that proves that the current technology works. They have hidden approximately 20.450.880.000 SHT tokens all over the world for you to find.

    Where the coins are hidden, is based on an algorithm that uses a one way key based on the GPS location and a pre-configured contract key. Multiple tokens are hidden at the same spot. The more tokens there are on a single spot, the lower the chance you can find them. These chances are:
    – 100.000 Tokens (0,000001%)
    – 1.000 Tokens (0,001%)
    – 500 Tokens (0,01%)
    – 200 Tokens (0,1%)
    – 50 Tokens (1%)
    – 3 Tokens (10%)

    To allow a healthy competition with others, three different types of coins can be discovered. While hunters are trying to get as much SHT1, SHT2 or SHT3 tokens in their wallet, they keep the score by tracking the percentage of total coins owned by a single address. The owner that has acquired the highest percentage, makes that token the current winner. However other hunters are working hard to get their token to the first place! There is no technical difference between the three SHT tokens, so everybody has the same chance of becoming the leader.

    Looking into the future, Scavenger Hunt Token brings an interesting concept to the blockchain. They have a location based (GPS) token that allows the tracking and tracing of real-time objects on the blockchain. The technology allows attaching tokens to real-world object providing location based incentives for users. Think of a loyalty program where you will get 10.000 extra poins if you visit a physical store within the next 24 hours. The SHT technology makes this possible right now!

    In other words, Scavenger Hunt Token provides an educational platform that allows users to place public information on a physical map. It brings an incentive to walk outside and explore the world, while being rewarded with spendable tokens. — Gotta find ’em all!

    Media Contact
    Company Name: Scavenger Hunt Token
    Contact Person: SHT
    Email: Send Email
    Phone: 030-6912372
    Country: Netherlands

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    Spring is the season of rejuvenation and enthusiasm. However, “spring sleepiness” has become one of the most troublesome problems for modern people. In spring, many people do not feel energetic, instead they feel weak and tired and easily feel drowsy, accompanied by symptoms such as loss of appetite, insomnia and frequent dreaming at night.

    No Need Of Worrying About “Spring Sleepiness”  German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute Nursing Robot Takes Care Of People

    According to the latest report from the German News Agency, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has been developing nursing robots for more than 30 years and is committed to developing targeted home nursing robots. This time, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute and Charité Hospital, one of the best hospitals in Germany have launched a nursing robot which specifically targeting the “spring sleepiness” problem of modern people. This nursing robot has two kinds of appearances to choose from, which are “Handsome” edition and “Beauty” edition. They both have nice looks and approachable temperament and are very popular with consumers.

    The body of the nursing robot is covered with sensitive sensors. When it is near people, it can meticulously detect various physiological indicators of the human body and the metabolic state of the organs. Then the collected information will be imported into the brain of the computer. After a series of data feedback analysis, the solutions will automatically put out. The nursing robot can effectively solve the “spring sleepiness” of modern people in various ways; it can massage the human body and massage the corresponding acupuncture point according to the specific physical condition of each person and the cause of “spring sleepiness”.

    Besides, it is also proficient in cooking and possesses a wide knowledge of health so it can scientifically arrange three meals of a day for people; it can also solve the “spring sleepiness” problem by setting alarm clocks to supervise people to sleep early and get up early and it can also read good articles, play light music to help solve the “spring sleepiness” problem.

    Video Link:

    German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has not only achieved significant achievements in nursing robots, but also plays a very important role in the robot vacuum cleaner industry. (You can view the website: or Its robot vacuum cleaner can well relieve the pressure of home cleaning and liberated people’s hands due to intelligent positioning navigation special chip and “bow-shaped” cleaning mode. The intelligent robot vacuum cleaners developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute make indoor cleaning no longer a chore and win the consumers’ much love and deep trust.

    Media Contact
    Contact Person: Christina Zhang
    Email: Send Email
    Country: Germany

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